Ella Bache Nutridermologie LAB Delipidex 7.6% Thermo-Active …
Hello and welcome to the Abloomnova channel
this is the Ella Bache Thermo
Massage Cream and this can be used
for stubborn roundnes and cellulite
it contains 4 active nutrients
which help with fat burning and also
towards anti relapse. They also work
as 24 hour fat burners, and help to
the fat burned durring physical activity
so it's basic function is to
dislodge and burn stubborn fat cells
which can cause roundness and cellulite
apply daily, every night
to problem areas, for example
arms, stomach legs, hips
etc. It will produce a heat
and this varies according to your body
the area that you applied the cream to
and your general condition. Apply your slimming products throughout the year
to avoid the look of orange peel skin
you can find this product at www.abloomnova.net
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