Relive the 10 defining moments of Jürgen Norbett Klopp’s managerial reign with the Reds, so far. As the boss himself reflects on an incredible 5 years, including …
It's five years, so that's a long time,
and it was pretty intense, but enjoyable.
Jürgen, just down here, please.
I cannot forget the moment
when I got the call from my agent
that Liverpool were interested.
The feeling I had in that moment,
because we were in Portugal with the family,
both boys with us, Ulla and I
sitting at an outside coffee bar,
and actually I didn't take
a lot of phone calls in that time,
it was like, "Come on, don't bother me",
but then I had a feeling
it could be something interesting,
so Marc goes, I take the phone, he tells me,
and I felt an excitement inside.
I still remember both boys were like…
And we looked at Ulla,
and she looked at all three of us –
"Oh, it looks like holiday is over."
It was just a really nice moment,
we were happy together when I became
aware of Liverpool's interest,
it was already pretty special, and from
that point on it got better and better.
First of all I have to say, it's the biggest
honour I can imagine to be here.
The intensity of football,
how the people live football in Liverpool,
around Liverpool,
all the Liverpool fans all over the world,
so it's not a normal or usual club,
it's a special club.
Jose Mourinho, when he came
to England for the first time,
described himself as 'The Special One' –
how would you describe yourself?
I'm a totally normal guy. I'm The Normal One,
maybe, if you want this!
When I left Dortmund, my last words were,
"It's not so important what people think
when you come in,
"it's much more important what
they think when you leave."
♫ Liiiverpool, Liiiverpool… ♫
The atmosphere in an English stadium
is different to a German stadium.
In England, if the game is not good
you can pretty much hear a pin drop –
doesn't happen too often to us because
our football is quite emotional,
but another part of the way we are different is
how you say thank you to the crowd.
After West Brom, a late equaliser, I just
wanted to say thank you for the atmosphere
and stuff like this, because we are
not alone on this planet
and we for sure should not
be alone in a football stadium,
we should never feel alone there,
not the supporters, not the team,
otherwise it makes no sense.
And then, all the British media,
and I think even Tony Pulis mentioned,
"If they celebrate a point against West Brom,
with all the money they spend" –
which is always a very nice argument
in discussions about football(!) –
"then something is wrong."
But we didn't celebrate the result,
we said thank you for the atmosphere
the people created.
Yes, it was obviously a misunderstanding
in the public perception,
but I couldn't care less, to be honest.
I always say – and I really think –
the only reason for a defeat
is to react in the right way.
If you learn from it, then it's just a result,
if you don't learn from it
then it's a real disaster.
Losing, this experience from tonight,
I promise everybody, we will use it,
we will use this experience
and come back stronger, 100 per cent.
It could have been enough, but not
with 50-60 per cent of our usual quality.
The guys tried everything, and we didn't get it
tonight, but like I said – we will come back.
Actually I don't think something
would be different today
if we would have won both of those finals.
We learned from it, but I think we would
have learned even if we won both finals.
Here I am, I still lost the majority
of the finals I was in,
so that's not too nice, but it's the truth.
I didn't suffer too long after we lost
some finals, but of course I suffered,
but I took them just as information,
as one piece of information
in amongst a lot of other information,
which we all used, and you carry on.
But I was not a different person
after we lost finals,
because in this world – and I don't like it
too much, but it's just a fact –
qualifying for a final is, in all parts of life,
a massive achievement…
Until you lose it! And then it's like
all the rest never happened.
I'm concerned about the next game, and it
has nothing to do with any trophy won
or any final lost or anything.
You try everything,
you get something, or nothing,
that's how it is, and then you try again
with absolutely everything
to make the next thing happen.
I remind Sadio from time to time that he used
to shoot really well with the left foot!
We celebrated it a little bit too much,
Sadio jumped on my back, and it looked
like the game is finished.
You can celebrate like this
if it's really decided,
and 3-1 at Arsenal, it's obviously not.
This game was a really good example
of what we have to do,
and what we have to improve.
We shouldn't have situations
like this too often,
but we are good enough
to find a solution.
2-0 would have been better
for our plan than 3-2.
It's not about having a philosophy, it's about
adapting to the quality of the opponent.
It was a really good early sign
of how good we can be,
and it was also a really good sign of how
concentrated we have to be to be a top side.
The higher you climb performance-wise,
the more likely it gets that you have
a pretty stressful finish to the season,
and I think that was the year when
Chelsea were really chasing us.
We had to win every game pretty
much, to keep the distance.
The Gini Wijnaldum goal, right?
That was a very important game.
The funny part was we won it, great,
qualified for the Champions League,
but after the game I realised –
it's only for qualification
to the Champions League.
Finally, a few weeks
after the Middlesbrough game,
we qualified for the Champions League,
and that was the start for really big stories,
I would say.
Football on the highest intensity,
on the highest level,
passion mixed up with technique, is the best
thing that football can deliver.
Competitiveness massively…
So it was just a joy to watch,
using all the things we learned over the years
for a specific moment is just nice.
These two home games
were absolutely exceptional.
Over the two games I really think we deserved
to make it to the next round,
we scored five goals against
Man City and conceded one,
these numbers are usually not possible.
The boys did it, so I'm happy.
