The NGO Parents of Vaccine Injured Children was founded in Estonia on 21.12.2018. In the summer of 2019, the NGO held a conference called “Honestly and …
In August 2019, the Estonian NGO Parents of Vaccine Injured Children held a seminar “Openly and Honestly About Vaccines”.
For the first time ever, 8 health experts
were able to speak up without censorship.
160 people between age 0-70
attended our seminar.
We all care about our children
and wish the best for them.
Thus we have vaccinated them.
Anne Pebre – Chairwomen of the executive board,
NGO Parents of Vaccine Injured Children
We did not know what the
consequences might be
Antonina Järviste – Epidemiologist for 40 years,
Author of numerous scientific research papers,
former chief inspector at Health Board.
and that vaccines could
have serious side effects.
Pille Ilves – Estonian Patient Advocacy Association,
Executive director for 25 years.
Certified special education teacher/speech therapist
We are presenting the
highlights of our 2019 seminar.
Madleen Simson – DVM, Nutrition and Detoxification
Specialist, NGO Stelior Estonia, book author
Elery Tammemägi – Certified Homeopath
and Reflexologist, Doula for 18 years
Anu Viilup – Certified Physiotherapist, 18 years of work
experience with special needs people at orphanages
Liisi Laaneoks – Member of the Board,
NGO Parents of Vaccine Injured Children
Arvo Soomets – DVM, worked 16 y for pharmaceutical
industry and vaccine development laboratory
Chapter 1
Anti-vaxxers are former pro-vaxxers
There is no such thing
as anti-vaccine movement.
Members of NGO Parents
of Vaccine Injured Children
are not self-proclaimed anti-vaxxers.
Most of them have vaccinated their
children according to the schedule.
We have started researching vaccines
after personal negative experiences
and we have learned about
the other side of the story.
The NGO Parents of Vaccine Injured Children
was created by people with similar experiences.
At first we decided to create
a public Facebook group
called 'Side effects of
medications and vaccines'
and we kept it public on purpose
so that doctors, journalists
and parents could all read it.
A lot of parents started sharing
their stories in the group.
And after that we decided to
officially register our non-profit.
We have nothing to hide.
21.12.2018 The NGO Parents of
Vaccine Injured Children was registered.
We asked people to share
their stories about
personal experiences with
vaccine side effects.
'Please share your or your childrens'
story with vaccine side effects…'
I was about to close my computer
as it was 10 in the evening
And I started getting
so many stories…
They kept coming until
2 AM that night.
And I wondered how is it possible
that nobody talks about this?
A lot of parents who have
shared their stories,
have said that they have not
vaccinated their younger children
and they are happy to
have become aware.
And these children are
so healthy and calm.
I have never heard anyone say
that they regret not
vaccinating their child.
But I hear the opposite all the time.
Chapter 2
How we are being manipulated.
It is important to understand
how we are influenced
and how pharmaceutical
companies sell their products.
If a lie is repeated long
enough and loud enough,
we will start to believe it and it will be
stored in our subconsciousness as truth.
Arvo Soomets,
a veterinarian by profession,
worked 3 years for a vaccine lab and
16 years for pharmaceutical industry
will introduce the hidden
side of the medicine business.
Manipulators want to
gain something from us.
Gain something at any cost.
The pharmaceutical industry,
vaccine industry,
and the overall medical industry
is based on profit.
That is a fact.
Because they are injected with what?
With fear.
Fear for tomorrow and
the day after tomorrow.
Will they still have
a job tomorrow?
There is a scary amount of people
who take in the
manipulation from media
as an absolute truth.
The medical industry
behaves the same way.
They will tell us some horror stories,
fabricated horror stories,
and take the credit for being
the hero in those stories.
These horror stories have
made us into clip thinkers
Clip thinking is when you are given a
tremendous amount of information
that you are unable to accept or process.
After receiving the first
load of information,
before you are able
to start processing it,
you will receive more
and more information.
In the end the information overload
is so big that we get lost in it.
Stereotypical information, which
creates stereotypes such as
the medical system is the
only thing that will save us.
But between the nose and
the tailbone there is a human.
Complete and wholistic.
We are told that
unvaccinated people are
dangerous to vaccinated people.
In case of an infectious
disease outbreak
when the disease spreads from one
unvaccinated person to the other
the disease will become
stronger and stronger
and eventually will kill
all the vaccinated people.
This click or clip has jumpstarted
a whole stereotypical way of thinking
and everyone is ready to lynch, hang
or shoot the unvaccinated person.
One example of stereotypical thinking
is our public health experts who tell us
that the World Health Organisation
demands a certain vaccination rate.
Actually the WHO cannot demand anything,
because there is no legal ground.
WHO can only give suggestions.
Every country creates their
national immunisation schedule
which is in general based on
the recommendations of WHO,
but specifically based on the
epidemiological situation of the country.
There are 3 important points:
First, the WHO cannot
enforce or demand anything
they are not allowed
to make any demands.
They can only make suggestions
and it is our job to consider
if we accept this vaccination
in our schedule or not.
Specific epidemiological
situation of the country.
Is the disease spreading?
What is the potential of spreading?
Is it possible to prevent
it in any other way?
Perhaps the disease is already
showing signs of decline?
This should be considered by…
Who are these people who compile
our immunisation schedule?
There have been no
epidemics in Estonia
that could justify constantly
adding new vaccines to the schedule.
The state is not interested in the reasons
behind growing numbers of disabled children.
Despite our developed
medical and IT systems,
the official statistics of children
with autism and ADHD
are not talked about in Estonia.
It seems to be a taboo topic
that is swept under the rug, because
the situation gets worse year by year.
Another example of manipulation
is selective statistics.
The number of disabled children
has doubled in the last decade.
Our doctors claim that our healthcare
system has improved so much,
our infant mortality rate is almost
non-existent and we are so developed.
But they are only saying certain lines.
They are only presenting
a tiny part of the statistics.
This is the growing number of
our children with disabilities.
It has doubled between
2009 and 2017.
Number of disabled children.
I wouldn't say that our
healthcare is doing a good job.
Media is a mean of
influencing the public opinion.
A large part of the Estonian
media is privately owned.
Their goal is to make profit.
This is why they select
the topics that are covered.
The advertisers may
not like certain topics.
has wished to publish articles,
that have been rejected,
because this topic is not approved by
the advertisers of the media outlet.
Two journalists have sincerely and
honestly tried to write about us
and they have told me that
they received a command from
higher up not to talk to people like us
or write about vaccine side effects.
There are also doctors who understand, that
vaccines may have serious side effects.
Unfortunately they are silent
in fear of losing their job.
How we are being silenced as
are our scientists, who are worried,
because nobody wants to lose
their job or their license
His bullying and harassment started when
he participated in a
documentary about vaccines.
About 10 years ago,
a Canadian documentary.
He spoke very respectfully
that while analysing the
data in his lab, he discovered
that 3 year old children have the
same biomarkers as 80 year olds,
For example oxidative stress.
He pointed out that this is the
reason why children today have
rheumatoid arthritis and other
similar diseases at 3 years old.
He just said that in his opinion,
it is related to the
mass vaccination programs.
His lab also did analysis
for the court cases where
parents of an autistic or dead
child claimed compensation.
He did certain analysis for the court,
which is probably one of the reasons
they tried to shut down his lab.
Chapter 3
Vaccines did not save the world
If you know the history of vaccines,
then you know that vaccines
did not save the world.
