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oh my God
let somebody shout the loudest
Hallelujah hallelujah
please may be seated and put
your wonderful hands together
for Jesus
you can make it bigger and
louder louder louder louder yet
for Jesus
praise God God this a covenant
of breaking generational curses
are called To Worship in this
service is taken from the book
of Psalms chapter 1 to 4 and we
are reading from verse 1 to the
Psalm chapter one hundred twenty
four verse one one beginning
it had not been the Lord Lord
who was on our side now may
Israel say thanks to church
when man rose up against on then
they are swallowed us
of quick when they are wrought
was kindled against us but for
then the waters had overwhelmed
us the stream had
grown over our soul then the
prom waters had gone over our
soul soul six
blessed be the Lord who hath not
given us as a printed your teeth
are so Liz has kept
as a bad heart of this snare of
the Fowler the snare is broken
and we are escaped the
loudest you can
812 go our help is in the name
of the Lord who made
heaven and Earth that help is
coming your way again
again what a
together for the Lord you are
welcome welcome
please pay attention to the
following fit Tabernacle
announcements for this second
service number one praise the
Lord be reminded of the diverse
opportunities that are ongoing
season in this church provides
we are all at managed to make
the most of this by carrying
this Arc of Revival in our heart
as obed-edom deed
may this season of Revival
tolerably engaging winner into a
living Wonder in the name of
Jesus Christ
shout aloud are a mess number
two good news
the next edition of the wolf be
specialized three days
certificate course holds this
Tuesday the 13th to toss the
15th October 20 2020
each our feature breakthrough in
business for those who have gone
around the same spot long enough
and be fruitful and multiply for
everyone believing God for a
miracle babies
other modules for the month of
October available on the Church
websites number three praise the
Billy mind that that the
enlistment of
food time passes is still
interest a person's persons are
to check the Church websites and
necessary forms the website is
are displayed on the screen
to the glory of God a total of
460 new
churches were planted last
Sunday Across the Nation if you
are celebrating God give him a
loud clap
number four praise the Lord
youth alive Fellowship now opens
for counseling sessions after
each service for you that may
require counseling and attention
and it holds at the wolf be
facility number five praise the
the children Church office now
operates from the wolf be
facility and it's open after
each service on Sunday for
parents that may need attention
for their children and words
take advantage of this number
six now praise the
that's all is enlarging the
transportation support scheme
for all of our new converts and
challenge members who may
require such support to and from
all our Sunday services
therefore for those of us who
have challenges of transporting
our new converts for church
services on Sunday to contact
the zone of ministers we details
in terms of numbers and names of
such converts all of us are also
required to
encourage encourage challenge
winners take advantage of the
support I'm being charged next
six Sundays for an encounter of
a lifetime telling them that as
they come to church the
turnaround God will turn all the
issues of their lives to
testimonies in the name of Jesus
so the Lord has in mind number 7
come in at Hour of Prayer
Halls tomorrow Monday to
Saturday and the time is 5:30 to
6:30 a.m. a.m. number 8
Believers Foundation class holds
every Monday for
all new converts in designated
centers across our wsf
provinces everyone concerned
should take advantage of this
important platform for Spiritual
empowerment that will result in
Victoria's living please note
that you are to attend for two
Monday's only the time is 6 to
7:30 p.m. number nine
praise the Lord
our midweek service hold this
this Wednesday 14 October 20 20
in all
our Zone our centers across
Legos and oughta remember
we shall be waiting of the Lord
in a fast I'm break with the
communion the time
is 6:00 p.m. number 10 good news
they utilize Fellowship holds
our October Edition of the word
explorers Forum on Thursday
15 October 20 20 this Edition
shall hold
if you are celebrating Jesus put
those hands together for the the
this Edition shall hold at our
various provinces therefore
for all youth are to adequately
prepare for their participation
in this program it shall be a
glorious time in God's presence
and the time is
6:00 p.m. number 11 when a
satellite Fellowship our house
house Fellowship comes up every
Saturday in all our
wsf centers the time is 5 to 6
p.m. finally
12 praise the Lord next
Sunday at Faith Tabernacle next
the 18th October 20 20 Sal be
our covenant day of open doors
it's also double as our special
monthly anointing
service therefore come expecting
an encounter of a lifetime with
word and the Mystery of the
anointing oil remember remember
to come with your bottles of oil
the times are 6 a.m.
7:55 a.m. 9:50 a.m. and 11:45
a.m. for the for services Jesus
is Lord put those hands together
now in this service this morning
it is testimony time
please give Jesus a big big big
hand of praise praise
now please listen attentively to
the following
documented testimonies and be
blessed number one total
Deliverance and restoration a
big hand for the the Lord
for about 23 years
I have suffered stagnation and
financial torments all these
I have done all manner of
trading learning and so on
but to no avail it all started
about 23 years ago when I was
attacked in my dream things
became really bad for me
any business I started scattered
again my menstrual menstrual
cycle three years ago I wondered
if it was menopause
even though I was too young for
again marriage did not work for
me I decided to
attend the breaking generational
curses service immediately
I felt like urinating when I
went to the toilet
lo and behold it was my
menstrual flow being restored
also turned for me and I'm now
totally delivered and
restored I give thanks to God
that testifier is Comfort Amos
give Jesus a bigger bigger hand
number two Supernatural
breakthroughs a big hand
I lost my
cars my job and my business
crushed I came
in a mall where boss it was that
everything about me came to a
halt had been under this
terrible condition
before I joined this church when
I came I had
people sharing testimonies of
how God changed their lives I
believe that God will do mind
for me
on getting home the following
day I got a call as early as
6:30 a.m.
