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Welcome to this video about using Proxies in Hitfilm Express 2017.
Every editor knows that playing the video
while editing can be choppy or stuttering
This can be solved by using Proxies
In this video is about using them, i takes time to create them, but in the end you can make better video's with using Proxies
No matter how strong you're system is
Video will always stutter during editing
Drag a clip in the timeline
Do a rightclick on the source video in the Media Tab and click Proxy—Make Proxy
You will see a circle that loades slowly but you can keep on editing during the making of the proxy
As you can see , the creating is not very fast but i recommend it to do so
And now watch the result, nice and smooth playback
I do another 2 clips, while i keep editing
I will cancel those 2 for now , want to show you another thing
Click on File—–Options
Go to the Tab Proxy
These are the settings for the proxies
Keep in mind that you select a location that has enough diskspace for the Proxies
Its by the way very nice to see the result of making proxies when u use 4K video
You will need good hardware to handle 4K
I hope you learned something from this video.
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