Diseases have disappeared
due to clean water and fresh food,
hygiene, improved
living and work conditions.
Many people don't know this,
but the death rate of most
vaccine preventable diseases
declined long before the
vaccine was introduced.
For example death rates
of measles and pertussis
were almost 0 by the time
MMR vaccine was launched.
The same decline happened with scarlet fever,
even though there was
never a vaccine for that.
But maybe we have
started to wash ourselves?
Perhaps the reason
is somewhere else,
hygiene and nutrition have improved,
other circumstances
have also changed.
It is well known that improved
socioeconomic conditions
most infections diseases declined.
The factors that contributed to
spreading the disease, disappeared.
Improved food safety,
water quality etc.
Although pro-vaccine people
don't want to admit it, we know that.
In the history of vaccines,
there are many dramatic events
where vaccines were the
cause of diseases or death.
England, 1871-1872
98% of the population between ages
2-50 were vaccinated against smallpox
experienced the worst
epidemic of smallpox ever.
45 000 people died.
At the same time in Germany,
96% of population were vaccinated
and over 125 000 people died.
In 1940 mass vaccination against
diphteria started in Germany.
As a result, the number of
diphtheria cases grew in 5 years
from 40 000 to 250 000.
In 1969 two virologists discovered that both polio
vaccines were contaminated with SV40 virus,
because vaccine production
used rhesus monkey kidney cells,
that causes cancer in both animal
and human cell structures.
Millions of children have been
vaccinated with these vaccines.
In the UK between 1970-1990
there were over 200 000
cases of pertussis
diagnosed on fully vaccinated children.
In 1977
Dr. Jonas Salk, creator
of the first polio vaccine
admitted with other scientists
that mass vaccination against polio
was the cause behind most polio cases
across USA from 1961.
The biggest success story of
vaccines is eradication of smallpox.
Unfortunately this success
story is quite dramatic.
In some places more people died as a
result of vaccination than of the disease.
After the smallpox vaccine,
people started getting diagnoses of
hepatitis B,
syphilis, leprosy,
because the vaccine was made using
contaminated human blood serum.
Back then people didn't know
what the human serum contains,
they thought that it was sterile.
They drew blood from both
sick and healthy people.
1700 children became
ill and died of syphilis
as a result of vaccination.
But Jenner took a load of pus
and injected people with it.
This resulted in hundreds
of thousands of deaths,
so Bismarck admitted as well that the
smallpox vaccine was a complete failure.
In 1909 there is a paper
published in the USA
that claims that cancer as a disease
was almost completely unknown
before the smallpox vaccine.
In the 1920's, it was almost impossible
for a university professor to
find a patient with lung cancer
to show their students.
They did not exist.
We all know what the
situation looks like now.
The probable cause of
cancer and tuberculosis
was the use of bovine serum
in vaccine production.
Mass vaccination began when
we had no scientific knowledge
about how the immune system works.
If a certain percentage of people
is infected in a natural way,
they will be naturally immune
which will lead to herd immunity.
Herd immunity can never
be achieved by vaccination.
It is not unknown to doctors that naturally
obtained immunity lasts a lot longer.
Unvaccinated children are naturally
immune by their 4th or 5th birthday.
Almost all of them:
99,7% of children
had become immune
in a natural way.
'Vaccine is a medication…'
I don't agree with this definition.
Because we use medication
when a person has become ill.
Something has happened.
We need to add something, fix
something or remove something.
In case of vaccination, we have
a completely healthy person –
the healthier, the better
sick people should not be vaccinated –
and then we make them sick.
Sometimes. But we don't know if
they developed immunity after this.
When we are trying
to eradicate something,
then almost every pathogen
has many different serotypes
which will come forward,
possibly stronger than the former,
because we have certain immunity to
the ones that we have met before.
The vaccines today are
raping the immune system.
The tuberculosis vaccine in
Estonia is called BCG.
This vaccine was developed in
Denmark between WWI and WWII.
It is meant to prevent tuberculous meningitis
that was spreading in
Denmark between WWI and WWII.
It is still administered in a few countries
where there are many foolish people.
If your family has a
history of tuberculosis
or you have had
chronic pneumonia
so you know that lungs are
the weak spot of your family
and children are already
born with weak lungs.
When they are given the BCG
vaccine for tuberculous meningitis
the weaknesses of their respiratory
system become more prevalent.
They get ear infections easily,
their respiratory system
is weakened.
Meningitis is brain inflammation.
It causes tremendous pressure
in the back of the head.
When you have an infection or
inflammation in your body,
you have this tension in the back of your
head and you don't know what to do with it.
These children are always
dissatisfied, they can be mean,
they need relief from this burden.
This is spraying with DDT.
Around 1940's-1950's
children were sprayed
in pools, homes,
daycares, schools with DDT.
People still remember
the emotions they experienced.
A few years later, something happened.
Something we know as poliomyelitis or polio.
Polio virus gets the blame for this.
There were tons of rooms and buildings
dedicated for polio treatment.
Actually most of the world has been
announced as poliomyelitis free.
The last case in Estonia was in 1961.
Over half a century ago.
Are there still people
who are afraid of this?
The current vaccine contains
3 strains that don't spread naturally.
We can say that the polio
virus spreading in the world
is only as a result of the vaccine.
Chapter 4
Vaccines have side effects
Vaccines have side effects.
Although we are being
convinced that it is a coincidence
or a genetic flaw.
Vaccine side effects include: high fever (over 39)
hard bumps and inflamed injection site
Screaming for hours, skin rash, food
intolerance, digestive issues, low immunity
Autoimmune diseases, asthma,
autism, arthritis, diabetes, SM
Ticks, coordination disorders, unsymmetrical face
and eyes, strabismus, rigid body, head banging,
Abnormal sleeping pattern,
doesn't wake up for feeding.
Personality changes, loss of eye
contact, cramps, brain damage, death.
Unfortunately talking about
vaccine side effects
is taboo among medical personnel.
We come to contact with
the dark side of medicine.
It is not discussed in public.
Doctors absolutely will not talk about it.
If I mention the words
'medical malpractice' at a lecture,
I hear a murmur through the audience.
This term is such taboo
that we cannot use it.
The other taboo word is 'side effect'.
Our medications don't have side effects.
Russian doctors come with their children
to see a homeopath
and they say: 'My child has Asperger's'.
I ask if they have received
an official diagnosis
They say 'Yes, after birth,
after vaccinating…
I thought it wouldn't happen
to me, because I am a doctor.
I had seen it happen so many times,
but I thought it wouldn't happen to me.'
But when the child
started behaving strange
everyone in Estonia said that
it's normal, it's totally fine.
It is totally okay to be disoriented,
talk nonsense, not be
able to focus at school
All of that is okay.
But she went to Russia and in
St. Petersburg they asked her:
'Don't you recognise a vaccine injury?
What are you being taught at University of Tartu?
Is recognising symptoms of a vaccine
injury not a chapter in your curriculum?'
In Estonia we don't have that,
Estonia is such a small country
that we don't have vaccine injuries.
The new hexavalent vaccine has
been in our schedule less than a year.
Mothers with children come to
us after receiving this vaccine.
At this point I raise my hands, because I
don't know what to give them any more.
We don't know what
has been mixed up inside.
And why the child has
for example leukemia.
