Fortnitemares #SkullTrooper Day 1 Fortnite player playing with friends and active subs, #1 in Wales for wins, #9 in the UK. Over 4660 wins Are you looking for a …
hey how you doing
this one guy you
I don't know we speak
right well in what way is act
like that
feel free to answer answer why
squad abbreviations
in or abbreviations are even
record of Anika
we're going to wait for this to
roll out so we can
go to the next round round
Nikki Cleveland Cleveland you
don't feel Squad again see one
of these arranged none of us
will reach kill spot man
it's all all chilled
Rebels they going to call this
Village let us take take a
distances if mod
be good
quiet game
Julius was bugged
when we have quarantine almost
done nice one are you guys
managed in accounting
well I wasn't boring thing of
just literally smashing up the
the way you get all the cones
hey we won another Soul was
since we're gonna squat on guys
who will get on
with some squats just jump in
here because I've got some 10K
challenges whether which is a
superhero thing
should get 3 of these 10K one's
done done
I am going to be good good
stream go earlier either deeper
a to go to my dad's
because I'm weakening them and
the other guys getting the
couple so
it's looking
hey will you do me any good
baboons have a good friday
one behind we did
job job today
today it's got a solo on ago go
see what's happening
in there you want a vodka wreck
Rick Ross vodka vodka
the other day I wanted to end it
said no content available
gonna pop up my dad's Loft
tomorrow and see if he's still
got my I'm sure that I'm sure
he's taking it to the tip but
you reckon see housing so so
let's see if this is loved bring
it home
but some sandwich dad's favorite
as well I've never really been a
vodka lover what can read by
like but never you know I never
drink Vodka neat
and that was a VK
VK ice saliva Harper know
so I get from drinking has
happened is the gap of the
bucketload going to go
it's cheap night dinner Otto
gonna go
oops oops
spiritual mixes you know one of
neat freaks help got me drunk
and eat I can't do Whiskey on
this only I have cocoa whiskey
or energy drink is gonna sue
suicide as well
be a vodka Red Bull
yo Jack Douglass gal it was a
fun stream and the only thing
you can do is tonight I am going
to coke good luck Louis ticking
ticking up tonight but
I'm a pickup and the rest of the
weekend or something to drink
I don't know
if the drunk tank seems a good
idea idea what are you shooting
that was a burst
he's he's put me on leave
JD streett guys
I I won't even count
zap are no rip think Bruce let
you break the red
and now they got swept area
and can you read I don't you can
read anyway
well that's what we good
warm up one going to change it
up for a warm-up on it
it'll probably become the most
used in boat
I've got to go anyway
thumbs up better wreck my son
chose your duct everything I've
do is on dock mode like like so
nice nice
will you go and put it on
on dude do fun yeah I think
everything should be not to lean
dark mode mode any women
are you going to White web pages
I feel like this is a step like
when you're gliding and now the
ended it feels like a steps down
well I'm just going smoothly
it'll be just me me or not I
might switch to my other account
slam some challenges once
they've done the the 10001 on us
maximize SP look
we go and we go again get a
I've nearly on 10K
on trees what I don't think I'm
going to get much better than
that to be honest
I'm doing
llama I'm not okay Scott gaming
what he going to sub choose dude
you sure
hey see one we do money good on
milk like
Frank's seeing someone right
function another chat with
Steven please
he comes
we go
wait did he eat those on my
finger finger
we got the Midas fish yet I'm
not yet dude I don't fish too
much luck I might give it a go
you know
of some the full session on
doing it
I know it's too much for now
Michael salty way maybe how long
have you played the game
game for Scott
last night
I was crazy one everyone's there
for the chest now we've done
worn out from God but I started
my other account
last night's T1 and it's like
challenges Galore
every time I do something I do a
challenge it's good it's a bit
of freshness back
back like you know
right explain to me how and wife
this guy's got robots with him
don't ya
oh you're coming from me me
me my one good shot shot
I'm open switches thousand elf I
didn't know that's what you had
it's it's ridiculous
I don't know
but I wasn't me
I've been starting to many
have been stopping too many
rumors what's that about
about turbo Steve
sexy full costume could could
why uh uh
laughter resume
so your first solo Damon Damon
yet again like being here
chopped in 10 to 15 it doesn't
see what
what generally dry mesenchymal
again I don't know what the is
wrong with you
looks like see so many much blue
in the chairman is I look for
blue apologize you are
sorry no clue policeman
I don't know if no clues
for now
has he been your child in guys
I'm i'ma buy you one I need
Friday night chill chill squad
you people laugh as if they are
people not
box BOTS troll troll Tralala
go for it
what do you think she'll love me
when the was that that whoa
hey hey Tommy tits
you mother
hamster spelled with a K so it's
not offensive
I know I know know him from the
running and and two minutes
lean back into my morning runs
come here to watch first one
since February oh nice one one
right I want a bad game
well done no clue this one
I will not use on on just got
mine I fear this have to be
sorted so I just watched
a bit of an absolute
hour Nurse Ratched and the nurse
was trying to cure lesbianism
and they'll basically we can put
this one in the
metal tub with a cover on it and
throw the ball you know then
check likes back tuck
yeah yeah you said you finish
watching I tend to know
yes been messed up to you it's
very messed up
only I've done with 10K ones
Luna was encoded as a green card
on this house house as well we
got to pray the gay away
it's not
I don't need this thing but but
aha what is Tula Tula
my daughter got it you want to
solve the storm thing I
understand understand
she was one hyah the left
because he was like over the
water chose
not mr. Baltimore that's the
go-to to retail row
I still get a free PS plus oh
nice one
I think you done today with the
last two I need so
right I'm going to try it
I kind of need him to get in
that I need to get on
kill kill him
oh see when I'll get you another
one couple couple games dude
I'm Sonic I needed to get in I
could just take it and go
when you know
well dude get back in the
good work
work he was there
shotgun we
a nice clean blaster the
hey Tony new money good are you
like this
like this
I got time to side
good this
Christmas is cancelled I know
I'm trying to get through to the
mrs. look explain
explain to her let me close with
this year
is there another llama
seen a good picture today on
Facebook it was like a double
picture the top one was an open
fridge door with like
marmalade and and sauce in it
the caption was honey I can't
find the sauce and then the then
it was a picture of fortnight
with a llama massively in the
distance and
gonna lie more over there that's
exactly me I can't find
normally but I can see a lot
more of my lower leg
you're not going to be alone
although Tony appreciate the
like for New Zealand nice I from
Wales so do you like your rugby
thousand XP it's worth running
around and just go into these
eggs these
places places look
I'm sorry
I can use the vent anyway get
Sunday Sunday morning yeah I
think it isn't
early Saturday morning
50 seconds we need more minis
I mean Sam needs
I was like that
it's seconds
but not a lot of
that's a ridiculous amount
they may be apples graphing
there are actually opposite
Tunisia from the future
I called Daphne went donut
wall up there go up on top I
no range range I think
listen good wow
where the did you come from from
that's horseshit horseshit
I'm coming down
I don't know where that guy came
from on that was crazy crazy
you know you want to to kill
sweet coffee
it is my savior
all gross margin as well hello
hello I see you got the memo up
today's did that that I went in
to have special secret Facebook
dress codes
address Good Friday let's just
double check it's Friday yeah it
write your chilled
and technically in a bit we do
squats oh
so dope so it is the f n CS CS
I'm on my lunch break
so I can beat you some to get
