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taking me down just means means
I'm going to come back ten times
and and there's a study came out
last week the day after they
took they stopped me from
streaming that showed nuclear
was seven times less
effective than Renewables for
carbon in other words a twenty
five-year study will get to it
showed that
nuclear was garbage I'm going to
show you something to say first
part of the show today this is a
full show today
of the you'll get to it there's
a hidden epidemic character
that the world is actually
probably not aware of its
to radiation injury radiation
injury it's a silent
or it's actually a hidden
epidemic epidemic so radiation
induced injuries to your visual
pathways what does I'm going to
show you is about
you go to the doctor you love
one or yourself or your friends
some kind of cancer when you say
well we're going to give them
there's nothing we can do for
him you see
please you got to do something
like well if you
sign this piece of paper
paper there's radiation therapy
and chemotherapy just sign the
so you can't sue us have to be
mauled him didn't they
systematically exterminate
everyone everyone
and but when you do the
radiation calling a few
want new liver color therapy
again after you watch this the
radiation therapy
the side effects is
absurd so I went
through five hundred studies on
Saturday or Friday night on this
subject and I picked out a
hundred and ten we're just going
to cover
just a basic headlines of these
studies that will give you an
idea of what I'm talking about
some some video coming up
so you get get
radiation therapy but then you
lose your eyesight eyesight
induced injury to the visual
and a cohort of patients so this
is a 219
patients and 1969 1985 were
people lose
their sites corneal
injury occurred in 24 of the 49
patients treated for instance
like that's well over 50% in
that part of
the study you get radiation
injuries to the Heart Like These
are lethal injuries
but away
artery disease a late effect it
doesn't show up till later in
some cases 21 years later
or object I'm sorry they're
talking about before the age of
21 you can direct the child's
her cardiac injuries now these
are all different studies some
of these might look like they're
the same because the connotation
just him but they're actually
different years and different
people in different departments
departments cardiac jury
following treatment for breast
cancer radiation
induced sorry cardiac injury
radiation-induced so was a
hundred and fifty
two patients 1998 to 2005 so
does its definitive is what
you're seeing
radiation-induced kidney
injuries radiation
long injuries causes hypoxia
right because you destroyed
lungs to can no longer up take
oxygen and transfer to your
blood and so you end up with
hypoxia you get spinal cord
disruption central nervous
systems radiation injury
literally the worst thing
you can do is get radiation
therapy what he called a therapy
is because
they want to kill you radiation
induced lung injury you'll see
that and
brain injuries over and over
radiation-induced bowel injury
you might do something up here
but then your bowels are shut or
worse is you'll see laser
treatment but what was really
interesting about this decide
effects there were trying to fix
the side affects the soil for
this the
assault and the victims would
radiation they were trying to
fix it with more radiation
radiation laser treatment is
severe radiation injury so laser
treatment of radiation injuries
of the lower intestinal tracts
it's really absurd what
I'm showing you and
radiation-induced kidney
to breast radiation injury
litigation so people were women
breasts therapy radiation
therapy have litigation because
because they have so many other
from the radiation and he don't
even fixed original problem with
the radiation therapy to cause
all these other problems which
most people will die of central
nervous system
radiation injuries that sounds
like fun injury did it
a cranial nerves nuclides
falling proton beam radiation
therapy why do you call a
radiation therapy I can't come
up with with a reason to call it
a therapy it's Slaughter
properties protect lungs from
REI T So to even try to come up
with like
mitigation because you know
what's going to wreck your
health but they still do it to
him because you know he's signed
a piece of paper from radiation
induced injuries radiation
injury to the head and neck
radiation-induced brain injuries
that's incredible
when you think about about it
radiation induced lung injuries
these are all different studies
and do you think they would
learn something
no small bowel from radiation
injuries so you can small bowel
injuries because you might do
something you know
around your kidney and now your
rectum in your bowels in your
eyes so it is gone
95 radiation-related breast
radiation-related breast
injuries you get what that
actually means
just torrential syndrome
radiation-induced caused by
radiation oh and there was an
interesting holy because I
do read all the app abstracts
free that's just as too much
to cover in a presentation
vitamin C up take me save lives
after radiation accident vitamin
so after a nuclear meltdown or
nuclear dump in your community
or just a nuclear power plant in
your community you definitely
want to be taken for them and
see but look so good got to
realize when I say to you I read
500 went through 500 of these
and I picked out over a hundred
I I read all the abstracts this
is this is why I'm like I am is
because I've done this
60,000 times plus right of these
studies but I can't possibly you
know convey everything to
anybody in
presentations and so to me like
I read so much of this stuff
you you know I've never come up
with evidence that radiation
somehow good
I have also heard amount of
documentation showing the
radiation-induced brain necrosis
radiation induced bring necrosis
slowly shortly
a lot of people that aged him
due to his hard to wrap your
mind around around it
so three percent of the people
that get radiation therapy
survive but that's three
percent is typically the people
that didn't even have cancer but
we're told he had cancer
and another example of that was
there was 10 million women
who had their breasts removed in
a ten-year period it didn't have
breast cancer
was a misdiagnosis you get
what's happened and you know
tens of millions had their
breasts removed that
was their their Solutions always
amputation they don't have a
solution see
so the three percent of the
people that think they were
weren't and we got two studies
actually showing that so so
radiation brain necrosis here's
a clip from dr. Burzynski
on going to play for you doctor
it's dr. Burzynski it's a police
officer given a
testimony one of the most
important Clips you ever watch
if you're thinking about taking
child to a hospital because of a
said radiation therapy
radiation through when I say
radiation therapies like
someone's got you by the back of
the neck
and somebody got a knife and are
going to stab you in the face
that's what radiation it's
better to be stabbed in the face
with a knife than it is to get
radiation therapy wrap your mind
around that statement
and then watch this clip here
usually mostly peasants will not
be able to go through because
they died during the process for
some reason they don't want to
have cure of cancer
my name is Sergeant Rick Chef
I'm an 11 year veteran of the
San Francisco Police Department
I hold the Department's highest
Medal of Honor
for bravery that that used to
mean a lot more to me than it
does now what I'd like to talk
to you about today is my now
seven-year-old daughter this is
an identical twin her sister is
now dead her
sister when she was four years
old Kristen developed a highly
malignant brain tumor that had
spread throughout her spine in
her brain the the doctors told
us that we
add really two options take her
home let her die or bring her in
for massive dosages of chemo and
simultaneously in either event
she was going to die they were
quite certain of that and very
quickly believing her only
chance to be the standard route
we gave her the chemo and
radiation it burned her skull so
bad she had second-degree burns
in her hair never came back
to change her diapers we had to
wear rubber gloves because their
urine was so toxic and it burned
her at the end of six months
Leslie she survived the standard
treatment although
there was a high expectation she
wouldn't she still had cancer
we were told sorry we've done
everything we can now she's
going to die probably within a
couple of
months my wife and I choosing
not to accept that started
the first book I picked up the
third chapter discussed dr.
as you may guess I have some
expertise in fraud in fact I'm
quite certain they are enough
attorneys in the room that could
be bored eared as an expert in
I conducted my own investigation
have no doubt the man is
not a fraud I have no doubt that
he does what he does at an
Earnest belief that his medicine
works and now you're in a
position to judge for yourselves
whether it works or not but it's
well established by the FDA that
it's non-toxic 18 months later
we took my daughter
off the
antionio plastun she had not
died she had no signs of tumor
she remained free for 18 months
of cancer cancer within a month
the cancer was widespread in her
brain we put her back on
brzezinski's by the way at the
objections of our doctors for
some reason felt that it had
failed her we put her back on
within nine weeks the tumor was
completely gone she died last
July of neurological
necrosis our brain fell apart
from the radiation the autopsy
showed that she was completely
cancer-free at a fifty two cases
of that disease ever no
one died cancer-free just
Chrissy so she
died of a terminal illness she
died of my inability to care for
properly and she died from
bad advice she died because
there's a government Institution
institution that disseminates
false information and is not
out for the welfare of the
people you know ladies and
gentlemen I swore an oath 11
years ago and I think most of us
in this room sward at one time
or another to uphold the
Constitution it says life right
in the beginning
says life life
not genocide genocide
mitigating radiation-induced
brainer crows now
you understand what brain
necrosis is right an
experimental study
look at all the people that are
paying for their children's
College has and houses and
mortgages and
Automobiles and boats and
swimming pools and their
property doing murder on
you and your loved ones ones
experimental study on a cube
brain radiation injury cute
brain radiation acute which is
radiation injuries
radiation-induced cognitive
impairment impairment
how many ways can radiation kill
you you will be shocked
radiation injury to the optic
nerves you know optic nerves
yummy go blowing radiation
injury to the lower
digestive tract radiation injury
to the human kidney radiation
injury to the central nervous
tissue tissue
radiation therapy and douche to
cardiac injury radiation therapy
induced cardiac cardiac injury
this is Cassandra when she was a
she died shortly after this
video when she was a child the
the government child services
she was diagnosed as cancer
it wasn't a visible cancer like
a tumor you can take away
so there's no actual proof of
was a cancer
but he took the child away from
the mother
the courts did it took her away
to judge ordered her
to undergo chemotherapy and
after she refused treatment
saying she didn't want to poison
her body the juvenile court
judge removed the child from her
and placed her under guard
at a medical Children's Medical
Clinic where they assassinated
her would radiation to know
other way to describe it if you
go read the story that's what
you'd only assassinated her and
he sent her
home to die took a couple months
for her to die but she destroyed
all her organs in her entire
body body
how is it that we should here in
silence and let that
happen happen I'm the on a scale
that is
actually happening happening
this guy coming this guy right
that's what he does for a living
you talking about Fukushima
reactor 3 to mixed oxide fuel
facility facility
a hundred percent meltdown look
at it he said there was nothing
to worry about because there was
no worried there was nothing
could happen to the victims left
behind I don't play that clip
from you for you because as part
of this equation there's
probably someone on the panel
foolish enough to address that
question but we are radiation
safety Professionals in
licensing of nuclear power
plants is really kind of
out of our scope I'm going to
ask dr.
Vetter to talk briefly here you
had have haven't had an
opportunity I know you're an
expert in dosimetry and
measurements so well the reason
I haven't had
an opportunity to talk is
because there are no problems in
the medical field
now why did everybody laugh on
cue cue
all right why did kathlyn Higley
for instance right alongside of
them blow up laughing
why did all the journalists in
the audience blow up laughing
when he said there was nothing
to worry about about
because you're giving a press
conference to journalists and
all the
journalists laughed On Cue it's
like somebody had a cue card
said laughs
and everybody laughed at the
same time if you ever
watched a video I've covered a
many times how did they know the
Laugh On Cue why was it funny
boy did he say there's nothing
to worry about and then
everybody laughed
you can what's really going on
here here
brain radio necrosis after
juventud radiation
therapy so many studies showing
this is what happens it
defies logic that Aster do still
doing it to your loved ones
radiation-induced normal tissue
normal tissue injury
radiation-induced radio syrupy
is associated with a broad
spectrum Spectrum
abroad broad spectrum spectrum
of early and late early
and late might not show up for
several years normal tissue
injury random nature radiation
induces still killing random
nature of radiation man-made all
this is man-made radiation
radiation radiation induced
all injury and you don't even
the original cancer on top of
that can't be done
spinal cord recovery from
radiation injury spinal cord
cord recovery yeah we're going
to zap it with radiation bring
your child in
oh by the way to got spinal cord
injuries they'll be here for
another nine months
we're going to give them some
more radiation and fix that
formed oh don't worry we'll get
to it radiation injury to the
oil aura or te and Branch
arteries your hearts to your
valves net right
radiation injury to your
heart fills with radiation
induced bowel injuries problems
and expectations of they need
more radiation that'll
fix him him you can hear
them everything The Coffee
Lounge go yeah more radiation
therapy let's do it I need a
swimming pool
radiation injuries of the
central nervous system system
from China I've never actually
cured anybody with this
one's that thinks they were
cured didn't even have cancer in
the first place according to the
studies we got radiation rectal
injury yeah bring them in will
fix him right up
radiation lung injury from
therapy therapy
so I'm going to show you a clip
of a guy dr. Robert Robert
is he treats amputee does
limb transplants organ
transplants and stuff like that
now this here he's talking about
Fukushima Fukushima he was
also at Chernobyl and three Mile
Island and I got a folder on
this guy
he's so evil he still in
business he's still killing
people in the hospitals
and played his short clip of him
talking about Fukushima first
she's going to explain what he
does for a living
and then he's going to go evil
on you know explained that after
everyone I'm Robert Gail I love
a visiting professor
of hematology at the Imperial
College in London and
and I'm an MD Ph.D and I
treat people with cancer and so
background in entering this is
really fundamentally and giving
I'm involved very much in
transit transplants bone marrow
transplants because you may know
that we use
extraordinarily high doses of
radiation to prepare people for
transplants and
that very much simulates the
situation that could occur or
did occur in Chernobyl
to inaudible and radiation
accidents so so my colleagues
and I are the people who
actually have
hands-on experience treating
high-dose radiation victims and
and then the final slide
will just show you you know
we're on that thermometer does
like Fukushima lie now you
you'll hear a lot of
detail scientific discussions
of our uncertainties of we
shouldn't really be talking
about Point estimates we should
be talking about
Rangers but I think what people
want to know what the public
want to know what I have to deal
with and what in when I'm in
and people ask me where the
workers ask me what is my risk
from getting 50 millisieverts
just looking at comparable risks
of death is another way of
trying to express these things
to the public so so getting one
millisieverts of radiation which
is just on the bottom is
equivalent to just talk in just
14 cigarettes period 14
cigarettes a day
but smoking 14 cigarettes and
you can see some other some
other amusing things like eating
25 cups of peanut
butter peanut butter has a risk
of kids amusing think of it as
statement that you just made you
see some other and using things
you can see some other some
other amusing things like eating
25 cups of peanut butter peanut
butter has a risk
the key a he's tries to justify
all of this spending 20 days New
is worse than being at the
Fukushima nuclear meltdown
25 cups of
peanut butter is worse than
being a nuclear meltdown driving
600 kilometers in a car is what
he's claiming is worse than
being at a nuclear meltdown like
Fukushima has four reactor
buildings with 40 Years of
reactor Core stored at the top
of them
disappeared evaporated atomized
and errors old
and released into the
environment Oregon China
Syndrome or blown blown into the
search for such an absurd
unparalleled on flying in a
plane is worse in Fukushima
kayaking for
50 minutes
is worse than being at at
Fukushima this is a guy who
treats people people
would radiation therapy yeah
he's one of these
guys who causes radiation to his
brain injuries and said well
let's give him
some more radiation he's still
alive I mean we can fix that
so sixteen thousand workers quit
to Fukushima
plant because because
like like kayaking for 15
they're flying or driving or
20 days in New York think about
that kind of arrogance
that kind of hate that he must
have Robert Gail that he would
he's the person that you loved
ones are going to end up
in front of do you think that's
acceptable do you think someone
that's willing to Lloyd because
what he's doing here that's
loy's you think that's
if you do I hope you get some
radiation therapy real soon
radiation-induced brain injuries
of your glands just
have a look slaver Slava glands
during radiation cute brutal
radiation induced liver liver
radiation-induced boiled duck
injury radiation brain injuries
radiation-induced brain injuries
are different studies
radiation-induced brain injuries
after proton radiotherapy
how can you call a therapy
when it when it destroys your
life how does that actually work
work modifications
brain injury brain stem injury
after intensive
intense modulated radiation
therapy therapy
they put the right word
radiation therapy there so they
can go home
and look after children in the
eye and Pretender human I
suppose radiation-induced brain
injuries language should decline
after brain radiation
therapy it is a few side effects
effects like death and death and
death and death but first we got
to torture you
like you can't even imagine you
don't any of this to an animal
that would be cruelty
to an animal right
radiation-induced brain injuries
after radiosurgery radiosurgery
fix that up with some more
radiation pretty quick here so
then there's this entire
industry of people that will
come out and tell you that
I you seen all these studies of
now and you know radiation is
not observed P right
you know it's not like peanut
butter you know it's not like
getting in a canoe
for 15 minutes how evil do you
actually got to be
to get that job to come out
publicly and tell people so when
the whip waste
repository actually melted down
there were telling people is
like licking their iPhones
Hernan her levels of licking
your iPhone charger and I'm not
trying to be funny I'm trying to
equate radiation exposure to
something that you can
it dumb Hicks just imagine have
Twisted mrs. William's actually
sorry sorry imagine how twisted
she actually is always like
licking your iPhone
iPhone cords suck it up up
do you know that not a single
one of these people
have ever been held you know
what he do it because no one's
going to call them on and the
media is not you heard him
laughing at a joke
that's only a joke if you know
the actual meaning of it's not a
joke I'll give you a parable at
the end of the
presentation part of the
presentation the current brain
tumors from
radiation injuries recurrent
brain tumors so when
I say they're going to we got
experimental radiation therapy
we can do for your loved
one do you want to sign that
piece of paper sign the paper
okay we'll take care of him
thank you study on
radiation dose brain injury
after after well in order going
to be a brain injury
so now they need funding to do
the study after see
they'll apply for long before
you even knew you had cancer
which is by the way quite often
not even cancer radio and is
caused by
radioactive fallout from
everything from nuclear testing
nuclear waste sites
hemorrhaging into aquifers
Legion into the environment it's
caused by releases from 450
nuclear power plants
pulls all day every day 7 days a
week for decades radiotherapy
radiation-induced brain injuries
radiation novel clinical
approaches to reduce brain
injury more radiation radiation
radiation brain injury do you
all of these different studies
talking about radiation and
brain injuries
radiation-induced brain injuries
you really think they don't know
that is going to happen
bring tumor progression from
radiation injury after
cranial irradiation irradiation
your cranial now is so
it just keep submitting your
bones will just keep emitting
radiation you actually
radiated the cranial so that
it's become Radioactive
radioactive permanently ionizing
radiation induced brain
injuries radiation-induced
normal brain injuries
oh and you know
radiation-induced brain injuries
don't forget about that one
test battery for this assessment
a radiation-induced brain injury
guys too microwave induced brain
injury lot of people
people under study they probably
got shares in the microwave
company on top of that injury to
the brain from radiation therapy
with whole brain okay you can't
even wrap your
mind around it and Fukushima
nuclear meltdown happens
happened University of British
Columbia Canada one of
the many
Olive and came out and Lloyd to
us came out and equated it with
sleeping next to your loved one
that's how bad
fukushima-1 of he get more
radiation sleeping next to your
loved ones ones
great evening volt Cosmic
radiation radiation
there is no radiation from
cosmic we're already acclimated
to through
genetic Superior selection same
as every other creature on this
sleeping next to a human for
eight hours every night is point
zero two millisieverts a year
this could not even do it Tommy
TK of an atom man ionizing
radiation a man-made Adams you
just add into your
body pulses in your body every
second your body attacks too
white blood blood cells for
your life eventually builds a
tour tour around it I said I
works but away cancer is the
last of around 1800 known
diseases that will manifest and
diagnosed long before cancer
will Alzheimer's dementia
autism there's Down syndrome
diabetes heart problems liver
long respiratory pituitary
thyroid adrenaline
oh and you know once you go get
therapy radiation therapy for
for your s tough what happens
you get all the all go to her
he's going to say sleeping next
to your loved one is
bigger dose than living next to
a nuclear power plant
living next to a nuclear power
station can actually contribute