Or you read from the news that two healthy
children in one family got leukemia
but if you google, you find out that polio in
the hexavalent vaccine causes leukemia…
It also causes muscular atrophy
and other strange genetic diseases
and we all donate to get
treatment for those children.
Now a parent came to me
and said that their child died
2 weeks after receiving
the seasonal flu vaccine
together with the swine flu vaccine,
because the doctor decided to give
them both on the same appointment
2 weeks later this child
died of fever at home.
The paramedics came, they did
everything they could to help.
The child died in their father's arms.
The GP goes through the child's medical history
and does not understand what has happened.
You will never hear about these stories.
But I do hear them.
The mother and father need treatment.
And then she started
reading and found out
that some children die within
few weeks after vaccination,
it just happens to a certain
percentage of children.
These stories are the reason
why homeopaths work
and we do not quit,
because miracles do happen.
There is a big percentage
of clients who write
and say that everything
has changed in their life.
It is so important to have
cooperation between two sides.
Vaccine package inserts
have long lists of side effects.
An infant could have
injury due to vaccination.
Let's look on the package
insert what they might get.
Post vaccination syndrome.
What is it?
Let's focus on the side effects.
For example hepatitis B
vaccine package inserts warns
that it might quite often cause
diarrhea: 1 in 10 doses.
Every educated mother today
should be worried about that.
We know that our digestive tract is the
main organ of our immune system
and a perfectly healthy child will be
injured as a result of vaccination.
As a first step, the
doctor must admit
that there is at least an assumption of
a causal relationship with the vaccine.
They need to at least question,
whether it could be.
To answer this question, relevant
analyses should be made.
In fact, specific analyses,
that confirm or rule out
differences from normal pathology.
Post vaccination syndrome
(collection of symptoms)
is a disease, health or
developmental disorder
that is caused by administering a vaccine.
During the first year, infants are
almost constantly in
the post vaccination state.
One after another:
every 1.5, 2, 3 months
Of course at that age a child
could catch a real disease as well.
Right now people who administer
vaccines don't have the knowledge
about the mechanisms
of vaccine side effects.
They don't know
about treatment either.
For example, the package insert lists
a few dozens side effects,
but doesn't say anything
about when they appear.
We know from literature that some
appear already in the doctor's office.
Some, e.g. in case of tuberculosis
might be discovered in 1.5 years.
And according to literature,
some much later.
There is nothing the doctor can do,
because post vaccination
syndrome is a specific pathology.
It is unknown to the human organism,
an iatrogenic disease –
caused by the medication
and needs specific
analyses to identify it.
Postponing the vaccines
is supported by the fact,
that vaccines are given when the
child's immune system is developing.
We know that the child
can't walk or talk yet,
but for some reason they think
that the immune system is
completely ready to receive vaccines.
The critical periods of a
child's immune system:
The first – newborn, first 4 weeks of life
The second – 3.-6. months
The third – 2 years
The fourth – 6-7 years
The fifth – girls 11-13 years,
boys 13-15 years
Did you notice anything worrying here?
It worries me that for some reason
vaccines are given during critical periods.
It is not reasonable and it is dangerous
to vaccinate during flu season.
Pregnant women should never be
vaccinated. No comments here.
Vaccinologist can recognise and
treat post vaccination complications.
Unfortunately there are none in Estonia.
Who is a vaccinologist?
I have never met a single one.
I haven't seen any in Estonia,
but one can dream.
Vaccinologist is a doctor,
preferably a pediatrician,
who has received special training
in immunology and vaccinology,
knows how to recognise a
post vaccination complication
and treats patients with post
vaccination syndrome until they are cured.
I believe you would
not mind, if you could
turn to this kind of specialist
who knows everything about vaccines
and side effects and can advise you.
Every vaccine has side effects.
Doctors' claim that vaccines are
completely safe, is unfortunately not true.
Vaccine package inserts list many
more and less serious side effects.
These are compiled from the
results of short scientific studies.
Post marketing adverse
events are listed separately.
These are often way more serious
than in the original studies,
which for used for licensing the vaccine.
Many Estonians have experienced
vaccine adverse events.
He was born in 2000,
completely healthy,
was very sweet and
developed normally.
As soon as he recovered,
there was another vaccine
After that he got a neurological disorder
in addition to his weak immune system.
But back then I didn't understand
what is a neurological disorder.
One day he didn't react
to his name any more,
stared out of the window
with a strange look on his face,
screamed, yelled, couldn't sleep,
he twitched, his
eyes were watering
didn't eat, had
digestive problems,
it was not that he was sick,
but one day he was just different.
I went to the doctor, hoping that she
will say what is wrong with the child
then she was acting weird
and mumbled to herself:
'I won't give any more
vaccines to this child'
She sent us to Tartu for analyses.
'Your child probably has autism
and there is no way out of this…'
I gave him the medication
for about 6 months.
Then I realised that regular
medicine and doctors will not help me.
We sent a urine sample to France,
the results said that he
had mercury poisoning.
Back then mercury
was in the triple vaccine.
But I also have a 9 year old daughter,
who is running around here somewhere,
she has not received a single vaccine.
It was strange that when
I went to the hospital
then I had been so traumatised
by this vaccine topic
that every hour I yelled
out through the pain:
'When she is born, no vaccines!'
When we were
dismissed the next day,
the chief physician
looked at the empty paper
and I was bracing
myself for a lecture.
'Oh you have not vaccinated your child'
I said: 'No, she will never
receive a single vaccine'
The doctor gave me the
kindest look and said:
'Well done, parents. You
have done your homework.'
Where would a baby get
hep B and tuberculosis from?'
Gave us the papers
and said farewell.
This kind of doctor existed in
the Central Hospital 9 years ago.
I wonder what he is
saying to parents now.
Later I heard that the midwife
who delivered my baby
also doesn't vaccinate her children
among her friends tells that vaccines
are harmful and we shouldn't get them.
6 years later we went to GP to get
medical records for school attendance.
When I went into the doctor's office,
she looked at the empty paper
and asked where we had
been going for 6 years.
I said that nowhere.
'Are you trying to say that
she has not been sick?'
I said that she hasn't.
Then she was very upset that
vaccines had not been done.
Can you imagine that 3 years
ago, our doctor told us:
'Are you kidding me, polio is
coming our way from Latvia!'
I sat in the doctor's office with
my healthy 6 year old daughter
as if we were some kind of enemies.
And I wondered how it is possible that a
doctor is not happy to see a healthy child.
But she only sees her
95% vaccine benchmark
and extra bonuses for all the
drugs that she couldn't sell
or why could she
not be happy for us.
Then I went to the school
nurse with my daughter.
I said from the beginning that
I will come with her for every visit.
Again they stared at the empty page
and she said in a friendly way
'Oh you have not vaccinated'.
And I said again that no,
she will never receive a vaccine.
Then I felt that she was
kind of on our side.
Then she said:
'I know what these vaccines do'
It was about 2 years ago when
the American documentary
7 part series 'Truth About Vaccines'
Can you imagine that the school nurse
had watched all 7 episodes of that series.
She told me how she
doesn't vaccinate her kids.
We talked about all this.
She said that it's terrible
what she sees at school,
what happens to children
after vaccination.
I started crying in her
office and asked her:
'Why are you doing this,
how can you?'
She looked down and said:
'I don't have a choice, I have to or
I will not have a job tomorrow.'
This is the medical system today.
