In Frog fishing tips, vertellen Jor en Dennis, hoe je snoek gemakkelijker kan verzilveren op topwater hollow belly frogs, want zeg nou zelf, het is niet altijd even …
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Hello everybody and welcome back to a brandnew episode of Pike Strikers Frog Fishing Tips.
You know those situations by now: They won't bite, or pike doesn't hunt on the surface.
It can drive you crazy sometimes.
Sometimes, when you fish on the surface, you might see those plants sticking out of the water..
…Then you realize that the're not plants but pike fins that give you the middlefinger right in your face..
With other words, you can try until the cows come home, but they won't bite.
So, When they won't bite on the watersurface, then let's fish hollow bellyfrogs from underneath.
The following trick is relatively unknown but very effective.
It's very easy to do, if the circumstances are in your favor.
That's right, this technique is called 'Flushing'
You basically use water to perform this trick.
When performing the flushing trick, there are some negative side effects.
You're no longer fishing completely weedless, and the strikes aren't that spectacular.
If you have built in a rattle, which we have discussed in episode 2,
That thing won't work when you use the flushing trick.
This is how flushing works..
Put your frog under water and squeeze it a couple of times until the frog's filled with water.
Say goodbye to your floating ability but that's exactly what you want.
All you want now, is that your frog sinks to the bottom.
Cast in the frog and let it sink.
Then retrieve the frog by twitching the top of your pole up and down.
I'll bet your ass, that pike will attack your frog.
Don't be too quick reeling in the frog.
Give it some time to sink and don't be too fast retrieving it, just take your time.
When flushing your frogs, it might be handy if the water has some clearity.
When pike attacks your frog, you want to see the whole thing happening.
It's almost scary how simple solutions can be, when pike refuse to attack your frog on the surface.
Flushing allows you to manouvre your frog lure between and aside of lillypads fairly easy.
Stay away of waterpest plants, these horrible plants obstruct your frog's action.
While performing the flushing trick, your range significantly increases and pike will attack your frog very quickly.
So, the FLushing trick, make sure you use it to your advantage.
Hitting pike under water with a hollow belly frog, goes a little different than usual.
One thing is the same as always, wait until you feel traction.
When flushing your frog, make sure you hit pike from the sides.
Watch where the pike goes
When it's swimming to the left, make sure you hit pike to the right side.
And when it swims to the right, make sure you hit it to the left.
Basically it's like hitting it in the opposite direction.
Pike are very unpredictable and with the flushing trick you get acquainted with it's attacking speed.
And i'll promise you, that'll be ridiculously fast.
Does it swim to the right?
Hit it to the left.
Does it swim to the left?
Hit it to the right.
But what will you do when the pike swimming towards you?
Make sure you use the thrust move first, and hit it upwards.
For the rookie frog fishermen among you, there's a way to hook the pike relatively easily.
That's right, but here's a little warning.
The trick that we're about to tell you, might take away the 'charm' of this beautiful way of fishing.
And you won't be fishing weedless anymore.
Besides of that, you can get used to this simple trick, way too easy.
Fishing with frog lures for pike is extremely hard, so i understand the fact that you might want to cheat so now and then.
But please, don't do this too often because you'll be a lot happier when hooking pike the right way.
Anyway, you might know what will happen next.
Yes, we'll add a stinger rig on a frog lure.
and there are multiple ways to do that.
I want to built a stinger rig on this frog lure.
This can be a bit tricky, and it kinda needs some handiness.
Twist the hooks upside down, so that they're easily accessible.
We are going to build a simple construction around both hooks.
Let's get started.
Twist an eyelet in a straight bent paperclip.
Therefore you might want to use a bending pliers and a combination pliers for some grip.
This is how it should look like.
Make sure the eyelet fits on one of the hooks of the frog lure.
Make another eyelet of about the same size, on the other side.
This is what it looks like when your done.
Both eyelets fits perfectly on both hooks.
Now we're going to make some sort of eye in the middle of the paperclip.
That's the part where the treblehook will be placed on a splitring.
Find the middle of the paperclip and bend both ends in a 'V' shaped figure.
Now you can shove it on the hooks by pressing the hooks together.
Twist the hooks back in their original position.
Now the construction is finished and you can place a treblehook on it.
There you go, that wasn't too hard right?
There's a cool advantage to this construction, instead of a hook, you might want to place a spinnerblade on it.
Here's a quick tip, camouflage the hooks by using some extra frinches.
It is not necessarily necessary but it is a nice finish.
Of course you can add a very basic stinger rig just like you do with softbait shads.
Just poke the hooks in the holes where the fringes end up and you're good to go.
This rig works just fine, but let's be honest here, it isn't that versatile.
This is it for now, i hope the flushing trick gives you some great catches.
If you have questions, don't hesitate and ask them
Just ask them in the video comments below.
Next week, i'll tell you all about an unusual large hollow belly frog
and i'll tell you all about my personal choice of colors.
Believe it or not, selecting the right colors can make a lot of difference somehow.
Thanks for watching, see you next week!

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