less than your loved one when it
comes to
eye with myself has one of the
principle investigators was
awarded six million dollars six
million dollars when Fukushima
meltdown to come in stuff like
that when he said that listen to
what he did
first part when it comes to
how did the audience know to
laugh how does that work how did
they all know there were
supposed to Laugh
On Cue because you're all in in
on it
they're all nuclear students and
they hate your guts with a
passion to hate you with a
they despise every facet of you
and every other species
if you think I'm wrong wrong or
misinterpreting it yeah I'll get
you I'll win you over here
cognitive and pyramid and young
patients and and patients
whenever you see the word
patient's in this stuff scratch
it and put in victims treated
with radiation radiation
therapy for a brain tumor
cognitive cognitive impairment
they don't have another
everything first has to be well
can we treat it
with radiation are you sure I
know a doctor he can probably
treat it for radiation give them
I'm going to report you to the
university how dare you there's
doctors odor can fix that
you went to the doctor got a
broken Haley like we got some
radiation therapy can solve that
if you like just
side right here the thinks that
in fact that gold well I'm good
18 mask mask detection
of radiation induced brain
you wonder where I got no hair
left in my head because I pulled
it out
radiation and do soft tissue
injury to the head and neck
because I'm sitting there
reading this coat
check oh my God holy this Avery
is a real time buddy wake me to
up my my apologies
radiation-induced soft tissue
injury to the head and neck
bring Timmy by anytime you like
will sort sort them out he
stutters the other way you can
fix it with radiation of jewelry
you worry ma'am late radiation
injuries late that means next
a year after two years later
after you get radiation therapy
therapy by the way your kidney
in your
heart and your liver and your
spleen and everything's probably
shot too surgical
treatment of chest wall
radiation-induced injuries
which that I got that one
because that's rear but they
like like
yeah we can do surgery surgery
they probably got fired for
doing that study study is only a
couple of them
yeah I can we can't use
radiation is not curable in an
age radiation radiation injury
to the nervous system
system to the skin necrosis from
and do stink but you got no
studies shown radiation is
harmful by the way
No safe perfectly safe to in
the death of most of all other
cells in the organs or tissues
radiation injury to the canine
spinal cord they
killed like I'm not exaggerating
when I say hundreds of billions
of dogs and animals never
cured an animal the actually
cured an animal I'd I'd
they would have had that on a
big transport truck with glass
windows it would have brought a
day every school in North
America it would have got a
container ship just for that one
truck brought it across the
to different countries look look
it care
turn any animal you get Timmy
gets sick you're bringing us
fix him
good radiation-induced death
death Jesus
didn't put the word through
Peter Dana
did but that's what therapy is
death death you get it
brain radio norcross's after
rejuvenate radiation
therapy that's a different one
acute radiation injuries course
there's no words no abstract for
that one
radiation-induced induced lung
injuries late radiation
injury after post-operative
radiotherapy of breast cancer
got your breasts removed or
traumatize oh but away
we radiated your valves and your
brain stem and
your central nervous system all
and your rectum don't worry we
got some radiation
therapy for that radiation into
spinal cord injuries
radiation injury to the growth
evidence no evidence that
radiation and can hurt somebody
but away Dee's doses that are
getting getting
to the workers at Fukushima it's
paper towel and these are brutal
those as but the people the
homeless and destitute
in the victims have Fukushima
nuclear meltdown because there
are no nuclear scientist is
is no nuclear academics ever go
to Fukushima even
to the prefecture let alone the
plant radiation-induced induced
injuries radiation luminary
which is lungs right injuries
injury and intestinal intestine
injuries spinal cord
injuries lots and lots of dog
studies I picked out over a
little over
a hundred we're almost through
it edit the 500 that I read
because they're so complicated
why waste my time is not wasted
course but it's better to
articulate with so many you know
captions of radiation injury
from radiation therapy
like if you can do if you do
know I had after watching this
you're probably one of these
people early that gave them
and I got comments on that
coming up but away early
changes radiation bone injuries
radiation injuries to the
nervous system radiation-induced
insufficiency fracture of the
18 18 years later the damage to
the femur if oniy fractured 18
years later
the gift that keeps giving
giving to the devil that is
ocular injuries in
a dog so they don't like they
don't know he murdered billions
and billions and billions and
billions just in America of
animals not count in China or
India Pakistan a Canada or
Russia or Germany or
Soviet Union or the many many
many other countries currently
out there
slaughtering everything they can
get their hands on in fact
he used to go around stealing
dogs from neighborhoods for
these we still do certainly
surgical treatment of radiation
injuries of Colin and rectum
radiation injuries
I got four more to go three more
to go microwave radiation injury
then we jump into the news for
the last week microwave
injuries summary of suppose Iman
acute symposium
that's where they all get
together and laugh like you
heard earlier in the videos
order all I knew what to do it
just where they're supposed to
laugh but that's what they do
for a living an acute radiation
is this not
a cult is this not some kind of
hidden organization that
is Exterminating us and our
loved ones because if it's not
then I don't want to know
what they would do is actually
worse than these people
people I'm have a hard time
it more evil like you can John
Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy or Pol
Pot or mouth got nothing
on these people literally have
nothing on these people these
people make if they're in a
position of authority they would
have made Mal look like a a
summary of suppose mm suppose
iam an acute radiation induced
injuries radiation Associated
cancer risk among the injured
children treated at different
Trauma Centers cancer risk from
because they're all going to
radiate the at it the
the victim sing they're bringing
while we're here we'll fix it we
got radiation
dr. Kenan help Well it can't
so children but away
way to cancer risks of children
child's risk of cancer from
radiation is ten to a hundred
times higher a child is ten to a
hundred times more
effective but dose that are
going to give the child and one
of those people that does that
is Geraldine Thomas oh I'm sorry
let's create a thousand little
goblins just like ready at
Imperial College which is where
dr. Robert was from what do I
same same institution she
specifically radiates children
for a living that's what she
does for a living
next next next
keep his mouth shut up up next I
play this little
clip of her talking about about
well instead of the actual risks
there aren't any
that then be anybody needs to be
worried about if people are
concerned about exposure to
it's very simple to carry a
personal dosimeter around with
you and there are plenty of
things that you can
look up on the internet that
will give you an idea of where
that those fits into other
things so for example
coming here I would have got a
dose of naught Point naught 7
millisieverts on the flight and
I actually went around Fukushima
daiichi on Wednesday and the
that I had going around the site
so very close
where the reactors are it was
naught Point naught 1 and
probably lower but that's the
lowest it could actually read so
I got more of a dose flying here
and we'll get a dose tomorrow
when I fly home then I would
have done from being in
Fukushima you're going to bring
your child to that creature
creature she talking about –
reactor for and reactor 3 by the
way these are Medusa if you
actually try to get your hand on
it you would die before he got
close enough to it
but she goes around giving
lectures and
when she's not doing that she's
a radiating your children that's
all she does is children
children don't fight back
children don't ask questions
what she does all day that's
what she's doing today she's
killing children again today and
a police were like
oh I think there's one up this
is there anything wrong what I
showed you so far did I make a
mistake in my
presentation course I didn't
it's your own studies and I even
showed you some of the creatures
Lyin to you like flying on an
to do with nuclear power with
nuclear meltdowns 0 as 0 you
can't conflate the two
simply simply is 0 should she be
arrested and
charged for murder along with
the rest of of them you think I
can convince a jury that she's
you think that she actually got
a bigger
dose flying on an airplane and
she would be around these
genocide ecocide
machines Omni side machines in
fact you know
she was right but a reactor
California and just one study
had over 1500 atoms of the
sulfur peroxide hydrogen
Buckyballs per cubic meter
9 feet by 9 feet feet a thousand
liters of oxygen
has lethal doses of fifteen
hundred atoms these hydrogen
peroxide has Buckyballs
was from spraying salt water and
these creatures these Planet
killers these are planet-killers
what those two reactors
there either one of them is
capable of killing a planet and
increments over a few decades
this is what we're seeing but
away top cancer
duck after nuclear radiation is
the most carcinogenic thing that
exists right on just a single
Assam can trigger a
cancer but cancers the last one
to show
like I said there's so many
other illnesses radiation is
associated cancer is among
injured children children that's
all she radiates children
children like the and church
you wouldn't believe the degree
she has she has degrees that is
shocking she's what
United Nations she's a pretty
government she's
the people that those agencies
turn to to for her voice her and
Catherine Higley and dr. Robert
and the rest of them
that's who are on these
committees that determine how
much radiation is safe for you
and your children children that
doesn't shock you you need to go
back and start watching this
video again microwave brain
induced injuries still had a few
to get through radiation do skin
late radiation-induced rectal
injuries y'all cured yeah two
years later the doctor my bottom
hurts of blood after treatment
of cancer of the uterus
oh like what you're doing is no
matter what's wrong with you the
thought is can we treat it with
radiation you can't actually
treat anything
with radiation but can we
pretend we can treat it with
radiation is what your scene not
maybe not perhaps not if
but that's exactly
what you're seeing surgical
treatment of intestinal
radiation injuries radiation
does chronic Archer which is is
your heart injuries
decades several decades after
radiation therapy your heart can
give out several
decades later appeared wound
healing after radiation
and peered wounds so if you do
surgery and then
radiation therapy therapy
the wound won't heal heal and so
I went through
500 of these studies and I
stopped I got to this point
I had brain necrosis from just
experiencing all of that you you
only got a tiny fraction of of
I was getting delusional now
because of five hundred studies
just like murder murder mass
you just study after study you
reading through all the the
and I don't how many hours of
probably five hours or something
like straight
and I started thinking to myself
this is just thinking to myself
only that's it what I'm going to
say next
I was thinking to myself we
should have a banquet for all of
those people have done all the
studies and get big audiences
will give them trophies medals
and everything and we'll have a
door on one side
and the door at the other side
of the stage because a lot of
them and we'll get them walk out
get your word then
he can leave and go on
their merry way door which are
both soundproof by the way so
after you get toward and we
tell them how wonderful to hear
we'll send them to another door
at the end of the stage and when
he walked through that door
there's a hundred police
officers with baseball bats I'm
going to beat him half to death
death and then older colleagues
have to save them the only way
they'd allowed to save them is
to use radiation therapy therapy
on them this is what I was
thinking I have to go to 500 he
that would that would be
okay that would seem normal if
you shatter and read the five
hundred studies same as I did
that would seem like a good idea
you'd be like yeah I like him
that's a good idea
idea because that's what we're
doing she loved ones we're doing
you know when Fukushima melted
down the NRC the nuclear
showed up at Congress get in
here there's a nuclear meltdown
in Japan
we need your
expert voice your expert yes we
are really experts indeed
I shortened it up but here's a
logistics of what they were
saying that whole time it's a
couple of days after nuclear
meltdowns relationship a
suggestion briefing on the
ongoing crisis associated with
the nuclear power plants in
Japan I'm very privileged that
we have the executive director
operations at the NRC here
Billboard Chart I couldn't
speculate on that
an expert a true expert as well
again I would wish to speculate
so we feel very blessed that you
could come and and stand-in
until the chairman comes and we
really do
welcome I can't speculate
teaching all of us lessons that
we have to take away from from
what is happening I
couldn't speculate on that what
we believe is a significant
amount of fuel damage
in the three operating reactors
units 1 2 & 3 which were
operating at the time of the
and then because of the spent
problems that are in unit 4 of
that reactor facility all all of
those factors taken into
into Ian if that same type of
source term that's same type of
radiological problem existed in
the United States our
recommendation to state
governments would be to evacuate
out the 50-mile that's a really
good point because I'm asking
you do you know how many people
within 50 miles of San onofre
Nuclear Power Plant plant I do
not know well I'm going to tell
you how many people 7.4
million people would have to be
evacuated at just
that one plant if they had a
nuclear meltdown meltdown
because you know it's not like a
banana or sleeping next to
somebody or peanut butter or in
car you I did you know that how
low doses of radiation causes
heart diseases and
strokes just imagine if you get
radiation therapy what
that caused is huh I have to do
is shown that one of these days
a family business
and Fukushima gets back on his
you're loaded takes it people
have been trickling back to the
town and Nami prefecture since
evacuation order was
speculation order was partially
lifted lifted
so nany is the orange and yellow
the yellow is
what they called a habitable
zone the rest of us
can't cross the street and a lot
of the communities you can see
see these are lunatics
the desk too much what you're
the fact that you even like
all I showed you already but the
fact that they got
a town where you can't even
cross the street and they're
calling that habitable on that
side but not on the other side
the street but he actually build
schools in these towns and you
shouldn't be surprised if you've
seen the first part of the show
there's about a thousand kinds
of radioactive material
knots just cesium not just
iodine they're actually just a
and you extrapolate the other
998 Isotopes
fission product excuse me
since an evacuation order was
partially lifted three years ago
so the media runs out with a
about a family business is
getting back on his feet take a
bit house
crazy dare to even promote that
but all
your media will do that to you
oh there is no sir media is the
same as the radiation
therapy does what media is its
radiation therapy it causes
brain or
necrosis count on Nami and
Fukushima said I'm very happy to
restart my business bring your
kids here the Japanese
government there is no
government or corporate
personhood corporations that
have lobbyists
that's what a government is is
lobbyists from all the nuclear
industry first his top jobs
right they they run the
universities they run all
the media they run all Hollywood
that's dirty
pointed at the hips all of them
let's keep going most Nami
remains designated a
no-go Zone
zone excuse that part of the
community can never be safe to
go back
to it just increase the limit
and then pretended that the
other 998
Isotopes didn't exist and having
just one Radioactive 1/2
particle which is the sulfur
peroxide hydrogen Buckyballs for
instance or any of the other
anything from a nuclear meltdown
is a
hot particle that's how to
actually works
and a single particle cause a
tumor in the lungs
lungs and heart diseases liver
respiratory pituitary thyroid
adrenaline and Alzheimer's
autism Down syndrome causes
diabetes it's just absurd
amount of illnesses and not
immune deficiencies and injuries
scientist nuclear energy
is a waste of time
we're gonna get some real
Chopper for our buddy no Morris
grants for you boy
it turns out nuclear energy
which Advocates say is more
feasible means of transitioning
I can't pronounce that word
today away from fossil fuels and
or wind might not actually be up
to the task
according to the research
published Monday
shows that countries that adopt
nuclear energy didn't actually
reduce their
carbon emissions and and that
countries with renewable energy
did looking at the global data
for the years 25 years of
University of Sussex science
researchers also found nuclear
renewable energy program don't
even play well together
it's been a money on a new
program might effectively block
renewable programs
because you need different
infrastructures and in a nuclear
will continue to emit too much
carbon into the environment
environment countries that
backed Renewables over over
nuclear power have cut more CO2
I'll get through bear with me
this happens sometimes cut
more power try that again
countries that backed
Renewables cut more CO2 this is
a twenty five-year study
Popular Mechanics owned by her
she write the big
lobbyist group for nuclear came
out don't listen to them get
to that coming up they were
freaking out that I'd ever seen
seen leash that before
they were literally freaking out
but away put your windmills on
the mountains where the wind
all the time and you don't have
it so called Birds
have you seen what nuclear
does to Birds go look up on my
research at the nuclear
proctologist exterminated all
almost all the birds in the
Pacific Nations that embrace
your new Blends you have
significantly cut their carbon
but those pursuing nuclear power
of failed to do
so I'm going to use to study to
bludgeon the nuclear industry
we had for decades nuclear
energy critical to meeting
climent emission targets nuclear
energy critical so they were
coming out and like trying to
counter it right we
didn't know where they were like
literally having seizures
seizures Taylor nuclear nuclear
energy is
critical don't listen
by the way Taylor McKinnon is
project manager and Canada's
Ontario nuclear event
i'j are they came out at this
literally a few hours later with
that story there
always is clear
and what is your job to job to
promote nuclear that's the
channel Son by the way that's a
paid advertisement advertisement
nuclear energy is got it is
green infrastructure quarter
still delivers real life
look caste marriages
makeup stop any type of grid
scale battery storage storages
the whole thing
if you do my job you don't
actually lose your mind you're
not doing a very
good job
as scary as that so tired of you
a grid scale battery storage but
this technology of say
pumped Hydro it sounds
incredibly scary too academics
worldwide there's a study that
it was over a half a million
spots on the planet where you
can pump water up
the hill and stored it and when
there's no wind or No Sunshine
renewable energy take excess
renewable and pump water out I
know we gotta come up with
technology you gotta invent this
thing called a pump what it's
going to do is crazy I know but
it's gonna pump water uphill and
it's going to stay there until
there's no winners sunshine is
such a thing possible
only time can tell oh and
there's another company but they
do with your accessories solar
wind is they have caves
underneath their site
site and it I've compressed air
well you can put caves anywhere
you don't have to be exactly
honor to say maybe a hundred
miles away right
you take you excess energy and
compress here and store it in
caves and when there's no wind
or solar you release it
I know what you're saying like
come on Tina Tina
it's probably impossible Dana
pumping water up a hill I know
that sounds credibly scary to
worldwide because they're not
gonna cook places are doing it
and the Pumped Hydro they got to
come now you're going to come up
with not only a pump to pump
water uphill you got to come up
with a pump to compress here had
a hell you're going to do that
Dana you crazy man you know I
was actually in a chat room on
time and I was saying when did I
put your windmills on the
mountains where the wind blows
all the time and the comments
section went crazy saying
yeah but you can come up with
technology Dana's cold up there
there's all these how you going
to get all the equipment up to
Dana and on the same way you get
an observing ettore for space up
to respond you put it there
that sounds means to the nuclear
industry but come on man stop
slaughtering their loved ones
call for friends
to reveal location nuclear waste
on think food is food France
went to Algeria and on nuclear
weapons didn't want to
radiate your own territory so
they went to somebody else's
irradiated a
out of that place and he won't
tell him where to put the
nuclear waste ho even decades
later like nope
nope not say not saying nothing
that tell you no no no no word
of French nuclear
So carbon free free there could
tell the victims words too
French to just take the
initiative to solve the
problem nuclear waste buried
shouldn't he and it's to her and
Algeria and the nineteen sixties
nobody knows the exact location
it's a classified military
so the military is so freaking
hateful so disgusting so Savage
it still won't tell the victims
were to got a store to
France has got to pay for it
it like these are the only one
to describe these people people
ER criminals and lunatics
directional lunatics
lunatics like seriously this is
almost 60
years later and he still won't
tell them destroying her
aquifers leaching into the
environment people go there and
pick fruit in these areas is a
classified military military
should the French tell the
algerians words too
yeah you it's over there there
carbon-free future is a nuclear
future had and I mean they were
losing their minds when the
studies came out saying nuclear
Renewables are seven times more
efficient and nuclear seven
times and that's the study
a hundred and twenty countries
over 25 years
as a pretty good study as me
carbon-free future is a new
crew future but away no clears
most carbon
carbon thing in human history
history the most expensive thing
ever built on
the planet is being built right
now is a nuclear power plant
United Kingdom
most using all the precious
metals on the planet every one
of them will take the gold out
of your teeth if they got to
they'll get it don't you worry
technologies provide fuel for
naval fleet
do you know the Arctic is full
of Navy
fuel Navy Navy submarines the
County Commission these vessels
they eventually
start hemorrhaging into an
environment they'll just don't
put they release it all the time
and to the environment when you
change fuel to have to release
all the Isotopes into the
a foundation for Essential
