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Hi third graders, welcome to your third grade year of elementary school. I'm, so excited to be here with you on tv
learning your tacoma school lessons
So I want to introduce myself before we start my name is miss gomez. I am a teacher normally at blix elementary
in tacoma, but
This year I get to be here with you and i'm really excited about that
I normally teach third grade. I also have taught first grade kindergarten and second grade
I teach because I love working with students. I love kids. I love to watch them learn
I love to watch them make friends and work together. I like to be silly with kids
And I like to have fun when we learn. So hopefully even though i'm not there with you
We get to have some fun together on tv
I want to let you know before we get started how tv lessons will work
You're going to have your classroom teacher, but also you're going to have me here with you on tv
Your classroom teacher is going to be someone you want to check in with all the time
Maybe on the phone or through email your family members can help you with that
They're going to have you work on some things and I might have you work on some things too
Tv lessons for third grade will be 11 o'clock and three o'clock monday through friday
It's going to be the same show though each time
So at 11 o'clock
We'll have a show and then the same episode will air again at 3
In case you miss it or you want to watch it again
Monday through friday. So every day i'll be here with you
We'll have some reading and writing lessons during the week. We'll have some math lessons and we'll even have some social emotional lessons
That's when we learn to talk about our feelings. So we understand ourselves better
I want to also remind you before we get started to make sure that your family has
Contacted your school to find out about picking up your supplies
There are supplies waiting for you at school, and we want to make sure you're set and ready to learn at home
Okay. So before we get into our learning today i'm going to teach you a mindfulness routine and i'll tell you that mindfulness is
When you train your brain to be very calm
And focused and in the moment
So you can forget all the distractions and worries that you're having and bring your mind to some calm and some peace
So there's a lot of different ways you can do that and this week we're going to work on hand breathing
So this is what I want you to do. I want you to stick up your hand like this
And you're going to trace your hand this way and back but i'll show you how we want you to do it
We're going to start here the bottom of your thumb and as you go up you're going to breathe in let's practice breathe in
As you come down you're going to breathe out
Breathe in
Breathe out
Okay, let's start over and let's do the whole hand forward and back now. Here we go breathe in
Breathe out
Breathe in
Breathe out
Let's pause right there for a second check in with yourself
All right. Let's go back now in
In and hold it
Big one, ow
I love doing mindfulness right before I move into a new activity like our learning today because it kind of
Calms me down and puts me in the moment. I need to be in
All right, so i'm really excited to also introduce another member of our tv classroom
His name is rafa and he's around here somewhere
That's weird there he is
Ah I found him
One second. He's hiding
Rafa, what are you doing back here?
Come on out
What are you doing are you okay?
You don't know how you're doing. That's okay. That's normal
Having a lot of feelings today me too first day of school when we're not at school
I have a lot of feelings about that too
I want to tell you it's really normal to be having a lot of confusing feelings right now
And I felt this way this morning. I was confused. I was excited. I was nervous
Does some of those things sound right?
How about you are you having a lot of feelings today
It's really important that we learn how to make sense of our feelings
Name our feelings because it helps us know ourselves better and sometimes
It can help us feel better when we're not feeling great
Today right off the bat. We're going to start by learning about the zones of regulation
It's a really cool tool that I like to use with my students to help them make sense of their feelings
And actually if you've gone to tacoma schools for a while you might know about zones already
So give me a thumbs up at home if you've already heard zones of regulation before
All right rafa, do you want to learn about this tool? It might help you today? Yeah, let's go. Okay
So you might recognize some of these characters here
If you've seen the movie in and out
But these are our zones we have the blue zone
We have the green zone
the yellow zone and the red zone
Okay, so as you can see in the blue zone we have some feelings here. Sick. Sad tired bored. Maybe you're moving slowly
Happy calm good to go focused ready to learn
frustrated worried silly wiggly anxious excited
or maybe
Mad angry mean yelling hitting out of control. I need time and space
These are all different ways that you can feel when you're in each
I also want to talk about your mind and your body when you're in each zone
So when you're in the blue zone your mind might be feeling a little bit
unfocused maybe distracted
In the green zone
It's kind of like how I felt right after we did mindfulness. I was focused. I was ready to learn I was
My brain was calm
When you're in the yellow zone your brain might feel a little buzzy. You'll be distracted. It'll be hard to pay attention
And in the red zone your brain is out of control. You can't think at all
You you're all emotion. No thinking when you're in the red zone
And your body in each zone and I want you to stand up for a minute I want you to
Maybe go through these motions with me stand up
Your body when you're in the blue zone might feel
Heavy, can you do heavy with me?
maybe you're
Not feeling you're sleepy, right?
in the green zone
you are
Feeling strong comfortable
Okay healthy
Yellow zone maybe you're wiggly. Can you wiggle with me? Maybe you're wiggly or you're
nervous or you're
Big energy right you're excited
And then maybe you won't use our body in the red zone
But you can pretend if you're in the red zone you might be hitting kicking right yelling. You might be crying or hiding
when we determine or figure out our feelings
We're asking our hearts our feelings how they feel our brain and our bodies
so let's check in with those questions really quickly and rafa and I are going to
Show you how to figure out your zone rafa. Why don't you come here with me?