There are a lot of mothers
who write their story
and ask to remain anonymous, because
nobody can know that their child
has a vaccine injury, because she
doesn't want to be called an anti-vaxxer
and of course she will not tell
any of her friends or her doctor.
An Estonian physical therapist talks
about cases with children in orphanages.
I have worked with people with disabilities
and neurological disorders for 18 years.
I have worked in an orphanage.
There was a little boy
with a neurological injury.
To be in the social
system without parents,
if the state is taking care of you
then you are not protected.
What happened
with this little boy,
was that when I had
been working with him
for at least 4 years, a teacher
pointed out something to me.
At first he didn't walk or talk.
As a result of our work, he
finally started walking on his own.
One day the teacher asks me
if I had noticed that
something was wrong,
because he had
started to stumble.
His walk became unstable.
In the end we discovered
that he had developed a bone spur
in other words, this kid
developed a bony tail.
Where ordinary people
have their tailbone,
he had started to develop
a clearly visible bony tail.
When I started to investigate
this boy's medical records, it
turned out that he had been to
so called 'regular checkups'
at the children's hospital.
Children in orphanages usually
have these 4 times a year.
He had received medications.
The names were unknown to me.
I could not find
them on the internet.
When I turned to a pediatrician
who I personally knew,
asking what this could be,
then she told me quietly that
this is the trial and error method.
Let's say that in the social system
this is quite common
with this kind of children.
Children are taken to the
hospital on a regular basis,
trials and tests are being done.
He developed constant high fevers
that did not respond to medications.
At one point we could also
see from the medical records
that simply put: he was
labelled as terminal.
He was sent back to
the orphanage to die.
He died a few days after this.
This kind of cases cause a
lot of tension within the system,
because of course nobody admits that
this kind of mistakes have been done.
This is just swept under the rug.
Usually the teacher who is working
at the time is taken to interrogation.
Or the detective will come there.
This results in many teachers
getting a life-long depression.
If there are social workers among you
or people who work with these
children in the social system,
children, who are unable
to stand up for themselves,
who need the support
and help from officials.
Years ago, when I started
to look into these matters more,
I was told that this case is closed and
he will no longer need physical therapy.
And I no longer had
access to the paperwork.
This kind of children should
never receive a vaccine
or heavy drugs like neuroleptics.
These always make the
situation much worse.
This kind of stories have
been a big red flag
to parents whose
children have disabilities.
I have shared these stories with them.
Think for yourselves.
Discuss and look
at the big picture.
Why is this being done?
Why are this kind of meds being
given to people without any information?
Children in orphanages who
are being filled with vaccines,
despite being sick or
having a high fever…
These things are done regardless,
because medicine needs its victims.
Parents of Vaccine Injured
Children have received
a lot of sad stories
about vaccine side effects.
Anne Pebre, board member of the
NGO, reads some letters from parents.
After the 4 month vaccine,
my child screamed for 3 days.
Fever over 40 degrees.
No reaction to anything,
no development.
He died after 4 months of agony.
Doctors called it a genetic disorder.
Everything started after vaccination.
We all knew that it was the vaccines,
but none of the doctors believed us.
Next story.
After each vaccine the allergies,
common colds, fevers got worse.
The child was vomiting. Every time
we were prescribed antibiotics.
My child was exhausted from being sick.
Every time the doctors claimed
that vaccines are necessary.
The final change happened
after the 1 year vaccination.
My child shut down completely,
stared blankly out of the window .
He did not react to his name,
it seemed like he had gone deaf.
Any obtained words were lost.
All the tests were fine.
There was no genetic disorder
that the doctors wished for.
Nobody wants to admit that
the child has a vaccine injury.
He was diagnosed with autism.
After the hexavalent
vaccine at 6 months
my child got sick with
high fever, was turning blue.
Ambulance took him away and
he was resuscitated at the hospital.
My child died on the same day.
Diagnosis: bacterial meningitis.
Actually they wanted to say it was from the flu.
No doctor would admit a vaccine injury.
Tuberculosis vaccine injection site
turned red, skin was broken and bleeding,
We were hospitalised for 3,5 weeks.
Fever over 40 degrees for 13 days.
They tested us for flu
to get a diagnosis.
He received 5 different
antibiotics in total.
Finally we got test results from Tartu:
Kawasaki syndrome. It is an
injury from the tuberculosis vaccine.
My healthy child got all the vaccines.
Every time her health got worse.
At 6 months, she was
diagnosed with leukemia.
My child died 5 years ago.
At 12 years old, some
time after the vaccines
my child was diagnosed
with sclerosis multiplex.
It can happen that vaccines accumulate
and finally it's the final straw.
And there will be a diagnosis.
13 year old, face paralysis
after the triple vaccine.
14 year old, hives after the
HPV vaccine, bloodwork results bad,
hypothyroidism and now rheumatism.
These mothers are 100% certain
that these are vaccine injuries
and I have no reason to doubt them.
If doctors cannot see and don't
want to admit problems with vaccines,
the mothers have asked, when the
children are taken to the emergency room
the doctors at ER ask if
the child was recently vaccinated.
When the mother says that
yes, the child was vaccinated,
then doctors nod and
whisper to each other.
But nobody says anything out loud.
Our star doctors claim
confidently in media outlets
that during their career they
have never seen a vaccine injury.
Do we have a new diagnosis
called 'vaccine injury'?
Or do they not have patients
with allergies, diabetes, ADHD…?
Diseases that half our
population will soon have.
Mothers, who have trusted doctors and vaccinated
their children according to the schedule,
list different diagnoses in their letters that their
children have received after vaccination.
Doctors don't connect these to vaccines
and side effects are not reported to
the Estonian Agency of Medicines.
The parent is assured that
this is a coincidence.
If you have experienced
vaccine side effects,
and want others to learn
from your experience,
report the side effects on
the Agency of Medicines website.
This is the only official way to
draw attention to side effects.
Without reporting, side effects
are not included in the statistics
as if they did not exist.
If everyone reported the side effects,
this problem could not be ignored
by doctors and government officials.
After vaccination, sleep becomes restless,
abnormal crying for hours and
doctors cannot give an explanation.
Many children develop
twitches and cramps.
Many mothers describe that the
situation got worse after each vaccine.
Learned words disappear and the child
has problems understanding speech.
Hyperactivity. The child
cannot go to a regular school,
cannot concentrate, has anxiety,
panic attacks, hysteria.
Putting on clothes is impossible, because
the child doesn't want to be touched.
Skin problems, spots,
blisters, rough patches,
atopic dermatitis is very
common, allergies,
injection site is inflamed
and itchy for years.
Ear and throat infections,
bronchitis, asthma,
digestive issues, especially
after the rotavirus vaccine.
Food intolerances, crooked eyes,
uneven smiles, ticks,
cramps with fever
or without, epilepsy,
neurological injuries
and painful joints.
And vaccines will also
bring all kinds of diseases.
Treating those can
be unbelievably difficult.
Today a 3 month old baby
will receive 6 different vaccines.
Including this so-called polio virus,
which scientists now claim
is only the result of toxic gas.
Or mumps, which is
directly related to cancer.
Very small percentage of people,
who get mumps as a child
will ever develop cancer.
It creates immunity
against growing cancer cells.
I have taught a lot of women about the
importance of finding childhood diseases,
to give children zinc and vitamin C,
to be next to them
and support them
while their immune system
goes through the battle.
To train their immune system to handle
diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.