to meet the managing director of
a firm that I never applied to
for a job let's give Jesus a big
on getting there
about six of us were interviewed
to the glory of God
I was the only one picked to
start and investment Department
in that
firm firm
not only that I was given an
official car the Lord has
finally restored me give Jesus a
big big hand
and the testifier is
femi be someone yeah we share
bigger testimony give Jesus a
big hand of praise
in this service is offering time
I said it's offering time if you
have not done so yet quickly
begin to package your
worship offering your tight
which is 10% of goes increase
upon your life and then
you're done see that you're
brought into God's presence to
honor him this morning and as we
do so I want us to be reminded
of God's word in the book of
Deuteronomy chapter 8 and verse
18 He said Thou shalt remember
the Lord your God for it is he
that giveth the the power to get
that he may establish his
Covenant which is willing to
your father's as it is this day
as well get the terms of the
Covenant today
greater empowerment for World
shall be coming your way in the
name of Jesus somebody believe
a alauda amen why the mainland
of our various given channels
and attorney given channels
displayed on the screen also we
are given through checks you
write make it payable to fit
a panic of Canaan land and you
are also able to give cash
offerings shall we pick up those
offerings that were prepared for
the Lord right now rising of
feet lift it up before the Lord
and begin to appreciate God for
the privilege of being a seed
sowing his presence give him
glory give him or not give him a
duration celebrating from the
depth of your heart thank Him
worship Him with your seed this
morning worship him with your
see this morning present it in
honor of him with the voice of
moderation and of Thanksgiving
bless the name of the Lord
father thank you and blessed be
your name
in Jesus precious name we have
prayed keep your city lifted or
father we have come before you
this morning bear in our ties
are offering some video seeds
to ever eat either let the
heavens remain open let's
deliver wanna be rebuked to
every so our seed let the
seed return with a miracle
Harvest thank you Father for it
in Jesus precious name we have
prayed amen and amen please be
castor seed with joy oi as a
feat Tabernacle Choir ministers
up for you
so we give the Lord Jesus
Hallelujah hallelujah praise the
Lord let us note about two hands
to heaven and give God thanks
for the privilege to be in his
presence this morning
morning celebrate him
thank you Jesus
Blessed Be Your Name
Jesus Jesus precious name name
we have prayed prayed somebody
came in on the bridge condition
that can service
I'm immediately immediately
Meza Flores was told and the
City of our life was over now
now many of us we encounter
instant intervention right now
somebody was on ground zero
lost his house knows his car
lost everything and nothing was
working working
walked into a service here and
the following day you had tested
on the
following day day he received a
home invited
him to come in for an interview
an international company
following day
following day there shall be
many following their testimony
from this
because every testimony of the
Lord disappointed our heritage
you you asked her challenged the
father of a child a son when do
you want to a son or daughter to
free when when when when by this
time tomorrow
everybody is singing a new song
by this time tomorrow
tomorrow everybody to this
everybody on ground here are the
first Tabernacle you shall be
singing a new song
God is not a man that he should
lie lie
there is an ominous in a shoe
repair you're breaking limit
package on them for the year
2020 shall be delivered wrong in
your life
someone testified in the forest
service how how that
she have two shops interestingly
One opened
in September in spite of the
lockdown but she will pray in
the morning
Kingdom a role in prayer and –
oh pretty
well she's closing 30 minutes
can advance and prayer and then
I was just gas explosion last
all the shops that were born the
shows that were born Today's
show off to her to our own
defier stop am I I remember
the waters and I will spare them
as a man spelling zones and
ourselves him then shall you
return tall and discern between
the righteous and the wicked
between him and ourselves God
are not just sitting down
watching God Delights in
distinguishing them that survey
of the year is declared your
year of Distinction
your year of exemption
from every evil accordant in the
name of Jesus everybody
are serving God your video
secret Corners you shall be open
lady water
everyone praying Kingdom of
common prayer as their own
and surely this reviva is
ongoing be openly rewarded
everybody bringing people to
church at your own cost
cutting them your own Vehicles
chattering vehicles for them
you shall be openly water
no one in your life nature ever
immobilized no wonder your land
they shall ever be stranded note
of your children will need to be
pursued to know
God in the name of Jesus Christ
and so shall it be as the Lord
speak to me
this morning very everybody pray
that prayer I want to hear from
you one encounter with God is
worth much more a whole lifetime
of effort
let me hear from you this
morning Jesus Jesus
hey Jesus Jesus precious name we
have pray Jesus
breathes upon your word this
morning morning and let the
world of each one
come to them and let your name
be glorified and Jesus precious
name is my you're breaking limit
Give the Lord a big hand of
please get seated seated
amen amen God is not a user of
is a rewarder of them that
diligently diligently servant
your year of open rewards has
finally come
God made the world in six days
it will not need six days to fix
your life so whatever is out of
place place will be planted in
their respective places
places and I want to let you
with man or woman on God's side
God will fill the for service
service we will start the fifth
service I will
start the sixth service
just be and remain on God's
God's side and they
ever Winning Side of Life they
Winning Side of life
two out of the twelve spies that
Moses same stayed on God's side
then then stayed on their own
own the to enter the Promised
Land you will enter your
promises promises Elijah was on
God's side against
453 soba Elijah
prevail triumphantly because
being on God's side is the
ever Winning Side of life
please please
choose to remain on God's side
by your obedience to his
Commandments and never been
an agreement with agenda come to
work together except they be
agreed agreed
just agree with God and his
agenda then
then you only side I knew God be
for you who can be against you
when you're in the company of a
king king whatever
clears the way for the king he
has willfully because you are
anus Convoy just
ten tell God side the first are
used to arouse you will stay