dizzy I'll give you a heads up
hook them on all right no clue
just yes pumper truck man
there's a week being sick
spits oh yeah yeah
Gladys really look yeah yeah
penis to be done Monday night
we gotta get a busy woman day
with Sophie moving I've got a
local lockdown laws and Driver
my company
you know I say the police hey KC
looks a little like you doing
shut down tonight looking
forward to how cold
is going to be my standup up
stay there
dizzy and fall back down it's on
the hot tub I mean if you're
gonna fall anywhere
let's make sure you don't
Drumlin it was a little one
doing the case case
Amma llama and come to you
must be nice to see Gonna Get
its better no no I if you need
get if you punch card you can
get them
wizzy you got to ask eligible
coming in behind Oh yeah yeah he
should I know
him he said really from up the
road it's terrible
to cockeyed cockeyed
put in like a wrecking ball
Alessandro Alessandro
I don't ball
there's two of them
they fight each other yeah
there's two squads here or do
is whatever come on my glue
pistol yeah
in that store store
well I could have taken care of
this once before it was nuts
no No Betty separately then I
don't miss them days
let's let's looter
I don't think
your house has been touched
Weiss and I got 250 for you I'll
be fine I'll get get for
shooting him
come on
cream pistol in it
so the blue and I'm just not a
good little many more it's me
you know it's not pistols them
I just finished the one last
night for Steve Steve so I've
said no but I'm going to do 20
this lap this us know
and then on my alt account and
I'm going to get up to a hundred
as well and it'll work it'll get
a free bottle password
scrolling sure what's been done
got three minutes into 50s
then we got to go we got to go
on Sunday pumpkin pie
it's better than what we came in
in you with pull
looks terrific yeah will refer
to the bridge by Doom know know
what the risks are let me double
Rift and into to put salt yeah
fullback full body
the Rifts will as well and then
we can
shocking and if you see
do you have any white
he'll know zero zero splashes
whatever that's the goal do you
want to carry it no I'm good man
I'm just been told you you
I'm waiting for
I don't like I used to make fun
of my kids
we go Port wolves around around
two guys down there this team I
salty brine that it done
not one too
go to shot
I shot him
I just killed us make no he's
off a reboot
let's give you push them all
or really bad weekend you one
guy me up up
let's go
sir Sir can you please just want
to talk about it
I wish I could run just slightly
you twice if I do you feel all
right someone cut some of them
Enos the only bad
path damn all right we gotta go
on let's go well there's there's
a a upgrading here
I could do that sometimes the
like this more damage on the
dream smaller NOLA
Wolverines are you kidding me
over it no I just saw some walls
you know I think it's more
realistic alignment
I'm be asked to them yeah I
think the claws are not worth it
now they know if you see em
footsteps for too long you know
what Sam look oh dear
how old am I I'm 41 it's the
first time I've said that out
loud loud
while Casey did U see my comment
on Facebook I think you put up
but like
the way you at the baby and all
that stuff it's do meet
bro I don't need to see that
question question did you see
Miami girl get you some splashes
something bugging you you OCD is
kicking off
I just see that small notch on
like that is one one bullet
can't fight
someone someone there
it was
listen get out of that loose
dark rifle
mine's mine's of man I just want
to scar
honest there's a fly on my
trouble flying over over there
huh someday miss Caesar
yeah I'm good
Oculus X2 case
I was fishing in the whole like
you cannot go
up people are AFK
I will take you look bad bad
man personally I would have just
run past them
left them
so with
he got in my box from home
mother no no no
no no no no no
please don't go a far shot clock
that's the one
it's all hazy with him I can't
come to where he is
– fine sneak up a little bit
higher right
north north ghost scoped out out
Lucy hi hi
aw no way man man
I should have it
oh that's
nice even
but you never would say the
again right I will absolutely
absolutely absolutely what's up
this so can I have a coffee
hmm she's not not to be at least
okay she's
14 14 14 year old girl
but Stephen playing
Stephen is player is sick if I
can add killing you putting some
tablets one drink some water as
what do those good good it's
soaked with water water
oh coffee coffee or Jack Daniels
it sounds so good good I
generally love what the things
to water like so refreshing
yeah yeah nice ice cold one
like to top coat I don't like
ice cold real real I have to
pour my water and ice and let it
for I can't just drink it
straight up
see you again
all right me know in Chattanooga
you guys look here
course I do his family is
literally actually his family
tree I have to otherwise I'm the
good game game
so do you reckon you probably
got the afternoon off you know
if you there's a lot more over
there again you you kidding me
I think we're down some people
I'll be there shortly shortly
sorry it's just it's an it's an
advert for getting a PS4 instead
of playing on switch what that
okay PS4 you
no PS5 anything other than
beasts 500 I'm saying that
awesome so much fun
Love's which lobbies
so you get a PS5 no will you
want to play with the other big
are now so it's
I'm joking
oh hello baby baby
I got a better gun than
I had last time
yeah the blue is
ridiculous on bribe-taking one
of them rips all right
but I'm coming to you you how's
it going to go right if you want
to get I don't know
golden gorgeous
I take my building are you all
we go
long Lon lon
actually some of the demon yes
most definitely it is nearly
sorry it's the best time for
demons to come out
it is
I'm going to take this blue
pissed off
I'm like in the revolvers the
season will be honest if I
could get it to fire just a
little faster yeah
but that's the whole trade-off
yeah so I'm absolute crap with
the pump
why you going to go all the way
down there
makes up here
come on
absolutely worth it
is a purple talk sub sub Dona
I'm I'm a scar
pick up your
and if you get I'm on him
going to go to stacks and Choi
fly just fly up with manic
oh runs on we can come in take
the Russian craggy if we need to
it was annoying like I was
looking at the wrong ring ring
Minnie's an asset
I can take
I got splashed
its a 50 W I don't if you suck
in them
I can hear that that's such a
glitch one
you got all this looks like this
is a cool XP XP
got 15 15
yeah I'm hearing it now as well
I just got it so annoying it's
I want some extra XP as well I
know I'll take it
all right stucked on the knees I
got four
Splash not doing a good job down
I'm going to get some um Alexis
I need five Shillings pissing me
and then we can go to the raft
so to Dooms place and walking
away every done the
and The challenge me as they
enter the box yeah
I'm done with them yesterday
except for the storm one got a
knock them back on Stone all
right well if you if you find a
queen Jack it actually
was was called
actually counts video to bots oh
does it
we'll see Nana dummy can we get
down yeah we can run this way
there's a a zip line
and then we can zip into the
other Rift and go to do my way
yeah the toughest challenge I
had was the catty-corner chest
because there's just nothing
there yeah it's just
this it is so swamped things
things like that are the hardest
challenges because every just
goes there straightaway to get
done look
I feel like I've killed people
already in this game but I I
creamed corn sure you have it
either one I'm up to date
drop drop in Greek
yep yep
a jaunt
but you're the guy that leaves
all the builds
I don't worry buddy
people running across across
going to be on your side oh
throw it in man
we're a little spit up
in towards you
that's correct and the other
guys the guys Shields shields
at least have right now you get
that high level
what are you shooting was a
somebody else I was shooting
from the other side right he's
gonna do something
Splash damage
pretty pretty bitter little
leave during dinner
did you do do
Thirty people in you're watching
so do you like my magic number
which you
automatically grow up the third
you'll get easily at at 35
first our streaming topless Jack
you reckon welcome you're
welcome let me know
