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hi while you are pregnant or trying to
conceive many people would tell you
avoid this and avoid that but they don't
actually give you a reason why? so I did
a little research I'm going to tell you
some things about foods that are going
to help you make a decision whether or
not you should avoid this fruit food in your
pregnancy diet all bodies are different
and the choice is up to you
papaya now we've got two kinds of
papayas ripe papayas and raw papayas
what's the difference now in the first
two six weeks of pregnancy it's
definitely recommended to avoid raw
papaya all together now drop papaya has
a latex substance you would see that
white creamy substance now that latex
substance has the property of making
your uterine walls contract so basically
you might get your period even a little
bit earlier whereas ripe papayas
on the other hand after your first
trimester is a great source of vitamins
for your baby
a small portion of papayas even daily
after the first trimester would not do
you any harm
so the choice is between ripe papaya and
raw papaya and knowing when to eat what
seafood .seafood consists of various
kinds of fish as well as shellfish
shellfish might be extra heat II so
depending upon your body type
sometimes it's recommended to avoid
shellfish altogether as the excess heat
produced by digesting of shellfish can
cause rashes on your skin avoid high
mercury content fish now these are
fishes that are usually bred in polluted
waters and can even occur out at sea so
large fish such as tuna mackerels or
even shark can be dangerous to be had in
excess don't binge on tuna sandwiches as
they might have excess mercury content
which is not good for your baby uncooked
or raw fish sushi lovers you might have
to take a break and step away from while
you are pregnant uncooked raw fish is
responsible for causing several
infections including viral bacterial and
saitec infections knowable wireless
Vibrio virus salmonella E coli and
Listeria are some of the bacteria and
viruses present in raw and uncooked
seafood so avoiding seafood which is not
cooked properly or even hasn't been
cooked to the appropriate temperatures
so make sure all your fish and all your
meat are well done be especially
cautious of coming into contact with
Listeria as this is present in raw fish
and Listeria also has the capability of
passing right down your placenta and
entering your baby's bloodstream the
same goes for uncooked raw meat as well
as all those sandwich meats which are
not cooked fully it's only potted and
salted and even items such as salami
Zoar Bacon's in some case if not cooked
properly and only steamed can't still
have bacteria which can be highly
dangerous especially if you are pregnant
your egg white or raw eggs altogether
can be an ingredient in a lot of food
the problem with raw egg is there is 98%
chances of it having Salmonella on it
now Salmonella can cause a lot of
diseases in the human body and you don't
want your baby to have salmonella
infection at such a tiny stay and while
in herbal stage so steer clear of items
that might contain raw egg even
something as simple as ice creams made
at home various types of puddings and
dessert also contained raw egg so if you
are passing up some chocolate souffle do
check if that contains raw egg or not
if raw egg is one of the ingredients
it's best to about this was one of the
hardest for me to give up yes your daily
cup of champagne now coffee is add love
to an extent of 200 mg per day why would
I advise you to stay clear of caffeine
altogether. scientifically
coffee is digested very fast and is
absorbed into the mother's body so if
you have a cup of coffee you notice that
within 10 minutes you're either wide
awake or you might even want to pull so
what happens is caffeine is metabolized
so fast in our body it enters
our bloodstream now if caffeine also has
the capability of blasting through the
placenta and entering the baby's
bloodstream now the baby hasn't
developed a digestive system as yet and
cannot break down this caffeine so the
caffeine ends up accumulating in the
little baby's body high levels of
caffeine build up in the baby's body can
result in restricted growth and a low
birth weight so avoiding coffee
altogether might not be in your best
interest but it might be in your baby's
best interest now if they say that
coffee can be limited up to 200 mg do
they say anything about alcohol
unfortunately, no amount of alcohol is
considered safe during pregnancy what
alcohol does in our body is it causes
the water to get absorbed which means it
causes you to get dehydrated consuming
any amount of alcohol can cause
dehydration in your little babe and this
can result in a miscarriage since no
amount of alcohol has considered to be
safe you have to avoid alcohol
altogether while you are pregnant
unpasteurized milk cheese and fruit
juice now what do we mean by
unpasteurized milk cheese and fruit
juice when you look at a carton of milk
it would be written is it pasteurized or
not if it's pasteurized it's safe if you
are buying fresh cow milk boiling milk
well would reduce the risk of having
other bacterial infections passing into
your body such as equalise Salmonella
and Listeria as birth through doses
which are unpasteurized and also those
with preservatives are best to be
avoided through juices that come in cans
especially contain high levels of sugar
the same goes for aerated drinks they
contain high levels of sugar which may
or may not be metabolized by the
mother's body it can even be a reason
for developing gestational diabetes and
also increased sugar levels in the baby
causing hyperactivity and also low
nutrient absorption perfect junk food
now we all love our chips our popcorn
our nachos and sometimes you can be
craving and wanting to binge eat but the
problem with eating junk food is that
these foods are high in calories
but low in nutrients so you might be
eating an entire bag of chips but that
does neither you nor the baby any good
my last item for you to be cautious of
this is not a food item but I decided to
include this in a video since I'm
talking to pregnant women and I think
that this is something that you should
know is to avoid using deodorants or
aerosol sprays while pregnant now the
problem with these aerosol sprays
especially if you use them under your
arm is that a part of it can get
absorbed into your skin
now if you look scientifically where
your milk ducts are beginning it starts
drop under your arm so if your milk
ducts while they are growing and while
they are getting activated while you're
if you use deodorants it causes
chemicals to be absorbed into these milk
ducts so this can cause harm to you
especially if you're planning to
breastfeed your baby
it might also cause reduced amounts of
milk so avoiding using aerosol sprays
and deodorants while pregnant would be
highly advisable instead you could use a
chemical free deodorant shield or maybe
aloe vera or a fruit juice that can help
to change the body odor but other than
that wash well with soap and water and
just stay free of bacteria you should be
fine so I hope these tips have helped
you to be cautious about what to eat and
what not to do while pregnant wishing
each of you a safe and happy delivery

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