Just because your baby isn’t a human doesn’t mean you’re not a Mom. Happy Mother’s Day from BarkBox!
Are you looking for the perfect gift for Mom this Mother's Day?
We've got your back –
– and your front!
Introducing: FürBaby Bjägs
Fürbaby Bjägs fit your Mom exactly how she likes…
…with a comfortable elastic waistband…
…and enough support to keep her dog cradled securely.
She'll be able to bring her dog everywhere!
From mid-morning yoga class…
…to brunch with the girls!
And with the choice of small, medium, or large…
…there's a perfect size for any furbaby.
Finally, there's a gift for Mother's Day that says:
"My dog IS my child!”
Fürbaby Bjägs: Because Dog Moms are Moms Too!

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