Medical equipment and
pharmaceuticals now I showed you
at the beginning right what
Pharmaceuticals were talking
about are lethal to rest of your
body not sometimes but all the
a hundred percent criminal what
you're doing it's a hundred
percent and nobody's ever come
out and showed you that stuff I
wonder why oh – right because
it's so evil they probably
couldn't sleep after they read
it as well as being a source for
the production of hydrogen
nuclear hydrogen is lethal by
the way so they go on and on and
on pretending that nuclear has
some redeeming qualities
when a simply doesn't activist
push Congress to revive a probe
in the links between nuclear
plants in cancer
cancer Nuclear power plants in
cancer you love this story you
type you couldn't see anything
worse than the nuclear industry
this actually never stops just
never stops
I've been doing this for years
and every day and like now you
can't get any worse than
yesterday's news news wrong
nuclear Regulatory Commission
killed a study in 2015
after spending five years 1.5
million dollars they're like
oh stop stop
get you job and radiation
therapy scientists and activists
were stunned back in 2015 when
the scum nuclear regulatory
Commission pulled the plug they
pulled the plug all the time
what was the big difference here
and what was
designed to be the best study of
cancer near nuclear power plants
plants well don't do a study on
cancer do a study on Alzheimer's
and Dementia and autism Down
syndrome diabetes and heart
problems liver and long
respiratory pituitary
tell you later gentlemen
do studies at them you are
sleep again you'll never sleep
again you do we study on on
there the pilot study price tag
was eight million dollar pitons
in the nrc's 1 billion dollar
budget and five years of work
had already got into
and here I'm looking at cancer
they weren't looking at the
of everything else we ready it
was killed because the officials
were convinced it was too costly
too costly you know much money
they burn
on nothing all the time and
studies to cover up what you're
doing for instance
it's just horrifying really it
would too costly and couldn't
link reactors will do the study
you can't say Ken link the
reactors to diseases a Southern
California newsgroup
investigation found
then he gave up went home and
parted with their friends from
last last week a petition from
hundred signatures demanding to
study resume went to members of
Congress representing South and
Central California California
this is a scientific interval
which will
improve our understanding of
cancer at leading cause of death
in California you know we're
1500 Buckyballs for cubic meter
of air from Fukushima California
especially important for women
all where there was 20 million
atoms per
liter of Rainwater California
where there were 220 million
liters of
iodine 129 220 million liters
atoms per liter rainwater was in
California to and Canada and all
Fukushima plus the other
thousand fission products let's
just talk about
the human eye are you doing
snoozefest snoozefest the
retired Sano for a Diablo
nuclear power plant was shut
down in 2013 and has been
discharging low-level do
no such thing as a low level
from a nuclear power plant the
original charters for the plants
was no releases whatsoever but
away into the ocean and
atmosphere for decades decades
no one knows for sure whether
that poses a threat nobody knows
for sure what her nuclear is bad
that's what you're saying right
so they do a study now I showed
you a study at the beginning and
then another and another and
another your studies and doing
this for years that they know
there's not maybe not this is
not a pinions this is not a
this is fact see
most recent studies in Europe
reported on increases the cancer
for those living Iran nuclear
power plants faxed we got
newslinks at my site you can
find it below where deaths and
diseases and illnesses decreased
immediately when you shut down
nuclear power plants and
surrounding counties within a 50
you should go right across the
whole country country say
because that's how we're
radiation lens right across your
country and other people's
countries it's lethal just a
single exposure to it driving
pie a new
driving by at a nuclear power
plant and the way to Vacation
you're going through a big city
there's a
nuclear plant look honey it
is nuclear power plant but then
you wouldn't know who want to
get a picture all the kids are
in the backseat and are going to
put down their window and
there's a little release from
their fuel pools all day
day every day trying to cross
the highway kids are Mommy I
don't feel good no it happens
several years later later it's a
simple as that
a single exposure and you have a
illness or an injury or not
immune deficiency
manifest and get diagnosed the
decade or two decades later and
then the fun begins for nuclear
well you're only radiation
therapy that's what Junie you'll
little Johnny Little Sally down
here will sort that out we gave
him some good old-fashioned
proton beams don't worry to me
you'll be back
back I support investing in
federal research better
understand cancer risks
with nuclear facilities yeah
because the 1800 other
illnesses you need to study also
say say anybody in your
house get cancer yeah there's
literally not a not a
house have a lot of streets and
wears no clothes too every house
will have some kind of cancer
everyone already died of
Alzheimer's or dementia or one
of the
1,800 manifestations of just
genocide ecocide
Omni side cult known as the
it must study the health risks
associated with proximity to
songs find long-term Solutions
long-term Solutions is the
vented into your communities
they could have come up with a
solution 50 years ago didn't
even try didn't
even try to build a robot after
Chernobyl they didn't try to
come up with a solution because
they want that to vent into your
communities that's what he
Stewart that way that's why it's
all vented
100% on purpose no different in
the radiation therapy try saying
radiation therapy without
good luck go back and watch the
video again try
to say where your watch the the
first hour to video and you
won't be able to say whatever
whatever screaming
inner city declined comment yeah
no comment I got to go give some
children radiation therapy
and then the I Regan's
incredible arrogance to say most
people realize that
all the evidence shows you
you're not going to find
anything who's the
director to retired director the
NRC so what why
would a a journalist quote
people like that were
investigating investigating it
assumptions about the oh come
enraged the victims and the
people are signed the
the petition more modern studies
like I
say earlier in Europe have found
children living within three
miles of a nuclear power plant
have doubled the risk of
developing a leukemia and then
they radiate The Living
Daylights as
as addressed the children tell
her it's horrifying what we're
talking about
studies shows drop in cancer
incidence after closure of the
sacramental reactor May warn to
fuel a full review of other
low-level radiation low level
that word should be actually
banned because there is no such
thing as a
low level when it comes to
ionizing radiation the simply a
single atom is it same as a
death sentence and is not just
humans it's all species
because I just want people to
realize that to work that I do
24/7 365
days a year it's because I read
so many studies
like I don't have to
right not to do what I'm doing
I'm required to do this as often
as I can I don't have the right
to ever stop see because I know
better better
you'll understand hopefully
someday Western Governors
want nuclear testing
compensation expanded including
of Utah's seven states not
counties but actual States what
do you want everybody in
the state to get a hundred
thousand a hundred fifty
thousand each
because you're in a place where
nuclear fallout landed because
they understand the significance
of what a nuclear is is sick so
imagine how powerful
the nuclear Lobby The Cult is
that they are still
existing you taking over
universities in your schools
and your media
and your government during
intent upon killing you and
everything else that's their
intention all
of them you're all in on it
you're not stupid you're not
naive you're highly educated
extremely articulate and they
went to University to become
smart enough to loyal to you
that's the only reason he went
to her and he get those jobs to
you too to the extermination of
all species as simply what's
happening it's really
straightforward if you look at
the evidence that's all I do I
provide the documentation I
don't these are not assertions
these are provide the
documentation for my assertions
I mean they got Thai government
is supposed to Radioactive
mud Stewart they can fine
example of that statement
is the story here this January
2019 last year all year and a
half I was two years ago right
year and a half ago they got
it and he got to government
dispose of radioactive
radioactive mud
radioactive mode storage since
Fukushima crisis wait a
second and I gotta is 200 miles
away away it's 200
kilometers I'm sure your way you
have 60,000 one-ton bags
of mud containing Radioactive
cesium not
of course not the other thousand
fission products would
Radioactive cesium that's the
every time
you hear the word sees you and
iodine did they're sticking a
proton beam in your child's
mouth and same boy boy
boy kitty
since 2012 60,000 one-ton bags
now now this is going to shock
you when I'm going to show you
to contaminate a
mod AK is actually settlement is
at an industrial water supply
facility so so Water Reclamation
where they take water from the
lake a filtered a mud out of it
and you pump it to to
your homes the mud is
sediment sediment the time tiny
tiny bit of sediment left over
is so Radioactive the can't get
rid of it and
it's growing by 5,000 tons every
year so
a still Radioactive and it will
be for thousands of years
therefore the water
is to Radioactive to give
anybody the sediment is so
radioactive you can get rid of
60,000 one-ton bags are you need
sixty thousand pickup trucks
to carry each
bag it's not absurd amount of
radiation were talking about 200
kilometers away
so therefore the water is not
safe dear for they're guaranteed
to have one of the 1,800
illnesses you get before cancer
if not cancer
are already because you can't
filter through the radiation
simply can't be
the hole Legacy of nucleus
predicated upon deception
misrepresentation and Slaughter
and genocide and they're cowards
doodle flat out straight up
these people
are cowards their actual cowards
like if a car backfires deal
defecate they'll dig it out of
their pants and put it all over
them in case there's someone
there that's looking at them
don't look at me
of a nucleoside kids
you think I'm kidding don't you
you I'm not so 60,000 one-ton
bags are ready
5,000 won ton bags every year
from the Water Reclamation
meaning the water you're getting
a bath
in in these places or drinking
or washing your clothes or
Timmy's brushing your teeth with
or your child is to Radioactive
this is evil this this there's
no other way to describe it is
no polite way to say it oh and
the disposal costs for that is
twenty seven million dollars you
want typical to pay
for it took was like no is yours
ha ha ha suckers
it's yours radio sheshe my
activity in Broiler chickens I
got a really strange
strange habits um
transfer spot is that I'll be
going through new stories in the
upset me and then I'll go over
and do something real stupid
I'll start reading academic
studies radiation as if somehow
that's going to make me feel
better I don't
stop and take a break I go
deeper down the rabbit hole
because I get these thoughts in
my head's of these people it
can't possibly
be evil you like I'll just go
check a few studies Dana you'll
see you'll see their evil Dana a
little voice in my head you
watch you can't find a good
study see
I put it in the bookmark to go
bring up I feel better it's not
it's not that happy that's why
do you mean sleep in any way
what's the big deal
contamination a certain areas of
Europe certain areas have you
seen a follow-up maps from
Chernobyl on
here yeah like you're trying to
cough up
a big a hair ball or something
what radio station from the
Chernobyl accident
led to higher accumulation 300
to 600
hundred becquerels in Grain per
per kilogram
I'm just seasoning for sure
there's no
other Isotopes data stop looking
at me Dana Dana
300 300 to 600 vehicles and
kilogram in your grain you think
didn't feed it to the people
this sucker
like everything you did you're
such a
sucker 300 to 600 backwards and
kilogram really get right now
I'm going to rewrite
the rules yeah that's safe seat
at home tell them they can get
radiation therapy something goes
wrong wrong
government our government is
accepting bids for Savannah
River Site nuclear waste cleanup
ha ha ha ha
laughing because I was going to
say some real naughty and I get
in trouble for it I don't know
why cuz
because how can you blame me for
saying some of the Isis the
contract could be worth up to 21
tada 21 billion dollar over
several years
90% percent of it goes to
administration but away
anything left over goes to
radiation therapy equipment of
course Department says
once a complete cleanup and 15
years I'll give you twenty seven
to set up shop get your
ministration in order and then
we're going to maintain
that for the next 15 years years
sign the dotted line clean tech
waist 360
this is an MIT Corporation right
anything to do with a mighty
should be banned permanently
from the planet Earth Earth like
everything that minimize he
should be immediately sent to
Fukushima reactors don't give
a mask don't waste your time on
paper suits just sent him in
there and get rid
of them deep isolation Berkeley
California based
clean tech startup company even
worse I'm sorry Berkeley and the
next one is a mighty a Berkeley
any coming out of California
Berkeley University of
death seriously oh Dave got done
down there storing hundreds of
they claimed is only only four
hundred ninety thousand metric
of high-level waste
waste worldwide you're not like
you got it consider
what the military produces you
got to consider what
universities that is not just
nuclear power plants and there's
a lot it's also you be shocked
how many experimental reactors
exist absurd
radiation how many fuel
fabrication facilities exist
none of that is into these
equations and that's not absurd
amount but away one pound of
their waste of
everybody went up and touched
touched it on the planet would
would die guess what happens
right if you touch it you will
die and kill everybody on the
planet and every animal and
planning and still be just as
toxic as
as original it's absurd and it's
still splitting the
atoms all of that is still
splitting the atoms found in
2006 deep isolation technology
leverages modern Directional
Drilling modern
drilling a hole in the ground
now it's not like the old days
Dana's modern modern Dana I'll
read it but
then I'll get upset and say
should have probably shouldn't
skip past it links are at my
side for these and lunatics
we Believe seeing that's a
common statement is she would
come out all we got
modern drilling techniques we
can drill a hole in the ground
and put it down under
all the greatest Minds on the
planet we're looking at
technology in your leg
just take a whole put it in the
hole because it doesn't matter
everybody's going to get sick
with radiation Fukushima will
give them radiation therapy
and special anybody complains
will give them extra therapy
therapy radiation that'll be any
of that
we cannot leave this Legacy to
the Future generation says these
two monsters
is human and wife team of
monsters actual villains a
downplayed the whole thing on
top of that chronic
contamination would cesium which
just a tracer effects to vitamin
D3 metabolism and rats
of all the people in the study
and vitamin D helps your body
calcium calcium
your bones become brittle asked
you Pros decision
such such researcher twenty
years after Chernobyl young
people are still chronically
exposed to low dose
of cesium when that's the last
you're worried about put away
see some season was just a
tracer let me talk to quit said
that over the years she she was
just a tracer 50,000 times Maybe
times probably
mainly through the food
consumption because we covered
so many studies and seize him
just all you do is like know how
much admiration of Tunis and
strontium plutonium all the
fission products that thousands
of fission products that are
going to show up at the same
time to can't have one without
the Thousand others large
variety of diseases described in
the highly exposed people with
cesium which includes you know
bone disorders
yeah because because radiation
destroys your ability to
to uptake calcium what else is
new somebody really
surprised everything well well
that's shocking data are go back
and watch the beginning of the
video you want to get shocked
Pacific will continue to say no
to the
nuclear weapons scum degenerate
un was tall
– Turn It Up to shop right after
Hiroshima Nagasaki right
a week later like we needed me
neither organization a cult
called we'll call it to you UN
Pacific small islands are
developing states and developing
States developing
States well you know they got a
radiated everybody went to these
beautiful atolls in the Pacific
and Atlantic and they bloom the
up with nuclear weapons for
decades Carrie come back
in an hour ago I think I'm can
we get another hundred nuclear
weapons to blow up there
actually yeah you can't go back
if you want to
specific small island developing
States is the world does not
need nuclear nuclear weapons
here well said said and they
knew about
sulfur peroxide hydrogen
Buckyballs buckyballs back then
these explosions underwater were
considered the worst types of
explosions they were
considered lethal because of the
sulfur peroxide hydrogen
buckyball from The sulfur from
the water salt water creates
when you hit
it with high you know high
temperatures like a nuclear
detonation you separate the
sulfur sulfur turns into a
little like a soccer ball think
of that configuration
and it isn't just particles like
cesium uranium plutonium
americium that Tony was trying
to researcher at the biggest
byproducts of the radiation fuel
rods have plans for
instance is Korean in Korean law
Isotopes need lead
Shilling 20 times thicker than
you do for for plutonium
never stop that and there is
doves it's just there was stuff
I got all
figure nail because I clap my
eyes open a long time time ago
the baker underwater nuclear
weapons tests Bikini Atoll which
by the way of million square
kilometres permanently
contaminated from that spot
bikini at all dozens of World
War Two vessels were used as
targets for the weapons
test now lie on the atolls
lagoons floor so he beautiful
incredible paradises these were
would be paradise today they
existed right
their incredible incredible
for the oceans on top of that
unbelievable important nurseries
like what was important should
life on Earth
was blowing up with no clear
let's do it for decades we can't
have that on his Planet how
we're going to get rid of all
the species this is what you're
doing it
killing all the species which is
the boy product of the rest of
yeah they hate us no not really
they get a lot of kicks to make
a lot of money
genocide hitting you at the
hospitals with radiation therapy
radiation therapy is codeword
for going to murder you you and
right now marking International
Day against nuclear explosions
last week the island nations
agreed they had suffered the
of nuclear testing presenting a
joint statement and told Pacific
countries to the United Nation
the disgusting despicable United
Nations General Assembly fiji's
prime minister said more than
300 nuclear
tests were carried out in the
Pacific 1946 to 1996 which is
not very long ago in the
atmosphere underground and
underwater – I actually
evaporated evaporated all
evaporating well not really a
atomized an aerosol ionized and
every atom on the island and
released into the environment
they love you they just love you
they love you so
much much at the end of these
genocides test radioactive waste
Machinery Machinery was
either buried or dumped in the
Pacific Ocean a lot of the waste
was dumped right
directly into the ocean today we
still do not know the full
impact of the nuclear test and
the environment or the community
well now we know
all these years later that it's
an Eco side on the Side Riders
is extinction of all species are
actually blew up the most
magical places on Earth
actual Gardens of
Eden's a got rid of every one of
them were nuclear tests for
French the British The Americans
and the Canadians to scumbag
Canadian nuclear industry was
deep involved involved in
uranium uranium plutonium
stopping the development of
nuclear weapons eliminating
eliminating them all together
would free up much-needed
global resources the biggest
free up of global resources
is to stop
radiation therapy right that
would be the
radiation Pharmaceuticals
Radiation Medicine because
they're during not any of them
they're not Pharmaceuticals or
medicine or Therapies during
100% genocide 100% murder
sent evil in overdrive it's the
most evil and the most it's the
biggest betrayal and academic
history is no clear as
to most dangerous threat to
humanity and eight million was
left of the 8 million species
after Fukushima is the nuclear
industry right der insane you're
actually insane duralumin dirt
dirt there's a word for it it
Revenge me right now I'm
probably spring to
my wine later underworld world
does not need nuclear not just
nuclear weapons
give it a nuclear power first
and foremost and
all the people that do radiation
therapy get rid of them
to write just get a big wood
chipper and drop them all in
there all day day long I'll take
the job as a terrible job to
killed genocide or mass
murderers I'll take it you don't
have to pay me either I'll take
the job trust me
and if you think I'm kidding
didn't go back and watch the
first part of the video
and like now he's serious the
run that Dome was constructed
on the Marshall Islands in the
end I walk talk I told in 1979
temporarily team but I were
temporarily store radioactive
waste produced from nuclear
testing but US military in the
50s and 60s
million square miles around and
cover their study many times I
got too much to cover and this
show today
cook a refueling yo teach giving
local economy of boost so what
you do is you bring in outside
laborers and carpenters and
people with picks and shovels
experience to do the fuel change
and he get the local workers
most of the workers from the
plant will get that time woof
you'll bring outside work in
there because they're all going
to get a radiated as when he
open up that sucker to change
the fuel all the radiation
now was released now you're
going to containment for around
18 months and then you're going
to open the containment
released annually radiation into
the environment
the Dentistry is Savage it's
just it's a Savage these are
lunatics they're cowards don't
get me wrong with your lunatics
your monsters could he go to
work every day and if that's
what you want to call it they're
actually cowards right
cook refueling every every year
over 1,000 workers
will make a so West Michigan
their Temporary Home as he
helped refuel the reactors and
cook nuclear they want to bring
in people
outside because the cancer
statistics for the surrounding
area doesn't
jack up right because it would
if you use the locals the only
hard the locals for instance
instead of of outside you reach
around Nuclear plant would be
absurd and are are already here
but what do you do is bring
people from different states in
right that's on purpose
it's not like these like to
radiotherapy they know they're
going to you permanently
everywhere everywhere else a
OSU receives four point three
million dollar Grant to help
safeguard US nuclear
stockpile now it's a 90 percent
of it goes Administration right
away was one of nine