I'm going to show you how I do it. Uh, oh I didn't mean to do that
Let's go back back. We're not there yet
I am going to show you how I do it and then we'll have everyone at home practice helping you figure out your
So right now what emotions do I feel I feel happy
I feel um ready to teach
My brain feels
Pretty calm pretty focused and my body feels strong and healthy
So I think i'm in the green zone
All right rafa, can you tell me what emotions do you feel?
Oh, it's okay to have more than one emotion, yeah, that's fine. Tell me all of them nervous, okay?
Shy uh-huh
Oh excited too excited good. How does your brain feel?
He's a little distracted he says he's have he's trying really hard to listen but it's kind of hard for him
And how does your body feel?
He's got butterflies in his tummy
I want you to think for a minute. So kevin i'm going to have you roll the think time music
What zone do you think roth is in blue green yellow or red
All right, if you're thinking yellow I think you're onto something I think you might be onto something does that sound right rafa
Yeah, okay. So now we're going to move into a read-aloud
And it's going to help us practice determining
Zones or figuring out what zones are okay and how to use them?
So the characters in this book are having a lot of different feelings
As we move through the characters, I want us to try and figure out what zone they're in. We're going to pay attention to their
Their body and the words how they describe their feeling and we're going to try and figure out their zones
I'll show you for the first few pages
Oh, let me go back we gotta make sure you guys always
And i'm learning how to use this, so thanks for
bearing with me
Always have to give our authors credit and say the title so
This book that we're reading is called the way I feel and it's written and illustrated by jannan. Kane
All right. I really like this book
All right
Silly is the way I feel when I make a funny face
and wear a goofy poofy hat that takes up lots of
Space. All right. So let's think she's making a funny face
She's feeling silly. She's wearing a funny hat. Look at her body. She's doing this
What zone do you think she's in?
I think she might be in the yellow zone. I think that her brain's kind of buzzy and her body's kind of wiggly
She's feeling kind of silly
All right
Oh, let's suck at this picture. We've got some hints right away some good clues
I'm shaking because i'm scared
All alone in the dark at night the thunder and lightning crash and roar hold me close and turn on the light
Scared wow his body looks
Tight his eyes are big
It looks like he's really really scared. So i'm thinking
Maybe the red zone. What do you think?
Do you agree or disagree with me?
Good clues here. Look at her face
Look at the table here
Some good clues here
She's kind of curled up tight. Let's read what it says
The plans were made so long ago for you to visit
Me today, but now you can't come after all i'm disappointed. We can't play
Disappointed disappointed
I think that she might be well, this is a tough one
Yellow or red
She's done some things here that look like maybe she was in the red zone
But maybe she's moving into the yellow it's hard to say and it might be different for everyone
Sometimes I feel so very sad and really don't know why instead of playing and having fun I
cry and cry and cry
He doesn't look like he has a lot of energy here and he's crying his face is down
It looks like he's kind of his thoughts are inside of his own head, right? He's not focused on anything outside of him
What zone do you think he might be in?
If you think the blue zone then you and I agree
I think this one's pretty obvious
But maybe let's let's read and find out. I think the color on this page might be a big clue
Angry angry is how I feel right now I shout with a mighty roar
I mostly want to frown and growl and stomp upon the floor
Yes, he's stomping his body is stomping ooh, his face looks really curled up tight, he's got fists
And angry is kind of a red emotion, right? So he might be in the red zone
Oh, I like this one, okay
The wheel fell off my brand new truck I needed some help from you
You kindly fixed my favorite toy. I'm thankful for all you do
He's got a nice smile he's looking at the person who's giving him his truck he's giving him his focus and attention
His body looks calm his shoulders are back
What zone do you think he's in?
Rafa what zone do you think he's
In rafa says the green zone do you agree or disagree?
Are you having a different idea or the same idea?
Let's go to the next page
I'm frustrated because I can't do it
It's hard and I want to cry. I don't know whether to give it up or to give it another try
Hmm this one's tricky
What two zones are you thinking i'm trying to decide between
She's got a tight body she's kind of looks like she's got some angry eyebrows
Yellow or red now in the red zone. I remember I said it's really hard to think when you're in the red zone
But look what she's doing still down here. She's still trying right so she might not be there yet
What do you think she should do to keep from going to the red zone?
Take a guess
Rafa what do you think?
Rafa thinks she might need to take a break
Maybe not give up, but she might need a break right that might help her feel a little better
Do you ever get frustrated like this when you're working really hard on something?
