In this video ,we will cover the meaning and the origin of this phrase as well as give examples.
Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word
Origins 66.
The word origin today is cash cow. Okay.
Let's take a look at the note here. A
cash cow is a product or investment that
continues to be profitable in a steady
way for a long long time or for long
periods. By extension, it could also refer
to a person that is very … that
is a very dependable source of income.
Like for somebody. Maybe they hired that
person and that person just keeps making
more and more and more money for them. So
for that company that person could be a
cash cow for them. Okay. Good. So let's
continue here. The origin actually does
come from the idea of a dairy cow. Like a
real cow. A dairy cow is able to produce
milk nearly, nearly or almost her whole
life and if she gives birth even just
one time, she may replace herself and
chances are that she will give birth a
number of times not just one time. So
that would be even better.
Therefore cows are a big , big moneymaker
for farmers. A cash cow usually exceeds
her original investment many times over.
So whatever you paid to begin with and
got that money back started making more
more more more and more.
That's what then that sort of person or
that thing or real cows make a lot of
money. So that's where we got the idea of
a cash cow. All right. Anyway, we have a
couple of examples here. Example number
one. The apartment houses she owns and
rents two tenants turned out to be a
real cash cow for her. Because maybe she
has a number of them and each month
she's getting income from all these
houses for a number of years. You know of
course every now and then she has to do
some repairs but that more than makes up for
you know, what she gets in rent. Okay.
Good. So let's look at number two. That
performer is a real cash cow for that
She has continually packed in the
audiences. So many audiences, many
people go. Maybe it's a full house every
night for many years without end. So
she's been popular for quite some time
So for, at least for that nightclub
she is a real cash cow for them. Okay.
Good . I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. I hope
hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for your

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