those born inside the resin will
give way way
be honest I don't I will be
driven back
being on God's side is a failure
of proof side of life
the end has come to all ups and
downs in your life life Welcome
to this breaking generational
curses service there shall be no
of any cost upon any man or
woman boy or girl
from this service
god with terminate the Siege of
the wicked
angle over the life of an
individual in the name of Jesus
the week you are stepping into
will be full of cast testimony
testimony Miracle
job should be coming down like
every with health promotion
shall be released like a dream
of the night
every troubled homes and
experience peace and serenity
every plague of
multi delay shall be opened a
Albert it costs of barrenness of
be broken
welcome to your course free Ram
of life welcome To your car's
freedom of life life Welcome To
your car's rear am of life
Give the Lord a big hand of of
very quickly this morning
we'll look in our department too
of our teaching series on
Valen the Breakthrough Power of
Love love
two scriptures for a start
charity never faileth faileth
Corinthians 13 and verse 8 8
what are they are be prophecies
they shall fail fail whether
there be tongues
they shall cease whether there
be knowledge knowledge
it shall vanish away but charity
our love for God God
Empower those two abide forever
forever first don't to 15 to 17
but he doesn't do what the we
Wii of God abideth for
ever for ever for ever ever
Dom is
failure is not your portion as
long as you remain in love with
God God
the interest of his candle you
receiving failure of proof proof
baptism by that
engagement number two Scripture
that makes no No a breakthrough
for force first Corinthians 2
and verse 9 eyes of not saying
yeah neither have entered into
the heart of mom the things that
God has in stock for them that
love him him
every genuine lover of God is
ordained a Pathfinder pathfinder
in his field field
our Pace setter
eyes of no sane no ears hard it
has entered the heart of man
will go – his heart for them
that love it
I need need trailblazer
a description of the brick truth
power power
that resides in our our love for
God that's what makes
every true true lover of God a
high flyer
in the race of life life
every true lover lover a high
flyer in the race of life life
David became a national hero
as a teenager
Solomon loved the Lord he didn't
want to well to also call me
when you do and God made
him a celebrity in the school of
Joe become the greatest of all
many days because of his heart
Daniel became a ruler in Islam
captivity because of his heart
for go every true
lover of God God is ordained the
high flyer in the race of life
life but what is love
love and the kingdom can be
defined as one loving whatever
God loves with with passion
whatever God loves with with
girls who love you want to give
us only believes in Him should
not perish
but have everlasting life loving
whatever God loves with
with passion it won't all may
say does his hotels desire love
it whatever God loves with
passion for
stomata to form he does not want
anyone to perish but that all
should come to repentance loving
whatever God loves with passion
thus one definition of our love
for God God in the Kingdom
number two
it's living a god fast lifestyle
God first
God first everything as follows
God godfest
circumcising notwithstanding God
first God first first
what about may be tied godfest
godfest godfest
Matthew 22 verse 36 to
40 which is the greatest
commandment of the law
the great commandment of the
Lord Jesus said Thou shalt love
the Lord thy God with all thy
heart with all thy soul and with
all their might this is the
and great commandment
Commandment a godfest godfest
lifestyle our godfest godfest
Our God lifestyle lifestyle
you can't keep the first and
great commandment and
be lost draw near to me I'll
draw near to you keep my first
and great commandment and I will
make it reflect in your life
and then number three
Our Kingdom priority lifestyle
Frost the interest of the
kingdom of God in all
righteousness and all these days
shall be added unto you you
who knew the unborn child and
this church will know seeking
for the kingdom of God
hey man the mothers have eaten
so it has gone into the child
the food that we eat is what is
inside so
sick he Force you are being
eaten enough for many years so
it has entered your bloodstream
bloodstream so it has gone into
your baby
so your baby knows that
scripture scripture know the
real I am to Talk
he knows the script c key Force
and all
other things that everybody else
is dying to get shall be added
to you that is the definition of
love Now very quickly what is in
love that engenders
listen please
God's breakthrough agenda covers
all areas of life covers covers
for we know that all things all
work together for good to them
that love God
and today more called according
to his purpose and we have tried
to explain that that second part
is is talking about
our Redemption the people has
been destinated a cold
the if we call he justified the
ones Justified and glorified who
are for been feeling
joyful just by the blood of
Jesus but among the
Justified those who love God God
all things are dead to keep
working for them working
together for the good or phase
or things
including Financial things all
things oh things
all things things healthy things
Katya things business thing all
things they are
ordained to keep walking
together for the good of
everyone that loves loves God
now let's look at the financial
I think this
morning how does love Empower
Rose us to work as Supernatural
love and pass our giving
to be acceptable acceptable
I'm profitable profitable which
Gateway to Supernatural way as
in the case of David
and Solomon Solomon it empowers
are given to be acceptable and
which launches us and to the
realm of Supernatural
world Well after the order of
David and and Solomon
and First Corinthians chapter 13
Verse 3 it said
I'll do my best so so all my my
to feed the poor because I need
to be popular and
though I give my body to be be
and have not charity
I have no love for God it
profits me nothing
deokman's it is our love for God
the makes our giving
giving profitable it is our love
for God that makes our
our giving profitable so our
giving with atone to
De level of Our love for God God
David a man after God's Own
Heart heart
hear what he said and First
Chronicles chapter 29
and verse 3 moreover because I
have set my affection to the
house of my God I have my own
proper good not
of gold and silver which I have
given to the house of my God
over and above all that I have
for the Holy house of my own
proper proper goo every lover
lover the
proves his love through giving
is empowered to
operate in the realm of
Supernatural love Miss obinger
supernature away for summer
fourteen a man after God's Own
Heart for someone who's 29 3 he
had his own proper good