Roma, they are historically good at defending,
and then we're 5-0 up
and the world was bright, all was great,
then we concede these two late goals
and it was like,
"Oh, my God, game on."
Away game, Rome, we had to fight,
we did, and we qualified for the final.
These games were absolute signs
for the new level we could reach, that's true.
If we want to challenge for the Holy Grail,
we have to be nearly perfect,
and that means you have to end up
on a really high points tally.
You cannot become champions
of England with 80-something points,
I can't see that anymore.
I knew, with the quality and the level
City showed, and the consistency,
it was clear, you have to be
really close to being perfect.
When you look at that season, how many
moments could have been different?
We didn't score at City
because of 11 millimetres.
97 points wasn't the number,
the number was 11 millimetres!
So it was just an exceptional year,
but it's a good education and thing to learn.
And I said that always,
giving your absolute everything
doesn't guarantee that you get anything.
It's just your only chance,
your only chance to get something,
so that's how it really is
and that's the perfect example for it –
we gave our absolute everything.
And it looked like
we got absolutely nothing for it…
but it's not true, because a few weeks later
we had a big chance
to get something really special.
I said to the boys,
"I know it's actually not possible,
but because of you, we have a chance,
"so let's give it a try."
Having some words for it is one thing,
but what the boys made of this game
is so absolutely exceptional…
with being 3-0 down,
knowing what we have to do,
knowing what usually happens when
you're that open against Barcelona,
when you have to be offensive against them,
that was absolutely exceptional.
That game I could watch
and not be bored for one second.
Such an exceptional football game, nobody
who was there or saw it live will ever forget it.
♫ And you'll never walk alone
♫ You'll never walk alone… ♫
♫ You'll never walk alone… ♫
This is a moment when everybody involved –
and I really mean everybody involved –
gets the maximum reward
for all their investment,
that's what I enjoy 100 per cent.
I love watching everybody else carrying it,
touching it, kissing it,
doing what you want.
I love that a lot.
The word for that is absolutely overwhelming,
it's all too much.
Everything that we experienced
in these four, five hours
on the bus through the city is too much.
It was that intense,
it was really, absolutely great.
As a normal human being
you cannot really deal with it.
You have the chance to block it and think,
"That's too much emotion,
I don't want to be sucked into it."
I try to be as open as possible
and get as much of it as I can.
I love the fact that it's not only for us,
it's not only for the guys in the shirt,
it's for everybody who wants to be involved.
These people, our supporters,
want to be as close as possible,
they want to support us as much as possible,
so it made it so special
that we have this moment together,
it was absolutely overwhelming,
incredible, unforgettable.
It's so overwhelming what the people are
doing, when you have direct eye contact
and you see how much it means to them,
that's touching, to be honest.
I don't speak as a football manager now,
just as a human being.
You think, "Oh, my God,
it looks like it's really serious."
A lot of people bombard us with numbers
which we as human beings cannot deal with,
who wants to read every day
how many people died?
So we had to learn to deal
with these situations as well,
and that is when we stopped the league here.
Football is not important anymore.
The only way to get football
back as soon as possible –
if that's what the people want –
the more disciplined we are now,
the earlier we will get –
piece by piece by piece – our lives back.
We played that game
and it was really strange,
because I can cut off
everything before a game.
I make sure my family is well,
apart from that I don't need to know anything,
I can now be completely focused
on the game.
In this game I struggled so much,
I struggled so much it was incredible.
And then the null and void discussions
came up,
and maybe from
a selfish point of view, I don't know,
but from a sportman's point of view as well,
I thought,
"How can you think about that after
70 per cent of the season is played?"
"How can anybody think it could be the right
decision to take away all that we did before?"
That was hard for a moment, but it was clear
after a few weeks that will not happen.
We have to be very cautious and very serious
again about the things happening out there,
make sure that we are all as well as possible.
ALL: Whoaaa…
Ending the 30-year wait meant
obviously absolutely everything to our fans,
and absolutely everything to us here as well.
It's just, from my point of view – and I know
a lot of people see it differently –
one of the biggest achievements
in sports in the last few years.
If you see the circumstances,
the challenges, the opponents,
if you see the pressure which was
on the boys when I arrived here,
all these kinds of things,
it's one of the biggest achievements.
♫ Now you're gonna believe us…
We're gonna win the league! ♫
Now it's just another milestone
in the history of this fantastic club.
It was all different,
it was all not like it usually is,
but that makes it even more special,
because we hopefully will never compare
this title to any other title,
not from a points tally point of view, just from,
"How was it without supporters?"
Because it will hopefully never happen again
that anyone has to celebrate anything
without supporters.
It makes it so special,
it will be really easy for us
to remember it when we think in the future.
Without the crowd, it's not the same,
but you know we do it for you,
we know it, and we will have
a time where we do it together.
Congratulations to all of us, we are
champions of England, Europe and the world,
unbelievable – because of you, by the way.
♫ Campiones, campiones,
ole, ole, ole! ♫
The boys and I decided we want to
mix things up in the future,
when we look back and think, "When did
we win this, was it in '21 or '22?
"No, that was '23", so that's actually the plan,
and there is some work to do,
but if we all stay healthy and committed,
if we all keep believing
and keep dreaming,
then I think we have a chance.
And that's OK, because we never had more
than a chance, and it worked out somehow.
♫ Campiones, campiones,
ole, ole, ole! ♫

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