Hello the Daring Fam, In this video you will find a 10 min flat-belly and tight-booty fat burn for PCOS that is a 100 % knee-friendly so, there is no jumping, …
What's up the Daring Family. Welcome back to
Dare Natural YouTube channel. Thank you
so much for being here today for another
pcos workout. If you're new here,
hey welcome. I'm so excited to be
working out with you.
I wanted you to know that i read all
your comments, i do! sometimes it takes me
a while to answer because
I still study, I work, I have this youtube
channel and an instagram page where I
post daily content about pcos so, being
honest, sometimes there is like a lot to
but I love it. I love being in contact
with you, learn from you and help you
manage your pcos symptoms in a natural
namely through exercise and i've noticed
that some of you have asked for a knee
friendly pcos
workout. Not that long ago, i posted this
video right here that is a "five
minute no jumping cardio workout"
but i think that for people or people
who have
real, severe knee
problems, joint pain… you need like
something different. That's why I'm making this workout today that involves
no jumping, no squats, no equipment, you
can do it at home but wait, it's
going to help you burn calories,
shape that muscle and stay as fit as
possible so, if you're interested
this is for you and even if you don't
have a knee problem, you can include this
in your pcos workout plan so,
let me show you what we're going to do.
We are Daring Natural, coming up !
So, this is a detailed list of all the
exercises that we're going to do today.
When I was creating this routine, i
talked to a physiotherapist who insisted
on the fact that if you are still
spontaneous pain, which is the opposite
to stimulus-evoked pain,
in other words pain that appears without
making any effort or any movement that
could provoke it;
or if you're experiencing inflammation
or if when you touch your knee you feel
that it's kind of hot, you shouldn't be
making this workout. Actually, if you are
in this case, it's highly recommended
you see a specialist before going back
to the gym or doing any other type of
physical activity that
could make your condition worse.
So, in reference to the exercises, for the
deadlifts and the superman exercises I'm
going to be using the four-kilo
and a resistance band respectively but
that's really optional
because if you adopt the right posture,
you keep your core
tightened throughout the routine and you
squeeze the glutes,
you will feel the burn even without the
same equipment.

Well, I wouldn't like this video to end
without giving you
five tips to avoid knee problems in the
Tip number one, before you start working
out, make sure that you always
always warm up. A really good warm up for
people having knee problems or
recovering from
a knee issue is leg extensions without
Another pre-workout tip is
to make really sure that you have no
pain, no inflammation, no hot knee
before you start the exercise.
During the workout, avoid squats, namely
deep squats and pay close attention to
how much weight you lift;
and after the workout, as a preventive
you could apply cold compresses.
This is going to avoid inflammation and
Apparently, the best way to do it
according to the physiotherapist I talked to, is
while you are sitting,
not with your legs straight but
you know, like you normally sit.
that's going to help you obtain their

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