Mrs. Ayesha Akhtar was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in Bangladesh and underwent surgery. It was not successful as per her MRI report, and she came to …
Mrs. Ayesha Akhter, Bangladesh | Esophageal cancer and septoplasty, Dr. G. Vamshi Krishna Reddy, Consultant medical oncologist, Dr. P. Venu Gopal Reddy, Consultant ENT, Head, and neck surgeon
I am Shahidul Mamoon coming from Bangladesh.
Here, the patient is my mother whose age is 67 years.
She was diagnosed with Cancer on the left side of her mouth in Bangladesh.
She was operated and everything seemed fine.
However, after the operation when the MRI tests were done, the results still show positive.
Henceforth, we continued with the treatment in Bangladesh. Radiation therapy was given, still whenever the MRI tests were done, the reports were positive.
Then, I started searching for the best hospitals in India for the treatment on the internet.
As I am a government employee, I have limited leaves. Hence, I was looking for the best treatment in a very limited span of time.
Fortunately, I came in contact with a few persons, who helped me in finding a hospital.
One of them was Rana Bhattacharya with whom I spoke and he assured me that the best treatment will be given in a very short span of time.
After research, I came to know that in most of the big hospitals in India, it takes around 15 days for the tests & reports.
As I am a govt employee, leaves are limited, I came to Yashoda.
After coming here, my point of view has been completely changed.
Here, everyone is very friendly and they are co-ordinating with us is amazing.
Within a span of 5 days of arrival, all the lab tests, reports and appointment with the doctor were done.
It was an amazing experience.
Being an outsider, coming from a different country and getting the best treatment is out of the world experience.
In different hospitals, it takes around 15-20 days just to get the lab reports.
Whereas, here, all the tests were done smoothly, and I got the reports within 5 days.
I met with Dr. VamsiKrishna Reddy, Oncologist. He is a very down to earth person and his treatment was very good.
Primarily, after evaluation, the doctor said the chances of Cancer are very less, however, a PET Scan needs to be done.
The PET scan was done within 1 day. The next day, the reports were given.
After showing the reports, the doctor said that the patient doesn't have cancer in the mouth.
However, the part which was shown as cancer in Bangladesh is actually the Sinus block.
Later, he referred me to ENT surgeon Dr. Venugopal Reddy. The doctor evaluated her and then the surgery was done.
In a very short time, operation and treatment were done.
Now, the patient is discharged and by god's grace, the patient is doing well which is amazing.
What I appreciate is that within a very short span of time, we have got the best services.
Mr. Shubhum Das has helped me a lot from the start to the end of the treatment.
As we are from outside, we are treated like a VIP and we get all the services without any hassle.
The accommodation is very near to the hospital. Walkable distance from hospital Charges is very reasonable. The food & services are very satisfactory. There is no problem with the stay and food.
We liked Yashoda hospital. I hope others will also like it if they come here for treatment.
Mainly, what I liked is that within a short span of time, I got the best treatment.

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