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a certain patient to let through the OMG lah for Blake said.
we're doing that for tracking to Tredrea.
so patients that have Supraventricular Tucker cardia.
only through the nature of water.
I'm thing to be in the oven sink of the though of some of the good due last up the can find the heart of the old widow actually stimulate full and final for cause problems and band we can kill most of time.
sometimes that things go wrong in EP lab with may have to cardiovert Dicker with the patient.
he says usually under conscious sedation for this.
they put a lot of lying to use the.
central venous line in the.
so Clay the and the or.
one two min nap time.
the hours looking patients go to the key of lavender of the card table in you are currently on three hits in seven hours long time to map out all the old thing you're Ventricle the Atria given five cells of the problem.
what's that about this lasting peace patients.
a few hours in the last.
the come back and they'd say well we found that cells that are costing a true did.
and the next day they go back in the Atria.
the ago they wouldn't pay someone to EP Lab.
until they try to bother me.
so it right medication.
they tried to cardiovert them they'd done everything in it's less invasive for.
this would be your last resort.
this ruling.
so nothing else work the patient still have symptoms.
then what they can EP Lab.
lol after the eleventh.
pacing back and they may have lots of different.
Catheters Vary Laura catheter.
what kind IV him.
all the look lady and than.
so when in your next thing so.
girls may be an arterial catheter in the our.
so why well to recover the patient.
to get the.
normalized of blood and the end of the whole almost Catheters.
to Premature Ventricular Contraction.
well patients have the older you get.
it's normal for patient a happy be the.
so check the patient they may not even know they're having a minute to have a lot than they would have symptoms.
so here's three medications be given Patient cameo though.
Crow that still lie pain.
so patient had a lot of PVC.
we did prolong men of the man that will control the PVC.
they show have incentive and fatigue.
that is fine with that.
Ventricular Packard her yet.
we don't always have in front of the going will is that when we need to do something about twenty Check the patient.
usually to break the fight go for Supraventricular Tucker cardia.
of Constipation the goes into a flutter as well.
we basically try to do well fall maneuver.
so have the patient bear down to how to be an Cough really hard you try to drink that certain Tucker cardia of clients those meetings will pray for go back in the.
its rhythm.
if that doesn't we try Meditation so here's a medication that will.
the patient.
so we have a bit Walker Cocaine channel blocker of the most off the the phone float down the electro halfway open Stopping Tucker cardia.
do you feel at about twenty two.
I'm still was only a EKG of someone sometimes should return to or rhythm on an ECG looks like the hat.
your careful nature to get twelve lead.
for the intact.
the TV goes.
if it's not the packing you shock.
with the with the relation at all.
it can cause them to go into lethal Rhythms twelfth to be fair careful when I'm taking care of FBT.
um does a medication called a dentist mean it's over years.
write your agenda saying that devastated when the Flow Heart courage quickly.
and then reflex that and if you when it comes back to being the oldest in finance rhythm.
here's an EKG were they have a patient notice over here on the twelve lead at the twelve lead.
your leads one to three D while the ad.
it orbits the given number written here's our FET.
we get a cardioversion and procardia dancing together really fast too and IV.
it's the least also are curious.
cough so hard.
now we have a.
TCU flying.
and now we go into a sinus rhythm.
the rhythm Sinus rhythm so stop the hard way for to restart.
Irina right here normal sinus rhythm critical.
degree heart block.
one hit the patient is too low and are having to do.
we can put in a temperate pacer when given that you need.
try to heart block.
I don't have that I one heart block up your first read of people in with your flying.
try to second in the heart block.
or Mobitz Type to try one for the heart block a will that one when she bought this can progress to third degree heart block.
so you can throw more and more key way.
you may have to get Permanent pacemaker on.
the Viagra when you Pacemaker if it goes to the whole lot of thrombin type two.
the goes for three you go Pacemaker.
no color patients had rheumatic heart disease.
Degree heart lot of if you're not close to getting medical for the end it goes into third Degree in your heart that beats twenty beats minute.
because the Ventricle now initiating or are they.
it can be lethal.
what for.
you could IPO been thinking patients me.
and Internal Pacemaker.
Ventricular Fibrillation Check the Patient Check believes of most patients go to the half battle.
so PR and delay the.
basically a foley Sheila Bair Cardiac like for all.
if you are sick of fighting finish the last your you know what you need to be done.
the patients basically.
this happens more than was they who probably have a Automated Implantable Cardioverter intricate later AICD implants.
few patient with a AICD.
all the flea it started about the legal painful collapse the reassurance that.
the AICD Pacemakers are getting smaller and smaller.
with that many years ago fifteen years ago they were they were super dead.
so let's were they are implanted.
so here on page eleven AICD or don't get to pacemaker.
dressing in white that Sutures the future that him.
they may use from the client they may get an infection in the fight.
they need to keep that left arm down below shoulder for about a month.