are you guys discussing how
we're going to spend money
Mother's money tomorrow
then input
I'm serious
it's you guys yeah
I don't
Georgia now any minute
dude just took damage if a
behind you
because in the bed let me just
me man what do you need some
but you need anything see my God
like I got Max breath more or
less marks talking metal much
yeah I got Max break as well I'm
oh the loads of ammo
that's it
thank you these two guys left
again let's go it's the Dream
Team see if you can't go to work
work can you just say like
you're experiencing covid
something just cough a little
bit on the phone and see what
I'm going to do is go back in
it's cracked
shielding up on
this tree real quick
oh you can suck Wonder that's no
way to live live nothing I'm
going to push it in you want to
keep them
oh my God
back to back did nothing there
but killing a bot sweet but that
ball could be the one
last like this she denied it
this terrible Kill by a bar last
night is is embarrassing I had
happens when we go
being done by him you have
another one
oh look it's the horny couple
first if you're a boy I would
love to stay out
this success okay I don't know
my rules
oh yeah yeah
you're my human need you
do you have a receipt isn't that
wild I think about that I could
just make another one yeah
too much to tell Emma look you
me off I'll just make another
one 11 more about this some
I am Julie
we gave you enough to this one
the will record now
Gringo's has entered the game
and kill ravan werewolves
so at least one other here
mother mother
oh my God it's a real person and
we both went for the same gun
and he's shaking me
me down
are you in the door over there
is it there to see you
because they're awesome awesome
season with Julia's well
invite invite
um join me
he left for him
absolutely absolutely
hello hello
good morning
Rhonda redundant hello hello
he joined right now
those are you have to invite you
all our invite now
I don't know why but we just
will will all bad
what are you
you make me feel sick sick your
to the basket on the game sorry
I don't have that one you can be
whatever you want
Julie Julie
right Julie Ginge you killed
yeah you are so it's not like
fancy it's Friday night I'm not
taking this white black
deer you
you are titles
so quickly
I mean I even put in Brackets so
people could come in and go
why did you spend much out like
that for two and a half solid
minutes to read the jar we are
are ginger
we I just looked at that
you just left the game as well
but you landed game that's what
we did
yeah I have to get a chance okay
why because this part of my
challenges are using the
here God hey go Tito you don't
have to do any good
are we in a row Robb Stark
Industries and he kill
a man he's killing a man why the
last week we were
on Steve my no no I was just
stuck them on a skinny challenge
is done just chill with actual
Squad it goes and get Simon
I'm on duty wedding well yeah
that's not chill right that I
the person who killed him first
before I got Julie's Been Carney
who Stark Industries yeah yeah
that's what
oh Milton
we've got Iron Man Man in this
I don't even have a gun yeah I
don't either either
calm down
taking me down
oh my God Iron Man's one top
layer why did you run over there
if you kill him
right back
ripping in case of my Birds
hello Steve Steve
the reboot van there's not
enough of them
I mean I didn't come back to the
lobby sorry sorry
well if any of you guys seen the
trailer spitting image
on YouTube go to spitting images
Channel watch the trailer for
the series it is amazing
you see Boris Vladimir Putin in
a knob fight with Boris and
Donald and he smashes them it's
funny as
is it not a hateful
on me lean Ginge is not hateful
it's factual okay
roughly they look if you want to
get a month yeah I'll be there
to get guns
that's why I always land outside
man and if
you got any money one killed him
attempted to kill him twice
just be a challenge I think
we did you kill him laughs
nearly I would happen to my
we got it we got it I got a gun
how's the
outside of the fish late late
nine bullets
you welcome thank you very much
I'll come I need some pre loaded
okay wait
the blue marker
so many Steve
all right
I got that
do I need to to hack these I'm
I'm going to go into this
this should be done nah
the pickup one
no no the window
we've got to go
green pumpkin explodes in Alma I
got a purple
they are
holy crap I'm going down here I
know what you guys jumped off
of but I got I am on this thing
it's freaky zip line is on the
bridges got it
oh yeah yeah yeah
thank you very much what is
you don't you two good one
you can't open
the big red creek site there all
the bottom of zip line I know be
there'll be some nice stuff in
there as well 50 with agile oh
50 a mini green 3 barrels are
we done the cobwebs in the
I got to med kits
one of the very top in the room
and around the mid section
is it a SWAT van a good me hit
the net
now that's the
school one in there a storm
really had to call me right now
about that
freaking drugstore store there
on a company
drugs to your system thingy
right now now I'll tell
you in a couple minutes
50 we fighting yeah I get it
little squats damn yeah
Squad right underneath you
cheers you don't want that Boris
yeah said that that
we're going to slide your boy
boy he's he's one Topsy
are we being attacked from from
the left
nice fast edits bro
chump done they were a bunch of
buck the in half if you bought
I got him I got him him
come on
come on
on as good as me
as good as anyone dude
as good as me I'm happy we
screwed screwed
no for the second host let you
just rumors GG boys
I need to look for heels right
nothing gay voice
young man young for a game or
two George's on now did you know
shut up reboot it lower pay for
I did leave me forever No yeah
Northern tank
tank mother
way yes I did
really think about your own back
maybe try to get that back quick
honestly go send a call I'd kiss
for the full of
my days
I mean
to be honest they probably might
kill this
example rely on you you yeah
that's that only ever happens in
prison Jamie
Jamie in the house
well Ginge
they already hope you click
keyboard and money out of what
you invested that unit for the
winner this game because
I wouldn't wouldn't don't blame
and as a consolation if you're
over the age of 21 in the state
and aging UK grab a beer and
just drink it off off the be
alright I'll just forge a new
identity he had to do it before
I'm a very
wise as do I owe money to to
give me a little test always Be
you should be wise in current
drugs before point city
and tiring for you you know
who's counting and sure you to
see bone
bone okay so you and me 4.1
and there was one the other day
as well um four point three
point nine million
my ring how much you charge for
for party runs
co-founder thousand bud really
cool they keep up the good work
date I appreciate that
you don't need a kiss for the
Lana I built this thing cool
cool do you hear that other
streamers of the the Internet
Bastin call you really cool
somebody just said Syndicate
Heidi keep up the good work I
appreciate that Syndicate a
viewer we got some
tablets to take dude I think you
should take some tablets
here's the hos thing even joking
gingers the coolest Ginger
person with a beard
the streams I know
where we going
I mean I left me
we don't want anyone else with a
ginger beer to shoot him so I
haven't offended no one
wow well I
I nice I'd say it's more of a
strawberry blond hey
unless it is a shade of orange
Is Not Ginger is not all but
it's not
taking this not old with all the
craze making a difference is
highlighted the number again I
got loads of great Connie Meier
know loads
mine so long now that I'm I'm
literally seeing
feet sheet over his white hair
so what the did you come
we both are us
all the more to kill
I think
there will be bought sir
so one Shakedown
Robin will get his freak oh
quick quick dude dude
oh my God
I hate these shotguns
shotguns I can charge
oh I see
I really got to go
only them to Misty Meadows I'm
trapped here
I've done
come on behind us as well time
wow Wow
I'm going to do
got no bullets
Wow right eto
we'll just eat mushrooms yeah
over here somewhere
Holly in the middle of the
middle a shark little flow
bananas is just how it is
completely great lady purple
nice one
telegram ginge yes I know
I like eels
to the Quintet
wow I need to hear it up up
everybody it current playing