Today 3 year old children come
to see me with rheumatoid arthritis.
They have not had a chance to
fight with a childhood disease
and as a result they are
given an adults' disease.
Under the careful support of a parent,
no Nordic child will die
of a childhood disease.
If vaccines are in national
vaccine schedule in Estonia,
then doctors feel that
they are not responsible.
The vaccines are demanded by the state.
Parents should think and ask questions
about what will happen in case of side effects.
If you need proper specific
questions for your doctor,
you can print '20 Questions for
Your Doctor' from our website.
Look at these yourself
and ask your doctor,
if they can answer all of them properly,
then I might have my child vaccinated as well.
Our child was vaccine injured.
It happened already
after the first rota vaccine.
His skin started to
look weird after that.
When I asked our doctor,
who is no longer our doctor,
I asked if it makes sense
to keep vaccinating him,
if he already has some
kind of a disorder.
The doctor said that the atopic dermatitis
diagnosis was given after the first rota vaccine,
but atopic dermatitis is
so common with babies
that you can definitely keep vaccinating.
After the second rota vaccine
together with the hexavalent vaccine
our vaccine injury story
escalated 2 days later.
My son wouldn't sleep,
was covered with scabs,
his skin was wet, swollen and red.
We kept going to the emergency
room and different doctors.
Nobody couldn't tell us anything,
we were in the Paide hospital,
then in the skin clinic in Tartu.
The pediatrician in Paide
looked for a reason
such as too much dust
at home or a cat.
That perhaps there was an
external reason for his skin problems.
They tested him for all possible allergies.
None of the test results showed anything.
At first they said he was
intolerant to milk protein,
but actually that number was
just slightly higher than others.
After sharing our story on my
blog my inbox was flooded
with letters from dozens of parents describing
the same condition that my son had.
After the 3 month vaccine
everything was exactly
the same: watery rash,
which was labelled as an allergy,
that the mother should adjust her diet.
I regret today that I was so foolish
and did not look into vaccines before.
A homeopath helped me
to detox my son's body.
I also reported the side effect
to the Agency of Medicines.
I just read their answer
again, it said:
even though the event
occurred after vaccination,
atopic dermatitis is not listed on the
package inserts of rota or hexa vaccines.
Actually dermatitis is listed as a side
effect on the Infanrix Hexa package insert.
Together with rash and allergic reactions,
which all match the symptoms
and diagnosis of Liisi's son.
Dermatitis is also listed on the
package insert of Rotarix rota vaccine.
We have also received letters
and complaints about vaccines.
High fever – usually considered normal.
But how often does it happen?
According to the vaccine package inserts
around one third will experience high fever.
Is it really normal?
Injection site reactions –
hard bumps, injection
site inflamed for a long time,
also bone infection.
A father of twins told me how
his child's TB vaccine
injection site was so inflamed
that the doctors were
considering amputating her arm.
I found a scientific article
about the connection between
haemophilus vaccine and type 1 diabetes.
This 2002 study on
Finnish children showed that
children who received the Hib vaccine,
were diagnosed with insulin
dependent diabetes 26% more
than those who did not get the vaccine.
What about Estonian statistics?
Hib vaccine was added
to the schedule in 2005.
Look at the spike on the
graph of type 1 diabetes cases.
When I see these children, they
all have the same look, same symptoms.
Strabismus is one of the symptoms,
muscles are weak, they
don't hold their head up or sit up,
their mental development is delayed.
Autism is another big problem.
The NGO Stelior, which I have
been managing for 14 years,
was started in Switzerland by
parents of autistic children.
They started looking for reasons,
therapies, treatments and finding
options to help these children.
Obviously the rise of autism in these
areas is related to the vaccine schedules.
Vaccines and autism –
a very brief history: the use of thimerosal
in vaccines started in 1930,
that's a mercury compound.
The first case of autism as we
know it was diagnosed in 1943.
Before the 1970's,
1 in 2000 people had autism.
After that 1 in 1000 and
it has been increasing since.
At the moment it is about 1 in 68 people.
In general boys have more behavioural
and mental disorders than girls
and the reasons for this
have been documented.
The second problem is the increasing allergies.
A lot of doctors relate allergies to vaccines,
any vaccine could cause an anaphylactic shock.
Another problem that is now common in
small children is autoimmune diseases.
Autoimmune diseases are usually
connected to hep B or flu vaccines,
but actually could be
triggered by any vaccine.
If an adult or a child has
an autoimmune disease,
we should look at the vaccine records,
which vaccines were given and
how long before the illness started.
I can give you an example from France:
About 20 years ago there were mass
campaigns for hep B vaccination
for teenagers at school,
like we have for 12-13 year olds.
With this vaccine the side effects
usually appear about 3 years later.
The main side effects
are sclerosis multiplex
or leukemia.
When these campaigns
began in France,
then about 3 years later
there was a wave
of 17-18 year olds being diagnosed
with leukemia or sclerosis multiplex.
Some had less serious
neurological complications.
There are huge class action
lawsuits with over 1500 plaintiffs
and some of these lawsuits
are still being processed.
Vaccine adverse events:
we need to keep in mind
that the side effects
might occur in 5 minutes,
such as anaphylactic shock,
or they could occur in
5 years or 25 years.
A lot of children experience respiratory
failure or SIDS after vaccination.
I have several clients whose children
have been resuscitated at ER
when they stopped breathing
2-3 hours after the vaccine.
Deafness is a common vaccine
I noticed it quite often among animals, a
cat or dog became deaf after vaccinating.
When a child is exposed
to environmental toxins,
vaccines are the most
common source for infants,
then their medulla oblongata is
completely defenceless.
Chapter 5
Insufficient safety studies
Vaccines are the most researched and
studied type of medications ever!
There are no official scientific studies comparing
vaccinated and completely unvaccinated children.
This would be crucial comparison
to confirm the safety of vaccines.
The studies that have been made, are
not accepted by the medical community
for different reasons.
In this digital age,
why don't we look at
the general health of vaccinated vs.
unvaccinated children until school age.
It would be so simple.
I told my doctor about this idea.
She started laughing and
said: 'Anne, are you joking?
We are not allowed to even check the
medical records if a child is vaccinated,
this topic is taboo between doctors,
it's not possible to make graphs
or to talk about this in public'.
It is apparent that if the results
were in favour of vaccinated children,
that they are healthier,
then these graphs would be on
the front page of every newspaper.
Unfortunately this kind
of statistics are unavailable.
Reading these stories
makes you ask questions.
First, we focused on safety studies.
How are the safety studies done?
There are certain rules.
When I was writing my
thesis at the university,
I was always told: You cannot claim
anything without being able to compare it.
You have to have a control group.
Control group has to be
without this problem.
The study methodology has
to allow for correct answers.
I have seen such studies, where
you look at the methodology
and realise that it can
never give a correct answer.
There are very different studies out there.
For example, the abstract says that the study
compared vaccinated kids to unvaccinated.
How exciting!
I open it up and at
the end it turns out
that actually all of the
children were vaccinated.
The kids in the control group
had not had this particular vaccine.
But they had received everything
else and some perhaps more.
One might think that all vaccines
have had proper safety studies
according to the medical
research gold standard
that has 4 criteria:
First, randomised.
Second, double blind.
Third, compared against
a placebo control group.
Fourth, long-term.
Placebo means that patients
who received the medication
are compared to patients who
did not receive the medication.
This group is called the placebo group.
