Learn more about doTERRA Digestzen® Oil Benefits here: DigestZen is a soothing digestive …
– [Narrator] DigestZen
is a soothing digestive
essential oil blend, from doTERRA,
that promotes healthy digestive function
and relief
from stomach upset.
Perfect for a nervous
stomach and bloating.
DigestZen is also helpful
in harmonizing emotional imbalances
that can contribute
to an upset stomach
and digestive discomfort.
Essential oil of ginger is distilled
from the ginger rhizome,
which is often used as a cooking spice.
Ginger essential oil
supports digestive health
and may reduce feelings of nausea.
Caraway, Anise and Tarragon have been used
to support digestive health and function
for thousands of years.
Fennel essential oil has been shown
to relieve the discomfort associated
with occasional indigestion,
and to nurture a healthy intestinal tract.
Safe for children and adults,
DigestZen can be taken internally
to ease symptoms
of occasional digestive disturbance,
such as bloating,
gas and indigestion.
It can also be used topically,
and comes in a Touch roller
for convenient application on kids.
Rub one to four drops
on the stomach,
before flying
or taking a road trip,
for a calming aroma.
Dilute one to two drops
in four fluid ounces of water,
or tea,
to support digestion
or minimize motion sickness.
DigestZen soft gels are
the most convenient way
to take internally
for fast relief.
DigestZen is designed
to be used with,
or without,
the complimentary line
of DigestZen nutritional products.

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