universities chosen this is that
a boy after University here's
another four point three million
million dollar
you beautiful weapons schools of
mass destruction you that's what
a university is now it's a
school of mass destruction
for Monster industry monster
monster and corporate OSU was
one of the nine that boyscome
degenerate Tom Tada Palmer
professor of scum nuclear
science and scum
nuclear engineering are scum
Center brings together
scum researchers from across OS
you College of Engineering line
with Scientists from North
Carolina State University
and the University of Notre Dame
monsters are in all of them in
key positions of
all of them to collaborate with
the US skunked of the century
the National Laboratories here
we missed
the headline of it don't the
time to build cut off the head
line to this next
story my apologies I don't hold
Falls is the
pose is poised to play a pivotal
role in the Next generation
nuclear plants called small
modular reactors reactors you've
heard me say
that a lot he's not built but
they're going to be your Chief
Dana there's
nothing there even created
and you can make them in
factories Dana ever to haven't
even got one
yet to stupid morons it's gonna
be wonderful day that you see
you'll see dinner it's gonna be
epic some towns that were part
of the Cooperative Venture of
done the math with John Deere
Deere participation of course we
see in the media come out and
the communities for pulling out
right writing off hundreds of
thousands of dollars
sucker cost sunk cost largely
because electricity
generated would not be cost
competitive Natural gas solar
hydro and wind energy would all
be cheaper Renewables would be
way cheaper that's what her
pulling out see you know I want
to show up it's going to be
so expensive that they destroyed
our community to post
register totes the Energy's
Clean & carbon free to post
register the corporate nuclear
industry toasty Energy's Clean &
carbon-free and a process to
in the enriched uranium fuel for
the reactor Mining and milling
and processing enrichment and
machining is a highly
intensive process plus it has to
use not even to top precious
metals on the planet for all of
these applications yeah it's all
carbon intensive like aw Danny
like one pound of it is like wow
so much
energy did everything
to get rid of a mountain to get
her hands on a pound
shit-for-brains – if her brain
stir calculated genocide
Mass cowardly murderers also not
counter nuclear waste will
remain deadly for hundreds of
millions of years years
the new scum scale design
reaction which are not eating
they've never made one there's
no one in the next couple of
decades will actually
inlaid City get one up running
in a decade they're going to run
it for a decade to find out what
flies ago then he got to come up
with new designs are going to
test that out and come up with
the flaws
running for a decade to find a
flush it will never exist
anymore keeping the LIE alive
and and so you get cancer and
get your radiation therapy and
and disappear
will produce more ways per
megawatt didn't own nuclear
reactors and top of that they're
going to use mixed oxide fuel
for a lot of it these are
lunatics it's hard to imagine we
don't have have a military to
attack these people people with
those reactors have generated
80,000 tonnes of waste that
would be disposed of
old rate they don't have a
repository or a dump well they
got domes
for nuclear spin fuel despite 70
years of trying to make one
years didn't haven't tried they
don't want a repository they
evaporating into the environment
right because you can contain a
do you have to
ventes has all the fuel has to
once it goes into a cat
but when it the fuel pool pool
spoiling the pull off it still
splitting the atom he Adams is
sucked up into the water didn't
disappear it's still lethal for
a billion years the water boils
there's a hundred and twenty
thousand liters and 450 pools
everyday boiled off and each
leaders of probably you know a
trillion atoms
mostly mostly koream so why you
see an Extinction event of all
the species you actually don't
even need nuclear bomb to if it
was never known nuclear bomb
testing if it was never known
nuclear accidents
if there was never a non-nuclear
dumping the nuclear power plants
fuel pools ultimately will still
exterminate the entire planet
from their releases that's a
I've been to so many years I
have no
no opinions of my own just facts
the fake small modular reactor
project is fraught with
the past July developers raise
to cost estimate to six point 1
billion from 3.1 billion billion
there are also counting on an
1.4 billion Handover from the
federal government and now
they're pushing for the
timelines to be completed ahead
for four years from 2000 26 2
2030 for the first model you do
it all the time right
it's going to cost a couple
billion dollars okay we can do
that and then a month later
after you got the
money we need more
much will we need more just keep
giving us money money this was
really great because you're in
all these departments okay
it would Empower can compete
financially and can't clean up
its own mess
it claims to be clean but I
can't compete with solar Hydro
or wind true Renewables it's the
public money that the sinking in
an unproven
technology that is neater
cleaner green and is cost
prohibitive to boost
the boot Ralph is the
to Oak Ridge environmental piece
Alliance in Oak Ridge Tennessee
thank you Ralph on shouldn't
listen bless
your heart God bless you
more fun times crack coolant
system Pike cause downtime for a
reactor of Russia's
rostislav rostislav plant
thousand kilometers from Moscow
hi Tachi walks away from the
Welch's nuclear project
they actually gave High Tachi
everything the Sun the Moon
murmurs you can have it all just
build a nuclear power plant kill
off those in UK please please
mosa beat Excursion ever Cruise
Line plans to take passengers
into the power plant at chair it
oval ha ha ha
you really are crazy you know
3 million children required
permanent treatment because it
Chernobyl according to Coffee
had in
2000 at the scum degenerate un
many will die prematurely three
million children and Chernobyl
was a single building a brand
new one had no inventory of
fuel stored in the building
whatsoever brand new building
the original load in the
reactor and as a hundred times
smaller than any of the
Fukushima reactors and Fukushima
have for two buildings
completely melt down
Decades of reactor cores each
reactor Core hundred times
bigger than sure an oval
at are still aren't you telling
you you that a
just worst nuclear reactor in
history you know why because
they control all the media they
control all the universities
they control all your
governments and during your
friends or your children's are
your neighbors or your best
friends and you sit in silence
and be be cowards
I'm not talking to the people
that support me all the time I'm
talking to the monsters
I've never ever talking to the
people that support me obviously
but I
are just routine you ate that
many times two because I know
people are overwhelmed
a lot of people with
documentation and I only show
you a fraction of what I gather
up I can't possibly get through
everything I
read each day I can't possibly
do it if I had a team of people
if I had a budget each year
and had a team of people that I
can I can nurture and and Train
which is necessary we need that
desperately but
away I need right I need to
create an
organization a people that are
articulated as I am
which is what I do with these
presentations by the way and one
many ways but I need an actual
organization Saudi shows will
keep going long after
after I'm gone
the world will never forget even
in a thousand years my shows
should be continued to operate
as a live as a a as a light year
Legacy to stop
them from bringing it to other
planets on top of that because
that's what I am
my company is a think tank
I don't need a bunch of people
people too low it anybody
just need a few people to tell
the truth right and I've been
at this for so long I can't
imagine actually a day in my
life not
doing what I do I can't imagine
did you know way I can sleep
that night if I don't come out
and curb stomp just disgusting
despicable industry known as no
clearance I would like to give
every nuclear scientist nuclear
Dana that's enough hang on he
can handle a little bit more
toward the base Atlas ocean
voyage these
are Maniacs put away which is
scheduled to debut next year
with a single ship
is planning to offer a three
Chernobyl experience Excursion
in Ukraine that include a lock
in the safe areas safe areas of
nuclear meltdown
plan yeah you can't make it up
to say to the worst nuclear
in history Fukushima had
multiple nuclear reactors
and there are two telling
everybody it Chernobyl is the
worst nuclear accident
the matter which media reports
on it that's what you're going
to see the site of the worst
nuclear accident in the history
when we talk about Chernobyl
doesn't matter a single does not
a single so-called media
and the internet or anywhere
else on the planet that will
tell you difference do you think
that's not coordinated
do you think that's not on
purpose you didn't deal on the
media or in the universities and
because that's the only way that
can happen and we've been doing
this for years and we have
proven now
100% those statements to be
factual lunatics as far a fine
just take
me to statement here the story
here Explorer finds dangerous
radioactive bag sitting in the
woods near Chernobyl a geiger
counter placed over the small
plastic bag measured 2.8 severs
this is plastic did not even
it's a piece of paper so 2.8
severs severs piece of paper
actually wouldn't exist the
plastic around it really doesn't
exist and they
claim that they were okay
because you didn't open the bag
as if the geiger counter some
magic thing looked at the
bag instead and said yeah yeah
just like 2.8 severs don't
open it they think they didn't
getting didn't get a dosing
fortunately we didn't open the
bag and weren't exposed to it
long enough course you were
2.8 severs of manmade fuel
fuel so close to it you hold you
geiger counter over the bag and
you really think over the next
couple of years is gonna be no
adverse side effects that's what
media wants you to believe right
go read your story – that's what
they actually
look they're holding the geiger
counter literally right at the
bag at two severs like not on we
didn't know there will be fine
we're in say that's okay
industry gave us the nuclear
industry probably gave him $50
the loudest here raid siren ever
built used Chrysler vehicles in
engines to warned Americans have
pitting you're doing you should
have that and a pickup truck
on everybody that's taking their
child or loved ones to the
hospital for radiation therapy
that thing should be
right behind them with at 350
Chevy engine going Chrysler
engine going full bore
bore and why did getting
radiation therapy we should have
that outside the hospital
screaming at the hospital stop
the genocide you can hear it
like 21 miles away that feller
350 Chrysler screaming nah know
from 21 miles away Maniacs
a Boris Johnson Pleasures wind
power man man it's a revolting
disgusting despicable nuclear
went bananas on this story story
study came out in UK
that nuclear was garbage and
Boris like
we're gonna have wind power for
every home home
gave her like a hundred and
thirty million dollars which is
not going to call that goes to
administration now you gotta
dump you gonna dump equivalent
of what you would spend on
nuclear see
so simple and if you used wind
and solar storage with the
water pumped hydro and
compressed here
good boy called boil the corn
oil and everything is a billion
times better than nuclear
release is so many Isotopes the
Isotopes nuclear can float
around the planet for
a hundred thousand years of
anything or anyone
sucks it in you're done if you
get sick because you live in
close to Coal move away you'll
okay in two weeks time no clear
you suck at in you're done
that's a done deal
sing Boris Johnson play out
plowed pledges wind power for
every home up to 60,000 jobs
it's a good job working with
clean energy
you don't have to wear a
dosimeter to work with it
and I like it influences of
release of 129 form
reprocessing plants truly Evil
by the way is to reap what you
call a reprocessing plant so
where do you take reactor fuel
after shoes and nuclear weapons
and a reclaimed the hot
particles a put it back in the
day to reactors and the burn it
was like an incinerator but you
can't hurt radiation by doing it
all you do is release it into
the environment they're not
trying to store it for just want
to release into the environment
it's a guaranteed genocide
guaranteed Omni side of all
species right
reprocessing plants are 100%
crimes against humanity
four billion years it's a big
dirty bomb that's all the air is
bomb compared to the nuclear
error error
large amounts of iodine 131 have
been released to the marine
environment especially 129
writer especially as liquid
and gases discharged is from to
European reprocessing
plants located at sellafield
which is a weapons production
facility they don't create
Powers just plutonium for
weapons and there's eight
million litres a day of is
hemorrhaging into the ocean from
the Meltdown in the 50s will get
to later at sellafield
and LaHaye shag which is the
France Francis is so freaking
revolting what Francis doing and
done they're actually just
revolting revolting
you're disgusting they're
universities and our governments
and our media are truly
despicable creatures there's no
people to just creatures large
amounts of iodine 129 were
released to the marine
environment from just those two
facilities the main transport
Pathways probably aerosol
releases from the reprocessing
plants well it's not just
I don't want 29 they have to
break down all of the fuel
turn it into a gas and any
reclaimed the particles that way
way the majority of this
actually invented
and then what did you get to
have particles that you do
manage to accumulate lots of of
it's released did he burn that
in reactors and
released into the environment
90% of their betters released
into the environment the rest of
this dumped into
the oceans UK dumped it into the
door just driving around the
ocean for three decades thrown a
fuel rods off to size it about
guaranteed to kill the Atlantic
100% guaranteed to poison
everybody that eats anything or
lives on the coast line actually
truly truly the most evilest
thing you
could do was just I've around
and Atlantic thrown all your
fuel into the ocean in different
places spreading it out so you
can destroy everything
permanently truly the most
evilest thing imaginable is a
reprocessing plant impacts of
14 carbon which is only made at
nuclear plants
from a nuclear fuel processing
plant and surrounding vegetation
comparison between grass field
now unraveling five Decades of
antipa jetty antipathetic
which is man-made 236 uranium
discharges from nuclear
plans to 36 vision boy valves
are used for reconstruction of
the uranium 236 discharges to
Irish sea bivalves lots of
species each bivalves including
walrus for instance right but
humans eat a lot of its it
previously unknown large
releases of uranium in the Irish
cheese in the 70s
like holy when you actually look
at this story you start
realizing realizing you better
speak up you better stand up you
better start getting busy better
got up you better get the war
against these creatures these
disgusting creatures excuse the
language how do you not use my
language I apologize but how do
you not denigrate to the
as you get enveloped in this
extreme and of the nuclear
1:29 I dine in the oceans
Origins and applications for the
give you some context this is
what I want of the most
important studies when it comes
129 the quantity of long-lived
half-life is
fifteen point seven million
years Radioactive isotope
Radioactive ionizing isotope 129
iodine and the
pre nuclear age the ocean was
pre pre nuclear there was only
we a hundred kilograms 220
pounds roughly in all the oceans
of iodine of iodine 129
pre nuclear nuclear start it up
various nuclear activities
weapons testing
nuclear fuel processing
Chernobyl and other
authorized oh and
non-authorized non-authorized
illegal dumping of radioactive
waste of increased the ocean
inventory nobody's ever been
arrested for it but Gordon throw
litter on the side of the road
in front of a cop see how that
works out for you if you
survive at that is the ocean
inventory 129 iodine by more
than one order of magnitude
magnitude most
important of the sources of the
direct Marine discharges from
the commercial processing
facilities and France and United
Kingdom and leg and France and
sell a UK which have discharged
sixteen hundred and 40 kilograms
in the English Channel and
seven hundred and twenty
kilograms in the Irish
sea Sea respectively so pre-war
was a hundred kilograms
kilograms after nuclear testing
what year was that studying 1999
she definitely
haven't got Fukushima into it
and Fukushima the numbers from
the I don't only 129
here in Canada United States was
220 million
atoms per liter of Rainwater so
it's going to war if two numbers
were talking
about about but it works out to
2002 thousand three hundred and
60 kilograms when it was
originally just 200
kilograms but the amp'd the
natural stuff from the solar
system 129 is a completely
different isotope
then demand made ionizing 129 is
they're completely different
different direction there is no
similarities to the similarities
simply of it assimilates into
plants and humans right it's
like tritium word assimilates
water becomes part of your
system and it radiates
endless DNA and chromosomes in
your body so it doesn't
energy doesn't travel a long way
but it'll last 15 million
years the first half-life and
it'll wreck your DNA and
your chromosomes from
the interior do you become
saturated with a see natural
is most days you can't buy your
accumulate any more than your
body naturally has but
man-made radiation your body
keeps by or accumulating you
keep sequestering in
your muscles and your organs and
your bones forever and you keep
being exposed to it you get more
and more in your body your body
attacks every single one with
white blood cells for the rest
of your life that displaces the
red blood cells carry oxygen
oxygen attrition throughout your
body d commonly displaces the
oxygen attrition and leaves you
with no oxygen no nutrition
weapon testing fuel facilities
reprocessing plants which are
releases 90% of the
gas into the environment you
can't store
together see and are not going
to try
everything is vented including
the reprocessing reprocessing
and other authorized authorized
non-authorized dumping dumping
UK are you okay don't everybody
in UK to worked in the industry
even if
your Dad should be dug up and
prosecuted for driving around
the ocean dumping it in the
the university schools are mass
destruction throughout the
United Kingdom I've never seen
nothing like you know United
Kingdom the government and a
nuclear industry
your media is in the
University's United United
Kingdom not there's a tiny
of people that are
good the very tiny fraction –
Rona by evil it's always the
case but
but 99.99999% of them our actual
demons directional demons
during the worst of ever saw you
continue to be the worst humans
that work in that industry like
I say there's studies showing
a group of people academics
United Kingdom that nuclear
power is not
the best solution to the Future
they were freaking demon eyes so
you probably don't probably
never do another study like that
again because they're going to
be bombarded they're going to be
going to be ostracized for
decades I don't think the
industry will ever forgive them
for it and in Industry went on
the attack
for it away corrosion and
nuclear fuel reprocessing plant
corrosion corrosion and boiling
nightshirts assets to put the
fuel rods and boiling acid to
extract plutonium and americium
and fission products just
certain stuff to can use for the
as declaim as fuel
so you don't have to store it
and then the rest is a released
in increments over weeks and
months months
into the environment cause
you're necessitates all the
corrosion and
nuclear fuel corrosion
boiling nitrous acid acid
and spent fuel reprocessing
plants various night should
media's are encountered and the
Purex process using the
separation of fission products
uranium plutonium Purex process
is this
thus highly corrosive as it
takes place at high temperatures
on her
High concentrations
of acid Solutions containing
oxidizing metal ions from spent
so you
took down my 911 video the 19th
anniversary I just links below
every day for hirano I know I
put it on I put the video up
into different sites sites and
one side
is better than the other ones
will check both of them out out
so you can see the
video that they removed it on
this too many many years in a
row now I did the anniversary
few weeks later when no one's
been paying attention they take
the video down I can't use
YouTube for a week it's an
incredible betrayal the 911
videos that I presentation that
I've done on the anniversary for
the 19th
shows unequivocal there was no
planes at the Pentagon or
Shanksville Pennsylvania and
everybody put the word no plane
and we'll get
to tween town
when Towers when he took footage
and remove frames and made it
look like a CGI so you wouldn't
look at that and so you would
fight over the twin our dinner
is planes no planes at the Twin
Towers forget about Twin Towers
look at that
go look at the twin go look at
the documentation of avoid and
you'll see there is no plane at
the Pentagon for sure
or as Shanksville Pennsylvania
that's unequivocal that the
Twin Towers fell at the same
speed as if you drop a
cannonball at the Top If You
Drop jumped and drop to can't
somebody else Drop The
and a state on the roof all
three of your hit the ground at
the same time
you took the video down because
they're monsters and they know
it sing and will be links under
my video
to that video every day from
here on out because I'm not
going to sit in silence silence
like a like a majority of people
will do 137 37 to 39 to 40
plutonium-240 one americium
which decays does you know 241
plutonium and a Borel forest
soil and a transfer into wild
mushrooms and berries transfer
I pushed on you like that so you
can understand that this stuff
yeah it's in the force now it
ends up in food that
ends up on your table your
children now have to get
radiation therapy and then
no matter all the side effects
from that injuries they're going
to try to treat it with more
radiation radiation therapy like
it just doesn't seem possible
that that is happening just
doesn't seem real
not I nobody would do that Tina
Other Jonah very
high concentrations up to 20
kilo beckles a kilogram
I found in mushrooms which is a
thousand beckles right so 20,000
Vehicles the kilogram and wild
mushrooms mushrooms aggregate to
radiation harvesting vegetables
using D contaminated soil
you thought it couldn't get
worse didn't you harvesting
vessels vegetables use D
contaminated soil demonstration
project the lid Liddy and Naga
Del Oro blow the radioactive
substance concentrations
standard value
okay let me break that down in
the normal human
he took to Radioactive you got
30 million won ton bags picked
up the claim the decontaminated
and that a grown food to it
do you get what's going
on on reusing
decontaminated soil soil in a
difficult to return
irian so difficult to return
area AKA
unbelievably Radioactive and I
gotta grow food in the soil that
they dug up
to try to make it habitable
again when you can't it's just a
insane I give each some from
January Japan you're a idiot
you're actually stupid all the
warnings and you're still going
to eat food from Japan or EU
or United Kingdom Japan is
shipping the food dear and then
their relabeling it and shipping
it to Canada and everywhere else
to get around in Burgos the
company announced that
it had 0.12 2.3 becquerels per
kilogram which is well below