apart from Kingdom kingdom
he had his own own proper goal
and if you check that out in
terms of today's currency it was
a millions of dollars millions
upon millions of dollars dollars
from his
own proper good you will have
your own proper good
that means
business major begin to separate
their own own
from business owner can I have
your email you have the right
over your home
more than you do have the right
what the home
many of us will build major
publicly quoted companies
then we're on to the case of
unsuitable Ensemble love the
Lord first Kings 3 3
and the cake when to give you to
their and a thousand pain
offerings the
Salomon of our condo that order
I believe God's met a good
server and came down to him
ask what I shall give thee
the ghosts of of the sacrifices
and then it to him so our love
for God makes are given
given acceptable accepted
I didn't have to pray for him he
said I've also
added to you that we too did not
ask both
riches and honor so that they
are Sharp not be any
among the Kings like unto thee
all thy days
glory to God
it was a strange dimension of
work that when the Queen of
Sheba came across or came along
he said there was no more Spirit
left me me there was no more
spirit left in me first Kings
chapter 10
and verse verse fight very
humbling dimension of where that
has a root is someone's love for
God you know why God is never
an eight eight in case he has a
name none of us is qualified to
be consulted do you speak to
toddler boy and say hello I have
some challenges in my
business and I want to see what
you can do to assist me he
will be looking at you you as
though my dad is a child
now we are fired father father
father from God than that that
was not right
the Earth is like a drop of
blood drop of water from the
bucket so
how much do you count in that
one a neutron neutron or in many
neutrons Neutron
you and I don't weigh nothing
the whole world is like a drop
of water
from from air pocket
any sight the whole world world
not the whole nation the whole
world if
our only rule of arson so we
must Endeavor to offer gifts
make our offerings and with the
right motive
it takes law to make a given
acceptable and and profitable
God is releasing
some strange odor of work work
to the body of Christ and this
last days
you know the reason why
the church shall be a ruling and
Church before Jesus Jesus it out
and the rich
roulette over the the poor the
rich is a ghost agenda the
reach who let over the poor and
so the borrower is servant to
the lender lender no matter how
much wisdom without well you
don't have a voice increase as
his name 14 to 16
The voice of a poor man is no
heart and his wisdom is is
so if the child is going to be a
real nature Jesus is coming to
meet our range Ahoy
so he's coming to meet a super
wealthy charge is super worthy
charge so the Elijah heart for
the marks of people or give
has become and the more
profitable the returns the more
profitable the return
is not just coming to rupture so
it sort of number
for the Church of styles a
church of soft with
respectable voice anywhere on
the face of the Earth
many individuals in body of
Christ shall imagination
he said a little one shall
become a thousand
and a small one is strong Nation
nation and
the Church of Christ we have man
like like strong little man
women like strong
this there will be in their
numbers numbers
gonna take our place in this
glorious wave with
a genuine heart for God AJ knew
heart for God sir
so where will that is Oprah who
put you there No
I have never asked God please
Prosper me ask him
you talk to him every day
yes I've never borrowed and of
never Corner your
church money in my pocket I'm
just blessed with a heart that
is constantly panting after God
God is a gender Mania and
in this church today well it's
not enough to be in love
the most and devote to stay in
law and grow in in love
don't just be alone stay
stay long and keep growing in
your love for God
and keep growing in your love
for God
a friend of mine and I we were
in Canada
and then we had a walk around
the hotel and
it's all warning there in that
glass should I do he said you
liked it as a No
when I saw there – A to briefly
to build three
torches months or so now put
your name three churches in my
you know where we are white
white is the cheapest food
well I'm
and we are way to gain time the
time to select what we are
donating I don't have it it's
the same every day
when I change don't you can take
it fails to paint a white
pick up mental block
that is
every time I think I think think
one of my songs I asked him
to buy me a pair of shoes many
years ago he said is so one
that's very good as anything
else I had the money I give you
is no good
when you go to the when where
did you
do it hmm hmm may you receive
Grace to keep
growing and love love
before anything not grow in his
day anything not growing
is is doing
703 of our combat has appeared
in church last Sunday anything
growing is is dying we have
cross 40,000 of
newcomers to the kingdom this
year everything
is growing is is day it's not
enough to be alone
I know many that wine law where
there are no longer in law
it's important to stay in in
oh no Justin Long but growing in
your love for God receive that
Grace right now
in the name of Jesus Christ Give
the Lord a big hand
of praise number two very
quickly what is in law that
engenders breakthrough
through love and power source
for delightsome and tireless
obedience resulting is super
interrupt break too and
our area of concerns
delightsome and tireless
obedience videos
blessed is the man
that feareth the Lord that
Delights himself greatly in his
Commandments and 112 1 2 verse 1
is she shall be blessed upon the
Earth the generation of the
operation be blessed
what I need is our business hose
and his righteousness and deals
and deals for him no of is what
impossible to
love God to serve God to obey
God in season
and out of season when
convenient and we're not
convenient and that delightsome
lie you doing it smiling smiling
you doing it enjoin it
you are just enjoying it you're
like you are not feeling any
you are smiling I should do it
my father knows that there is
nothing is says to me that is
awkward my side
I've never asked why why as
Jesus when you met
him got a lot of Capernaum
church and town to this place
they didn't cause me any trouble
trouble heart
I enjoyed the instruction one of
my respected mentors TL Osborn
if I went to Glory he came here
August 1999 he said David how
would they get I said the
already here
we have no combo I can tell you
to come
when he has no problem y'all
ready you don't want to become
new ones we come
a already here when you
Delight in obeying him it is
love that is speaking
or inside for this is the love
of God I will obey his
Commandments and
his Commandments are not
Grievous love is like a
lubricant it
it empowers your obedience and
obedience with utmost