with TJ I'm before tank
longtime friends from YouTube go
check them out
he's a modern switch to be
composed his own years
they're not as well as don't
roll it's all good
are you up
think that's what we're seeing
is there any real bullets yeah I
need some too so so
I see a day late and a dollar
short run away from Over You
sexy golden is there I can
give you half I could do a thumb
it's half mine
how is everybody everybody good
sorry turned around got my beer
and heard you talking for look
at the screen
it's it's funny
reboot reboot I thought I heard
someone there there right he's
guys we knew but they didn't
right now on hold on hold on on
yeah I'm not doing
it sometimes my phone just stick
rubber slipper slippers
50 as well look you need it
is there an upgrade table I'm
just an abundance of of
abundance of a 400
okay what you need
right now I've got 500
yo what up team Frank how you
doing then should I
thank you you Ginger
hi Sabrina
it was
there's corn agent uh I got you
if you need it March is is Nikki
in June
your left there's some shots of
came all right this should be
ripped apart
oh I'm a little bit away why
the front door
door I'm literally and we need a
50 I need a ramp
are you up on Black Panthers
yeah all right wait wait wait
wait wait wait wait but there's
one further away I'm going to go
for I don't know if you guys can
get that one one
go ahead for retail oh my God
why did it
it mom is eternal me but where
are you
as other one those users people
there to win now there isn't
it's locked that sounds familiar
I'm coming to you for backup
James I'm behind tank split up
for this llama
with Julie because cuz little
stoner button
where are they almost a 30 likes
damn look at us flying high you
see them jump change
thank you
we're going to be in trouble
here here March
no he's fighting there's three
won't you you to them up what
really love you
Susan needs of of her they're
all dead nice nice
somebody somebody
you a bad joke
joke Road House
left three left you
oh man that's a long run it's
almost like ginger just like
separate species click off I
just got four
kills I just wiped out an entire
Squad thank you very much but
because you had some what you
had someone helping you to knock
one you're right Joe don't hell
yep you help me knock one out
yes I'll admit steam you can
look in that bush Julie oh
Friday night
innuendos where are you
they're me up a hundred off our
family Friday get a beer
come on dude
I'll you you
reload talk reload you had them
damn it
the is he
and then he went through your
bills directly beneath you you
really powers powers
please there's no way you didn't
I'm going down
dancing for little freaky but no
kills what are we gonna tell you
for you lucky
we got one G gay time in the
setting up coffee but I'm gonna
I'm gonna jump out now
enjoy your
romantic romantic duos
remember Escape be nice
chill chill you're welcome
advice is
free to devices for you right
I'll take care of that
all right guys give me a minute
all right
I should be X is log or pick the
chicken up tonight
you all night Lucy
he was on the go
goose goose
all good good
most people 21 trendin of people
21 is out now is there hey all
I'd change about FIFA is a cover
literally the number on the
everybody just Duo's scope and
Rack Em Up
I'll try my hardest
some point in this season I'm
gonna have to
grind the punch card where you
kill someone in the vehicle
million today
hey Chad do any good yeah I did
that one
I think I did it then I nearly
did it earlier I was lurking by
helicopter wait different to get
in but I didn't have a shotgun
so I couldn't get like clean one
bang on
them like it's all good when I
caught a few
people ever was this one you've
got to kill the driver of the
vehicle you're in
so you're going to get like an
enemy's car pain in the ass yeah
thinking about it
you should oh no I think she's
gone yeah I got
kicked kicks yeah about Gail
Gail guess we're back in yeah
I'm literally London like a bot
they're gonna
ruin ruin me
Alondra 2 1
I can get
what do you mean what I mean
puppies home
oh you got down cool cool
did but I'm gonna get up
nobody's henchmen henchmen
yeah Rich
no bail
I meant to do that anyway
using my bandwidth I'm going to
link your search down to your
daddy level of tomorrow
Rich Charlie one I see
I don't see Chad don't see chat
you go to the fill chart now we
gave an excellent on it
it's just push it you send this
huh to you Richard Julie Julie
hi Richard Julie is married
right right
right yeah same same same
I would you breakfast I didn't
see any pictures but
disappointed however generally
and didn't really encouraging
hurry was
past twelve had a fancy
breakfast and even with you
Sheree chicken Madras nice nice
very nice very nice this one was
and that would be nice
all right after this thing kicks
me again I'm going to be mad and
I'm throwing my phone across the
room room
I'm on a East it shouldn't be
about a hundred
I left are done by
silver surfboard
away away the best player in the
game yeah
it is is it keeps you up longer
if you want to go longer
it's a marketing thing thing
silver payloads the syllabus of
a pillow keeps you up longer
they're all job done
I am I should be a marketing
manager someone say that it
probably wouldn't go down well
fortnight probably get in
for selling like got bills to
free killing spree killers come
and get you free kills
oh that's cute I founded the
why is it
want to keep giving me three
berths I don't need a bunch of
three words I quite like them
though I'm like in the blue a
but I will be sick
about for tonight but that does
not happen happen
why you tell lies
I'm gonna go to the quinjet site
which means the sound on on use
eating eggs
I'm going to shoot
I'm kind of a okay
completely completely
go too late tonight yeah
sniping somewhere that nobody
was was there
between us Julia
I set the music off of hope
nobody can hear it it
some sources on the back to the
quinjet so because I didn't get
any on the shield fish us I got
splashes on me own
yeah tonight
she's not gonna go to bed and
try and shock a bit of a long
long one
let's look at porn only give you
Shield fish God knows
does anyone need the storm will
bring under the blue arrow be as
take the blue AR
no it's not
for grass I don't want to
forgive us
but one of you fancy fancy new
songs I'm too hungry
I don't know
so I think it's just in in
I would rather not go gonna take
away two on Sunday because like
so it was last night so she gets
a choice or take away
you normally have a depends on
Chinese kebab in
dominoes this guy right here
is it team fighting in
in sweaty as people shooting on
that's why you don't about
this is meet them
an alcoholic alcoholic
no misfire misfire
I'm on the way I went out with
kids and then we just watch the
film shall open as well enjoying
the chilled
partying like some dad look so I
can easily give up Friday nights
not notice
I've seen you yesterday you did
I only Touch One
In split in your things you
split your it was as well
I see
I kept screaming and apparently
we stream it doesn't help
oh my God shut the front door
like that mess
I see
okay and gold oh you back down
to Jill
you guys are white what's from
behind rich
they will the zip line the
took 69th a guy fell down the
side so you might be watching us
now now this is exact
you need anyone need a ox I got
is there and enjoying two people
left and advanced Park Park
the time you get to weep
he's mobile obvious I need more
often but Monticello
man with yellow eyes up here my
son on Multicultural – yeah
like said just going to do my
other one I remember I told you
last year by in a pass
and they worked out you out what
I go 300 300 bucks in two days
key blogging and save the world
you got it yeah you got to do it
so I love enough Olive enough
and for the by our passwords by
the Bahamas and she should do
our everyday look this one so I
don't really want to lose out I
know it was plenty forget all
right because when you come home
from work you know it's like
just the yeah Guys across here
just checking my going to play
and I said I spend some money so
she put part of my reloading for
my routine in the save the world
collects on Into the Storm I
know it's weirder he's doing as
well he's behind us I wish you
on the roof
down this roof is it is it going
across yeah
yeah he's on the roof
oh oh please she's done for me