Sutures nuclear consultant future.
so they will the kids although I think about.
um yes the patient is shocked with the AICD they need to contact the office.
the shock them.
don't know when a shark patients say it feels like the kid in the chest by a forest.
we'll nodes.
they carry an ID card at all times.
tell them nutrition about their Bible a auction the.
the legal for the airport security to show the color think they have gotten AICD don't use one will want all the magic one.
say hi to clean up recovery be the same for pacemaker.
the patient is momentary goes into a this fully.
um you check the wires always leader they might come off it'll going and didn't want to start the patient sitting up in bed.
if they are they just late enough for your or the ACLS protocol time.
so as the nurse you would just too cold to start CPR.
you would do that on any patient to stop grieving or open.
the set Pacing visited the Heparin Check patient and believe that the true the fact is there are whole.
if there is a call from patients have.
hold the time.
the second the cold flu.
or are the focal for hopefully with all.
so obviously they have will hold you know.
they might be away.
so need to check that out so if they have will hold one two cardioversion hundred tool for authors who will know the electrical Pallor N you can convert them into normal rhythm.
no cold are a few your arm and that for the later.
so all the feel of cocoa.
the patients that happens more than one.
then perhaps.
he is well.
so pacemaker.
little Pacemakers.
they are either it ruler Ventricular.
you see the client running EKG and they have the authority to be.
dual page or single day.
we can reduce playing with AICD.
they consider a full with patient will kick in the current roster that this level it could stand.
with the slogan were really good.
so they can Pacemaker Patient after the um checked up on the the doctor.
they run a lexical analysis of your Pacemaker to tell many times it's charging not charging a retired to fend him whole and working correctly.
think of that nature.
what AICD might have bleed the more for infection and the kids up or down for a moment Sutures install example or Magnum school Pacemaker.
one of the picture will be Microwaves will not be a bit Pacemaker.
Batteries will need to read play.
five years can be and how often did.
Pacing you need her to ID card patient and right for read the words that lived in the name of.
left on the left taking with the either or.
more than ten per ocean pools full count mall on.
what ECG should not do.
while that moment the feeling.
taking place.
once again medicine example of Ventricular Pacing right there Ventricular Pacing Norris a very wide few are as.
after he Ventricle inspired.
another picture of your Atria le Ventricular spices to do all day.
so Mild the Infarction invasion has in him on a they're actively having an MRI we know what's going on.
we flew in EKG here's what your normal EKG should be noted that flying right here in Cali high electrical.
will we Major that we have PR Interval we have a QRST or foley you all that.
there's one here cold the past year will be in the QRS right here at the start of the key is to Interval that Interval Prima should always be isolate tree down.
this is having a heart attack.
that casts the.
thing that will elevate.
in order to raise is that fuel that f and the area.
praise the right of all the isolate replied.
this is find a patient is not getting on for two.
one or more than four hundred.
this is called catch the TV.
find of a heart attack no oxygen.
here is a horrible one right here.
S T elevations you.
what I sometimes call him critical care to go.
we'll be something quick patients going to lose a lot of heart muscle.
our muscle in a heart attack without options and getting blood flow to go far.
means you are going to have them each.
here is a really bad example.
she elevations on a twelve lead you to read here.
those are the students of their double to go to the mausoleum cell production.
the more elevated one am on a.
on a.
the cagey of long term.
you can you see on the lawn and career.
this the example of a patient that had an MRI.
they went to the house Lab.
they didn't procedure.
Gilbert is a very short amount of time opening up that Coronary Artery.
we went wrong.
tombstones and then finally.
gets to be a normal.
key segment the tunnel.
so last Arrhythmias dysrhythmias they're going to look at the patients a their call morbidity the center.
the only be given additional benefit the patient the benefit outweighs the re a friendly and there is some patients probably need to go to Apple.
they will darken heart attack because a lot of issues that too risky to take a couple a.
it's too risky to have open our Surgery bypass.
so Treatment so they need heart condition.
benefits to the awaiting the risk for the patient.
so the key to remember for the upcoming test.
are you understand.
the different this rhythm yet.
what is the sparkle on.
third degree heart block.
medication you.
your own definition of what for me.
I would you moments are what you into having a bit a lot.
whatever Coleman pacer.

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