Dr. Mallory Meyer, DO is a General Surgery Specialist shares about her care philosophy, types of surgeries she performs and how she chose this specialty.
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[Fireside Chat with Dr. Mallory Meyer, DO]
– Hi, I am Dr. Mallory Meyer.
I'm a general surgeon,
hepatobiliary, and pancreas surgeon
here in the South Denver area.
I practice general surgery,
like I mentioned. That
includes fixing hernias,
taking out gallbladders,
doing some acute care cases.
As far as my hepatobiliary
and pancreas practice,
I work on and practice any
benign or malignant diseases
of the liver, the biliary
system, or the pancreas.
I also do a lot of complex GI work,
such as a esophageal and
gastric work, as well,
but again, both benign and malignant.
I have considered Colorado my home now
for the last, essentially, 10 years.
I did medical school at
Rocky Vista University
down in Parker.
I was in Des Moines, Iowa
for a bit of my training,
and then finished my training
at Swedish Medical Center.
I then did a fellowship in
hepatobiliary and pancreas
here in Denver, as well, and
then I joined the practice
of Eric Kortz and Kian
Modanlou back in August.
The two of them have
been great mentors to me,
and I have been really pleased and excited
to be a part of their practice now.
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[What types of surgeries do you perform?]
So as far as my general surgery practice,
I essentially practice bread
and butter general surgery.
I do the vast majority
of my general surgeries
on the da Vinci robot.
I think that one, it decreases
length of stay for patients.
My partners and I have started
an opioid-free protocol
involving anesthesia to
do preoperative blocks,
and we're really dedicated to
reducing the amount of opioids
that patients use, especially for these
minimally-invasive outpatient surgeries.
As far as my complex GI practice,
I do work involving malignancy
and benign disorders
of the liver, the biliary
tree, the pancreas,
as well as the stomach,
and just in general, abdominal tumors.
I've been starting to do more of that work
on the robot, as well.
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[Why did you choose
this area of specialty?]
A couple different
reasons, and my practice
is exactly what I wanted it to be
as far as a mix of general
surgery and complex GI surgery.
Really, the intricate
detail of the surgical work
of complex GI and hepatobiliary
really drew me, again,
as well as the excellent
mentors that I had
in Dr. Kortz and Dr. Modanlou.
As far as the relationship with patients,
that's something that really
drew me to this area, as well.
I think when you're working with patients
who have either cancer, or are
anticipating a big operation,
or just gone through a big operation,
you really need to meet
them compassionately,
and you really need to
individualize their care,
and I think that's really
necessary in medicine these days,
and the collaboration that I get to have
with the interventional
radiologists, the GI doctors,
the oncologists, the
primary care physicians
is something that I really enjoy
in my work, as well.
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[What do you like to
do in your spare time?]
Really everything in Colorado.
My husband and I really enjoy
back country snowboarding
and mountain biking in the summers,
spending as much time outdoors
as we can. (upbeat music)
[You Can Schedule Your Appointment
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[SurgOne at Sky Ridge, 10103
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