me probably probably die
these guys
where are they are stationary
I don't think he's I think he's
he's had a pretty decent start
okay wasn't too bad the best
best yeah yeah
nice nice boys and girls
I didn't do nothing all did all
the work
and assistance and killed Happy
Days saying let's go I'm gonna
adopt you as my mom right
why not Ginger already dead when
I go to be the favorite
unless you anything you know
I gotta come back
go close set the schedule thing
is right to my thumbnail and I
didn't see that before I make
the Thunder spooky
sculpture with out you on the
news bet you see the green
skull Trooper Alison all right
I want beaze up baby
ones they are nice and cold
that's my
only real by ritual now when I
leave as the shopping I was also
during the Conway
I don't know why I'm fat but I
got rituals like that the still
is just one I use it before I
got the same thing
price but usually I wanted to
come on beat me with throws you
come on come on sniper yeah you
just fell off
three people asked him to me
retail row
oh yeah yeah
wins right Roy me up to skim
over I think the winds please
yeah what I said I'm going to do
with this so rich I'm gonna go
to 20 on this account and then
once it's up to 20 did nothing
else to open
so I'm gonna go on my alt
account yeah and get at a
hundred get the bottle
on want to be beside to get
myself something like a reminder
my love come look it's ugly but
alone can make
he's kind of milk
we got a squad
coming in
Jaden Jaden
loads went down to the
who tried to shoot me me they
I'm on the the roof
you fine yes yeah
I don't
Claudette oh you Jesus Christ
there are
to go go
she's left left you'll
understand about AIDS
maybe your team you die
quit again
the faith
are you drunk
black I got a search chest here
there any left yes upstairs in
this building
it really
this place place see you
you again
I can't see what is this his
Little Friends you got no
friends friends we gotta go guys
others are chastened you as well
Joe did you get a chance who
take a little bit of
guys are out in the corner
upstairs on the roof Jew
okay how do I get up there there
I got it
come on Rach driving across
as you good yeah yeah
the splotches
on me that we got real bills on
the phone phone
Aslam Aslam
you're low register and Smash Up
Guys on the hill as well
Northwest thank you
hello hello
Jesus Christ
it's gorgeous
come on back
back to the shop
the bandage
Boise Boise
my flare out for a minute
do I get my emails up a little
bit you know
wait Max
locks so we should do
right so you get a PS5 got it
you got it
switch switch this way switcher
which is play on mobile love to
have a vote
Stephen got to build
some Ella
he's a real people right
left nice
hold on
nope nope
okay this thing sucks sucks
I kind of wore him down anyway
oh yeah
I'm going to say it
on the house
most of those people on the
these movies
needs needs I'll be the guinea
I'll run over there how's that
packed and loaded oh no it's not
I thought it was
12 people left total is known as
oh she kills time enough
pop it off
the boat's as well nice nice two
guys left left
yes she's guys be crack now
moving on I know it engine
tifu I want to come on catch up
to him like one more photo so
you know
oh crap
yeah over here backing up way
I'll use one top what the man
it's not you should be dying
luck I know I know that
what's up
will breathe
how do you do about me me
I ran out the door like a
chicken chicken
what what
chin is too slow is that
enough enough
what do you have go 15 kills I
had 12
okay 40 40 good game
game go back to the party shop
the one in the truck
I got you up on my my
we started putting words in my
mouth mouth
is it 5 to 10 all righty
oh my God
no mr. bluebird let's go Holly
nothing's better than me I
really don't want to mess with
Stark again you need to kill
many more times
times yeah more time
Rachel I'm going with I'm done
with the whole battle pass
oh nice oh yeah
Level under you do the bypass
you don't know the challenges we
have the XP I just got to get
the extra all right
and stuff yeah what's that to is
the last Hollow Halo Wolverine
so that'll be my last day on a
second and I'll be on the
my my old you going to do now
challenges challenges
Old just level-based I'm gonna
trap get there's no challenges
for them
but obviously to unlock the
initial skin you got to do the
Awakening challenges you know
yeah I'm not that
high yet I'm only 207 you need
to be that's what
my goal is a hundred on my other
account account
I actually come come good boy
I'm sorry Jo that's all right I
just want to the other house
I got him
go to come back
is it a gas can
take a bit of damage to me
missed it by a a hair hmm you I
will Drift from the
Ant-Man place to to do Missouri
and I'll take that
misfire thing
it's so cold
come on
yeah you feel good I thought
earlier earlier register
Marlene came to the Osaka just
went away
away I don't see him I haven't
spoke to him properly in order
you like
like oh is he gone going awesome
I promise
I used to go there all the time
for for coffees are just just
good good as a whole there's a
whole should we go
I do oh jump on the roof
children we're going to go
to the vault
with a dream of a hunting rifle
yeah I was enjoying your last
season it wasn't one of my
favorite guns to start with I
was like in the
last season Tim is a pump of
this season I think it's because
it's like the best option we we
we need to adopt and I learned
through the you go back to the
tack we bring it back yet I need
Bots BOTS London it hasn't been
I wanna sock
Doom all these people
45 lat
I think I damaged myself
little bit bit
Judy Judy gone
I'm stuck are you stuck
I got it
had to get to this 50 pot all
not a problem
I'm going to the bottom bottom
I'm going to touch on you need
so many left
after them guys have been here
what's up
going back over here to the
basement and openness best thing
I just shared one look son
that was crappy how are you he
on the roof roof or outside
it's got a moose got a moose
will you do
the Fandango
very very frightening me I just
bet on Judy's going with the
base of us
God is they often got roll
through going for I think
I'm sorry Marcus is a loads
ooh child somewhere it's like
we're gonna split up up like
hopefully Google Trooper or
school team leader
you shop tomorrow fingers
I think we'll get well it will
be tomorrow or to be like up the
next update
we all get one a new job
no I didn't
do you have him
why do do I'm out
I'll get over there there
I don't agree not new phone
numbers you just say I did not
know I didn't know that
we are going up Joe spins you
off the builds yeah that's the
good actually right outside your
we went swimming team leader is
that the only one you've got
left left to get
is that splashes
splash up
I was trying to heal
it's good
we should run it
because we just lasers out of
the sky if they're looking like
there we go we did they were
are they going to ground
crack 36 right white diamond
whoa know you
I'm going to Shipman
so nice
so good game
if you check
all right guys that was my last
my phone's about to croak
croak don't know there we go
no we're going to sweat like no
we got a problem still on for
I'm senile give it to games are
you to follow you
the same way
and yes I will sir
more active you are
the more chance chance to get
into play that a predominately
play with the 3 ends
meet mods and members but if
you're an active sub
feel like Cecilia as you are now
you can get in a fill a small
you know come on should
but then where are we going to
die I mean
got him
a bad kid that I got is just
built up
I think we would have got if we
don't we fall out
yes all right
you one of the stream on right
not just get one minute minute
and if I can make that mama
those those robbery film
yeah this is it now we can
underestimate every guy and it
bit these guys got two thumbs
– it's so nice and relaxed
by men armed robberies oh not
gonna lie
I met a girl right all right but
she didn't know I was sweating
a lot better go in turn sell
products ignored this the way
the lobbies so when it ended
matter that she up
got to be as far as you see you
soon went back to the fore in
Tableau of the day after oh
really really yeah it's
if it was surprised about manage
that is made with all right
example pickaxe challenge let's
I tried it before and I died
Rosie he's done with the
was running towards me
I'll go get him him hey Hey