utmost ease
lajos enjoying it praise God
praise God God somebody stole is
every provision of the
kingdom is only accessible
through Obedience of faith
through what
you shall reap it induces in if
you faint knock if you
think you have lost it a must
meet you on duty
if you can't deliver of your
Awards so we need the love of
to keep obeying God and season
and out of season
this tastes don't happen
overnight this
you don't plan to cook yesterday
and go to the place today to
want to harvest will be plenty
of food he stays on the ground
we need that gas station
that every form of obedience
is a a seed soul when it begins
grow it falls bring you like
grass what is this that is it
then as you keep at it it
and through pollination the
fruit comes and the fruit start
in stages till it becomes Wukong
look we need that and that's why
the love of God is one way to
keep going
in our billions to God is one
way to keep going is one way to
keep going in the name of the
Lord Jesus you know I was when
the Lord
said for us to come to Legos I
went to Joe's for a meeting and
I was missing down to
kaduna to attend the service and
God said to me when you want the
pastor of this church church
when I was I
wouldn't listen up a sense of
self or my servant David from my
degree I shall be The Shepherd
of the flock
can I tell you this I called you
someday hi David
God just spoke to to me
I was one of the pastor of this
church he has deployed me
listen to me I was in kaduna
last on Sunday morning 1989 work
if I had me
in the place I almost died if I
had I never look back
this George had no color that
that time
Jesus fired me and obeyed him
with utmost delayed without
looking back so I never
called wonders how did we nature
Church or the friction good I
don't want the church I mean his
and the employers are
transferred me so if a principal
of a squat Little Fangs are not
gonna do you start finding out
how they are doing doing the
fire I love makes obeying God
I wasn't the first in kind of
almost a year when the year
ended I was coughing only only
blog so it's a church but in
blood the blood of Christ the
until those in the taiga where
you are the pastor and you say
why my question is who then is a
pastor same for myself and
David I sent for him you're on
your way back to God you know
I'm on my way
amen amen if you test me to live
lien today today
it's only when I broke ass with
God God I pray
that you keep growing in your
love for God and your
we know no limits Give the Lord
a big hand of of praise
if that word is for you give the
Lord a biggest love
finally finally love makes
Believers believers
it's the strongest life
insurance it makes
delivers indestructible how
God is love first John 4:16
another doers and law love
dwelleth in God and God in him
what the package
where you dwell in love you are
dwelling and go go
he'd inside inside go and then
God is hidden inside you now God
is outside you are inside
and God is still inside inside
so you are
rubbed off with God we used to
sing a song I'm tied up
I'm ramped up and pounded Up in
Jesus I'm tied up and wrapped up
I'm born loving Jesus Jesus Is
My All In All now you say
you are in love you are inside
inside god
so when you apply is going to
see and that is not a game
inside you because there's
something inside that's want to
destroy your life God is I will
fight it with everybody else
anything outside God outside
we we deal with him that that
a lover believer in
and destructive please
understand that
and as we grow
in love
we're we're growing today the
length breadth and the height
and the depth of the love of God
we have filled with all the
fullness of God then who will
decide that
who were destroyed that with the
love of God inside those three
the fight had no effect there
was no smell of Fire fire
what was speaking was love
we are not careful to answer you
we are addicted lovers of
Jehovah God he's able to deliver
or even if he does not we will
bow to to a graven image because
love is in this world who
they came out and flying flying
colors when
dinosaur died right was signed
in are down three times a day
with his windows open as
as a former times many Waters
cannot quench
love love neither can the float
stop it
it's a song that's that that
love makes the believer
indestructible one of the
addicted lovers of God of Christ
in the New Testament was
for the apostle he died so many
times but they didn't bury him
have it dies
died so many times times it was
lost in the Deep one night and
one day second Corinthians
chapter 11 verse
25 and it came out to go about
his business not in the hospital
there's two name him and left
him for dead
as Chapter 14 verse 19 and 20
and when they got around to
wonder what to do next
Euros of say let's go to to our
next assignment it was a tablet
even a venomous Viper
you shook it to the fire and
went about his business they
change their mind is
a God is he God is a god no
makes the believer
in and destructive
I decree Grace to keep growing
in law that will make you and
your entire family
and I got your louder Simmons
somebody testified that they
came to
launch attacks via several times
but every time
they came there they can't find
the place this oh please
even the blind they can't find a
I want to use heard it
love the love of God makes the
believer in
in destructive any sucked nitin
in kaduna somebody testified at
a full goes that they are called
send them to karuna to scatter
churches you know they have all
kinds of stupid things that they
but when they came to our church
find a canopy of thorns was
sitting over the church they try
to hit there was nowhere to read
that was when he goes he was
now the announcer catch demand
because when you started this
you when you hit this
Shepherd the Sheep will scatter
so they went for the man
he said when the Kim came they
could relocate me the air I was
beyond the cloud when
you are in Long I made the new
I'm a proven law you are
indestructible something is
breaking forth in your life
life you and your household will
keep cheating death from now
no one shall be buried in your
household this year
the coast of on Tomlin dead is
over in your Lambie
a lie the cause of on death is
broken you're not learning
so shall it be Utopia Ray
turn and give your thumbs thank
you Jesus
Blessed Be Your Name
in Jesus precious name name
because he has set his love upon
me therefore will I deliver
him I will set him on high
because he has no money
with with long life will I
satisfy because he set his love
upon me
I am committed to deliver him
I'm committed I'm glad to let
you know God is committed to
your deliverance
every arrow of the wicked shot
at at you will return back
and breakages of course it's the
most must take note of the
following first you must
understand we have been redeemed
from the causes
of the law bye
bye Christ Christ as redeemed us
from the curse