the national Standard of a
hundred buttholes originally was
500 it
dropped down a hundred because
by the end of 2012 there was
900,000 more cancer cases in
Japan in any previous year
this point an extra million
actual cancer cases but cancers
typically the last one too the
the manifesto big now unless
you're eating at all time
difficult to return area only
had 0.12 2.3 becquerels per
kilogram which is pre Fukushima
limits were
.01 becquerels per kilogram or
0.1 becquerels per kilogram
we can't remember D contaminated
soil is 2100
to twenty four hundred
becquerels per kilogram but the
food is only
only point two eight barrels of
kilogram do you believe that
do you actually believe that
do you see how Savage media
actually is she can't actually
work work that way
because we have so many studies
showing you can't even in Japan
for instance
you can't eat the tips with a
they can't use the tips of Point
trees which is typically used
down there to make a tea because
radiation gathers up some tips
tips and trees much bigger than
a plan C
so imagine how radioactive to
put the food becomes we got lots
of numbers on food
the mayor says he was relieved
it was okay to eat he was
worried about accepting
decontaminated contaminated soil
and a difficult to return area
highly like
it just doesn't each one of
these stories just doesn't seem
possible and even doing
this for years and years and
years I'm still shocked
I'm still horrified I'm still
terrified every single day
when I read these stories
stories like you can't make it
up if you
wanted to pray for priests
nuclear you could not make this
stuff up if there was no nuclear
could never make something like
this a rice farmer suffering
again this this year
you want your suffering for
reputation damaged what you're
claiming again what the rumors
of the nuclear accident
continuing rice farmers are
in trouble this year so they're
saying that people are
stigmatized them because you
think the food could be
Radioactive radioactive that's
that's considered races right if
you think the food from Japan
is radioactive but we know the
food is radioactive dust
that's not when don't think it
we actually prove it
and if you eat the food from
there shame on you you if you're
going to eat it eat it but don't
it to your friends and your
families and your loved ones
don't do that don't be a monster
a new study says nuclear energy
is pointless this is Popular
the same day within a few hours
by our old friend friend
Caroline Dilbert Dilbert dude
doom she's like a lizard a
Gilbert a new stat she's like a
new study says
nuclear energy is pointless
don't believe it
as if proper mechanic is somehow
the arbitrator effects did this
desperation to come here and
then he show you a fake
emissions when the real
emissions look ten times worse
than that new research suggests
nuclear renewable energies can't
coexist a problem the study only
data from before 2014 why is
that a problem
it's 25 years and a hundred
twenty plus countries
this incredible data and like
yeah but it's before
4 2014 such evil people there's
such evil people you defy any
kind of
reality and then they got a
little links to stories like you
like no clear
soda we let's nerd out over
nuclear together
just horrible incredible
monsters actually monsters
recharge no clear is no option
for hydrogen production
German government
yeah cause you're for the last
number of years would be seeing
this just
what are claiming that oh no
clears perfect for hydrogen the
good transition but no clear
hydrogen is the last thing we
want to release into the
environment it's the very last
thing imaginable
that you want to have on this
planet is no clear or nuclear
they're actually insane no
option for hydrogen production
production nuclear
isn't an option for the Energy
System be to production
electricity for electricity
demand or for the production of
hydrogen the Secretary of State
and Germany's economic energy
Ministry said in a virtual
conference and
hydrogen organized by his
researchers found that unlike
Renewables countries around the
world large scale nuclear
do not tend to show significant
lower carbon emissions and
in poor countries nuclear
programs actually tend to
associate with relatively
higher emissions it's actually
seven to one Renewables are
seven times better
compared to nuclear or you have
renewable as 7 times less
emissions than than no clear
nuclear power should not be
considered as effective low
carbon energy source source a
new report
claims nations with large scale
nuclear deployments do not tend
to show
significant lower carbon
emissions not only that they'll
show significant larger cancers
and Alzheimer's and Dementia
knob Chisholm and heart and
liver and Lung and respiratory
and pituitary and thyroid and
adrenaline and over almost
almost 2,000
don't answers could could
mini nuclear reactor solve the
this is the this is where
batshit crazy goes batshit crazy
stuff could argon's mini nuclear
reactor solve the a truck truck
this one look like they want to
put a thousand mini nuclear
reactors right at the rest stops
across North America you know
rest stops on the highway do you
to put many nuclear reactors
a thousand or more cheese are
lunatics but
to recharge trucks electric
of them use mixed oxide fuel
what could possibly go wrong
with that Dana my God
you don't want to know you
really don't want to know
Hanford is unprepared
for potential nuclear waste lie
ha ha ha 580 square miles of
radiation like you can't even
wrap your mind around multiple
meltdowns great that they denied
to the day
they got like the whole site is
nutty butter all the money in
this don't know how many
billions a year to pour into it
ninety percent of it goes to
Administration they hired a
fair not to local locals but the
higher end of that that
I was in a few hundred miles
you'll hire all the contractors
Darren Shan they're actually
hand for Hanford is insane
saying Hanford has one spot on
the hand for River this isn't a
river Columbia Columbia River
just a spectator where
it says 70 sieverts an hour on
the shoreline where he dumped
nuclear fuel Downriver and in
the 50s they were taken up by
boat down river and dumping it
into the ocean right
for decades because he had done
so much locally they
started shipping it Downriver
river by boat and then out into
the ocean and dump the fuel
overboard when he got through
right away
the best surf spot in in Japan
Japan is an island nation was
7,000 Islands
and sort of promoting die
surfing in the most radioactive
places in this is Fukushima
nuclear power plant
in the background push and I got
a wide variety of beaches ain't
no crowds and reef breaks and
deliveries delivers consistent
waves throughout most of the
like you got to be some special
kind of evil to promote
Fukushima it truly
got to be evil
course prefecture which is up by
Tokyo brutal amount of
radioactive material in
Chiba like you're talking 19
million vehicles are square
absurd the team is Swiss
researchers have found a way to
up radioactive water these are
lunatics but away
again over and over and over
well tanks radioactive water
stagnating at Fukushima
jury to researchers developed a
membrane capable of removing the
from the water
that'd be fantastic Danny what
are you talking about this is
the media wrote that headline
and connotations and nothing to
do with the actual story
actually got nothing to do with
the story Fukushima Nuclear
Power Plant
millions of liters as actually
over a million tons
and millions a leader just
millions of liters in each tank
millions of tons just Perpetual
machines for sure operators
excuse to cover up contaminated
Waters have to be poured but the
water is
already poured into the Pacific
it's to she verts per liter
liter of just better
Jimmy least two or three severs
of gamma and the same
leader excuse my language no
don't excuse language
there's no other way to describe
just whatever using those words
just simply not
per liter you're looking at
around five sieverts sieverts
minimum you can't filter
something like that that's if
that was if two leaders were
sitting here I already be dead
sing if everybody had to walk
past a 5-gallon jury can the
they would die right there on
the spot
of that water
so they released it into the
ocean the water but away way is
from pouring water what your
claim just
you're claiming is pouring water
over reactor cores and are
sucking it up and putting it in
the tanks that's the story
that's simply not what's
happening they have test Wells
the side and they soak up water
and he tested allegedly the
homeless and destitute of
victims of society
that academics or journalists or
anybody else because they don't
go to the right it's just the
homeless and victims so the
water to comes up at a test
sites test drills right they
don't dump that into the ocean
they put that in the tanks is
what they're claiming see this
is the fable that they've been
keeping alive for
almost nine years and so in 2013
you had a thousand tanks to
happen stop pumping Waters what
you're saying into the tanks and
but the only have 900 tanks now
they lost track see of the
official number we still have
the official numbers was a
thousand tanks in 2013
but the tanks would be so lethal
not only that you
will be able to walk past not
only that but if you were to
filter the water at 5 severs
let's just say it's
just a to severs with at the
amid to a better per liter when
you're filtering a few gallons
of that you can't get close to
the filter to change you you
couldn't filter a ton of it
because now to filter if even if
it did work
we so lethal you can never
remove and change the filter not
only that any water going
through to even you put fresh
water through
those filters dear so radiator
when you put fresh water through
it it's lethal doses now but
leader because that's how
action works every facet of the
industry is lie after lie after
lie after lie after lie after
lie and no two stories
from nuclear the same the
Japanese lobbyists nuclear
lobbyists portraying pertaining
thereto government captured
Japanese government
has been accused of a cover-up
after refused to allow
independent testing of the
water from the Fukushima power
plant he said he can't Store it
off site site they don't want
build another facility and move
it off site if it was
really if you did have to water
their they couldn't transporter
because you it would kill the
driver and
everybody on the highway because
it's so radioactive say a
nurture all universities all the
media the lobbyists media is
nuclear lobbies AKA media
are claiming that is just truly
ated water but there's no such
thing as treated water for
nuclear meltdown the tritium 3H
3h like let me just move on
because I just going to get
upset Japan
plans to flush the radioactive
Fukushima water into the ocean
well it did like like you could
their 16,000 employees ran away
that's the had to
dump it because people were
dying when he went near the
tanks tanks
is nothing going into tanks not
only that each reactor is melted
down each 4,500 tonnes per
minute so
for two buildings need that much
every minute 4,500 tonnes
1440 minutes a day each minute
you need another 4,500
tons of water in each reactor
meltdown that's enough to fill
up all
the Thousand tanks in one day
one reactor will do it in three
all the times would be filled up
if you captured the water that
you actually need I've done
addition four to five months a
year to Alaska from Vancouver
British Columbia doing species
counts and are all gone all the
birds are gone all the 7500
highly visible species are also
gone that's a fact we don't
add year after year after year
to species counts at Great
Danger Under Siege the entire
time time so when they tell you
a team of switch Swiss
researchers found a way to clean
up the radioactive water
and invoked Fukushima that's not
what we're talking about there
and that's the nuclear lobbyists
writing the stories millions of
liters of
contaminated water by
radioactivity it's millions of
tons but that they actually
at all because if you had it on
site you kill all the homeless
that are there right away
he can't stored say say it's
Swiss researchers have unveiled
a filtered membrane that can
metals like gold and platinum oh
and some uranium
there are have time about
anthropogenic radiation are
talking about
238 natural and the membrane is
just made out of junk junk
professor of food and soft
carried it with Swiss hospital
was the precursor of a
ambition indeed researchers hope
to be able to transpose the
revolution in membrane to the
radioactive water tanks tanks No
the membrane is made of
biodegradable biodegradable
material you can't bioaccumulate
you can't filter like we see so
many stories where
allegedly do something in that
are going to scale it up and do
no clear it has never happened
never will happen it's meant to
and pacify those that are
starting to worry it's meant to
him in April 8th and trick and
and people would actually repeat
that Dad a kilometer membrane
clean Fukushima
Fukushima take Dana you shut up
to my gravity but a cheap toy
you got to smack you so hard in
the mouth you'll be staring at
your heels
Japan plans to flush radioactive
Fukushima water into the
ocean ocean she the type of
tritium is
small amount of drinking water
but is dangerous and large
quantity like tritium
3H is what comes from nuclear
did these are lunatics the these
are lunatics
that need to be stopped
immediately a thousand liters
per ton
every Power hinders the fight
against climate
change as that new study
so wash countries investing in
Renewables are achieving carbon
reduction firfer faster than
those we chopped the back to
nuclear scum degenerate parasite
industry countries wishing to
reduce carbon emissions should
invest in
Renewables abandoning any plans
for nuclear power stations
because they can no longer
be considered a low carbon
and poor researchers from
from Sussex – cool imagine a
seized a runner let's go let's
go everybody give him a freakin
Round of Applause for trying
God bless you let's have it on
the next week
we'll have a minute of silence
for him because the industry
will kill them
with their own type of radiation
therapy I'm sure a blessing for
speaking out and
bless them for trying and media
actually ran for 24 hour cycle
with the story and
then it disappeared forever
forever but I'll make sure to
regurgitated every day from here
on out that's for sure this is
the conclusion of a study by the
University of Sussex business
school published in the journal
Natural Energy which analyzed
World Bank and International
Energy agency data from
a hundred and twenty-five
countries over 25 year period
yep Canada Doug says ten
popular mechanic like to give
them some radiation therapy
Totowa the study found that in
some large countries go on
Renewables up to seven times
more effective and low in carbon
emissions than nuclear
whoo renewable
energy provides lower carbon
emissions compared to nuclear
energy than and then the dead
I know you hate to hearing it a
new study has shown that only
energy not know clear
clear scum energy can be avoid
low carbon energy sustainable
lie low carbon emissions most
rapidly and
cost-effectively and Country
should therefore prior to her
or a Noble's instead of
degenerate nuclear scumbag power
power give it a nuclear power to
can't do radiation therapy
that's weird
that's got to be worth something
it shows that the nuclear energy
programs all over the
world usually do not
sufficiently reduce carbon
emissions dear for cannot be
considered a significant low
carbon source of energy
people are to screeching in the
nuclear industry right now stop
Tina stop please please life of
Brazil's only nuclear plant
exclusive the kind of notations
with it
extended 20 years years the only
plant in an incredibly
impoverished country to you
building material now got an
extended 20 years
what did you just gotta donate
to United Nations right and then
they'll get an extension
does that actually
works Duke Energy Duke Nuclear
plant demolition
time line was cut from half 50
years to seven years it really
don't care folks is simply just
don't care
care Duke Energy you will
demolish its nuclear plant in
Florida over Crystal River was
shuttered since 2009 because of
board of the upgrade and repair
or a botched upgrade and repair
no clear honey I know clear
buddy botched upgrade now they
got a scrap the place because
he's smurfed up the upgrade as
Duke Energy to notorious for put
away this place to begin
demolition of a scumbag new
plant but I'm timeline reduced
from nearly six decades seven
years because of a drop in cost
no no no because it just don't
care in 2006 15
facing a projected demolition
costs more than a billion
dollars Duke was
prepared to let the plant Rock
for 60 years before removing it
they're like well you can do it
in seven years 540 million well
we believe in decommissioning
these plants as soon as possible
it's and is going to be covered
by a trust fund are already
little bit of money left over
right a normally newly formed
newly newly formed accelerated
decommissioning partners
partners accelerated there's no
such thing
accelerated with no clear is
extermination of all species
it's a great story full of
nothing but endless law is
speaking of loy's 12 becomes the
youngest person to ever to build
a work in nuclear
reactor his mom and his dad
should be arrested for child
abuse abuse
his dad even amidst that he
didn't realize what the
kid was actually doing is Mom
said she used to Google stuff
but she don't know nothing about
nuclear and then the kid now is
put on a pedestal Guinness book
is scum
records 12 becomes youngest
person to build of work in
nuclear reactor youngest
tourists to ever build a work in
reactor reactor he liked what I
what am I getting
all the media attention for for
you know she's parents put him
up to it your parents should be
arrested and jailed forever and
he should beget radiation
therapy immediately for doing it
strictly as a reward of course
nuclear band patch not erode
validity of the nuclear power
plants can Fab chief
nuclear band pack should not
erode validity validity of
npt NPT and remember
hundred ninety-one countries
have signed the
treaty only 46 countries and
regions have agreed to the
nuclear Ban Treaty adopted in
2017 Still for short
it's for for short for short of
the number needed for it to go
into a force so 40 if you had 50
countries at
a hundred and ninety-one
signatory non-proliferation
treaties didn't a cab and
nuclear weapons just need need
four more
so why why is it so hard to get
four more
there's definitely no no no whoo
no cleaner shave with kill me
I can join that I got billions
of dollars
I want to spend when I retire
from this genocide Nuclear Plant
plan to oth underway which means
expect cancers and leukemias and
autism diseases to Skyrocket
they're going to change the fuel
and another place place
a Missouri Kellaway Energy
Center AKA Nuclear Power Plant
begun as 24th plan refueling
maintenance so teach each 24
genocides every time you open
these death machines up all the
radiation flaws or dis is what
it bring in a thousand people
from outside
outside every 18 months we
create a genocide
eight hundred additional workers
from across the state
why don't you just hired a local
people then we have cancer rates
Skyrocket Dana oh okay okay
customers will not notice any
difference in their service good
first off you need to external
power supplies the power
or nuclear power plant it can't
run on its own power so it needs
his own coal plants and
oil or gas plants to give a
constant power to build it
power to produce power constant
power to distribute the power
constant power to decommission
for 50 years later 60 years
later to external power supplies
if you actually took the
two power supplies got rid of
the nuclear power plant you
still had more energy than you
did with the nuclear power plant
don't need existence of a
nuclear power plant is to
exterminate all the people and
all the species
on the planet I mean that's two
that's the reality
like I've been doing this for
years that's actually what's
happening see
nuclear Powers plans don't
Supply their own power that she
had so many
argue with me the other day all
day in the you mean to make the
fuel that's not that's not what
I said I mean when I said French
nuke and I've been saying it for
years because
because we like everything that
I want to throw these little
confrontation it's because I
already provide the
documentation many times over
the years and I usually do a
drop of a hat today's a little
different because 1,100 pieces
to get through
French nuclear group opens new
facility in the US which is only
one week's work work French
group opens new facility in the
u.s. French which is a
Reve went bankrupt and they went
to America and open trauma tone
which is
a spinoff from the federal
Arriva I went bankrupt there was
supposed to go guard the ways
for a billion years supposed to
deal with the assembly's the
used assemblies for a billion
years instead of doing that
they're like now we're going to
go bankrupt
tender government on top of that
dope new uranium recovery a
mixed oxide fuel fuel facility
real DeGeneres comes in Richland
new facility cost 20 million
took three years to build and
1,100 11,000 square feet
facility equipped with the
latest technology
process recovery uranium from
the fuel manufacturing process
when a mixed oxide process
actual lunatics right
once again I'm not going to go
into big detail and never get
through this too
tough for two my chi launches us
and MIT and well first off we're
all nuclear news for actually
during the worst thing can
happen to any species species
Jared worst of the worst of the
industry disaster
lobbyists lobbyists but
they're pumping out to mediator
getting all the
top spots in the search engines
fortune and MIT which an MIT is
90 years of promoting nuclear
and after Fukushima Dara Dara
the first ones Richter
screeching is like a banana
we stopped him from saying those
words how many times have you
seen me covered cover towards
bananas in the last four or five
years not very often because all
her presentations I took them
chopped him up and came out and
bludgeon them right to the point
where you stop using bananas
bananas as a a as a metaphor for
nuclear nuclear
MIT is just it seems like
everybody that comes at an MIT
our functional Mass murderers
there there are any good at mass
murder no good at anything else
finish utility for
Tanana Massachusetts Institute
of Technology MIT of entered and
three cooperation
create an open source tool
for techno-economic modeling's
the small modular reactor
projects do with the Devil
to get a finish project getting
a bunch of money with MIT
getting a bunch of money to make
models millions of dollars to
come up with models for small
modular reactors
that don't even exist
exist you actually don't have to
dock the documentary
documentation of these
facilities to make the models
with as you need you
need an actual actual reactor
small modular reactor a working
one in order to come up with an
actual model see
so until they have one that
works did this shouldn't even
no no they're just going to have
so much money thrown at them
right you'll get three
or four ten million dollars to
do it is and I have to struggle
but away way we did raise $200
in the last week
let me thank you everybody
I I donated because without you
this operation can't exist it's
a humble thing that I do
Stephen young donated $50 take
Steven and your lovely Hardwick
has donated $30
tank you hard wake our trick
Timothy read that that Anna and
yeah Timothy
M has to be an inn donated 50
thank you Tim and James
L donated another 63 Canadian
Tink Tink
Tink you again James and Tim and
hurt with wing and Stephen Young
Steven doesn't mind me using his
last name right so
but I don't want to use other
people's last names so I used
her initials typically unless I
can't pronounce the first name
I can't pronounce your last name
then I'll use your initial for
the first name and their last