They are given sugar pills or
injected with saline solution.
Unfortunately this is not
the case with vaccines.
Here, placebo usually means
another vaccine or an adjuvant.
The vaccine safety studies were
honestly quite shocking to me.
Vaccines don't have
an ineffective placebo.
Vaccine safety studies
are made with other vaccines.
Yes, with other vaccines.
They compare one
vaccine to another vaccine.
The placebo group does not exist.
It doesn't exist.
Usually the vaccine or several
vaccines of the comparison group
are selected to have
exactly the same adjuvants.
For example, if one group receives
aluminum then so does the other one.
The duration of the safety
study can be very short.
They talk about long-term
studies, but it is not true.
3 days.
4 days.
1 month. Is the average
time for vaccine studies.
If you don't believe me, open
a vaccine package insert and look.
We used to have the Engerix B
hepatitis B vaccine for newborns.
It contains 250 mcg of aluminum
and trace amounts of mercury.
The mercury trace amounts came out from an
Australian document, not Estonian, of course.
During safety studies, patients
were monitored for 4 days.
4 days. And then we go
to inject all the newborns.
And without any fear.
Another sentence that you
can find on the package inserts:
The carcinogenicity –
meaning if it causes cancer –
mutagenicity –
meaning if it affects our DNA –
and effect on fertility
has not been studied.
Another thing that we
found about safety studies:
if we look at a safety or
toxicology report of a substance,
for example there is a website called Toxnet,
It has safety reports on all of the
chemical substances in the world
We were interested in the injection reports.
If the substance is injected.
Did you think that we found them?
No, we didn't.
This was the next shock:
There is no placebo,
the study lasts for 4 days
and turns out there are no injection
studies for these substances.
When we looked into these studies,
we found a whole list of exclusions.
Any child who is even slightly ill is
excluded from the vaccine studies.
Or who have recently been ill.
A whole lot of children are excluded.
Only completely healthy children
are included in the studies.
But if we think about the children
who are vaccinated in reality,
then we hear more and more about
sick children getting vaccinated.
But actually those children
have never been studied.
That how this vaccine would
influence these groups.
We asked the Agency of Medicine which
safety study control groups were used
and we found out the following:
In the so called 'placebo group'
one group got another
Infanrix Hexa vaccine Engerix-B,
these two combined have about the same
amount of aluminum as Infanrix Hexa.
The second control group
got Infanrix Penta and Hiberix
also both containing aluminum.
The third group got 4 different vaccines.
And this is what we
call a placebo group.
This does not meet any of
the placebo group requirements.
This kind of safety study.
So I can honestly say that
there have been no proper safety
studies done with vaccines.
We also found out that the
patients were studied up to 1 month
after the last vaccine.
'Up to' means that they could
have been studied much less.
Flu vaccine Flulaval:
I took a random flu
vaccine package insert.
I found some interesting information.
The duration of safety studies:
adults 3,5 days, children 7 days.
The control group was
given Fluzone vaccine.
I open the package insert of Fluzone –
Fluzone vaccine contains
25 mcg of mercury.
Flulaval also contains 25 mcg of mercury.
So we are comparing
one mercury to the other.
In both groups there were
2% of adverse events.
There were no differences, therefore
this vaccine is considered safe.
We asked the Agency of Medicines, what
they thought about this kind of safety study.
They referred to one European document,
and said that a correct safety
study would be 'unethical'.
Their direct quote is:
'It would be unethical to not
vaccinate the control group'.
If we look at the previous vaccine,
Gardasil, where the control group was
just injected with aluminum compound,
what is ethical about injecting
people with aluminum?
The problem is that vaccine producers make their
own safety studies and they are not independent.
Chapter 6
Vaccines contain toxic substances
Vaccines contain a lot
of different adjuvants.
Many of them are toxic
or carcinogenic.
There have never been any studies
about the combined effect of all
the vaccines in the vaccine schedule.
There are also no studies
about the effect of
substances used in vaccine
production, such as
aborted human fetus cells,
monkey kidney tissue,
chicken embryos,
guinea pig cells,
egg protein, insect DNA,
rabbit brain tissue, human
and bovine blood serum,
mouse brain cells,
horse blood plasma etc.
There are no injection studies
about adjuvants in vaccines.
Surprisingly, the safety of injecting
these substances has never been studied.
Clear guidelines for safe amounts
have never been established.
We sent an information request to the
Agency of Medicines about aluminum.
If there are no injection studies,
what is the safe amount based on?
They replied with a Mitkus study,
Mitkus is the name of the scientist,
and it turned out to be a mathematical
calculation based on oral amounts.
Nobody has ever studied the
safety of injecting aluminum.
On children or on adults.
No studies!
Also for substances like formaldehyde,
there are no injection studies.
In this report there were a lot of cases
about work safety
and people who have worked with
this substance for a long time,
such as mortuary workers,
and what health conditions
they might have developed,
but nothing about injecting it.
Not even animal studies.
Yeast extract.
Amino acids and proteins.
Proteins are meant to be digested.
This DNA is meant to be
broken down in our body.
The our digestive system
decides what to filter out.
It is very bad when this protein
ends up directly in our blood stream.
This is the reason for food
intolerances and autoimmune diseases,
because our body doesn't know
what to do with this substance.
Mercury. They say it is not
in the childhood vaccines,
but there is still a lot
of it in flu vaccines.
I looked into it – 25 mcg.
There is 25 mcg of
mercury in flu vaccines.
Also an interesting fact is that
in the work safety regulations
a single safe dose to be exposed to
is 0,2 mcg.
But we are injecting children
with 25 mcg with no hesitation.
This sounds like a total
error, how is it possible?
More harmful substances:
DNA of other people,
i.e. aborted human cells.
Foreign DNA.
The new Gardasil contains some kind
of genetically modified insect DNA.
There are some newer
injection studies about aluminum
but for some reason
they are being ignored.
Their results are quite shocking.
Even though it has been found that the
brains of autistic people are full of aluminum.
We know that Alzheimer's is
mostly caused by aluminum,
that the brain cortex is full of aluminum,
then autistic people have
aluminum in all parts of their brain
and ten times more than
what is considered safe.
Aluminum hydroxide has been used
as a vaccine adjuvant since 1932.
Pille already talked about this.
By the way, the operation mechanism
of this substance is still unknown.
They call it an adjuvant and
say it's a good substance.
Although we have different information.
Chapter 7
Vaccines are not as effective as we are told
Vaccines are not as effective
as we are told.
Often, the naturally spreading strain of
the disease is different from the vaccine strain.
Because the disease has mutated over time,
and the new strains that are
spreading are not in the vaccine.
For example measles have different
genotypes spreading naturally.
Paul Rota, a WHO health expert,
has named 23 different genotypes.
Vaccine is only for genotype A.
Genotype A has not been
found in nature for 20 years.
In Estonia, there are
B3 and D8 genotypes.
There has only been
one Chinese study about
whether the A genotype vaccine
protects against other strains.
In their study in 2011,
the Chinese conclude that
the current vaccine does not protect against
the naturally spreading form of measles.
It is the same case
with mumps, Hib, pertussis
and poliomyelitis vaccines.
Vaccines contain the
strains that don't occur in nature.
The medication did not
work as it was supposed to.
Vaccines don't work
as they're supposed to.
I started investigating
and asking open questions
and I recommend you do the same.