yeah yeah Here Comes the Sun
do-do-do-do my from London I
know I'm from Wales in the UK
close mean mean into London
where are you from
I'm going to go I'll go dream
well I guess
fishing things
for we got to go pretty close
not long
don't let them
boyfriend starts crying on the
Carnival one kick them out like
let's go on YouTube that's right
hit video
just put some sloppy song
Thriller we amazing look
dick dick
I can actually believe it out
but it is a little app in the
feet if he's a bawling like
it's going down pretty good on
nice one
I loves me some switch lobbies
do play on phone by Johnson I'm
getting right right now
you pretty much do it anyway
right if you've got a count on
the and you
load in and join mint leaves on
the side so good all right leave
anyway can you share in the yeah
but Mike was doing it say my
keyboard now because he's
he's playing on the Apple is
that like 90-odd maybe a hundred
with solo wins this season
you say he's bored of women I
miss her so easy
yeah yeah every scrap good for
boosting morale after a bad day
look look yeah yeah
it's got to be just coming on
it's like that's why I used to
own we like to know she's got a
chat with someone I met
go to Nolan Nolen you played
games like Mardi gaming you mean
they had a nice head is odd
because all right
exactly it's Segal you actually
play games
oh yeah I do
I miss that isn't it yeah let's
head for dooms
it's nice to just chill out babe
I see
jeez you don't need some swabs I
just want to all your see
mine let's go
to do man and say now it's
pretty big
on this holy 10-story buildings
you see
I'm should not fly in boltzmann
XP for the win
you do
yeah thank you Miss Gigi's no
killing people in
normal games goodbye I was a
smart Play Doh I'm not going to
eat the ref just because we can
show this gonna take the bin
I wish it wow
the Hornet's Nest
oh yes swallow has been rebooted
in in
Tim has just been Rebooted
you should fire him
w needs
I'm in this box no
no I can't
anus and rectum
try to grab the wall
I don't know
John a little this
coffee lunch
another thing chat as well be it
14,500 subsidy for the 26th time
whoo the the 26th time
get it was it that it was it
a lot about the morning up for
my channel
so technically I'm on 20 20
groggy groggy
Ricky raggy
no 15K
probably at
14 Cape for 850 now
just waiting for that
PewDiePie Arabia need PewDiePie
do a video on me you know
amazingly good amplify Keller
putting the best-looking fat guy
YouTube I mean put me next to
Boogie I know but he's lost a
lot of weight but he's still up
you still are a good-looking guy
like now why is it shovel
yeah you just you just test out
to us all by accident
I mean I that was a thing I'm on
the flag and sit on it
too much well this is no mafia
get up a building
is it loads of my building
how are you taking me down
I'm 10
how many people that
another another break yeah
must be on a break yeah
peer pressure when to play on
Stephen Stephen Stephen Stephen
raid against and so much more
you you share them
you actually ended
yeah boy sweat itself
self easy to break break
let's go
no I was six
finger drumming
he lives in a pineapple under
the sea I've been watching that
non-stop really
my oldest two it's crazy and he
is going shopping hey Colin
space I do my knee got it I was
watching Spider-Man Unlimited
today like 99 oh my God he goes
to the
other other the other earth but
I don't know I wasn't
impressed with the animation on
it and Carnage and when they
went all
RT cardamom Carnage and Venom
they were like blobs blobs never
beat the original animators for
the money all right then then
only edges has to fill
yeah doing good doing good or or
not too bad one
I will say I got a busy weekend
I am really good at this weekend
my missus
and my older super busy weekend
so knowledge stuff out for uni
on Monday she got to do a dry
run on the car which is
you know that's gonna happen
cause it's raining all weekend
no just saw you know room up
waiting for it to go
Tegan was well as soon as she
goes because they're leaving
us on Monday
Tina brought would be a natural
look look he's moving in here
I took my older brother
it when she comes back you know
on all these are lashing just
saying which I really like he
said you know what it's not fair
to have an empty room there and
I've been to sharing again yeah
especially if I can offer is a
gaming room exam that's the been
nice to me
I would want to I generally I'd
love a room of my own to do it
I'd never see Laura yeah she
left over TV
and they're on a chair come and
sit with me like at least
for the moment we're like kind
of kind of clothes like I mean
I'm closer to it now that I am
if I see on the Saturday
I got to go sniper for one of
you soon as I get a anything
yeah he's good
it's not
are you Steve oh they're a team
I already have one knocked I
just don't really have a sniper
no man ma'am
yes a quick tank
well I didn't pick the purple
shock it up before I go
you got a rich good
was that the last night
guy sieben Glory
do my kids look if you got it it
liking the kids all the time
yeah please
so let me please
like God's blowing on my nut
get up there do you want to go
to a place for the
wrists on some Dooms vodka vodka
that's a bass player was just
going straight into a a misty
next to me you can smell it
through the sealed wrapper upper
walls walls
knows what's your quickly
can I say except you're welcome
purple sniper or carrying
carrying 50s the bottom of is
I've taken 50 soup oh
Rift in there
ready ready
who's ready the wretch yeah I'm
fishing we fishing
I will break tonight
are you slamming I'm at 80 bucks
no noise
because if one day they were
actually worth something mirjana
even if it was like a penny
by far
60 and sixty thousand in your
I know I just
went up so flipped in double
that it boy boy
we got bit our life so
we got like bells on
it was getting shot behind us
this yeah
there is some you might not want
to get too far in tanks coming
I don't care
that was a different team too
I'm really low on air air tunes
no still fight no I'm done
yep side
I'm going to kill to God I'm
gonna do I register register and
I'm doing really well with that
you know
now let's go you guys got a a I
got a hundred
there's no truck on you
no I haven't I got cabbages
Jonah I go for that quinjet
there's only little Shield are
like yeah yeah I got
to bed kids she was a shadow is
a car down below us very well
lazy know which way to go first
crack is down
a reboot reboot your phone off
Steve Steve
is a 50 in this too
60 to 80
I got 225 now I can drop some
in the basement
you could for a on oclc Via yeah
I got
a hundred let me take this is
another hundred outside
he's a company bears
cabbages anyone slam
it was a reboot
I'll get him a good idea
not me
is it guy who run up and see you
wanna go up for the yeah
so we get up do some of the boys
here come the boys
One Tap I got to play so well
nice nice
we go
drivers all
I know me
the bridge
I'm going towards a guy
thanks to reload
right their on a
big bike there there
two good guys the bridge as well
clear the bridge yep have a
bridge there is yep needs going
coming up
see if I add fireflies
he's good white is white white
oh good shot is now going up
yeah boy
I don't know I think I had it
but it might be new
yeah boy
I need more men men
proper switch on so tasty I want
to know why they make you give
him money try dude dude
inside inside
brown sauce got a sweet tooth
ha ha
go on are you coming home go
back in
everybody everybody good
I want to get like
Crocodile Dundee knife just keep
put this like chopping sausage
rolls up another right that many
sausage rolls were just want to
fix that mic
do you know probably come on now
with a Indian Chinese Chinese
Sarah Fisher's she gets like
discounts Omega 0 it all on the
same street street she can eat
everything and not perfect
which were down in Frankie's and
looking suit
well I got Chinese food yeah
well they give him waffles and
then the Chinese give them
Chinese Indian and Chinese and
Chinese sometimes
Sky shielding
don't have this map
has to be a bald man there's no
way this can't take the shot so
whoa whoa look at that that's
how they Shootin
there's no way that's right
right no way no way way
but supposed to begin each other
up over here
come on he's dancing now they've
bots are attitude like it's the
motor because you got this
true true
so close to make watch that