of the law being made a curse
it is written cursed is every
one that hangs upon the tree
that The Blessing of Abraham
replace the causes of life in
our life
you see the catalog of the cost
of the law from December
28 and verse 14 to 66 those long
list again classified them into
three three Parvati sickness and
death poverty
sickness and death if you check
all those verses they will fall
into one or two of those
so the
cause of poverty has been broken
over our lives
the cause of sickness sickness
I've been broken from over your
the cause of untimely death of
them broken of your life
but know that cause
he's our oven generational in
nature nature we read that in
Genesis chapter 15 and verse 13
to 16 16
God said to Abraham know of a
surety that thy seed shall be a
in a land that is not theirs and
Shall Serve them and they shall
afflict them
for a hundred years and also
that Nation whom they Shall
Serve will I George and
afterward they shall come out
with great great substance
I'm Dasha go to their fathers in
peace Thou shalt be buried
in the good old age age but in
the fourth generation they shall
come either again for the
iniquity of the amorites is not
yet full now
you see a generation is
classified as one one
education is defined as a whole
great years 100 years is defined
in scripture as a a generation
us a generation generation but
but currency is have a lifespan
span of three to four
generations Exodus chapter 20
verse 4 and and 5 he said
said Thou shalt not make unto
thee any Graven image or any
of anything that is in heaven
above or that is in the Earth
or that is in the water under
the Earth Thou shalt not bow
down thyself to them nor serve
them for the Lord thy God is a
jealous God
now visiting the iniquity of the
father's upon the children unto
the Third and fourth generation
of them
that hate me now if you look at
situation which part of the war
you discover that we have four
fathers who were given to
idol worship I don't wash wash
it they left behind the
boarding of just Narcosis for
for their children
and it has to be consciously
broken so Walk and Walk
and Walk another nothing works
because of this heating heating
it makes this causes half what
it is too
last for three hundred to four
hundred years
but the good news is that all
generation diabolica satanic are
idelle for decreed that every
form of
curse hanging over anyone's life
be reverted today
we're working out of this
service absolutely curse-free
totally cause free
your family's declared cost-free
three more children are declared
because by the
mystery of redemption causes of
no more power over your life
for surely there is no
against Jacob no enchantment
again Jake oh no divination
against Israel your battle
over invisible forces resisting
your breakthrough in life is a
over today
why I've been translated from
the kingdom where they operate
we are now in a new room
your yeah Sam stilted hose from
the kingdom of darkness with
economic zone they are so
light cannot stop my darkness
can't stop light from having his
way so no curls can't stop you
from having your way anymore
anymore we are not dusting the
light the Bible say gee our
children of
light light Ephesians
fire from bus 8 for you while
sometimes Darkness under the
touch of the powers of Darkness
but now are ye light in the Lord
we are not enlightened you are
light in the Lord walk as
children of light
so you are now a Child of Light
it means
Darkness cannot stop the way
against you anymore
first Thessalonians chapter 5
and verse 5 5 the Bible says
ye are all the children of Light
how many of us
and the children of the day we
are not of the night nor
of Darkness so we have gone out
of the realm we are Darkness was
having a
field day we are cause of Life
are having a few a full grip we
have left that room
we have been transferred to the
funerals only our son so so that
has no more hold on our life and
therefore decree that that every
Affliction or the path of
Darkness comes to an end in
everyone's life today
today someone to blessed
therefore whosoever causes
bless of the law is caused by
Gordon returned
I will bless them that bless
thee a loser because it's you I
will called Genesis 12:3 and
that applies to
to you
but Kingdom advancement and
divorce is one way way to
keep under the the blessings
which are the cure for
for curses Thou shalt serve
he shall bless it is not enough
to be free
we have to know what it takes to
stay stay free as we stay
under the blessings the causes
lose your grip on our our lives
how dressed Another Blessing
keep serving God and the
interview Scandal
and who keep blessing you
thereby keeping causes away from
your life
because the bless of God are the
cure for the course of life the
blessings of the law are decay
of for the causes of life life
the blessings of the Lord
are declared killed for the
cause of life life how shall I
be cause whom God does not cost
how shall I defy whom the Lord
has notified
number 23 verse 8 the blessings
of God at the kill
for the cause of of life he has
blessed and I cannot reverse it
no so if any man of any kind of
devil can't leave fast the place
of God in our life number 23 and
verse 20
so you're free take
responsibility to stay under the
are you leaving cause free life
forever if you'll be on solving
they shall spend their day
in prosperity and they are years
and pleasure consider have no
more effect on their lives if
they obey and serve him take
and you keep causes away from
your life
this is a cause free free Graham
if you ask the devil
where are the priests of
greatest concern in your heart
can I like this one of them wow
have you not been able to do
anything you say cost-free
ground is what what are cause
frequent in the Name Of the Lord
I won't set your foot on this
cause fragrance welcome to your
cause free realm of life
welcome to your course realm of
in the name of Jesus the Holy
instructed me to ask you to put
off your shoes in the for
service now put off your shoes
in the second service we are not
issues shoes you tell them back
when we finish you just
tap your foot on this ground and
is your work on
to the cosplay realm of life is
your work home to the cost-free
realm of life
Isabella welcome to the Kospi
realm of life why
they shall be your welcome to
the cauce freedom of life
I'm not to stop out of this
service you are stepping into
your course freedom of life it
will be clear that the causes of
been broken
under the chains are Fallen in
the name of Jesus the cause of
sickness is broken the curse of
business failure is broken
because of
terrorist aggression is broken
because of monitor delay is
the curse of marital crisis is
broken broken
special but Earnest is broken
don't curse of
miscarriage is broken Jesus
Jesus in the name of Jesus
in the name of Jesus and
so shall it be thank you Father
thank you Father amen
self to me when God blesses
blesses cause he's a super
