Ikan Pesmol resep Mami sedap bgt – rasanya manis, asem, gurih. Lengkap~ BAHAN-BAHAN Ikan goreng (kakap): 1 ekor Kemiri: 6 butir Bawang putih: 6 siung …
Stir fry first
Taste good!
For this recipe, you can use many types of fish
You can use spanish mackerel (ikan tenggiri), or
long jawed mackerel (ikan kembung) or
gurami (ikan gurame)…
we are using snapper (ikan kakap/ jenaha)
The fish must be fried first
Clean it thoroughly, apply some salt & lime juices and fry until it becomes like so
To save time, we have already fried our fish
Next up for the pickle
Cut cucumber & carrot into matchsticks
Then we will make this into pickle first
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For this, blend 6 cloves of shallots, 6 cloves of garlic and 6 pcs of candle nuts
3 cm of turmeric, 3 cm of ginger and 4 pcs of red chili
Blend all of that together
Stir fry first, use 3 tbsp of cooking oil
To get all the remaining out, just pour a bit of coconut milk to dissolve
Lemongrass – 2 stems
Kaffir & bay leaves – 2 each
Since carrots are hard, put this in early on
Continue stir-frying until the color changes and the fragrant comes out
until the blend is cooked
If it's not well-cooked, it won't taste good
For the cucumber, put in some salt
1 tsp of salt
Sugar 1 tbsp
Vinegar 1 tsp
Leave it for a few minutes to soak
Once the blend is cooked, put in 500 cc of coconut milk (the thick kind)
Pour some into the remaining blend to get all of it out
So that you can get it all out?
Yes, don't waste the rest of it
If you can't find fresh coconut milk, just use Kara – mixed with water
Just mix the Kara with water until it hits 500 cc (or depending on the size of fish you have)
If you have a big fish, then use more
Just make sure that the fish is submerged – that's the main thing
1 tbsp of sugar first -later we taste
Make sure that you give it a taste at every step
Salt, 1/2 tbsp
Now we taste
Not sour enough – but don't put in vinegar just yet
Cos we still need to add these pickles in – and we have added vinegar in this
So this goes in first
Put in the fried fish
For Ikan Pesmol, you want to make sure it's flavorful – sweet, sour, salty
Some bird's eye chili
Next put in the pickled cucumbers – including all the water
That's why earlier we don't put in vinegar just yet
In case it gets too sour
Taste it again
When cooking, don't forget to always taste
That's why if you cook, you will be full by the end of it
Need more vinegar
Cos earlier we have not added any vinegar
1 tsp of vinegar, 1 tsp of salt
Turn off the heat!
Ikan Pesmol – all done~
Hmm taste good~
The fish is so smooth
and it's very flavorful too

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