Hepatitis B and hepatitis C
spread in the same way:
blood, medical instruments contaminated
with blood and through intercourse.
If these graphs look the same,
then even if you are not an epidemiologist,
you get the feeling that
there is probably something else
influencing the decline
of these diseases.
But what could it be?
As soon as we started using
disposable medical instruments in Estonia
or at least carefully sanitised,
not to mention infants:
none of the medical instruments
that come in contact with infants
are contaminated with blood.
There is a theory of antibodies.
the efficiency of a vaccine is based
on it's ability to produce antibodies.
The amount of antibodies that the
vaccine can produce in our body.
But nobody checks if the
presence of antibodies in blood
actually prevents getting the disease.
There is an interesting lawsuit against
the pharmaceutical company Merck
that started in 2010 and it still ongoing.
The pharmaceutical company
is good at dragging it out
while they continue selling their vaccine.
It makes you ask further questions
about getting mumps in Estonia
and turns out that most of the few cases
that we have had, have been vaccinated.
Same thing with the pertussis vaccine,
we have data from 2005-2007.
Further data has not been published,
probably because they were embarrassed.
96%, 95%, 84% who got
pertussis were vaccinated.
The question is, why are we
injecting our children at all?
Chapter 8
The necessity of vaccines is doubtful
Daniel M. Davis has said in his
book 'The Beautiful Cure' that
over 90% of our immune
defence has not been studied.
We have tried to understand immunity
ever since Jenner first vaccinated
an 8 year old boy 220 years ago.
But we have managed
to study only a small part –
apparently only 5% of everything
that makes up our immune defence.
Organisations are represented by people.
They tend to work behind closed doors.
I asked the committee of experts –
all members of the committee,
whose names were difficult to find –
one question about the
hepatitis B vaccine for infants.
There is no difference whether this vaccine
is given to newborns or 3 month olds.
In both cases this is completely
unnecessary, in my opinion.
My question was:
What is your reason for
vaccinating healthy infants, who are
not at risk, against hepatitis B, when
this measure is
epidemiologically unreasonable –
we spoke about what is
epidemiologically reasonable,
we need to have such epidemics that
we are unable to save the infants,
but our infection rate has
always been and still is zero.
They replied: 'I will
make a note of your letter
and add it as a discussion point in
the agenda of our next meeting.'
It has been 1,5 years since this reply.
Total silence.
From this I conclude that
we must search for the reason
for vaccinating infants against hepatitis B,
outside of the medical system.
Hepatitis B vaccine.
Why are we vaccinating infants
against a sexually transmitted disease?
…she started to argue with me that
hepatitis B spreads from surfaces.
This is a lie, don't believe it!
Chapter 9
Informed consent
Before deciding about vaccines, you should
be informed about all aspects of the decision.
We all have the right to informed consent
before any medical
procedure is done to our body.
Every healthcare provider must give the patient
thorough information before vaccination
including the vaccine package insert
which is included within
the vaccine package.
The must obtain informed consent.
Parent or guardian will
give consent for the child.
I will begin with
informed consent, because
the topics of vaccines and informed
consent are closely connected.
Vaccinating is the same kind of
healthcare service as any other
and we need to have the
same rights when vaccinating
as we do when we have surgery
or decide about any
other healthcare procedure.
Security of the person is
the basis of informed consent.
Security of the person is
one of our basic rights.
It is in the Estonian constitution
and therefore making
vaccinating mandatory in Estonia
would go against the
constitution in my opinion.
Who owns my body?
My body belongs to me.
My child's body also belongs to me
until they can decide for themselves.
Everyone has the right to
decide about their body.
When we walk into a hospital,
our body does not become
the property of doctors.
According to the constitution, non-
consensual treatment is only legal
in case of patients with mental
illness or infectious disease,
only if they are dangerous
to themselves or others
and only if the court has decided
that there is an immediate threat.
These 3 requirements
have to be met in order to
force anyone to have any
procedure in the medical system.
The principle and procedure
of informed consent is set in
paragraph 766 of the
Estonian law of obligations
Informed consent means,
that a person knows what
they are consenting to.
For this, they have to be informed about the
essence and purpose of the medication,
the dangers and consequences
and other possible healthcare services.
If the patient requests, then this
information must be given in writing.
The patient can retract their consent
within a reasonable timeframe.
There is quite a lot of information
that you should be given
before you decide about vaccination.
And you have a right to ask for this.
A very important component is
that the consent is voluntary.
Voluntary consent means that
the person who gives consent
has not been pressured,
influenced, threatened
forced, manipulated,
scared or lied to.
The principle of informed consent is
often ignored in everyday medical practise
and the person is not given
important information about vaccines.
Patients are often directly
pressured or scared
or led to false conclusions by
giving simplified information
and just saying that vaccines
are necessary and safe.
Ask questions from your doctor.
You have the right to ask
questions and get answers.
Chapter 10
Alternatives to vaccinating
Hygiene and nutrition play an important
role in disease prevention and treatment.
To stop the infectious disease from
spreading, the patient is isolated from society
and the spreading pathways are cut off.
A few words about the prevention measures
to stop the infectious diseases from spreading.
Epidemiologist has to talk about this.
The first measure is isolating the
infected person or animal.
Stay at home or go to
hospital in severe cases.
Do not go to school, daycare or work
to avoid spreading the disease.
The most efficient and
important measure of protection
is cutting off the spreading pathways.
If we know that infections are
spreading through food or water
we will do everything to ensure
that our food and water are safe.
Through the eyes of an epidemiologist,
vaccinating is an extreme measure.
Vaccinating is interfering with the
human microbiome in an unnatural way.
We don't know almost anything
about the human microbiome,
we have only scratched the surface.
This is a violent attack on the immune system
that should only be done in extreme cases.
Homeopathy can be
used to relieve vaccine injuries
and to stimulate the body's
natural abilities to heal itself.
I have been working with
homeopathy for 18 years.
I studied it for 4 years
and actually already
worked during my studies.
My family and children
play a big role in this.
I have 4 healthy children
one of my children is vaccinated,
as I was studying at University of Tartu
and I was sure that it was
an intelligent place for studying.
If doctors study twice
as long as other people,
then they must be twice
as responsible and thorough.
Homeopathy takes into account
the fact that we are energy,
not sand or matter.
It is the number two branch
of medicine in the world.
About 6-7 million people
use homeopathy in the world.
Unfortunately things are different in
our little greenhouse called Estonia.
6-7 million in 100 countries.
A lot of states officially recognise
homeopathy in their healthcare system.
But they try to push homeopathy aside,
because it's growing so rapidly
they cannot stop it.
Homeopathy has been kept next to
the allopathic medicine for 200 years.
Did you know that the Royal
London Hospital is homeopathic?
If you use homeopathy, you stimulate your
immune system with information or energy.
10 year experiences from big homeopathy
centres have been documented in books
that prove that homeopathic
vaccines are very effective.
Estonia is the only state where people
cannot order homeopathic remedies to,
the Agency of Medicines will confiscate them,
because these are considered medications and
you are not allowed to order medications online.
There are these laws and rules, but
you can order them to other countries.
Riga or Valka in Latvia, or Finland etc.
They have different rules.
Information is such a
strong and powerful weapon
that to treat it, we need information.
Homeopathy is not chemical,
because they will not find a single
substance molecule in the sugar pill.
But these quantum physicists will find
the energy vibrations that are present.
