Tao of Wellness co-founder Dr Mao Shing Ni speaks about the role that Traditional Chinese Medicine can play in helping the body heal in cooperation with …
hello I'm Dr. Mao Shing Ni. I'm a
co-founder at Tao of Wellness.
I'm going to talk about integrative
oncology today. For anyone the diagnosis
of cancer is both shocking and
frightening. The disease has become so
rampant that we all know someone or a
family member that has been touched by
Cancer is the second leading cause of
death in America killing more than one
person every minute of the day. There are
many factors that contribute to the
cause of cancer. These range from
environmental toxins radiation exposure
microbial infections and genetics.
Contrary to popular beliefs genetics
play a role in only twenty or thirty
percent in all cancer conditions. Even
cancerous genetic expressions can be
modified through nutrition lifestyle and
the mind. According to the science of
epigenetics in Chinese medicine the care
and prevention of cancer is called Fu Zheng.
It is a specialized program of
integrative oncology that supports the
body's own cancer fighting immunity and
emphasizes the reduction of toxicity.
Fu Zheng harmonizes and enhances and
protects the structure and function of
the organs. The spleen system for example
is strengthened to improve the digestion
and absorption of nutrients as well as
the immune system by fortifying energy
and blood. The immune system is enhanced
the endocrine system is balanced and
bone marrow is protected and nourished.
By definition cancer is malignancy of
cells that possess several
characteristics all tumor cells arise
from a single cell in which the
mechanism that regulates its growth it's
disrupted. They literally become immortal
instead of programmed cell death like
normal cells they grow more rapidly than
normal cells and have the ability to
invade and to metastasize or spread to
other parts of the body by the time
cancer is detectable as a 0.5 centimetre
mass it represents approximately 1
billion cells cancer can occur in every
organ of the body as well as in the
blood in the u.s. top
10 most prevalent cancers include cancer
of the breast thigh roy colon rectal
lung non-hodgkins lymphoma pancreas
kidney and de metrio and prostate breast
cancer is the leading cancer with 235
thousand new cases expected in this year
diagnosis of cancer often depends on a
combination of diagnostic procedures
that ranges from biopsy results of the
tumor tissue MRI CT scans PET scans lab
tests and bone marrow biopsies once the
diagnosis confirm staging a one through
four is done to determine the severity
and prognosis and help guide the
treatment of the condition stage 1 is
isolated tumor without any lymph or
sentinel node involvement
meaning no proliferation is detective
say to stage 2 is larger tumor size and
rapid growth possibly involving the
lymph or Sentinel nodes stage 3 is
further spread of tumor from original
site to tissue is nearby
stage 4 is metastasis to other distant
organs from the primary tumor site where
it began for the patient after
recovering for an initial shock of
discovering cancer he or she are then
guided by the oncologist in choosing
therapies that may include a combination
of surgery chemotherapy radiation
hormonal or biologic therapies after
deciding the best treatment protocol
there are the side effects from the
anti-cancer therapies to contend with
the success of one's therapy all of it
hinges on how well the patient copes
with the side effects which can include
fatigue hair loss low appetite nausea
anemia low white blood cells weight loss
poor concentration memory neuropathy
numbness diarrhea mouth sores dry mouth
insomnia lower back pain and depression
if the side effects are unbearable a
patient may be forced to interrupt or
change the treatment protocol there are
four lessening the treatment efficacy
integrative oncology seeks to bring the
best of eastern and western together to
the best results for patients cancer
condition while maintaining their
quality of life here are the foods own
or complementary therapies offered at
Dow wellness acupuncture acupuncture has
been used successfully for many years
both in China and the US as part of an
integrative oncology protocol for
speeding recovery from surgery and
managing side-effects of chemotherapy
and radiation research has shown that
acupuncture can increase the production
of immune systems natural killer cells
otherwise known as NK cells that
specifically target cancer cells reduce
nausea and gastric distress from
chemotherapy and improve neuropathy this
numbness situation and radiation induced
to dry mouth syndrome additionally
studies at sloan-kettering Cancer Center
in New York have shown that acupuncture
is effective for lymphedema the result
of lymph gland removal where you get
swelling in your arms most importantly
acupuncture supports patients quality of
life by increasing energy and a sense of
well-being herbal therapy like
acupuncture herbal therapy has had a
distinct role in integrative oncology as
adjunct of support during anti-cancer
treatment herbs are used to provide
relief for symptoms such as nausea loss
of appetite nerve pain and numbness low
energy and muscle and joint pain common
herbs used include ginger for nausea
Hawthorne berry for low appetite Cora
Dallas for nerve pain astragalus for low
energy and turmeric for muscle and joint
pain Chinese herbal therapies focus on
treating the whole person and the
condition therefore specific herbs are
prescribed and custom blended for
various targeted purposes resulting in a
formula that is different from patient
and patient even if the cancer diagnosis
is the same in other words an herbal
formula may be put together for
management and relief of side effects to
chemo which vary
from patient to patient and is dependent
on the type of chemo drugs used
therefore no two persons formulas is
exactly alike and our expert
practitioners will prescribe a
personalized herbal formula after
assessment of each patient nutritional