name whatever comes
we're gonna give me a thumbs up
here we're still rolling strong
situation is complicated
who reach headlines like these
anyway Dana does
fight you think when it comes to
the nuclear industry every
story is about brainwashing the
population every story so I
can't cover them all I read them
all but I
can't cover them all and so once
that can bring a lesson to the
table better it rages which is
all stores I guess what are more
it rages then I'll cover it in
July Federal authorities
arrest of former State House of
Representatives Representatives
speaker Larry scum holder AKA
householder and for scumbag
Associates are accused of
a 60 million dollar bribery
scheme allegedly you
utilize to ensure passage of a
not which is what happened to
get a couple of billion dollars
for nuclear plants in Oak Harbor
and Imperial piryohae owner
Cleveland Cleveland
nobody else would nobody knows
where Perry all Hoya was to
expose honor House Bill shakes
current law Ohio consumers will
have to church her edges of a
hundred and fifty million dollar
a year added to to their
electric bill
a nuclear writing I was going to
fail but they'll pass
legislation like that see and
they'll just
parasite through way way Easy
Ride kick back to the politician
the David Betsy nuclear power
plant and Ottawa
and look at the water always
doll the water right and then in
background you'll see farm lands
always well I think there's a
few times you have entry where
to write directly in the city
so if you're not directly in the
middle of the city they want
firm land and all that food has
to go to the city so you can
poison everybody
everybody their way
that's what you do if it's just
every facet of this story some
years ago a young person
representing Environmental
organization not tell me Doris
it's going to beg after hearing
her views on global warming I
asked her whether climate change
was the most pressing issue
facing us that we must
do everything and anything that
addressed a greenhouse gas
emissions this is all since
Fukushima but away she said yes
I didn't ask her if she favored
to continued operation nuclear
power plants because they're the
only single large Source
electricity that don't emit any
Greenhouse gases
she said no which I reply you're
not serious about doing
everything and anything anything
are you
and the story that they provide
a picture from the nuclear
Commission Commission but that
was a
updated we're bloody Road in and
wrote this story
you don't want to save no
cleared and you don't care but
the environment and then they
had the conviction to put that
in a media and the media had to
conviction the let the nuclear
lobby lobby
Group which is what media is
it's a nuclear Lobby group it's
orwellian native loophole let's
NASA skirt to clean up
this is a Santa Susana nuclear
it's the worst it's actually
four hundred and sixty times
worse than Three Mile Island
and Three Mile Island
contaminated over 2 million
people and
then the studies he put out said
it was equal to get watching
color television for an extra
year you like
dog ate it in the shade a nosh
weird I swear
Lake Tahoe low density and say
it's like watching color
television for another loan ask
what they say I showed the story
that's not fair I showed the
true that is true just after
dramatically scaling back to
cleanup plan for one of the
country's most
contaminated areas one are like
a thousand
Superfund sites across America
will never clean up ticket when
he can't
clean enough to call it a
Superfund Site it gets couple of
billion dollars a year ninety
percent of it goes
Administration the rest of it
goes to poker
poker games preparing to
sidestep any remediation at all
by declaring the entire
3,000 acre former rocket and
nuclear testing site are
Los Angeles it
culturally significant site for
Native Americans the Santa
Susana field Laboratory and
Sodium reactor meltdown sorting
reactors if you let air in the
reactor it will detonate
oh and if you put water in the
reactor it'll detonate hey going
to decommission a Dana talk to
my nose there nobody else does
and he's picked me know what do
I look like I know every Santa
Susana field laboratory to
sight of a partial meltdown
which they did claim is
one-third of the fuel melted
down they don't know because you
can open up because it'll
detonate right
and he called it a partial
nuclear Milton this is just to
downplay it say contains
cave feature Native Americans in
the 3,000 Acres acres like Los
still being irradiated from
Santa Susana contains the cave
by Native Americans oh there's a
Native American
heritage site so bad we can't
clean it up because then they
won't be able to go there
but sure we'll look we really
wanted to clean it up but
there's pictorial can't
paintings your from NATO's Dana
you don't respect
the the natives Dana
and short Federal funding last
week NASA septic expand its
which NASA wants a chunk of it
scumbag NASA to precisely match
entire two thousand eight
hundred fifty acre field Labs
property lines two hundred fold
just betrayal after betrayal
after be true so there was a
plea agreement in 2010 there's
an exception to cleaning up the
Native Americans
artifact artifact that's is one
small step from pushing the
entire cleanup through that
and you guys protecting Native
American sites are trying to get
out of having to restore the
damaged site so it would be safe
for Native Americans to
go to to it
make it up there good luck
trying as you can actually Santa
Susana is 460 times worse than
the radiation followed from
Three Mile Island folks that's
the new Santa Susana they'll
come up later Hanford on prepare
for potential
nuclear waste leak now covered a
little bit earlier so I won't
bother right now Inspector
General audit report released
Monday said that the
underground tanks now there's a
hundred tanks for so the earth
they can't get out into 2047
there are 27 years almost 30
years they've been there for
over 50 years
and the tanks were only meant to
last two years years
gee where ever heard that story
before before Oh we can't get to
it because the tanks are empty
they're already hemorrhaged hey
merged into the Columbia River
River and
in 27 years it won't matter
because the majority of us won't
be here
because Fukushima has killed
their planet everything else is
just posturing radiation Monitor
installed as seabrooke Beach
this is an NGO put
and you never told us where was
it was to where the house was on
but they put up seven of these
radiation monitoring
houses she broke free beach
residents in the last latest in
voice is a
network that tracks radiation
from a nuclear power plant real
time it was installed by a
watchdog organization now now
what we discovered was
99% or more of the non through
some of them that are good but
as of every hundred ninety-nine
is controlled opposition is what
an NGO is
it's controlled opposition and
then it gives hand over to
lobbyists when they're finished
with it and in the lobbies will
use it as a weapon now and so
like me trying to raise
a bit of money just pleased by
all these or these ngos which
are typically control opposition
most people still will Aid and
that's an NGO I can write that
off tax-free
yeah and that money now is used
to destroy you and your
community and your country and
all species see and there's
links below to donate
to me it's the best thing you
could ever do is donate someone
like me I'm getting
old and I'm still going strong
and on the busy
I'm a busy person I don't stop
back I go to work every day but
I run on package change
I get breaks here and there but
I'm like I could breaks when the
whole operation well I just seen
over the years is basically when
everything is breaking falling
apart somebody will donate a
chunk of change just
barely enough to get all the
basic stuff up and running again
which is awesome
and but I'm always running down
uphill and never running
downhill I'm never able to Coast
for a
couple of months I'm always
desperately trying to raise
enough money to keep the
operation of flow and I like
I would love nothing better to
be able to hire a couple of
people to help
me imagine how efficient and
effective I could be if I had
some help right
and I just gave up that dream a
long time ago but I still have
to try right I still gotta try
and people that helped me they
don't seem to understand you
know the rest of notion
understand how a little tiny bit
of money I can leverage that
weaponize it and come back ten
times harder and stronger and
struggling right now with
everything it's been a tough
tough year we had major
breakdowns and engine seizes up
on us I think was
orchestrated against made to
shut me down and
just struggling tomorrow I got
to go down and burn money to
transfer the trailer over get
the license and insurance on a
registration writer writer on it
I stickers for it I got to do I
got to do work on that trailer
before it's
really useful because it's like
we can't afford a real trailer
so I had to buy an old beater
and in increments now I got to
fix it all right so most of my
resources put a well we'll go in
and trying to get that up I
don't even have ramps for the
trailer you know what I mean I
got to put brakes on it because
it's got twin 3,500 pound axles
on it and so
that's going to cost me 70
dollars for each side and then
you want for Dem Den it's going
to cost because if you've got to
do that here on the East Coast
and the list just keeps going
and we getting the tail ends of
all hurricanes
and then
want to get back out on the
for winter winter settles in
because I can't go across the
interior even though this is a
Prime season for right now we
have migratory season in full
bloom I'll cover that this week
a lot of that stuff we got a lot
of footage
from a trip on last week great
that I'm going to be covering
later this week
from back in Louisville and
where it should be be around 8
million million Birds total
I found 1400 I got some really
good footage from down there
that's kicked out of me and that
trip last night was minus 3 I
still want to go an expedition
right we're getting the tail end
of all the Hurricanes I still
got Dickerson diesel stove and a
boat fixed so there's no heat
and I just can't spend money on
everything as it happens right
right I'll have no money left to
do anything with so I'm
right now in particular I'm
suffering I need new pontoons on
the zodiac
ter $18,000 that's not going to
happen because I need the money
for too many other things things
right unless somebody says
here's 18,000 spend it on the
pontoons then I'm stuck with
that I will but I'm just saying
there's so many I do need a new
I need a quad a real one that is
not not
a piece of so I can go out for a
week or two weeks in the woods
and not be terrified every day
my breakdown order for myself
with no communication
I'm probably not coming back
because I'm not very healthy I
shouldn't even have to do any of
I really shouldn't have to
struggle someone like me truly
write that has a long record of
doing the work
has accumulated a absurd amount
of equipment that gets
you laws constantly for work but
you know you break it all the
time see
everything breaks on that's like
the most devastating thing
everyone I digress
once again you can donate links
and and
just doing the best they kind of
just a single person right I
work 24/7 365 days a year I
don't take vacations even though
I desperately want one and I
just the only way I can make
this work because I have to work
24/7 7 days a week that's the
only way I can raise the basics
and keep the operation afloat as
whenever slow
down and never stop and I'm not
very healthy anymore never
was in the first place
wasn't it but we sure we sure
brought it to the nuclear
industry last number of years
that's for sure if you look at
the expedition's we done done
six years of traveling to Alaska
that was the most
brutal as thing imaginable I
don't know how many times I
almost starved it
if there's anything abnormal
which is where we get alerts and
if there's anything more than a
blip we'll talk to the nuclear
so this decision lies shattered
her talk like you've taken
radiation are going to
cultivate the nuclear regulatory
system we got a blimp is there a
release from the
nuclear power plant no OK we'll
do an article no release from
the nuclear power plant that was
probably North Korea
because he do that all the time
right I was probably from North
Korea wasn't nuclear power
Nuclear fuel plant effectively
clear clear screening
fuel plant what that is is the
reprocess of mixed oxide fuel
facility in Japan just cleared
screening but it's failed day
it's actually failed Japan's
first nuclear plant fuel plant
design to produce for commercial
purposes mocks makes oxide fuel
using plutonium extract from
spent nuclear fuel
the plant is a key component of
the lab nuclear lobbyists
government's policy
to recycle our fuel requires it
that's failed in ever built
it the plan to get in 2022 at
nineteen billion dollars not
Yen's but billion USD dollars
the third is gave the go-ahead
in July this year to a nuclear
fuel processing plant
for extracting plutonium course
death fails right
that's not going to work we know
screaming to build new water
treatment plant with 15 million
dollar from the USDA USDA
look at him man it cut your
throat and take your pocket
change and go by lollipops for
their children more than 50
million in federal funding is
headed to the town of
screenwriter for the paved
installation of a sewage system
to the nuclear power plant
plant oh and hundreds of
properties and Jason firms to
the proposed proposed route
dear what's going on there
three a nine-mile point in James
Fitzpatrick nuclear power plants
just got an extra
fifty million dollars for the
sewage system is better Russia
is latest nuclear
power is so past next stage of
Trials Russia's scott'll
sought after sought with reactor
cores in them Dame stuffed
submarines would
reactor cores and Scuttle in the
Arctic and the Baltic
to have a hundred and sixty
nuclear subs in Russia
Northern Russia and one
Bay after that the Beached and
ran away and left here a hundred
sixty nuclear submarines ran up
on the
beach and just left here they
can't decommission hemorrhaging
radiation into the environment
Russia and that I got another
one and we're supposed to watch
celebrate it like a the whole
industry is nothing but a
lunatics nuclear submarine
oh heavy nuclear power
underwater Cruiser was dear to
you mean summary no no
underwater Cruiser Dana I'm a
journalist Dana I like to write
things differently
lunatics undergraduates from MIT
course scum degenerate MIT
Mighty ramp up research during
the pandemic
so these whack jobs are going to
try to use nuclear to solve
like you say they'll use nuclear
you got to cut CO2 you we can
probably give you some radiation
therapy for that
why you got a speeding ticket
well we got radiation therapy
for that toe what's your
football team last you come see
the doctors here and they got
some radiation therapy will fix
you right up up jumbled salt
disposal unit seven nearing
completion I laughed because
it's otherwise he stir cursing
and swearing a massive fault
meant to permanently store
process and decontaminate
decontaminated radioactive waste
decontaminate yeah
like no that's not what it says
here enter Savannah River Site
is nearing completion
decontaminated contaminated
radioactive waste I heard it all
today boy that's I never heard
that one before decontaminated
nuclear waste ha ha ha ha I'm
too scared to ask what you're
doing with the other stuff
petition calls for cancer study
around San onofre plant score
that's that's a win
elation cancer study around
Nuclear power plants oh you
should study
for autism dementia and diabetes
and Alzheimer's and down
syndrome and heart problems
liver problems along
respiratory pituitary thyroid
adrenaline you should be
studying for that stuff and
cancer a bit in the new church
right here Excel error you
government has an embarrassing
long history of spreadsheet
horror stories daddy killed over
over a hundred thousand people
all from Harvard University
and pom pom pom pom pom pom pom
British nuclear fuel limited
admitted to some of the staff
falsified three years worth of
safety data on fuel it was
exporting so
they exported Fuel that was bad
and it just falsified the
data and then went into the
country different countries and
in hemorrhaged into the
communities and radiated and
mass genocide genocide like evil
lie cute UK nuclear is hard to
imagine there's a more evil
or nuclear industry than the
UK's I mean holy
pie how many Studies have
recovered it in customers
immediately ceased trading with
the British fuels assisted the
UK government taking the
defective shipments a nuclear
fuel back to you okay
pay compensation like nah
I just was a deliberate act
rather than a software error for
this wasn't an Excel there just
was a purpose purpose and little
0 hair a little Wonder perhaps
the most significant spreadsheet
problem occurred in 2010
and Chancellor George Osborne
based his justification for
a decade of public austerity on
the conclusions of Harvard
economics professors Carmen
Reinhart and Kenneth rogoff
after definitely American names
didn't not she names her as a
result of this argument UK
suffered a significant cuts
and public service is this
including Health and Social care
in 2017
the paper in the British medical
attributed a hundred and twenty
thousand excess deaths to the
cuts so to British are
to Harvard University professors
caused a hundred and twenty
thousand people to die
shouldn't they have a stake
driven down to the top of their
head or
or don't want to be too brutal
let's just give them ready
couple of doses of radiation
Theory therapy and when you have
radiation injuries will treat
that with radiation
till they're gone
like the victims Boris Johnson's
wind power pledge comes
Under Fire but a nuclear
industry as critic says you
can't meet the
2030 Target because there's not
enough you didn't put enough
money and they only got a
hundred and thirty million
going to need 50 50 billion
everybody was just kicking it
off see
clearly now you can't be done
enough money yeah
no please don't Urban free green
diamond ever after Screech into
the upper lung no clear
hand well LG is world biggest
floating this is a So Korea
biggest floating solar farm
project in Korea
three point nine seven billion
dollar it was spread over more
than 30 square kilometers
kilometers awesome that's just
that's certainly fine man
anything but nuclear
So that'll feed of the
million people Cape Town
earthquake raises alarm Bells
were to safety at the cold
nuclear plant and so
and Africa is planning on
Russia's planning on
poisoning Africa with more
nuclear right scum D generosity
come Cape Town earthquake raises
alarm Bells over safety of a new
plan so
they got to hit the actually hit
the earth earthquake studies
he hid them so he can build a
nuclear plant in the first place
a 12 year old killed kid built
to working nuclear fusion
reactor and his parents
everything a discourse this is
gain is curling doubled from
Popular Mechanics look look at
I wouldn't even leave my pet
hamster with her I
wouldn't let her take my trash
out because she might put
something in at the poison
to garbagemen
and then his parents should be
arrested for child abuse
she said his dad joked we didn't
know enough to have reservations
to be honest his dad said in a
video you let
your kid build a nuclear reactor
in his bedroom and you you never
questioned that there was a
Popular Mechanics
rate loving it I did put that
little caveat in there because
because it's
shows you how evil and twisted
Popular Mechanics and this
disgusting parricide here
actually are
NASA cleanup plan for tainted
Santa tainted when you use their
words just want to get them by
the throat and
dragged behind a horse or
something that's a cleanup pant
plan for tainted
Santa Susana field at their
California or Los Angeles
Angeles outrages activist oh
doesn't it rage Mike Harris for
some reason
that's decided to clean up
contaminated soil at a portion
of the Santa Susana which is the
actual worst nuclear meltdown
in America that the admit toe
they had quite a few right
deadly Los Alamos had a bunch
sentences that have for
Milton's not just a sodium one
Hanford had a
least four or five nuclear
meltdowns till estrogen standard
and agreed and
20 2010 10 legally binding
legally binding
and outages renege on and no one
can hold me accountable so what
did you recruit these stories
now to sugarcoat
it sing it leave 84%
percent of its contaminated
Acres not remediated
but you trying to do right right
that's just absurd excuse for
cleaning up so much contaminant
less contamination than A
promise is that it has
discovered there's more
contamination at the site than
he previously realized realized
but she did he started off and
calling tainted the right and so
right away the average person
will be allowed only want to
read it to going to law and he
do the the very first
sentence came to and then you
get to the shore in a give you a
little tip it's
NASA didn't want to clean it up
to the standards because it was
more radiation than they
thought there was and by the way
it's largely owned by
Boeing Boeing Company
how France Lloyd about his
nuclear test in Algeria Dion
Atomic Legacy France China to an
Australian their dominance to
the worldly developed or nuclear
technology by exploiting the
of society Algeria what France
left in Algeria was large
quantities of
nuclear non nuclear waste
opposes grave dangers to human
life and the environment 17 test
in Algeria
which is more
enough to contaminate the entire
thousands of square miles
permanently that's a nuclear war
17 nuclear
bonds is a nuclear war does the
same weapons as a nuclear war
so it doesn't matter if you set
it off in anger or not it's the
same radiation say
you get it don't worry take
another Brit you're probably
Tahiti party to cries absence of
study on genetic impacts the
French test in fact they called
a babies down there jelly babies
because they're so deformed
are you seeing that in Australia
with the buek asian-americans
the same thing right right
really incredible contempt and
median the universities and
government agencies been
captured it's
an incredible betrayal so absurd
betrayal that we
clearly been able to identify
celebrating sister are
that plates anti-nuclear
activists and Peacemaker
in a hostile world so many
hostile if you're anti-nuclear
is not that your auntie
it's just that your pro reality
life Pro 8 million species your
anti-nuclear to get a label you
say say
ultimate insult is when he lay
with you
you're not a human here
anti-nuclear anti-nuclear oh
you're anti-nuclear and
you are not any
pro no clues are the people in
the industry and suckers their
read Popular Mechanics
and people like that but they
could be read they can have
themselves Redeemed by learning
the truth here captain anyway 94
years old died in her sleep
anti-nuclear per se
pro-life activist
understood nuclear was a threat
to all species for decades and
decades and decades bless your
especially 94 not 84 from what I
died in her sleep explain to a
federal judge in 2002
have shillong side of protest
companion sister Carol
Gilbert and sister Jackie Hudson
Jackie Hudson
her story is incredible she was
talking to pediatricians about
all the children with cancer and
he discovered
that all the children live lived
close to nuclear Triad and basis
nuclear dumps nuclear waste
site some power plants
plants so the poor children that
had the worst radiation counter
cancers were
direct line to nuclear and
became a lifelong advocate
of fight against nuclear Jack
sister Jackie Hudson I'm sure
most of them will
tell you similar stories but she
had asked to pediatricians you
she comes to all the time
because of the dye in children
and that was the day they had
Imperial all evidence to back up
to his assertions and let
entered a Colorado nuclear base
tapped on The
Silo with a hammer and used her
own blood to smear across and