Words like 'I hate you' or
'I love you' work inside you
is a proof of how treating with
energy works on a higher level.
I would say that it's not
fear, but it is wisdom.
You can send your child to their
journey with a kiss on the cheek,
but that is next level.
Today homeopaths receive patients, who
are still moving in the direction of sending
their kids off with a kiss on the cheek.
There are millions of
homeopathy users in India,
there are hospitals, centres, cancer
clinics, they hold huge conferences,
it's unbelievable. Because it's
a different language space.
They have less of our media.
They are not scared, humiliated
or bullied like we are in here.
Same thing in France and Germany –
different language space,
60% of GP's uses homeopathy on a daily
basis, it's complementary medicine.
In every pharmacy in France
there is a big sign 'Homeopathy'.
It means we use information
and energy instead of poison.
Because if the disease comes
from very far through the DNA
then it is fine information.
You have been born from one
egg and one sperm that met.
How much of heavy
information could there be?
This very fine and delicate
information can only be accessed
with very delicate and diluted energy.
This is what homeopathy is.
If you dilute something
50 000 times, then you access
very old diseases that
come from the family DNA.
Our physical and mental
health are dependent on food.
Changing our diet can relieve several
illnesses caused by vaccine injuries
such as skin problems and allergies.
The right diet can also
relieve many mental problems
such as ADHD and autism.
The gut microflora is often
damaged as a result of vaccination
and the child can develop
gluten or casein intolerance.
Excluding dairy products, grains
and sugar from the child's diet,
will often lead to healing of
the gut and changes in behaviour.
When I started with my child
14 years ago, they looked at me
as if I was crazy that the child is
already with mental problems
and now the mother stopped
giving him milk and bread.
But 6 months later
my doctor told me that
'I don't want to know
what you are doing with him
but continue, because
he has improved so much.'
Brain and gut.
A lot of different brain
processes operate through the gut.
If your gut is healthy, then your brain is
healthy, able to learn and works properly.
Gastroenterologists have made many studies
about how the brain and gut work together.
A lot of schoolchildren come to me because
of unexplainable stomach aches.
The bloodwork looks fine,
doctor says that everything looks good,
but the child still has stomach
aches for months or even years.
Then we need to look into the gut microflora.
Everything related to candida, skin problems,
if your child constantly has a runny nose,
coughing, everything related
to snot, infection, redness,
milk is the main suspect.
Milk is also related to epilepsy.
There are also medical scientific studies
that relate epilepsy to milk intolerance.
Problems with absorbing
gluten are different kind:
more in the mental sphere, study difficulties,
aggressiveness, ADHD, violent behaviour.
Autism an be related
to any food intolerance
Sleeping disorders in adults,
if you wake up at night
or don't have deep sleep
then gluten free diet helps a lot.
Chronic fatigue, schizophrenia,
excess weight are all related to gluten.
Science has not caught up with life
when discovering the immune system.
Every vaccine and
pharmaceutical has side effects,
that are written on the package inserts.
Some people are more
susceptible to the side effects
and experience serious injuries
as a result of vaccines.
One day, the vaccine
injured children will grow up.
Some of them will never
go to a regular school,
go to work, start a
family or pay taxes.
Vaccine injuries are not recognised
on a national level in Estonia.
Doctors don't recognise vaccine injuries
and therefore they are not
registered in the national registries.
Unlike other countries, there have been no compensation paid for vaccine injuries in Estonia.
Instead, the parents of vaccine injured
children are labelled as 'anti-vaxxers'.
Even though they have vaccinated their
children according to the schedule.
There is no public discussion
over vaccines in Estonia
and this creates mistrust
towards the system.
The country does not have
infrastructure for vaccine injured children.
There is no plan on what to do with the growing
number of adult people with autism.
The pharmaceutical industry is one of the wealthiest
and most powerful industries in the world.
According to statistics,
by year 2020,
the profit made from vaccine sales in
the world is 60 billion US dollars a year.
The pharmaceutical industry
funds medical schools,
media and scientists who
conduct scientific studies.
Members of government meet
with pharmaceutical lobbyists
who can affect decisions
made on national level.
As a result, the pharmaceutical
industry has an enormous influence
over media, medicine and
national level decision makers.
Doctors are not to
blame for this situation.
The system has developed
like this over time.
It is in our power to change that.
I am very grateful to all of you.
All the volunteers, who
know that I'm talking about you.
The amount of work we have
done in 2 years is unbelievable.
Our medical and legal advisors,
translating films and articles,
building our website,
investing your time voluntarily.
We do not wish to fight anyone,
we want to know the truth.
Why do so many children have
health problems after vaccinating?
There cannot be this many consequences.
Estonian children's health is at stake
and all the parents should have the
option to make informed decisions.
…I can tell you one story…
– Yes, please do!
Our camera man has something to say.
I'll quickly tell you a story
about my recent experience.
My GP called me and
asked how my health was.
I said that I'm well, no complaints.
Let's vaccinate!
Let's test 3 vaccines on you!
I asked that what do you mean?
Oh these are quite expensive vaccines
and usually people don't get them.
I said that okay, but
I'll think about it first.
I took some time to think.
And what I want to say with this story
is that it is worth taking time to think
At first I agreed.
One vaccine was 60 euros and 3 vaccines…
and they also would have
paid me to go and get them!
Afterwards they test you
and counsel you etc.
Then I thought that I'll call my
dentist and ask what she would do.
Don't do it!
Then I thought that I'll
call my pharmacist.
I went to the pharmacy and asked her.
Because a pharmacist will
know more about vaccines.
She is of course a homo… path?
And he said that since
she works at a pharmacy
then her personal opinion
is that she wouldn't do it.
I said okay.
Then there was a man of faith.
I asked his opinion.
Don't do it!
But it's your decision.
And I had one more…
I was doing proper
investigation on what to do.
Then my doctor calls me
again: 'Well, let's do it!'
And I said that I looked into
it and I don't want to do it.
Why not? I have
vaccinated all my children,
vaccines are very necessary
and she was pressuring me.
I said that I called 3-4 friends and
they thought it wasn't a good idea,
I am healthy and I don't
need this vaccine.
That was the end of it, maybe
she won't see me any more…
Maybe she saw that I'm a little
overweight, I don't know…
I recommend to think and investigate
before you get any injections.
Sound technician Alo!
I have a 3 month old daughter
who is doctor- and vaccine-free!
Nothing more to say!
I have a feeling that most people
wouldn't vaccinate in Estonia
only media says that most
people do or that we should.
Media says one thing, but in reality
90% of the people don't vaccinate,
but nobody knows that,
because we don't talk about it.
We wish all Estonian families
wisdom to make the right decisions.
Courage to research the
background of important decisions
and to remain sure of themselves.
To trust their children's immune system.
We wish that correct information
reaches every Estonian family
where vaccines are being
discussed now or in the future.
For all healthcare workers,
we wish an open mind,
consciousness, understanding
and cooperation with parents
to find the best solution.
We wish for them to
stand up for the truth
and instead of defending vaccines, would
look into the secrets of real healthcare.
For all the politicians, government
officials and other decision makers,
we also wish consciousness, sincerity
and being honest to themselves.
To make the right decisions in order
to save the health of Estonian children
and to stay away from financial
interests and temptations.
We wish that all Estonian children
would be healthy and happy.
We thank everyone who has supported
the NGO and making of this documentary.
This documentary was
funded by individual donors.

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