To begin with our facial analysis series, Julia will start with the forehead and what indications to address. She will talk about lines, irritations, skin texture and …
Hi everybody, I am Julia Edgely homeopath and I am so happy to be back here with you with Beauty Therapy by Absolution.
Today I'm going to share with you the first part of facial analysis, and that is looking at our forehead
And what this could mean for us to address imbalances in our wealth and well-being and how to incorporate this in our daily lives.
Before this I want to explain to you, how you can use facial analysis yourself. Now facial analysis is never supposed to replace a
What it can do if you have a certain pathology,
What it can do is give you insight into imbalances in the body that might help with this pathology.
Our body works as a whole. In holistic therapies
we look at every aspect of our health if you're manifesting with headaches, you might need to address your intestines, if you're
manifesting with hormonal issues you might have to look at your lungs.
All of this is going to be helped with facial analysis.
So the forehead here is this is this area that we're going to be looking at today?
Now the symptoms I'm going to be looking at, I'm going to be talking about is lines on the forehead.
If you particularly have lines rather than anywhere else in your body,
acne of the forehead, skin texture of the forehead, and um
Irritations of the forehead and what this means?
Now the method of facial analysis I use is actually a mixture of my personal clinical experience
With ayurveda and traditional chinese medicine and actually as well facial reflexology
To reflect all of this in the patient.
So when I see issues with the forehead for a patient, the first thing I think about is their intestines.
And how they are digesting their food. This is really important
So any symptoms whether it be lines, acne, skin texture, irritation
The first thing you think about is the digestive system and what does this mean?
So I'm going to start off talking about lines on the forehead
So you can have different types of lines, you can have :
horizontal lines, you can see from me, or you can have a vertical line in the middle.
Now physically what I want to look at when somebody who has vertical lines,
Horizontal lines, horizontal lines is a certain aspect of dehydration of the intestines. And what does this mean is?
Is that you are consuming a lot of refined carbohydrates and meat.
And what we need to do is we need to rehydrate the intestines, to flush out the intestines
By eating our water. Now, I know that sounds strange and what do I mean by eating our water?
Well when you say to eat for hydration,
you're looking at fresh fruit and vegetables and you need to do this to flush out your intestines.
Your intestines always need to be cleaned out and it kind of needs a helping hand.
Because our intestines are cleaning out our whole body. So it needs help to clean out that.
So what you're looking for when you're looking for lines on the forehead, you're looking at a type a systemic
dehydration. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean, like I said, that you just necessarily increase the amount of water
But you need water into intestines and flushing out the intestines. So what can you do?
The first thing I would say is, see if you are eating enough
fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the day, even if they're steamed vegetables, roasted vegetables,
make sure that you are getting enough as a major part of your diet.
The other aspect I would see, is that you need to address the type of fiber that you're eating.
There's two types of fiber : resistant starch and soluble fiber these act
to attract water into intestines in order to flush out our toxins. So that is what I'd be looking for, for lines on the forehead.
Emotionally as well, because we can look at these symptoms from an emotional aspect, is that lines can indicate
someone who has a tendency to overthink and over worry. And usually somebody who is always thinking about the future.
So if you have lines in your forehead, you need to be able to
address this tendency to anxiety or a tendency to overthink and find techniques such as meditation,
chanting, yoga, in order to bring you back into the present.
So that is vertical lines,
vertical euh horizontal lines. Vertical lines we're looking at is the line down in between
the eyebrows. Now, what does this mean? The first thing I think about this is specific to the intestines
It is actually your gallbladder. You need to know your gallbladder.
Now if you don't know what your gallbladder is, your gallbladder stores bile, which is produced from the liver
In order to detox our body and to digest our food. So if that is not actually working well,
you're not detoxing adequately and actually you're not digesting your food in order to assimilate and absorb the energy and the nutrients vitamins and minerals
from your food. So this is an aspect of your gallbladder that you need to look out for.
Emotionally also this line is supposed to indicate anger or specifically if you are not comfortable
expressing your anger.
So if you're not someone who's used to kind of getting it all off your chest and you have this line,
you may want to introduce yourself to concepts to express
frustrations and angers.
So that is lines.
Next thing I'm looking for is acne or spots
of the forehead.
Now this is another indication again always of the intestines is that there's actually a toxic buildup in your intestines that needs to come out.
You can get this for patients who are constipated or they swing from constipation and diarrhea.
And basically their intestinal function of eliminating toxins is not working sufficiently.
Now there are other enzymes that can be at play with this here
But I'll be talking to you for about 15 minutes outside the scope of this video.
But you want to make sure that you're detoxing your intestines.
Now what you can do for this there are fantastic herbs that everybody can take :
slippery elm,
again, increasing resistant starch and soluble fiber to flush out everything your intestines and you also want to make sure that you're eating
organic food. Organic food is so important where you can. Anything that is a source of fat in your diet
you want to make sure that it's organic.
The other thing that you're going to want to do is you want to address food intolerances.
Now food intolerances can be, they can change for everybody and unless you have an allergy, your food intolerance
can be, can swap throughout your life I test food intolerances through kinesiology.
Now the major ones I was looking for in your forehead are some that might surprise you. It's not necessarily gluten.
There's a major chance that it is dairy.
Tomatoes I've noticed have a big problem with forehead acne. You're looking at things like the deadly nitrate family : peppers, aubergines.
However, if you are dealing with a severe case of forehead acne, what I would suggest to you
is that you deal with a practitioner.
So you find a practitioner to address your allergies. Now when you're looking at allergies,
you're not looking also just looking at Ige you're looking at Igg,
Iga allergies. We also looking at sensitivities things like the deadly nightshade family, sugar,
and salicylate family. None of these will come up in a blood test, but you might have an intolerance to them.
So this is one aspect I would look for for forehead acne. It always comes from the intestines.
If you have overused antibiotics this also might present as forehead acne.
What you need to do is readdress the microbiome of your intestines,
again, initially by eliminating foods that might aggravate this and then re-culture your intestines.
Finally we're going to be talking about irritation of the forehead. Now irritation of the forehead is itchiness
mostly itchiness and irritation and dryness.
What this I have seen in patients is this actually be an aspect of
detox, so it's part of the process of treatment. So it's a good sign and it's short-lived.
However, if you are dealing with this and you're not going through a detox or treatment, it can mean something else.
So what you really want to look for is actually the products that you're using. So products
you are using in your daily life. That might impact your intestines again
food that you're cooking with if it's organic
or the utensils that you're cooking with if they're plastics or you have aluminium pans.
You need to get eliminate as much of the toxic environment daily toxic burden that you can in order to address
the forehead irritation.
The other aspect of forehead irritation is actually essential fatty acids. If you have dry skin, dry skin is a 'manque',
a lack of omegas in the body.
Sorry i'm doing this in French and English.
And what you need to do is you need to address your omega balance in your body.
Now we need omega 3, 6, and 9. What I would suggest to you in that in your daily life, in a modern day,
we have enough omega-6. We need to balance that out with omega-3s. So increasing
walnuts, linseeds,
oily fish,
hemp seeds. These have amazing abilities in order to
bring up the balance of omega-3s in your body that may lead to
irritation of the forehead.
So that is the first aspect of facial analysis for the forehead.
Let me know what you think and I will be back to you next time talking about the cheeks.
Have a great day !

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