they were sentenced to jail
can't remember what that 220,000
was for yeah hundred-ton missile
lid so nuclear missiles there's
be 50,000 in America right each
lid way 220,000 pounds of
special metal and and cement
only the best all the best
resources go straight down the
nuclear black hole right right
she was sentenced to prison spin
Nautica was 40 40 times she was
he's traumatized player
sentences this I spent more than
15 years in jail for
protesting no clear rest of 40
times man
s we really really did lose
someone special when she died
died she put her
life on the line constantly and
we are humbled
company detest David Bessie's
emergency sirens on Friday
this is De got like sixty to a
hundred Sirens within 10 miles
of a nuclear power plant
so you can run away right but
he'll never use them to get have
the biggest
releases and they have and you
won't use the sirens actual
demons every facet of the
industry are cowards stir
they're cowards is no other way
to describe
them them the role of animal
experiments in
estimates of radiation risk
they've killed trillions of
in all the countries combined to
a nuclear trillions it's just
absurd like if you go look at
all the nuclear war AKA nuclear
testing which
was a nuclear war
all the ships were full of
animals that there were sending
the radiation radiation towards
it was just it's sickening to
watch what they had actually
done but you should see what
they have done we dr. Raymond
gillnet he he is 94
at 94 academic
and Beagle dogs and Beagle
puppies of where they
done radiation experiments it's
two women sacrificed them AKA
killed him cut him open see what
the radiation done tool and a
lot of those dogs were
kidnapped from communities and
cities if not all of them the
role of animal experiments and
estimation of risk
logos radiotherapy the
radiotherapy for covid-19
pneumonia if you watch the
beginning of the show you would
understand why dad is so so
now we're going to use radiation
therapy and
they're going to get the FDI
Ricans new Huber's to call low
dose call it low dose for
covid-19 them pneumonia which is
the flu flu causes pneumonia
that covid Bronson long
is to break
it's radiation Adams to pulsing
at the speed of light every
direction speedily
speedily for Infinity every
second for in finding many times
atom will pulse many different
times usually right let's just
say it's pulsing once every
second but it could be pulsing
10 times a second different
elements in that Adam see the
ionized have
to be genetic man-made pulsing
is pulsing at the speed of light
almost the speed of light and
the so much of it they hit each
other a change direction at the
speed of light and that
particular effect it
causes a like an x-ray type of
effect every second
speed like we call it
ground shine for instance when
it's in the woods and stuff like
that because
on the ground ground is on her
showing it wipes out the ability
of all the the
ecosystem dear all the biota
flan of the floor all the
insects are in this ground shine
to become sterilized and then
they die on top of that he
stopped producing and then
eventually disappear right it
happens in the increments over
several years
or decades like North America
was within
a couple of years most of the
species were wiped out from
Fukushima and we don't expect
Expeditions along the coastline
and we're well documented but
deceleration rate we're to
change direction
just cause the oh that's a
horrible effect and you'll see
that nuclear sites nuclear
waste sites in particular
in the communities around
nuclear power plants very
predominant in your Gardens in
your playgrounds in your school
yards terms often used to refer
to the excess of produce
producing the radiation so the
Bronx along produces produces
rate is not just a pulsing now
it's a ground showing are
from changing the
braking effect the Brahms along
effect where you decelerate at
the speed of light and then pick
back up again at speedily
it seems complicated but it's
actually straight forward an
it's brutal right so just to
normal gamma to radiation
better will produce the side
effect known as it's like
an x-ray actually sterilizers
exterminates all species
the top of the food chain the
humans experimental animal
model of re-radiation terms
radiation induced damage and
normal intestines
mice were sacrificed six hours
after killed
were killed six hours after the
second radiation and the
intestines were Harvest they
they use cats and dogs
preferably but they'll use
moisture radiation experiments
on people in the United States
a rabbit hole and a half 2019
2019 2019
creation of nuclear weapons
demand of erised plutonium
production it's
Ray radio biological properties
were unknown and the experiments
on animals
showed that it's radiotoxicity
difference essentially from that
radium expose
it requires experiments on
people people
another radionuclides injections
are described they become widely
known after the publication of
the book and Tony and files
I put the link below to some of
this stuff for you to come in
well you'll find a link to my
website because she was so many
stories I couldn't fit them all
below but they're all there for
you to see
to committee found information
about more than 4,000
radiation experiments on people
so each experiment could have
been a hundred
people or a thousand people
radiation experiments on prison
inmates for example as the
development of
atomic energy proliferated so
did the concern over the
effects of ionizing radiation
and those who might be exposed
this led to thousands of human
radiation experiments each
experiment could be
100 500 hundred two thousand
people or an entire city
has conducted a a hospitals
government facilities
universities to understand
so they don't more damage with
these experiments than they did
with the
nuclear see the nuclear bombs
themselves and every country had
the same types of attributes
done the same things
how people can sit in silence is
beyond me I put links below to
this one too by the way
the Manhattan Project is secret
a new
and Secret World of human
experimentation the clinical
studies of the Personnel Robert
Stone wrote
in 1941 43 is one vast
experiment never never before
has sold large collection of
individuals been exposed to so
radiation would disclose on
potential or actual harm to the
workers much less the public in
the Manhattan Project course
what for example is July 1945
mine Manhattan Project mental
discusses whether to inform a
worker that her case a kidney
diseases may be due to her work
at the
Manhattan Project they decided
not to tell her the worker the
memo explained is unaware of her
you got the radium dial painters
that ain't no to radium the
radium dial painters to
the bombers watch his do you
want it to glow in the dark
because you had to have
blackouts on your plane
and so he painted radium on all
of your clock right on your
watch and the workers would lick
the brush is to get a really
plaint dip it right and Godot
any Lincoln again all right
stick it in and so they were
swollen radium Dale got
compensation eventually that
but he knew they would be poison
researchers were needed to
understand how the elements
worked in the body and
established safety levels a
large number animal studies
conducted the laboratory Chicago
Berkeley Road Chester and
and the relevance of the data to
humans remained in doubt so he
needed humans in 1944 to
Manhattan Project medical team
Stanford warrant and the
evidence are concurred
concurrent of Oppenheimer
degenerate scumbag Robert
Oppenheimer made plans to inject
polonium plutonium uranium and
possibly other Radioactive
injected in fact he done 800
pregnant women were injected
with plutonium
and americium
they told him was vitamin shots
vitamin vitamin shots discussed
in chapter 5 researchers turn
the patient's not workers
as the source of patients
victims are already in the
hospital say as experimental
data needed to protect workers
but the time the program is
abandoned by the government
experimentations with plutonium
named after devil I've taken
place in hospitals at the
University of California and the
University of Chicago University
of Rochester the Army hospital
in Oak Ridge was injecting
all hospitals were injecting
patients with man-made radiation
further experimentations with
polonium and uranium
had already taken place place
under circumstances where the
existences of substances
injective was a wartime secrecy
even today is considered a
wartime secret
like actual list keeps going to
want to do with you these are
actually lunatics
and it's absurd it's absurd
absurd the war ethical questions
raised by experience would be
Revisited in debates
that themselves were long kept
Secrets said he had debates but
they were classified because you
know what they were doing was
wrong they had no qualms about
it you still don't they call it
now they call it radiation
therapy it's just one big
experiment it's one big genocide
genocide it's evil
it's not acceptable under if you
took your kids and done turn you
charged observed effects of
whole body radiation
observed effects of whole body
whole body radiation
means your dong during
sane the whole brain radiation
radiation therapy the first
subject to have to experimental
cohorts two three
verts a whole brain radiation
for ten consecutive days so just
them like a five-second shot at
three severs these are lethal
doses in one hour by the way
they're going to die for sure
hemorrhagic was was
I can't remember what the
picture Choi what is anymore I
think it's something to do with
the blood don't quote me too
we're observed in nine and
twelve irate irradiated brains
brains like it's evil on a
whole different level Beauty
mafias mafias evil
they got nothing on nuclear
academics look at all the people
involved in this stuff
experimental experimental e
observed light generation the
eyes during radiation therapy if
you didn't watch the beginning
of the show
I covered radiation therapy for
almost a whole hour
most people probably would have
vomited after
which the documentation look at
all the people making a fortune
and then then I'm lucky I got
got to constantly try to enough
money just to do very basic
stuff they just pour money
on these people so they can
Slaughter you and people like me
actually going to war every day
day I had
the money I'd be gone on another
Expedition everybody knows that
about me I wouldn't hesitate
and I got to fix and boys to do
it but they'll give them
just absurd money to murder us
and try to do something good
like I do
and I only have a small group of
people that will actually
support me able to support me I
can't expect them to donate all
the time
time and then and denim throttle
constantly switch hard for new
people to find me patients
report is
seeing flashes of light Stern
genocide murder of
AKA radiation therapy even with
your eyes closed so there was
all these people
don't to study well the reason
you seen the latest because
you're being your dying during
the therapy that's your brain
freaking out
radiation injuries to the rectum
y'all met met predicting normal
tissue injury and radiation
therapy radiation induced
liver injury is radiation injury
in a small bowels
the fishing editors or distance
is 6 3 fishing industry Chief
opposes release number one water
Fukushima that Nuclear Power
plant not nuclear meltdown but
Fukushima number one water into
the sea
the Fisheries Minister knows the
tanks are empty it's just
releasing treated water he says
containing tritium
leases so he's the degenerate
scumbag nemedia trying to paint
him as somebody with a moral
High Ground right and he has no
moral High Ground
call it a stricken with for
nuclear meltdown buildings
on site site
Colin tainted I drowned him in
that tainted water for had an
opportunity hidden wonders of
Japan golden feels
spooky story this is focus Shima
they're still growing
Rye stewardship in the worldwide
is it a lunatics
these are 100% lunatic this is a
lunatic industry
tuition operator excuse to cover
over contaminated water said to
be poured into the Pacific
remember that story it wouldn't
let anybody independently
tested water because it didn't
exist he already don't don't
these are lunatics whole
right they say they can't store
it off sites and he got to dump
it in water once the tanks were
all filled
well we got no more storage
we're going to have to dump it
and they're talking about all
the water in the
tanks like that's it for us
we're not doing it no more after
that date just two years time
but they're really don't get
there is no water and things
like if there were water in the
tanks you couldn't get on the
site for starters not only that
you're pouring the water over
the reactor melted course much
of it and you sucking up some of
that water allegedly say they
were really
doing it or sucking up the water
and putting it in the tanks
you're sucking to help which
means what settles down to the
bottom of the tank is going to
go into a chain reaction soon
it's going to burn a hole right
through the tank
it's going to Henry Cho down to
the site that's going to kill
everybody on the site right away
not only
that you can never get back on
the side ever again and then
so need to homeless that are
deer on top of this so it's
not like you have academics to
nuclear students or nuclear
scientist here
at all ever under in nine years
none of ever went to Utah
Congressman takes action to stop
further nuclear weapons testing
in the US of a A
so this is a hit piece on on
senator Adams McAdams we'll get
to it so to show you this
picture of nuclear testing
nuclear plume goes up in the sky
and by the way most of the
radiation ends up at the
very top of that explosion so it
travels and
spread show and circles the
entire planet representative
Ben McAdams of Utah said he
supported a bill introduced by
to Nevada
representatives in the house in
prohibiting any text dollars are
being spent on nuclear weapons
testing McAdams did you tell has
more than a thousand nuclear
bombs tested in this backyard at
the Nevada Test Site from the
50s all the way up to 1992 the
assured the tests were safe and
Eve encourage people to go on
family picnics to watch the
nuclear weapons tests which is a
nuclear war no
conductor is no nuclear test now
that's a nuclear war when you
set off a nuclear bomb
you're going to radiate
everything around the planet to
follow that's a nuclear war and
all the species right so so the
assures the tests were safe and
encourage people to go on
makes the watch the nuclear test
encourage people to go on and
what we know now is that those
tests spread radioactive follow
across the entire state of Utah
see this is the hit piece it was
actually across the entire
country and
the Atlantic and the Pacific and
Europe to write entire North
men on it is not just going to
be a state folks and we're
talking about a thousand 1000
the government knew at the time
lied to us and tens of thousands
of Utah's develop cancer know
of North America
is developing cancers and up to
1800 odor illnesses and diseases
so then this is a university
they get their own experts at
the University pro-nuclear
pro-nuclear right he's a nuclear
weapons can result in Cancer
birth defects and Facilities
that's Trudeau for all species
not just humans humans
so Clark snelgrove who has a PHD
in stem curriculum is to BYU
physics lecture demonstration
said nuclear weapons testing
done in Nevada so it might have
affected those
immediately expose but it's not
continuing to cause ill effects
on anyone one course it is
because it's
called background radiation you
can't go anywhere to guard her
counter pre Fukushima for
instance what agaric
I wasn't screaming from nuclear
testing and it only takes one
atom to make
you sick in increments over time
Imagine breathing it every day
like humans were doing and I are
doing and all the species are
there not just scientific that's
just not scientific valid he
claims so they what they do to
stab McAdams in the back on
purpose that's what the story's
suck you in and feed you a
couple of Law and for brains
scumbags whatever it is it has
decayed away he said think think
about it whatever's left to
decay it away as if it
and fifty years instead of 50
million it's Bradley
dispersed which means is poison
everything worldwide it doesn't
mean now is no longer an issue
it means is worse Logan Brown
even just unbelievable
degenerate is the
secretary of the BYU chapter of
the American nuclear Society so
article is from American nuclear
Society do you think you're
really going to come out and
Senator Ben McAdams
Brown says he doesn't think the
health of the Utah's is the
biggest concern with nuclear
weapons testing
testing really really really
he said I have full confidence
that the National Labs would do
it safely
yeah they're going to go up and
capture all the radioactive
follow dirty
Logan you're horrible disgusting
semi human parasite I don't
think health concerns
would be a big issue well let's
look at Chernobyl Chernobyl
look at did you Foreman he's not
shoulder shoulder
it's a childhood would we look
at these children Logan you
really think that this is not a
side effect of food of Chernobyl
Chernobyl followed you think all
those children would agree with
login that is not an adverse
side effects to it do you Logan
do you BYU do you do you really
think that she would agree with
you or she would agree with you
or they would agree with you
abandoned children would agree
with you Logan Logan she gets
from radiation therapy every day
for the rest of his life the
children of Chernobyl Logan
Logan should look up Chernobyl
hearts watch that documentary
and then try to get up and go to
work the next morning at the
American nuclear Society
American nuclear Society isn't
as a a
it's an organization that would
murder you in a drop of a hat
think twice about it it Logan
world's worst scum bag human it
would have full confidence
National Lab with do it safely
you're going to have no clear
weapons testing is going to be
safe Leah er no health I don't
think health concerns would be
an issue
degenerate scumbag Kaylee Kaylee
clearing okay Lee Lee
such a pretty girl hard to
believe you're a mass murderer
but there it is she wrote that
article right to
assonate Senator Ben McAdams
sick and then used
money but Alloys to do it truly
truly and and now she'll go on
tell her friends
I'm a journalist at BYU
you talked to Congressman takes
actions to stop future and
nuclear weapons testing like a
Gala scum degenerate monster
to remote a keto Town seek to
hope to nuclear waste these are
towns this is a really
interesting thing we see about
nuclear war they go
to these impoverished
communities will give you some
money if you take the nuclear
waste will give you give you
come on shake the way she want
the money right
nobody tell you stop you'll
still take it
they'll give him the money right
and then they'll kick back to
them was giving them money
they're insane you're actually
not trying to come up with a
solution he do the same routine
every where every country
seat the exact same thing oh and
by Mary Yamaguchi do you
remember Mary Mary on my Gucci
oh man I
said some about her man is
probably criminal
just as she's a monster that is
an actual real-life monster
Miriam a Gucci
she stabbed everybody in Japan
in the throat every chance she
got got
actual real-life life demon and
also high level and he get the
incentive 16,000 tons
and they'll get money right per
and cooling pools which means
your evaporating a hundred and
twenty thousand and of
each pool each day you put
another hundred and twenty
thousand liters in the pool
and a hundred if you drink one
of those leaders of kill you
right on the spot there's enough
Adams Dear to give most people
cancer on the planet
for each leader guaranteed to
destroy the planet that's all
nuclear is so you
get 35 to get 15 dollars a ton
I'm sorry
it's 35 million pounds of fuel
rods to talking about for the
town's 35 million a single pound
if everybody went and put your
hand on it and said
Mary Yamaguchi and then ran away
everybody would die die
one pound imagine what 35
million pounds and that's
hemorrhaging splitting the atom
all 35 million and all the
countries the same
thing hemorrhaging into the
environment Adams Radioactive
ionizing ionizing atoms
mostly Korean was the biggest
by-product irradiated fuel rods
is no final repository firm in
Japan situation call a mansion
without a a toilets there's a
mansion it out a toilet she that
make a good country song
right there tell you what
speaking of monsters Rasta Tom
which is the Russian government
lobbyists nuclear lobbies
makes Global responsible
business pledge rusted um
who wrecked a burn sees and he
already sees but
Scotland nuclear
reactors nuclear submarines and
ice breakers nuclear frigates
and stuff them with radiation
and and sinking them now they're
going to make a business pledge
you know went to United Nations
Rost roster Tom is nothing but
monsters actual demons hey
nuclear power at all world's
climate change will get a whole
lot harder as a paid as paid and
CNN of course
as paid advertisement they show
you that pictured her the info
they got
the head of the iaea and
and the inner I'm sure I can
find it yeah paid
content content is he the head
of the
iaea and the other one is the
the inertia dink
during desperation right because
no critical black boy last week
Bruce Power Westinghouse
electric to pursue applications
for micro nuclear reactors and
Canada's remote Moines and this
is a mining
site that I got this from and
Mining sites mining
organizations they're actually
evil they promote nuclear more
than Rod Adams used to man
right out of
freaking probably still is a
demon demon just keep going we
got to get through Belarus
proposal postpones launch
nuclear plant near Lithuania to
2022 they're just supposed going
to hear just posed open it up
this week right now he's shifted
ahead two more years and they
had major opposition from their
neighboring countries
the EU project aims to reduce
combustion risk during accidents
actually show you the mixer
oxide fuel at Fukushima this is
the same one he said never
melt it down building at the
Fukushima daiichi unit 3
along with those of you know one
and four were severely
damaged does that look like it's
damaged or destroyed they said
never melted down there still
saying that just incredible
monsters from United Kingdom at
the world nuclear knows they're
actually I use that word a lot
want to stay here if I start
going crazy you of nuclear
Science History host in person
music This is the
the KRQE right
me years ago when whip melt it
down I come here and beat him
really good for it Whip and then
KRQE chapter one of my clips and
called me a lunatic as well
radioactive follower will land
everywhere and your community
and your playgrounds and they're
like he's crazy crazy the Museum
of nuclear science and History
host in person
now there's amused no clear
Museum there and Albuquerque I
think this Albuquerque and they
have like a day care center at
a nuclear Museum to brainwash
children children
and get just one of the pigs
that run the place literally
stupid as a rock but would cut
your throat for the nuclear
industry and a drop of a hat
these are murderers that's all
they are they're just everyday
murders iaea
like lease plan on Iran's
nuclear program duh duh anybody
think they they weren't I hate
gays a cult
to enter Deb devil worshippers
International atomic energy
they're actually Desta devil
group right their job is to
exterminate all
species Zambia turns to Russia
for nuclear option to Zambia
and impoverished can't even take
care of their own sewage your
garbage are supposed to be
entrusted with no clear because
Rasta Tom is for brain Russians
Russians are
to build a nuclear plant through
and speaking of shift for brain
Russia Russia Navy nuclear power
sub eliminates enemy submarine
in a drill how is that a new how
is that a a headline we had a
drilled anywhere you are ever
had a banana been a phony could
have eliminated a
Dana they didn't stupid
