Hi! I’m Psalm Galope. Watch me as I give an update after undergoing vampire facial (microneedling + PRP) aka PRP resurfacing to remove or get rid of my acne …
Psalm, are you sponsored? And my only answer is…
And I already spent
I am trying to stop my self from crying.
Hello guys this is the sixth day since I underwent microneedling PRP at Envi.
So this is the current condition of my face. But before anything else…
This is the PART 2 of the video that I made last week.
Please watch that video by clicking the i-button above.
And also, this is the sixth day because I failed to film the fifth day since I was busy editing and etc.
This microneedling session is part of the program made by Sir Angelo (Envi's Owner).
This program that I call #SkinKinisProgram is customized
for my budget, work, and lifestyle to lower the cost and help see improvements fast.
Three months ago I discovered Envi and this is the improvement I got.
This is my face's current condition. It's slightly pinkish.
Then when we zoom it in, you'll see my left, right cheek and my forehead.
A lot of my scars really faded, I noticed it because I know how it looks like because I always monitor it.
And I'm really happy with the results that I'm getting from Envi.
This camera is very harsh on my skin,
I bought this without knowing that its lens is so sharp
that my acne scars are so noticeable.
It's also a good camera to see if my skin is really improving.
You can see that it still has scars but the improvement is really big. Honestly.
Beside that, I always forget to mention Envi's approach
when it comes to taking care my skin — it's holistic.
They are considering my work, my personality, and lifestyle.
They really pinpointed where I can improve.
The first thing they made me do is to monitor my food intake.
They urged me to avoid eating dairy, eggs, and sugary food.
I found it really hard at first because it's a lifestyle adjustment.
But now, it's easier for me because I am avoiding those.
Especially my sister owns a pizzeria, she makes good pizza.
I also made video about that – TwoZZs Pizza.
My favorite food has cheese like spag, lasagna.
My mom is also good at baking, and my siblings really cook well.
I also love milk.
To help me with that, they give me a form where I can track my weekly food intake.
I also jot down my YouTube notes here to help me when speaking in front of the camera.
I put everything I eat here, and take note of days when I get a new pimple.
Thankfully, recently I am not getting new pimples anymore.
And to help with my diet, I also avail Envi's drips.
Their drips has energy boosters, vitamins, skin regenerating content, and glutathione
which helps cleanse my liver and in turn prevent the formation of new acne.
If you notice. This is the only pimple that I have.
That's why lifestyle change combined with drips helped me clear my pimples.
They help each other.
Then if I get new pimple somehow, I use this small product for acne spot treatment.
I don't know, my acne dries up the following day. This product is good.
My face is still pinkish because it's still recovering from the treatment.
Which is good because it's regenerating new skin cells.
This is not he final result, I will see more improvement in the coming days because it's still recovering.
Because the needles used in this part is longer.
If it looks good now, I will see better skin if my face already recovers.
Now I will answer the frequent question of my subscribers.
They are always asking me: "Psalm, are you sponsored???"
And my only answer is, I am not sponsored by Envi.
What happened is I went to the clinic after the lockdown.
Because a lot of my subscribers are telling me to find another clinic.
That's why I searched for other clinics and luckily I found Envi on Instagram.
Then reserved a slot for the day. There I met Sir Angelo and asked him if I can document the procedure.
I forgot to tell him that I am a vlogger.
Then I underwent the treatment. I told him that I want to film everything.
I set my camera on the table and the treatment started. After that, I posted the video on YouTube.
When I went back to the clinic, Sir Angelo said that he's happy that Envi got promoted in my small channel.
That's why he decided to give me discounts, free facials, and PDT as a form of gratitude.
So I am not really sponsored, because sponsoring vloggers and influencers are hard for businesses
because of the pandemic. The economy is not really stable right now.
You will understand it.
Clinics, in the first place, are choosy when it comes to the influencers/vloggers they get, especially now.
So we will understand their perspective.
Number 2, I am not the type of vlogger who approaches clinics and establishments
to ask for sponsorship while saying "sir/ma'am I am this big vlogger"
or "I am this YouTube starlet who you need to sponsor".
I am not like, I don't approach them.
