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– Hannah Hart.
– Tyler Oakley.
– Together again.
– Back at it (mumbles).
– Hi, everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley
and I'm here with the one
and only Hannah Schart.
– Oh, thank you.
– How is she?
– I'm good.
– How is good after this?
What if I just killed you, oh my God.
– Tyler!
– Drama.
– If you want me to kill Hannah
right now,
– Oh my God!
So, all about the Miracle
Vibe, oh, which leads me to–
– Yeah yeah yeah.
– This challenge I invented
specifically for Tyler.
– Sure.
– It's called the What Do You
Know About Vaginas challenge.
– Spoiler, I know nothing.
– I'm sure there are
more parts of vaginas,
but I have chosen 11
of the most prominent aspects of a vagina.
– There are 11 parts?
– Names for parts.
– Okay, yes, I'm here for this,
I think I know all these parts.
– I don't think you do.
I even did a butt.
– [Tyler] Wow, that butt's great.
– The first time I drew it,
I only did like this first line, to here,
and then I was like, eh,
it's like a nice, plump ass.
– [Tyler] Okay.
– Okay.
Now this is all based
off the anatomical site
that I read this from, so–
– [Tyler] So if it's wrong, blame that–
– Blame that web site.
My Google search history
is crazy right now.
– It's nothing different
from normal, I bet.
– So the 11 parts are as follows.
– Oh, that's my favorite word of all time!
That's a part of a vagina?
– I didn't know that either,
yeah, there's a vestibule, dude.
Glans of clitoris, vaginal entrance.
Mons pubis.
Urethral opening.
Anus, labia majora, prepuce of clitoris,
posterior fru-shift, I
don't know what that is,
and number 11, labia minora.
– This video should be
sponsored by a dildo web site.
I'm missing out on my opportunity.
– I'm more of a vibrator girl, personally.
– Well, whatever.
I'm not, that's too much.
– The last thing I did before
just deciding to draw it
was I Googled the phrase "stuffed vagina,"
to think about trying to
find a plushy vagina toy–
– Like a mannicotti.
– What's a mannicotti?
– Oh honey, I'll show you
mine if you show me yours.
Well right off the bat I know anus is K.
And vaginal entrance, number 2, I think,
if I were gonna have sex with a vagina
I would put it right in G.
– Correct!
– Okay good.
– Yay.
– Bam.
– Blam.
– I'm like doing well.
– Yeah, dude, you're doing great.
– I mean, bare minimum, I could at least–
– Identify the–
– Make this work, kinda.
Perineum is 5.
– Yep.
– Got that.
– That's the space between
your vag and your butt-hole.
– It's the taint.
– The urethral opening, I
know it's either C or D.
– What's the urethral opening for?
– To pee.
– To pee.
– So is it, it's a D?
– It's D!
– Is it, oh my God, yay.
OK good.
– Many people don't know
that people with vaginas pee
out of the urethral opening.
– Yeah, and that's a different hole–
– It's the car wash of the vagina.
That is a bad example.
– Okay, okay okay okay.
– Tyler, why don't you tell the people
what you're confused about.
– So, like, there's the
glans of the clitoris,
and then there's the prepuce?
– Pre-poos?
– Pre-pews of the clitoris.
I know they're, it's probably
B, or C, and either E or B.
I guess, I don't know,
C and D, E, me oh my.
Where is J?
– Oh, J was a shocker to me.
– Okay, so J is for sure
the preposterous faucet.
What does that say?
– Posterior fourchette?
– Is that J?
– Yeah, it is J.
– Okay, because I'm like, what is that?
– I also was like, what is that?
– Did you find out?
– "A fork-shaped fold"–
– Fork.
– "of skin at the bottom of
the entrance of the vagina."
– Bam!
So all we have left is the labia majora–
– Yes.
– The prepuce of clitoris, the vestibule,
and the labia minora.
– Got done.
– So I think the labia majora is H?
– Correct!
– Really?
– Tyler, you–
– Oh my God!
Killing it!
– You're killing it.
– Okay, so H–
– So that's like the
outer labia that like–
– It's like the whole situation.
– It's the situation that like
keeps the vagina like, oh.
– Okay, so the prepuce of
clitoris, I'm gonna say
it's gotta be near the clitoris.
– Some call it the clitoral hood.
– Oh, shit, bitch.
Okay so that's B.
– Yeah!
– The clitoral hood is right on top,
and I think it, does it like–
– It covers it.
– It's kind of like a top hat.
Kind of like a fez.
– More like a–
– A yarmulke?
– No, less like that,
it's more like a hoodie.
– Oh.
– It's more like a hoodie.
– Dainty.
Like American Apparel zip-up?
So I'm gonna say the vestibule is F.
– Holy shit!
– I knew it.
Oh my God, and then E is
the labia minora!
– the labia minora!
Yeah, Tyler, you crushed it!
– Y'all
I crushed it.
– Wait, hold on.
I'm the teacher, hold on.
11 out of 11!
A plus plus!
– I think I'm ready.
– [Hannah] Tyler.
– I've never had a moment
where I've had sex with a vagina
but I think if I were to
encounter that in my life,
I would be prepared.
Thanks to you.
– You know your way around.
– Thank you.
– For bonus point number
1, what is this called?
– The vagina.
– What's another term for it?
Like this whole situation.
– Downstairs.
– You don't get the
bonus point, it's vulva.
– Oh.
– Mm hmm.
– What a joyous place.
– And, by the way, human
beings come out of it.
– Oh my God, that's the best part.
It really does it all.
Hannah, thank you so
much for this adventure.
I feel like I learned a lot
and maybe y'all learned some things too.
If you didn't, at least
push the Like button.
– At the very least.
– At the very least.
Also, if we did or said anything wrong,
it was not our intention,
we are just trying to educate ourselves.
– Yeah.
– And we can only speak
from our own experiences
so if you have any thoughts or comments
or anything like that
you would like to say,
put it in the comments section below.
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– I would say that that
is a very fair assessment.
– Bam.
– Bye.
– Who said thumbs-up
where I murder the girl?
– Oh.
– You know what, have you ever seen
where they put a whisk–
– No!

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