Part of Fibromyalgia treatment is to understand Fibromyalgia diet and eating properly. Watch this video to know exactly …
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\f0\fs24 \cf0 \'93I just watched the module
on proper eating. Can you explain a little
more why smaller meals are better?\'94\
\cf0 The smaller meals are better. If you
think about it in terms of the way the digestive
system and the energy production systems work,
if you put in a large volume of food, first,
it puts a huge burden on the existing structures
responsible for managing that food. These
would be namely the stomach, primarily, the
small intestine, the secondary units of digestion
and absorption which are the gall bladder
and the liver, and then some portions of the
large intestine.\
When you put a large volume in, you are less
likely to have sufficient enzymes and hydrochloric
acid available to digest that food. Therefore,
that undigested food passes through as an
incompletely digested food particle which
poses a couple of problems.\
First, you do not get the nutritional value
out of that food because it has not been completely
digested. Second, that incompletely digested
food is a food source for the body. The body
is looking at it saying, \'93How can I get
access to these nutrients?\'94 It does this
by increasing what is called the osmotic pressure
or the fluid pressure between the stomach
and the small intestine.\
It forces these large particles through the
small holes in the small intestine which,
in effect, enlarges those holes and allows
toxins to drift back into the system along
with these undigested food particles. The
body sees these incompletely digested food
particles, doesn\'92t recognize them for what
they are, perceives them to be a threat, and
then activates the immune system.\
It creates a whole host of problems when you
eat the larger meals less frequently. You
need to eat smaller portioned meals but proportionally
nutritionally sound. \
In other words, look at the palm of your hand.
Imagine that the palm of your hand represents
the complex carbohydrates\'97the fruits and
the vegetables\'97and then the first two fingers
represent the protein and the last two fingers
represent the fat. If you eat smaller meals
in those proportions, in those ratios, it
is an optimal opportunity for the body to
completely digest it, absorb it, get the nutrients
from it, and to not cause any of the secondary
side affects I just described.\

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