bloodshot Vin Diesel oh yeah
I've seen the the trailer of her
where was he
California California
thank you
the Box oh sure shut up
on that should blow up
is one up top of the house
what are you boys
Jake I got some some goodies for
a piano piano piano
do you want to do with these two
two to me many
hey Judd how you doing honey
no way downtown walking fast
fast Asik
who did
I dropped have it from last
the revolving Avenue months
needs it
I poked want you to
how do I I look
no thanks is it is it from
greedy blue 200 I think so yeah
Google opera
yeah just updated I never saw
thanks for what
swine swine
what's wrong with you you
I have the feeling by the time
we get there there they're dead
they don't give a as well you
know cheese
if he did it was going to be me
I open go Max I'm feeling this
place then
don't you steal it from me
if I mean Stephen 2 duos
is like that
I killed
a too many so for for to my
it's you
I just come for a time where I
am another man madcon top lock
now now is that a punch card
need 25,000 trees
were punch card
it's ridiculous man last season
he was a hundred thousand
did it Nicky get it all right
guys someone I think she gave up
last season she's got it this
season 25 this is spread
fast yeah yeah swing swing fast
swing low Sweet sweet one is the
English song too it's really
I think I think I have been
about stopping stopping hope so
real players
I got a pin down pretty well
Croc together buck question
question again
know who else I'm still burning
but support wah there's a scar
your boys a flopper
as a flop flop
no No yeah I was using them in
an aggressive Battle Mountain
not just so you know in trees
battle battle battle
brand brand him up bro
bro oh
base there's a guy on the roof
of the wood place
he's not blue
oh Oh
whoa Northwest
I'm dead oh it's like me on this
to on the roof my God
there's some behind you guys for
for Northeast these little
we're all out rich rich
you're in the middle of two
so the stock robot it's not
robots you knocked up up I'm
gonna watch
out Sandler's new film Halloween
I've seen the trailer
those good I like Happy Gilmore
but it seems like all his films
the Sun
anything news yeah
in a little taxi service to me
oh yeah
Henson's doodly Doo
obviously I wouldn't do it now
because I'm
a mature adult the night I
realize the consequences but all
the we used to give a toy model
go Tia joking joking I know
come to Guinness the know why
we watch
Eric is Antonio said said it's a
good film yeah but look elegant
noodles taste man who you
married I'm I'm joking why they
split up up now
have you watched Happy Gilmore
before before yeah if you have
watched our one it's like one of
his best films ever ever
I'll be Gilmore the gulf one
yeah Wedding Singer I like the
APA just because of the music
and set set in the eighties look
yeah it's just mainly as new
ones of click is a good one
click is a sod film I don't mind
I don't
mind some of that life life
I can watch him and enjoy your
life I still
watch every film
I'll give it a watch look went
on you just you just won the
Happy Gilmore
a blue chest now it's been a
while since I've seen one of
I got some menus if you need
well Gaston County sparking
click click
thank you just realized
the collectors but
I'm Scott
no I went to the collectors
Burger my fault
I run into guys
you need to put in Jessup little
the Chelsea
no I just like going there that
nice stuff
Blue Album Album
but we go in copy as huh
hi Mom a pretty pretty please
yeah what
you die I put a bullet in my
brain works now that's the song
sense is amazing
from miles away
so am I you haven't you should
and install the game like
like don't say that
whole time
I can remember what
are you doing you balint boy are
you do need me right you need
Shield I need Shield interesting
know what it is the want then
all right so I got the to
splashy's too many's
I go six minutes to 50s he's
running off luck right and that
there dude I know you see him
now oh that's why he's running
off my blood
this report will learn as well
there's about to go towards
Misty and I realized nope
you see rich and rush into to
steal kills for me
terrible one I did say I was
going to Kathy
I was good oh we going to have
when will you stop jumping that
was the
Mega mega Porter Fortuna
oh there's no
it's above
I'm coming can get other you you
another guy
well the guy
nice Son
Fox interesting all that in kill
underneath you guys pull over
over there
I'm dead I'm dead
LMG money
knocking again lockdown top down
sorry rich awesome lost it
it was it called Steve
nice tank
I love I'm gonna bring it I'm
gonna get does you could have
done anything it man
yeah meters of
and get rich Chapman
Chapman I don't know
yeah just barely oh
no come on just try you fat
I'll be able to get nothing but
you can find someone
Judith jewelry
will scoot past them them
triangle look right
oh yeah I am going to build
sorry oh yeah just
just drop some yeah yeah always
drops is
treats wheeler recruits
he's please barrels
barrels hey
looked like like
on dude really
a monster monster
that's a pretty
oh no
still close to 90
90 yeah
so glucose to 91 Maybe I'm not
sure what I saw
former wins a weird we get the
devil's number
kind of 666
666 flame-grilled
barbecue sauce it's nice crisp
elective sir or some melted
cheese chance
chance you're not the boss of us
us now
anyway yeah been rich see one
yeah yeah
let's go straight in there the
gold come
go go come from from
Maybe sorry
there's the chopper I just don't
know where it went went
even my money money good
Barbie Barbie
it's the last one one I'm coming
I'm sorry but a chance is
helping me
well is he really looked at
douchebag douchebag
someone's woman
awesome litter box
Blue Album yourseif Yosef
I got 250
was literally everything but the
last stupid stupid robot because
on you want to go towards the
fish pond and my way
what do you want we should we
for to get
zemeckis person who want to
carry him
I was kind of worried I was as I
was flying through the air was
like am I my God Hurt
it's always that one brief
second or just like God damn it
what's funny the time
it's great man
just seems like a million
playoff be honest yeah
I'm doing good man I'm good
after you finish to 6:30 tonight
nice one
I excited a little bit late
tonight whenever my dad so
little bit late start
so I never too late
it was burning trees the
seven good for what I'm
generally not good 240
I want to anymore yeah good book
we got bills on the rough Stone
yes these are being used there's
quinjet time yes Steve Steve
the hill
we went to the pub to the food
to get free pizza today today
man welcome sir
guess who's getting pizza
Lauren the girl of that
two Bros Pizza New York I don't
know if it's a small gene or a
generator know but loved it it
was right next door to the hotel
as well
don't push in crust or that the
thick one I think that
thin yeah Chicago Chicago
Chicago stupid thick
in the bush you you can run
wasn't a bus watching it when
was that in the bush well the
restaurant book
easy easy to do this guy's
so many times tonight
tonight to be fair when they
they had Wolverine challenge we
had to go in that little room to
I forgot I just said in there
and got it on five or six kills
some solos it doesn't matter the
way I look at it if it's a squad
of you doing it's like
sake really it was
conversational lump them made in
there I didn't think
are you middle fingers in fast
this is well
what horror film is the goriest
of all time I don't shut up
I've seen like an actual
beheaded and so my goal levels
not in real life I seen on the
Stephens like
it's going for food just and
when you sleep in your mother
know you're app that's the main
thing when your mother I can
chat say side free to play as he
goes in wakes up now
on a side note
note real person in front of us
ships your team from from luis
they they real
yeah it's
goodbye it's good it's good
Steven I'll take it all cleaned
up you really saved me
me quite personal oh another
team right side of the mountain
oh boy busy this this oh my God
my building sucking em
my buildings open already this
is for people on we were
now that's what makes me think
they hack so
what now we have a take her spot
we're going to go
no way
one tap
my blue marker
I'm not helping today
Jason me
I mean we just want to get
Tristan another wants to them
rip to the shop
there we go I'm going to choose