they got a hundred and sixty
Subs ran up on the
beaches and who knows how many
more sunken the baron and Arctic
scuttled that they emit toe
hundred sixty way in building
anymore when you can't even
decommission that one and you
haven't even went to Chernobyl
next next door hurricane Delta
blows past the record
breaks the record
so this this is deodorant
hurricane we had this weekend
came through here this week I
couldn't get on the boat because
America's got hit with ten
hurricanes many of them were
close to 200 miles per hour
sustained winds at we've never
pre Fukushima before anywhere on
land right
we've been assaulted for many
years now but IDs these super
typhoons super-soul Cyclones
hurricanes over 200 miles per
hour when the landing on land
couple years ago Mary Kay had
five in less than a week and a
half former anti-nuclear
activists promoting nuclear
power we see this sleeper cells
all the time don't we
they always get key positions
and then soon as you switch
gears gears right they change
camps because that's what
they are they're sleeper cells
Right double agents in all the
media runs with the story
nuclear energy research reformer
anti-nuclear activists has
Friday for futures of demonized
nuclear energy very hard to
demonize new clear go back and
my first part of the video
you'll be all into baby
accused Friday of Futures are
demonizing nuclear
it is the same as Gina light had
done right dying Village compete
to become the waist
the site of the dump for Japan's
nuclear waste dying Village
yeah they're vulnerable let's
get down to take take to waste
and why
is it going to dig a hole put it
down there when I come up with
some technology are going to dig
a hole put it Down Under when I
try to come up with a solution
they're gonna take a whole put
it down there Gina do
do you go I like to dig a hole
and put something down there
begins with n
dangers temptation enter
lunatics by Japan's diver
reflects on unsung workers
exposed to radiation is
Fukushima 10th anniversary Looms
I get mad and I aren't we buddy
and so they were doing Dives in
in the suppression Chambers
which are the big
Donuts down in the basement of
these places and so radioactive
dear they got to wear
Dost meters and they got all
kinds of
and I'll get like don't go any
further to your left come back
come back come back back but
the Irish never be working at
nuclear facilities it just
industry not even
Demons by I for lack of better
words that's the best I can come
up with I can come up with some
real good stuff and I want
people to watch my
over the water will nuclear
power plants have to adapt to
global warming warming
I was looking at the story I
like no I can't read another
story today about the global
written out and as was like okay
I'll read it it
I'm gonna do it man I wasn't
expecting it
so so take a screen capture of
this later
later and read that story links
are at my site is linked below
to it that's a super important
story for your our cause
there are around still around 40
nuclear power plants and Friends
installed on rivers and streams
these reactors represent almost
half the fresh water withdrawals
carried out each year and
because they shut off a
lot of reactors now is down to
50 percent or so every a fresh
water goes nuclear reactor will
get a load of this
four times more than
Agricultural and four times more
than drinking water is used in
reactors in other words that's
all you're getting this much
water if you can starve
the dead or you can do a tourist
we needed for
nuclear it is considerable an
obvious one wonders but to
sustainability of that
system so there is an effect on
the flow Downstream of the
reactors could be a problem
if there are other needs for
water but also for to floor and
the fauna for the insects in the
bayou and animals and plants
because a nuclear there's also
and above all the
rise in temperatures is a
discharge Waters is used to cool
the reactors
water is always hotter than the
withdrawn water just temperature
problems all the more sensitive
when you are in a period of Drew
the flow of the river is less it
just charge the water that is
too high can disrupt
the reproduction cycle of fish
certain fish
a legacy Savannah River Site the
product of Decades of dedication
National Defense
this story was built built from
old and Anna Rivers rivers Santa
type promotional rate rate
dinner are just crazy people
people 250,000
Acres selected for the location
Savannah River Savannah River
250,000 Acres
acres man whoo woo it just plays
6,000 residents
to build her death machine the
graveyards included
so to make plutonium and tritium
tritium so the tritium when he
had to treat him to a nuclear
weapon you can double its
power and go from 10 megatons
megatons over doubling
the power the Des is absurd
amount you're not going to get
through today unfortunately
it's in the archives for if I
need a later 60 years since the
large as US
nuclear accident captured
Federal agencies this is
a Santa suit this is a Santa
Susana field Laboratory
laboratory 60 years ago on this
date date
in July 13 to 16 years ago 61
years ago now since July to 13
was a nuclear meltdown
they call it a partial nuclear
meltdowns not a partial nuclear
meltdown one-third of the
Core he says all the melted them
really you think it's going to
stop right right there
what was the stopped to rest of
it from melting down again
oh that's right nothing dear for
when you're generating the
enough heat to melt down the
of it had the Meltdown to and
you hit it for over 50 years as
you know
melted down see has resulted
ongoing local health effects to
persist today and has pitted the
community health and well-being
against corporate financial
interest in captured government
captured willingly willingly
25 miles from showest 25 miles
downtown Los Angeles was
originally far from populations
area now has a half million
people within 10 miles of dig up
meltdowns to your right right
no no of the reactors had any
containments heater attend
reactors and I wonder if it's
still running by the way
it has no containment
it's beyond evil what we're
talking about about it's
beyond evil it's just just a
seem possible
say over its years of operation
to pretend non
contain nuclear reactors
as well as plutonium uranium
fuel fabrication facilities
folks folks
these are death machines these
are genocide machines will
retire number to a hot
lab for highly irradiated fuel
from around the u.s. nuclear
but shift for declaring an
examination mixed oxide facility
it basically talking about in
addition tens of thousands of
Rocket engines were
tested their over many years
25 miles from downtown Los
Angeles and now has half a
million people within 10 miles
over so this one he claims
only 260 times worse than of all
you dine in Three Mile Island
and radioactive
iodine they don't tell you
whether it's 131 or 132 133 or
129 and running but you know
what you're talking about 133 31
31 2008 a half leave did you do
that cause you are as long
ago so again Dana you you really
think it's just all
your time people do people
actually so stupid literally
song confident they believe is
just whatever nuclear students
to write that they actually
think it was just so either one
of the qualifications
to be a nuclear students are
going to be really gullible
really really stupid
and numerous other reactor
accidents radioactive fires
fires far started down there too
right there by the reactors
radioactive chemically
contaminated toxic materials
routinely burned and open pits
two years at the site like
actual actual evil this is
unbelievably evil what were
describing causing a host of
issues including learning
disabilities birth
defects many other health
effects the most vulnerable tend
to be women and
children which is what they
Target anyway
found at the rate of breast
cancer is higher and Thousand
Oaks Simi Valley Oak Park
and moon parked in almost any
other place in the United States
in addition Studies
by cancer registries found
elevated rates of bladder cancer
associated with proximity to the
Santa Susana field Laboratory
studies including one of the
UCLA schools of Public Health
found significant
elevated cancer death rates
among both the nuclear and
Rocket workers at a SSN Santa
Susana field Laboratory from
exposure to
the toxic materials
did you find any rationale at
it's just like if you don't stop
evil or you don't address it if
you don't point a finger at it
do you think is not going to get
you think is not becoming more
dangerous do you think they're
not become more right they
become they hired her children
right near children become
Savages because they watched
your family be Savages and in
dear children gets
the job dear Savages monsters
and their children
children are monsters yes the
current generation rdz rdz in
you really think they're going
to pull back on genocide without
somebody saying like hey
stop stop so deemed denied the
woods lie for in
2017 started on site site let's
say something something you just
can't even wrap your mind around
it it
the people want to know how
to protect themselves best way
to protect yourself is to leave
right that's the best way to
protect yourself as move away
Sam Los Angeles completely A
Thousand miles preferably or
or anywhere where there's no
nuclear dumps nuclear waste
far away from Albuquerque far
far away from California it's
fifty years after Americans
worst nuclear meltdown so so it
four hundred and fifty nine
times the moon to radiation
released during three Mile
Island as Santa Susana
not going to go into great
detail detail and I can assure
you I can I can go all of these
stories I could tonight
today I could have went into
major details and we just won't
get through it all right
I'm just struggling right now to
get through the rest of it
because there's so much
that she does should cover but I
know better 25 years
study of nuclear versus
Renewables this is one is
clearly better a cutting
emissions and
it ain't no clear cracks in the
hunters and nuclear reactor
predicted to rise
to to 1,000
I know
six months Dana it'll be okay
Dana Dana
you crazy man as you came with
me our view apps and a carbon
tax carbon
dioxide nuclear subsidy needed
for clean energy goal so it's
clean energy if you get a
or you know car vortex
the lunatics
a artificial Island I saw
carving freaking barely wrapping
my mind around and I'm sure
solemn hope Creek complex
is largest Nuclear Generating
facility Eastern largest death
largest source of
no carbon Emissions all nuclear
power plants are hemorrhaging
carbon it's going up the stack
right the boiler a 400 million
gallons a minute 4,500 tons of
minute of creatures in the water
boiled up the stacks
on top of that
can't keep up with the evil che
I got to go down that road but
it's you know you know
where I live I'm going to say
these are people are freaking
crazy so do you want to get 300
million dollars a year at
sixteen hundred and sixty people
work in there as a hundred and
eighty thousand dollars each and
I'm going to give him that much
money close to
talk and so they want to all
their money to all their
employees paid for freeze what
you're trying to do say
Pakistan peaceful nuclear
men you are Maniac buddy
peaceful it don't think I've
Rivers down there debtor you got
stretched on a full of deformed
children from nuclear sites you
dump your waste in the river
that people are eating and
drinking of like holy
every facet of nuclear is cuckoo
Duke Energy hopes to host a
virtual career panel for
that's outrageous right because
they want to adults because
adults are going to be like we
wanted to what kids are like
that sounds great
nobody can get hurt already know
don't you oh that's great and
what help I don't feel like you
guys are
monsters so he targeted children
Duke Energy course truly
revolting creatures
Britain looked at it fear
mongering her Britain's going to
be plunged into the darkness and
nine years
years you did all clear clear
pure fear mongering right you
really think that whatever no
clear the world is
going to frickin break break
unmanned spy ship powered by
solar energy designed to avoid
is found in Scotland so this is
another bizarre story
story there's a boat right solar
boat ran up on the beach they
found and was a searching for so
I don't knows it's a hundred
miles from the base
here but it could have been
searching for some Marines Dana
it's designed to avoid detection
serious the wave
gliders are three hundred
thousand dollars each or
they're built by and mostly by
America and that's what they're
designed to do groups play a
nuclear subs
it's a hundred miles from the UK
nuclear submarine base
UK's got 19 submarines tied up
right that are abandoned
that the can't decommission that
are full of react of course
course 200 miles away in her
Screech that they're coming for
him I almost threw energy
experts emphasize renewable
energy to meet electricity needs
energy experts
well a cheerlead Thomas are you
some nuclear
power solar panels I'm
sure I got that backwards my
apologies energy experts
emphasize renewable
energy so much no clear actually
I somehow have seen the word
nuclear that headline but anyway
there's have are using solar
panel blessed her heart stir
awesome what a con I'll just
just Margaret Ashworth she got
to say to conservative woman or
something and they done for
since boars boars talk to her
window for articles three of
of them in the first one or two
paragraphs invoke Zeon Lloyd
with environmental manners
matters you know
Michael Schaumburg right Pro
lava nuclear
lobbyists would Forbes just and
one of the worst
one of the worst subhuman
species of have ever come across
but they invoked he invoked
Margaret where did and three
separate articles
right away she invokes the
analyte which was a Sleeper Cell
extinction Rebellion for the
nuclear industry right right
just one of us to conservative
woman right even xiana light of
former spokesperson for
extinction Rebellion
leaves you talking a load of
overblown golf and she puts her
at her more politely
as she invoked her three
different articles right away
pro-nuclear see
the conservative woman is a scum
degenerate I want you to the
other words because I'm too
pretty for that Knowledge
nudge wink wink think about this
conservative scumbag 75
photos in Hinkley point Hinkley
point is
used in almost all the precious
metals left on the planet it'll
be the most expensive
man-made object on earth you
take that carbon carbon free
you really think that the
something like this is somehow
magically curve and free you got
any idea how carbon intensive
not only that you think she does
too here's to dig tunnels for
water water
need a million gallons a minute
of water same tees place how
nuclear kills fish this is just
Indian Point Raton over
basically New Jersey and New
requires their largest water
users nuclear plants
to either install modern cooling
systems in order to prevent the
death of billions of fish each
year or to cease operation
billions of dead fish fish each
year it's actually trillions
have found that these facilities
killed more than
17 billion fish and lie in New
York actual fish not not the
test small fries would they
still count but just fish 17
billion a year in New York and
nine billion in New Jersey at
the nuclear plants you're
vacuuming up trillions of
trillions would ask for a way
that one showing the trillions
newly hatched fish and
destroying them in their heat
exchangers I saw that's carbon
man beyond imagination
by the way you creating there
during strong evidence that
Klein in
the fish stocks along the entire
Northern Atlantic seaboard is
do more to the destruction of
baby fish than the overfishing
of adults
in other words killing trillions
of baby fish as
destroyed the fishing industry
or the your future the fish is
future themselves
17 billion in New York and other
nine billion adult fish killed
every year in nuclear power
plants that's just too a 450
Nuclear power plants not
counting the
experimental ones of just the
nuclear power plants plants
is anybody
surprised there's an Extinction
event taking place Tamara calls
on community to help save bar
and nuclear plant this is a
so 727 jobs and 38 million
dollars in tax revenue
which is all subsidies of course
from taxpayers themselves in the
first place and an endless six
times more breast cancer within
15 miles of a nuclear power
plant plant
whoo-hoo rumors true timetable
is needed for the removal of the
tried and from the Scottish
Waters and we've covered many
facets of this story are already
I'm not going to really go down
to the water hole denied
denied but anyway to what you
were talking about was coming up
with a deadline
of getting those UK nuclear
missiles at a
Scotland's solvent solvent reach
her Tori he said the
missiles and the weapons can be
disabled within weeks and remove
within two years
you want to keep them dear there
for another couple of decades
City the military genocide
genocide machine it's a good
article people should read it
agency Fukushima plant workers
should be heard
heard and he show you reactor 1
& 2 which don't look anything
like reactor three and four do
she didn't find your
Prime picture here
there's Bishop Ryan picture
actually see there are two
buildings you see in there now
over here think about teach for
journalists of
tears that are nuclear lobbyists
actual 100%
monsters unequivocal monsters
you're pretending that
building was uniform over there
reactor for in Japan supposed to
be a hundred ninety feet
high and a hundred and fifty
feet wide right you can see the
Integrity building is blown
editor guts
what's left actually
blown air to right there
actually pretending they're way
up in the sky and a building is
in perfect shape you know what
to do in that because it's a
genocide machine boy ROM is true
reform in the United Nations
is the New World Order right
it's what Ronald Reagan senior
described or
George Bush Senior described as
the New World Order Order
context in which the United
Nations was born in 1945
Tink Hiroshima and Nagasaki a
few weeks later he created
Nations and one of their
spin-offs is the iaea right
EPA vows do a better job to
clean up to Navajo
uranium mines it's another Fable
of course and they have
15,000 abandon uranium mines and
Navajo territory
15,000 and they also banned in
the tailing ponds derp
to get 30 million tons of
I guess that's it
and here it is this it it wow
Wow we made it we made
simply we made it came
buddy believe we actually made
it through the night
this is study of the
that's a good story don't get me
wrong this fantastic fantastic
it had that was a study in
Fukushima Fukushima
just so we don't Expeditions
on the west coast from Vancouver
all the way to Alaska over six
of them the four to five months
a year and all the species are
permanently gone never came back
all the birds are gone and never
came back all of them as just a
tiny fraction
you can find more documentation
up at the nuclear proctologist
you know what that means
it's the end of the show
whoo-hoo woohoo that's a bit of
a long shot I apologize to
when 32 33 34 35 30
4 hours 20 minutes
I won't be able to yell at my
computer screen later today when
I'm gathering up
more stories for tomorrow you
true my voice him today
but that's knows I gathered up
since Monday last week when you
a stop me from posting my live
shows for a week it's easier to
quit crack cocaine in it is to
give up
what I'm doing every day I think
I better chances of getting off
here when we bubblegum in you do
a given up what I'm doing every
and then come and say good night
to everybody anyway
I'm just managed to find me I
know it's early
day anywhere age here we go I
got you Kevin Blanche I Kevin
Kevin is the warrior folks
decades and decades decades ago
in their boots on the ground
getting interfaces
who knows how many time Kevin
gotta rest of my goodness how
many times he's probably should
have got
arrested who knows but he
definitely he gets in her face
isn't right goes right to wear
to and call some scumbags
murderers yeah of dozen people
like Kevin I'd be out of a job
wouldn't that be cool
I went as Noah's model so we
always celebrate Kevin when we
see him Blue Star Warrior I am
Calvin Calvin Edward Edward
yeah hi Kevin God bless you my
so glad to see you I know how
busy you are if they're trying
to kill these like like I am
I Andrew Jace Jase well you lots
of people today
just going to come and say good
night to everybody was not night
time it's 5:30 5:50 p.m.
where I'm chill money he's close
to Canada in a place called
and we've done research here it
is surely to get back your
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unfortunately not so so
then again
you know like Kevin I'm
dedicated like a lot of you
we're dedicated ID ID
just going to come in and try to
take a night to anybody that I
can see in the comment section
and I'm
also remind everybody everywhere
that I'm thinking of you even
though you're not commenting
and you might not show up till
tonight or tomorrow or next week
or next year or in a thousand
years I do I do think think you
Jeannie's Hider Haider just
going to acknowledge anybody I
find Stephen young God bless you
Stephen and your lovely dogs for
your wife for me me
I Nancy Nancy I am human Sabrina
rummy Syria lots of people today
use in me it's fantastic
tea geez
two men excuse me I'm just
quickly going to say good night
to as many as I can and I'll
come in and we'll close the show
but one thing we know for
certain is after all these years
doing this show I have an
absurd amount of documentation
right and I'm not picking on a
nuclear industry
because I'm a bully
and I'm doing it for something
to do right it's not right
to call people names for no
reason you got to have a
legitimate reason to do it
so I pick I'm out here just
showing you the nuclear stories
showing you there lying in China
to show you some little
eyes and bring your
documentation so you can
appreciate why it's alloy and
move on
to the next lower you can't just
so much of you can't you can't
it can't Stanley
Dan just trying to catch up with
names will come back down to the
beginning to the end comment
after we're almost through this
Jim Norris I Tim thank you again
Tim and extra hugs for Kevin
Blanche folks
check him out and Kevin hasn't
slowed down for years and years
and years years
William Fabian
I guess that's it for that I
don't come down and shoot
anybody just added your name
it'll be the end of the show
hi Dave Goodman thank you
gee thank you you
that was a great show Steven
thank you I know it was so so
I'll come in look for the trolls
after we disappeared him
from the replate it will take a
little bit because it's a long
show takes about a half an hour
before I can get access to those
tools it has to go through the
processes and then hugs for
everybody that
shows up later the regular Crews
that are didn't know I was going
to stream today because I'm gone
a whole week and I'm sure people
are wondering where the hell is
Dana Dana
where the hell did Dana go go
they took down one of my videos
and then I couldn't stream for
a week
I rectified it by re posting
that video the 911 video I got
links below to it'll be there
every day from now on two
different sites outside of
YouTube make sure that videos
always available because
they didn't hide it for
something to do and I'm not a
bad person for being honest and
for for fighting
I'm not a bad person for
fighting back I have every right
to do it in fact I'm obligated
to do
it I have no right to stop stop
it's actually illegal for me to
stop stop anyways great show
hugs for everybody God bless
you your friends your families
your loved ones your pets your
neighbors your insects
let's do the moral and ethical
thing and hold
her feet to the fire as often as
we can
and once again to remind
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see everybody tomorrow I'll get
another show for
tomorrow won't be a long one
like this but it will be
fantastic God bless you and your
friends take care of everyone

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