Hotel Serving soft Idlis With Mutton Intestine/ Mutton Curry For 3 Generations At Namakkal – Sathish Hotel Google Maps Location …
So will you prepare the mutton brain to our liking and give ?
Yes.. brain fry or gravy or with egg and onion bhurji type
Try this and see…
My name is Dinesh kumar.. we have been running this place for 3 generations now.
Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday we provide non-veg
mutton intestine,brain, mutton and country chicken
so the 3 days is it only breakfast?
yes only morning. we start at 7.30 and close at 9.30 am
idly, parota,dosa and egg items will be there
what it famous here?
mutton intestine, mutton and country chicken
country chicken if we get original then we provide.
we grind our own masalas
for parota we add sugar and salt. No egg is added
only for idly a little baking soda is added
Monday , Tuesday Friday and Saturday we provide veg breakfast
we provide poori, masal dosa, idly, porota and dosa
If you want to eat Non veg here then come on Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday

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