I do
Sometimes I just have to stop for a minute and take a break
Oh, I think we've all felt this way before especially maybe lately, huh
Let's uh, read this page and try and figure out what zone this fellow is in
I can't make up my mind. There's nothing I want to do the day drags on and on i'm feeling bored and blue
Well, there's kind of a hint in that
In the writing there isn't there?
Look at his body. He's kind of curled up a little bit lazy in the chair. He's looking out the window
You know, even though he's looking out the window
Seems like he's kind of thinking of something else. Do you ever do that? Where you kind of stare off?
But you're not really staring at anything. You're think you're in your own thoughts
What uh zone do you think he's in?
Yeah, I think he might be in the blue zone if you said blue then you might be right
Look at this guy
I'm bouncing like a rubber ball
I'm more excited than I can say it's really hard for me to sit when i'd rather jump and play
Excited look at his body. So he's feeling excited his body. Looks like it has a ton of energy
He's bouncing. He's jumping
Right what zone do you think he's in
All right, maybe the yellow zone
Right away we see she's not what she's feeling probably isn't really positive or good right? She's feeling some hard emotions
I want to play with you right now. I don't think taking turns is fair
I'd rather have you to myself i'm jealous when I have to share
Oh, what's she jealous of what's she sharing?
She's having to share one of her grown-ups with
Either a little sibling or a cousin right? She's jealous you ever felt jealous before?
I have I have a little sister and I used to get jealous of her all the time
And look at her body here. She's kind of curled up tight. Look at her toes
She's kind of curled up tight
Yellow, maybe red right and yellow a feeling that might be yellow for you might be red for someone else
It just depends so you have to pay attention to your brain and your body too
not just the
Feeling oh, I like this one. Let's check her out. She's standing up straight. She's giving a thumbs up. She's smiling, right?
Proud I did it. I did it. I shout to the crowd getting dressed by myself makes me feel proud
Well, this could be two different zones
She looks like she's pretty feeling pretty con in control of her her body and she looks like she's pretty calm
So she might be in the green but she might be in the yellow
She said she was shouting to the crowd so she might have a lot of energy
It just depends you have to check in with yourself
But I think those are two good guesses
All right
Feelings come and feelings go. I never know what they'll be
Silly or angry happy or sad they're all a part of me
I really like that book and I really like how they say at the end
They're all a part of me because there's not a right or a wrong feeling to have
It's not bad to be in the red or the yellow or the blue. You don't always have to stay in the green
We're human and we move through all those different zones. What's important is that we know how to name our feelings
So we understand ourselves better and it helps other people understand how we're feeling too
Okay, let's head back over to what I like to call the family room. That's this area over here
Um, let's actually you know, what? I'm i'm gonna actually stop right here because I want us to check in really quickly rafa
How are you feeling now?
You're feeling a little better yet
Yeah, what are your emotions that you're feeling
Oh, he feels calm any others
He's happy. How's your brain feel?
He's having an easier time listening great in your body
Relaxed good, so what zone do you think ralph is in now?
If you're thinking the green that's a good idea all right
I'm so excited that you were here to join me today for this first lesson that we're having together. Um
And friday, there'll be two more lessons. Okay. So tomorrow we'll do math and on friday. We'll do a um
Some some kind of lessons around how to learn
On tv and we'll do another read aloud. So I uh want to introduce something that we're going to do
Um a couple times a week called an affirmation say that word with me
An affirmation is when you tell yourself or someone else
Something kind and true about them
That makes them feel good about themselves or makes you feel good about yourself
All right, and we're going to start today with giving ourselves an affirmation
All right
I need to feel brave today and I think I was brave today. So i'm going to say to myself
I am brave
Just like I would say it to a friend i'm going to say it to myself. I am brave
I want you to pick an affirmation. What's something you need to tell yourself today?
And if you want to use I am brave you can use that one, too
Say it with me one more time. Say your affirmation
I am brave
So here's your final reminders for the day
I want you to check in with your school about supplies have a family member do that for you
Okay, you gotta pick those supplies up
Tv schedule for today is you can watch this lesson again at three o'clock
Or you can um tune in tomorrow at 11 or 3 and then on friday at 11 or 3
And just one final thing i'd like you to do for me check in on your zone
So ask yourself now. What am I feeling?
How does my brain feel
And how does my body feel?
Kevin, roll that think time music for me. Will ya?
That's kevin. He works behind the scenes. He's amazing. He's going to help us a lot
Think time what zone are you in?
All right, I want to also remind you to find a learning buddy
It's really important to have someone to talk to so I have rafa here and we'll get to know stevie
My rock friend a little bit more and if you can't get a rock or you don't have a stuffed animal
You can always draw your learning buddy, like i've done here
All right
We'll see you tomorrow third graders for our math lesson, and I hope you have a wonderful day keep learning

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