naturally about it it
when God blesses
causes are automatically averted
I won't come on dice blessings
blessings as an
individual welcome I
welcome you to your costly realm
of life
Give the Lord a big hand afraid
of Prayer
the good news is
is every kind of course course
from any source included the
Devil Himself and all his
engines the causes
are declared broken
somebody's show was closed for
months what clothes did you go
to the nobody came tomorrow
nobody came two months nobody
came toward man you sat at home
that look what is the
matter to come to church
hot the Water of Life I said
waldemar open your
shop I didn't know him he went
open the shop in
from the money Pit was under
Russian Russia Russia Russia
that the first Blood your
welfare forward is
broken finally today
we met someone in our Outreach
and this man
for for months
I limit says of 10,000 from his
mutters purpose show in a month
so he gave his life to Christ
I pronounced blessings upon them
not that I know him in person a
went back to that show
the same day are made sense of
105 thousand
whatever's blocking your
way forward is broken finally
your two hands to heaven
I'm sending for your freedom
thank God for your freedom the
seed is over thank God for your
freedom The Siege is over thank
God for your freedom
the seat is over thank God for
your freedom the seed is over
thank God for your freedom
the seed is over
let the still wants to their
positions right now now
does she is over over
don't say it's over
and Jesus precious name
we pray please please get seated
how shall we escape if we
neglect so great a Salvation
always cab from the torment and
the tortures of – Marcus begins
salvation Hebrews chapter 2
verse 3 how shall we escape if
neglect so great a Salvation
there are people here this
morning that may have been on
that this invisible forces
holding their Destinies down
salvation is number one step of
Escape a lot to pray with you
before we take the communion
with the comment on is is the
exclusive Preserve of the of the
children of God it's it's no
snacks you're like to return to
Jesus you
like to be born again you like
to be listed among the
Overcomers wherever you are in
this service please
stand to your feet and I'll pray
with you stand to your feet God
bless you God bless you you you
want to be born again you
want to assess forgiven giving
you want a brand-new life time
to your feet
stand to your feet the causes
are for my effect on you when
you're born again
stand to your feet God bless I'm
praying for you for there where
you are they are just where you
are amen remain standing please
they are also food I need to
rededicate your life
to Christ we want to Stage a
comeback to our Heavenly Father
The Prodigal Son
went away from his father and
and worship Nick you want to
return back home and have your
Redemptive redemptive dignity
after human dignity restored
restored reconnect back to
God for restoration of your
beauty and: color wherever you
want to
rededicate your life to Christ
I'm to your Faithfully stand to
your feet please you want to
rededicate your life to
Jesus God bless you God bless
you stand to your feet you want
to dedicate your life to Jesus
stand to your feet are remain
standing please stand to your
feet and remain standing
stand to your feet and remain
standing thank you Jesus glory
to the father now please pray
this prayer after me bow your
heads please
all of us were standing it's of
your eyes unto heaven and prayed
this prayer of faith after me
say after me Lord Jesus
said Lord Jesus I Surrender my
life to you today today
forgive me all my sins wash me
with your
blood I believe you died for me
on the third day he rose again
that I may be justified right
now now I believe my sales are
not forgiven I'm justified by
your blog
I'm saved I'm restored back to
the faith I'm not a child of God
thank you Jesus for saving my
hey man keep your hands up be
blessed of the Lord in the name
of Jesus Jesus
the grades are brought into the
kingdom today sharp reserved for
no more going back for you you
have come to the Kingdom of
Light Darkness were not to
borrow your life anymore glanced
around this race to the end
receive it right now
say shall no more have dominion
over you you will make
Heaven at the end of it I don't
wanna lie you will not faint or
4,000 a journey
in the name of Jesus Christ so
shall it be in
Jesus precious name
congratulations congratulations
congratulations congratulations
please see that and complete
those forms and
then pass the amount of the
church officials handed him over
to you in the first instance
where the comment on is ordained
to empower us to live like
Spirit soul and body Jesus lived
a cause for Eli so as to partake
of this communion I declare you
cause free
free Jesus served the father
to the end even on the cross it
was still in service he said too
dirty for the right side
today today you made with me in
Paradise in spite of the pains
nice seated eternally and on
rather of majesty on high
is served to the end you took
upon himself
the form of yourself on he made
of no reputation it became
obedient unto death even the
death of the Cross we are for
God also hath highly exalted May
everything I met Christ
be transferred to us why this
coming on today Jesus knew
no sickness therefore the cause
of sickness and disease is over
in your life
Jesus suffered oppression of the
every operation of the devil
over your life is ended finally
and so shall it be be
this table is the cleared
the flesh and blood of Jesus are
super take of these enjoy your
new cars freedom of life
receive Grace for delightsome
and talas obedience
obedience receive grades for
steadfastness and
still worship may you stay on
those blessings
forever forever and causes will
stay away from your territory
in the name of Jesus what about
you deserve from this table is
to you in Jesus name this is the
flesh and blood of Jesus take a
leaf like him let's go ahead and
and solve
Big Daddy
oh my god dude
your own cost-free testimonies
begins after this service
through the
week you'll be receiving cause
pre-order of testimony
everything sitting on any aspect
of your destiny has just been
unseated now
now in the name of Jesus Christ
Give the Lord a big hand of
praise our please sit down for a
second what the service this
morning shows
that many have come on God's
hey man I'm done The Winning
Side of Life
from now I declare your journey
meaningful Journey journey Keep
at it keep at it
your distinction is just at the
corner keep at it your
enthronement is just around the
don't look back keep
you're getting there that you
are getting there the Lord spoke
to me you know we had to send a
Rand at for service starts today
the Lord spoke to me that we
understand to start the fourth
V service and the six hours and
I said how how
is a tell each of them to choose
which side to be on my side on
their own side