Because the core of my vlog ever since I started vlogging about my #SkinKinisJourney
is not about the clinic, it's not about anything else.
It's about my experience, my journey.
I am documenting it for my self and my viewers who are interested on this things.
Because I experienced browsing through YouTube
without seeing a vlogger that has a sharp camera,
has severe acne scars,
and undergoing acne resurfacing treatments.
Their skin is perfect in the first place.
I made my vlogs to show the real journey of a person who undergoes these types of treatments.
And I am happy that many of my viewers are undergoing the same thing.
Too feel that you are not alone, that's a big thing for a person like me.
So as a way to thank Envi, I sometimes post their promos
on my community tab to thank them
and inform my subscribers about it.
Deep inside, I want my subscribers to feel and to experience what I am experiencing.
It's too good. You can see the results.
You are getting more than what you paid for.
That's why I always share them.
Because I want you to feel what I am feeling when I go to that clinic.
In the later part of this video, I will reveal how much I spent so far at Envi.
You will be shocked by the total cost.
You think it's expensive. Nope, it's still affordable.
Now I will monitor my face's condition for another five days or so,
and I will tell you about the result. Thank you, keep safe.
Hello guys, this is the eleventh day since I underwent microneedling PRP at Envi.
But before anything else, I wil reveal how much I spent so far with the treatments I availed at Envi.
The total cost is…
I will flash on the screen the break down of the cost.
First the EnviFX Ultra Fractional CO2 Laser: P15,000, that's a package of four.
I got that last June when Envi reopened after the lockdown.
That's my first vlog.
Then if I want PRP, I add P1,500 per session.
Then Ultima Drip, because I have discounts, instead of P4,000 I only get them at P3,000.
Because I availed a package, I only added P2,500 for the TCA CROSS.
It's like a Kiddie Meal.
EnviFX Light P3,000 in my last vlog.
Then the Vampire Facial is only P6,250 because I was lucky enough to chance upon a promo that time.
That promo is now gone, I just got really lucky.
It reached P38,550 because I also added the consultation fee with Sir Angelo
and Dr. Rhea. That's the total break down.
You might think that I spent too much or that I am rich.
I'm not that rich. These treatments take time
and it takes more than one session, so you better prepare money.
These treatments are like going to Paris, New York, or Seoul.
This is not like you'll go there with a P1,000 in your pocket.
You will starve and not enjoy the trip.
Things like this, I saved money for these treatments. Because I really want it.
I really want my acne scars fixed.
So if I want it and I have a drive to do it, then I will do everything I can.
Like what they said, "you make reasons when you don't like it, you find ways when you do."
That's why I decided to find a way.
Now I will check my face. At this distance this is the condition of my face. So now we'll zoom it in. Sorry.
Now I feel emotional while checking my face.
I'm just recalling everything I went through while undergoing the treatments.
I also remember the times when I lost hope in life because I experienced poverty,
I want to save money, I don't have money, no one is helping me.
I was alone.
I want my acne scars to be fixed but my priority at that time is how to fill my stomach. The hunger.
So I will just live with my lack of self-confidence.
Then now I can see the effect and fruit of my labors.
Yes, I still have scars left but to be given hope, to be given another chance to have a beautiful skin.
My tears are welling up, I am just holding back my emotions for my vlog.
Because I am really happy right now.
I just remember when I was young, I got pimples and acne scars.
My self confidence went down the drain overnight.
A lot of people do not know the struggles of those who have acne scars.
I learned how to avoid mirrors.
Like I never look at mirrors because I don't want to see.
And then, when people say that I am good looking . Deep inside I don't believe them.
Because I feel so ugly.
The feeling and the confidence that went away all your life,
and then you will see a big improvement.
I just can help but feel emotional.
I am just holding back my tears because I don't want to cry because I am happy.
When I am happy, I don't like drama.
I just don't like it.
I am very thankful that I made the right decision to spend my hard-earned money on the right clinic.
It's a big thing to see this improvement.
Look, this is only my fourth session but I already got this effect.
It still has scars, yes, but the hope of seeing that your skin will soon improve is a big thing.
I am really happy, really.
Sorry guys, I am too emotional.
I am just so happy with the improvement.
This is not the end of my journey, so please don't forget to…

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