a skin as well so
so look so well
well you know to use that broken
all right I love you moves with
the up
thanks want to Sade look bingo
how are you all
play my guitar Dunya Tanya
I'm loyal
decided I like a different
30 dirty
rhymes like blocks
kalaivani sounds like
Ronnie Ronnie
is it
but I
llamas and
Slammers at
looked terminate this scanning
The Horizon no no
I mean really after to it
doesn't matter they've said I
mean II James Cameron said is it
goes one two and then
the newest one man dark fate
yeah you said three isn't like
to him it's not the third one I
so apparently the game
thinks I'm doing great
this is TV
the drift on my controller is
really nice annoy me yeah it's
like stepping back
into this I didn't know the
can you get like a like a normal
game in control of Ghana
yeah yeah I did it was
papa papa papa
where we got to go
is your mom doing Justin
how is she
I see see
who's Kyle baskets baskets
no problem
problem Jed Bartlet
I wish I found shockwaves please
chug Chucky's bride
you see what his own
goes and then slide what we're
way to go rich
let me go what's your real name
that rift
who's going 50s anybody guess us
some salami
are you guys talking talking
someone you
observe on Syria yeah yeah
it's only dice dice
geyser geyser
he's not breathing
so he's on me just because one
box man
it's a diaper
makka pakka can see
just you take that 50 he's a med
kit in this room as well just go
the man doesn't make it better
find me some soup there's
everything over here
did anybody look the voltage
voltage I love him
needing it for us they're
dancing laughs
like I told you
post coordinator
my my nights are they run
tip sis
no I'm sorry man I went to the
I'm just
Zone anyway just keep an eye on
give me one second
70 blue and one for the
governance appeared someone
flying in behind us they can
arrest all rise
I'm going to keep eye on his
there might be going to reboot
Nevada you have a
there's one now
my blue
building up
these guys
I guess I'm going to shot from
there as well there's more than
one there
split up I'm going to push back
this time there's things to on
on bulk yeah
whoa are you in the bush you
plan what is
the deal with that bullsh what
didn't even jump
I'm allowed to say piece of
let me so good
along with your friend anyway
even the pictures as well
Joe Louis tomorrow tomorrow hey
I give you three daughters can I
I don't
understand I just want a room
I want my desk ask my boo my PC
I can do it like a couple of
from my living room
it's like a lot of stuff
meaningful for a room like that
I probably know
I didn't know it it probably
probably punched in the face
look yeah
not a full swing I wouldn't draw
right back likes a little little
open open header closed
I mean that chubby fingers will
be like a cushion blow anyway
like boney
I'd even give
up sausage rolls
it's dedication for you
a little lights off because
they've you know
someone watch that kill again
tell me how the you you get me
I think there's been and he's in
that house so Tristan
I'm awake they are
just took it
oh Oh
Justin there's another one over
if anybody's got a knee
for me
damn caddy corner
who's driving
Donnie Sonic
this thing literally Rosabelle
Rosabelle far serving
when you drive in there first it
does we're driving are right as
slow as on the cross
you've got our it rolls faster
faster system
it's like you
catty corner pretty much done
done please Stone
that's nice
that robot all over there
starting to
rattle it back up up yeah
that worked all right
mother one of the most important
parts of the game I always
forget forget about
thousand throw it away
find the lawmen it was like
stupid stuff stuff another
the bilbao's all right if you
could hold more than a thousand
votes oh yeah
keep it a new Zone
if you want me to carry it now
let's even carry the and and he
told your fruit and veg like a
good boy
before my I did
open the chest
– just break the ball twice
again every now for a moment do
not fight them in stock I know
and it was blurry
it's always blurry for me just
because I'm a shot
my sweat flick hey Johnny you
did good I just came from a long
day you done now you're ready to
begin dude so good longer
tonight is all I don't know me
catch my American
it was to be honest in the night
yeah it's late for you most was
the my
there's a green card in a funny
go shopping forget you've soaked
are you good good swimmer fish
beer slashes
this is a Helio no I
250 250 I want to drop my needs
Palin mr. gray in a bellend
on the orrible guy you're my
mom's you were bad
long day over the place
money's here you good now
weekend yeah
my fishing days has
have you finished yet
yet from yeah
been waiting 20 minutes
fight for the last team I'm by
my hand
so that
this bushes
are better than bushes again
right right
I don't shut down sit down
unibeam boy
are you drop it nice nice
oh all right I think I'm going
to push this
this some needs done on this not
oh it just damaged one again
with the thing going up oh no oh
my God
I got needs needs nice
nice these women
I just a guy killed
I knocked
oh you
pocket wanted a
get out here
so we super names
voice voice
if it liver well time
of need
just sends out he was a video
you you watching the video yeah
one more let's go
looks really blurry but I am
really tired tired awesome
see me
he's getting tired and ready for
bed bed
times if you Steve
my age is it is chairs and it is
it – because I can't 25 bucks
act like I'm gonna do this
can I come on happy happy
Saturday guys
can we get the 40 like Scott 5 I
will stream
everyone go there every there is
a car for baseball so what do it
there is the cuff a cup
I raised the cup the emoji for
Nia had
involved Gana Mana
you joking Nikki the good
we're not forward to Saturday
my boss again again
seen a
llama fall over and I to gonna
put out because
well you know
what was wrong and then what was
I fixed him but if
I'm going to scale
we will will the sky going out
with the old goes 12 chopper
no no not stuck
it's chop it is looking at me
though it's like I'm
numb numb numb look at this guy
are you pop
and you have to do G1 the
the pro one I do
tuppence a bag
I'll go fishing arrived on 10
seconds we will move but you
know so good Lisa Collier
yeah of course
my fourth
fourth inventory
maybe pop Inside Man Man
the birds
Hallelujah who are you miles
away from me
what you need I go on to need
rich I gotta
gotta have skin what do I do
yeah what materials you need
any threat we're going to send
you five words 60 brick and 30
now I should have enough for a
side grade
it's just triangle 320 each
tell me we're going to read yeah
I was hoping to be told I'm
I shouldn't be up now
every day when we do
you know what's my day streams
Bridge British taxi
Tristan said you need
revivals has been Rebooted
anybody got a med kit kit I have
five panties
he's all good this
yeah yeah
oh keep it in there Justin right
that is all you call a lucky
whoa whoa boys whoa
I don't mind if you so rock and
tiamo yeah go for 91 yeah
yeah yeah
oh my God
inhale what is the official
just left foot right to left
open up a little from the road
go to collectors
kind of this chest
talk to their and 1/5 or shield
of you
collectors collectors of the
island rich is a 5011
I got Stephen Stephen coming
hey going to eat a pizza
place which much better
is better oh my God I just
reminds me of holiday what does
Mary Poppins
remind you of the birds
just very slow in the present
and that's what feeding Birds
one for the person well you
should do it
one card I should I go like 90
gigs with a montage if ever
building of you
myself building and speed it up
Barney Barney just talk really
slow slow
yeah yeah
hey guys welcome to my video
on how I feel in 90s
90s I'm fine Thump
done done
but I'm weak lucky as group pups
get back his own
let's get in the zone I'm a
gatekeeper gatekeeper we don't
need them
try and get up here
nope that's out his own this one
but I think is is be cool
but because it's three people
left left
the everyone go to talking about
Mary Poppins
go sometime that was talking
slow motion motion hey level
level 91
I'm coming Thomas
I feel so where it came from
but now now will bring clothes
exactly the did you come
so that was a lucky Jeju
Tuesday morning I might stream
tomorrow night on
YouTube youtube so we'll see
what alright don't forget
Monday's a day off because

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