therapy Chinese medicine recognized long
ago that what you eat matters for both
maintaining wellness and healing from
illness our nutritional therapy consists
of two parts
customized diet that is therapeutic to
your condition and the use of
high-quality nutritional supplements to
support healthy function and activate
specific healing actions all of our
practitioners are trained in applied
clinical nutrition for cancer patients
our practitioners will recommend a diet
rich in anti-cancer foods where
cruciferous vegetables like broccoli
cauliflower Brussels sprouts and cabbage
topping the list
we also encourage a plant-based diet
which have been shown in studies to
reduce occurrence and recurrence of
cancer we consider clinical use of
targeted nutritional supplements to be
critical for cancer patients for example
as you age your thymus gland right here
that produces lymphocytes your body's
defense of troops shrinks and declines
in this important immune function
therefore predisposing you to cancer
cells that proliferate unchecked similar
studies show that majority cancer
patients have low levels of vitamin D we
provide our patients with a customized
nutritional supplement program that
supports healthy thymus immune and
lymphatic functions as well as vitamin D
supplementation energy therapy our body
is not merely flesh and bones but rather
it is a dynamic being governed by a
communications network that is based in
energy energy exists in different forms
including electric magnetic heat light
sound and others all these energies move
through the
from the brain to the finger and the toe
and back ensuring that homeostasis or
balance and optimal functioning is
maintained when energy flow is disrupted
the communication within is either
altered or ceases and consequently
illness and suit our certified
practitioners of energy therapy or
infinity energy healing can help you
unlock and restore energy flow so that
you can activate your full innate
healing potential my body exercise and
meditation Chinese medicine perceives
body mind and spirit as inseparable and
therefore addresses the whole equally
through different healing modalities my
body exercise like Qi Gong and Tai Chi
that are moving meditations as well as
sitting meditations to help integrate
and unify all aspects of your being as
what our certified practitioners will
instruct and coach you one-on-one
specific practices that are helpful for
supporting healthy immune functions that
you can incorporate into your daily
wellness and healing routines cleansing
and detoxification while chemotherapy
and radiation treatments are lifesavers
in combating cancer the resulting toxin
accumulation in the body leads to
decline in immune endocrine and
neurological functions chemo and
radiation toxins remain in tissues for
months and sometimes years afterwards
and unless cleared out of the body they
continue to create discomfort for
patients some of the lingering symptoms
after the conclusion of cancer
treatments may include poor memory focus
and concentration or chemo brain
depression anxiety insomnia hot flashes
weight gain numbness tingling or nut or
pain in the hands and feet frequent
colds and flues and slow healing we
advocate program of cleansing and
detoxification to eliminate residual
toxins from the body after cancer
the principle of detoxification is
fundamental to Chinese medicine and our
program utilizes an integrative
east-west approach consisting of skin
brushing cupping lymphatic dueña
bodywork acupuncture infrared heat
herbal and nutritional therapies
vegetable juices and broth Qi Gong and
Tai Chi exercise emotional blockage
release and infinite Qi energy healing
all the healing techniques were designed
to activate your liver kidney lung
lymphatic system and skin to eliminate
toxins from your body let's talk about
prevention of recurrence the great
Chinese physician of integrity the
Yellow Emperor noted that it is far
easier to prevent a disease than it is
to cure a condition after it occurs to
take care of your life you need to
maintain optimal health and well-being
Chinese medicine provides life-affirming
treatments and guidance for achieving
the goal of wellness that creates health
and inner peace for cancer survivors
preventing recurrence is not an option
but a way of life our practitioners work
with you combining the time-tested
wisdom of Chinese medicine with the
latest scientific findings to create a
health maintenance and lifestyle program
that seeks to lower the risk of
recurrence at our wellness we have been
taking care of cancer patients by
working closely with oncologists for
over 30 years our licensed practitioners
specialize in minimizing side-effects
and improving quality of life in
patients receiving anti-cancer therapies
we employ all the treatment modalities
that I talked about previously and these
complementary therapies are customized
to support the specific needs of each
individual patients and his or her
immune system to more effectively fight
against cancer
moreover Chinese medicine views each
patient as a whole person integrating
the mind body and spirit all in its
treatments the successful integrative
oncology program has resulted in
countless collaborations with oncologist
in the Los Angeles area and beyond we
know that having cancer is very hard but
we encourage patients to view cancer as
an opportunity that provides the impetus
for making changes in one's life that
would not usually happen otherwise
changes which lead to increased meaning
happiness and fulfillment in people's
lives our role as healers is to help
guide our patients to the ultimate
healing of their lives I suggest to your
friends and family members were
diagnosed with cancer to consider what
acupuncture and Chinese medicine can do
for them during the crucial treatment
period and afterwards I invite you to
call us and speak to any one of our
licensed practitioners to discuss your
situation we're here for you and ready
to help thank you

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