there's something on your side
side mmm Emma prove it now this
is not a minute don't believe
this church in one week just
just each person look somebody
bring them to Jesus
who will
elaborate somebody bringing his
combat on his shoulder the
then his dog you do that the
following week is Seafood
you die the way that for just to
be on God's God's side
I don't know where your heart is
but if your heart is with God
watch the turn around and so
life will keep on experience we
are 703 from my our team that
came to church
last Sunday Sunday seven seven
I took delivery of
party computer systems to
our follow-up follow-up
purple thing I was wasting my
I will securely my my destiny
and I followed through
by his grace tonight my enjoy
myself to the utmost
one day I'm going to meet Jesus
and I must hear from him we're
done thou good and faithful
servant you hear that so from
where you are
there will be no Baron Sunday in
your life or to be many days of
this prophetic season God spoke
to me we start for service today
and we send messages
so we are starting today
I know just give me a handful of
men and women with with a heart
for God
the with a half ago go it's all
over with
a half ago it's all over it's
all over
is all over
somebody one of my son's was in
one look idea in u.s. and then
he met an old
woman in the store shopping
shopping mall
how are you sir which country
are you from Angela do you know
me so beautiful
I learned out which is fear Him
one last corner of our US
I'm not saying she was but in
case you he is
you made it is not enough for
the world to know where you live
the devil's must know they say
Jesus we know I'm poor Widow
before the season is over the
devil will come to on the list
of those affairs affairs
please engage in your personal
read on the prayer water all our
senior citizens
Engage The Prayer of water and
praying God's agenda for this
isn't to be fully delivered amen
all nursing mothers and get the
hotter praise God personally
consensually consciously
deliberately deliberately glory
to God God all your men and
women get
out on the street you came for
the second service who are in
the very busy business after
second service go to the street
go there go to Esparto jülich
Corner him bring him to the for
service that's how to
demonstrate your passion for God
can I hear your email for all
those who are involved in this
awesome harvest season I decree
your opponent was beginning from
so shall it be in the name of
Jesus Christ please rise to your
the flyers for next Sunday are
out get
Covenant day of open doors amen
amen strange
dose of favor with that opening
to you
you will be receiving receiving
open door door order of favor
bless his you least expected
we'll cover your attention
tell her what you meet on the
Jesus is openness to endorse of
evil to his people come over and
part of it and everyone you call
we answer everyone at answers
every closer in their lives are
beautiful for a new door shall
be opened to them
we release the breath of the
Holy Ghost upon this flyer
we send it forward a sequence of
harvest to bring home abundance
of harvest
into the kingdom and it will
discharge in Jesus precious name
amen praise the Lord
praise the Lord please sit down
for a moment before we share the
there is a blessing for those
who are coming here for the
first time if today so for
Sunday here here at the Faith
Tabernacle worshipping with us
please stand to your feet for a
blessing stand to your feet for
a blessing God bless you stand
to your feet for a blessing and
God bless you
let's talk to your people
amen thank you Jesus today's our
first time
here at the Faith Tabernacle
please stand to your feet
forward of of blessing
amen you didn't just calm
the father Drew you no one can
come and see my father we sent
draw them if brought to him
because he has a blessing for
you here and we have seen a
foretaste of it right now but if
you be planted in the house of
God says you will continue to
flourish in the courts of our
God God
you shall be fat and flourishing
you sleeping for fruit and order
to show that the
Lord is hope right
Grace to collect everything that
God has in store for you under
the supposed to leak umbrella
receive that Grace right now
now you have come to the Mist
of winners you never lose
battles anymore your life
you have come to the midst of
the bless you never run out of
God's blessings anymore no more
dresses in your life in the name
of Jesus
please lift up your right hand
and collect your blessing be
blessed today
with the blessings of Heaven
be blessed today with the
blessings upon this Commission
be blessed today to the next
levels of your life made of
glass and Proclaim upon you in
this service
time there over your head for
life so shall it be in Jesus
precious name amen please
stand to your feet everybody all
are first-timers complete your
cards your form please and pass
them on to the kingdom to the
church officials
are give them to you in the
first instance Church officials
and showed how to connect those
amen this shall be a bumper
Harvest week for you
everyone who pray over shall be
every need of others you take up
and prayers Heavens will answer
promptly everyone we invited to
meet with service we respond
everyone we invited the wsf
shall respond this coming Sunday
will be a bumper Harvest and a
destroyer I may you continue to
enjoy open
order of Rewards
it's a God who sees engagement
in secret each other War the
welcome to the openly War dream
of life
no one will be able to deny that
you are in partnership with God
anymore they will
see his hand upon your life and
the glorify his name for your
sake and the name
of Jesus Christ so shall it be
lift up those two hands please
after the service called let the
Flyers are the various entrances
we have them also are developing
official centers and the Zona
centers we have drugs Joe speak
as much as you can there's only
business we do reaching out to
Lost and what Desiring to see
them safe and established in the
faith the top
your two hands to heaven and
together they share the goodness
of the Lord God's goodness and
mercy mercy
you experience all through the
year 2020
congratulations a man and a man
you are blessed this is can pick
up your shoes praise God if you
came in after the
worship often was received there
are officials around the
all-time videos exits currently
offering tags they were to drop
you off in as you go and be
blessed as you do we're reminded
all use requiring counseling can
go towards the will be complex
there are fissures there to
assist parents also requiring
counseling concerning children
awards can also go towards the
wolf be complex and be blessed
as you do for the would be
three day course forms are
available also
also at the whoa complex be
blessed in the name of Jesus
Jesus Kwan
Kathy host
here at me

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