Ah, the chocolate bourbon! One of the most popular biscuits in the UK. Essentially 2 chocolate biscuits, wedged between a chocolate cream. A friend had quite …
– Yeah.
not this.
(dramatic orchestral music)
(comical plopping)
Alright people, how's it going?
Hope you're okay.
It's a bit of a miserable
day outside today.
It is pretty summer.
It's not gonna do it justice
'cause it's actually
lighter outside than inside,
so my camera's like, "Wow, light!"
But you don't wanna go out there today.
Trust me.
Classic British summer.
It is raining, it is dark,
it is just windy and meh.
But hopefully today, we're
gonna brighten someone's day.
Yep, because these are
some bourbon creams,
also referred to as
chocolate bourbon biscuits.
They are probably one of a trio
of biscuits here in the UK,
Jammie Dodgers and custard creams,
that use a similar recipe.
And I supersized both of those recently
and everyone's like, "Do
a bourbon, do a bourbon!"
And that is what we're doing today.
We're doing the chocolate version.
So it's a chocolate biscuit
wedged with a chocolate cream,
another chocolate biscuit on top.
A little indentation on there.
I'll show you in a minute.
But it's for quite a cool reason today.
We're gonna try and do a road trip.
When it comes to the giant food request,
I get them very very often.
In fact the bourbon's been
requested for a super long time
and on that subject alone,
Terry's Chocolate Orange, it is coming.
I have some very very
cool things to show you.
But just wait.
You're gonna absolutely love that.
But the bourbon one, again, is timing.
It's just fate.
So Mentski who is a friend
that I met through Stuart Ashen
basically retweeted six days ago,
"Wanted: A bourbon biscuit
bigger than my head."
And I replied, "Hold my beer."
So this is what's gonna happen.
He has no idea that I'm making this.
Stuart is slightly in on this.
He's gonna try and make it
so that Mentski is at home later.
He lives an hour away from my house.
We'll speak to Stuart in a little bit,
once we make it, hopefully.
It's gotta work, right?
And then, he's expecting some
sort of delivery from Stuart
we're gonna go for that angle.
I'm gonna turn up instead
rather with this giant biscuit.
So hopefully it will fulfil his desires
for a biscuit bigger than his head.
It will be bigger than his head.
So that's it.
I'm quite excited.
It's got a bit of a
road trip feel to this.
Let's make this biscuit.
Okay, the actual funny thing is
Mentski does come to my
hometown, to the seaside.
It's the nearest seaside resort
to his house from time to time.
but I've always missed him.
So this should hopefully
really surprise him today.
But there we go.
It's a bourbon biscuit.
It says bourbon on it.
And we've got one, two, three,
four, five holes in there.
We've got two
and it's wedged together
with a chocolate cream
which is basically an icing
that's kind of firmed up a little bit.
A chocolate butter cream.
That is it.
We're gonna supersize this.
Now some of you guys,
if you're on the website right now,
will be able to see,
I've already done a chocolate
bourbon standard recipe.
So we're just scaling that up massively.
And the cool thing with those
is you can buy online
these little stampers
to get the authentic effect.
We're gonna have to do that manually
and its dough can be wet
so we can draw it all in.
But it will go in the fridge
to firm up and hold it
and then straight in to be baked.
All right, so we're gonna need
the big old space helmet-style
mixing bowl for this.
One kilo of sugar, one kilo of butter,
cream it together.
Like sugar bae.
And then this butter.
It's so much.
We are making two doughs
out of this though.
Two doughs, though.
So that might look like a lot.
That's because it is.
So I'm definitely gonna
use the mixer on this
to speed this up.
It's taking ages.
Even Boston's giving up.
Okay, I think I hit the
microphone a few times there
and also I've flung batter out.
Don't fling your batter out, all right?
But hopefully you can see
it's all whisked together.
The main thing is to make sure
there's no sugar at the bottom.
So another minute or so
and we should be there.
I've got a clean bottom, you see that?
That's how I know.
Don't do it, mate.
You're better than that.
Wait, Boston!
No, don't do it.
The cool thing is,
we can actually shove the
rest of the ingredients
all in the bowl.
I think when it comes to cocoa powders,
I'm supposed to use maybe half of this,
but we're gonna make it extra chocolately.
We'll put it all in.
So this is some golden syrup.
We'll try and make a dough.
So if it's too dry
because we are gonna add
quite a lot of dry ingredients in as well,
we can add some milk.
We've gotta just get
it all in first of all
and see where we're at.
So here is those dry ingredients.
That's just 500 grammes of plain flour
but we're actually going with two kilos.
That's a whole brand new
one and a half kilo bag
going in there.
Oh my gosh.
We're gonna need a bigger bowl.
Now baking powder,
I'm only doubling rather than quarting
because I just find
baking being a science,
I don't want it to be too
big and go out of the pan
and be like a cake.
Cocoa powder.
Let's load up all on.
♪ Oh ho ho ♪
Oh dear, I'm running out of space.
And last but not least
for the moment, four eggs.
Yeah, that's pretty big.
So I'm gonna mix it here
now on a really low speed.
Right, it's got to the point
where this is nice and crummy now
but I divided it up
'cause there's so much.
I might have too much,
into another bowl over there.
I've got two bowls the
same size but it is crummy.
It's combined.
We will need milk.
So I'm just gonna do about two
tablespoons or so at a time.
We don't wanna make it too wet.
I mean if it don't, if it do,
if it does go too wet
we can just add more flour in.
Oh, you can see the difference
that it's doing already.
It's bringing it together.
(upbeat music)
Oh yeah, that is way better.
I'm just gonna do that
to the other one as well.
This is heaver than a baby.
We are now left with a nice sort of,
it's like a tacky dough, okay?
It's kind of wet but it can be manoeuvred
and we're gonna chill it anyway
which will help firm it up.
So let's get it in our tray.
All right, for this,
I've got the biggest baking
trays that will fit in my oven.
Put some baking parchment underneath
or this is a nonslip mat
and I'm gonna spread it out.
It's just knowing how much to put on it.
This is pretty hard doing.
Come on, come on.
There we go.
Let's cut into it like that.
Okay, okay.
A little bit more.
Right, that.
If I press it down, spread it out,
that should be enough for one tray.
I'll double check with my other tray.
(loud slapping)
Yup, I've got enough.
So I'm just gonna press it down
and work it right into the gaps,
try and get them even
into a nice flat dough.
All right, just rolling this out
to make sure I get nice and smooth,
other than that,
I'm really really happy with this.
All right.
So I've got two spaces in my fridge.
I've shoved everything at the top.
But this dough is so soft right now.
If I was to stick my thumb in it
and then chill it and bake it,
it would hopefully have that.
It's like the Hollywood hands actually.
It would just basically bake that shape.
So that's the theory we're using.
We'll get it nice and cold and firm,
indentations, pre-heat the oven,
whilst it's warming up,
back in the fridge to
really hold that shape.
If you're in a hurry and you've
got a freezer big enough,
you could use a freezer.
All right, so it's been in the
fridge for about 45 minutes.
And it's time to try and do the wording.
Tools I'm gonna use is a chopstick,
this bottle opener gadget thing
that I've used quite recently,
which we love, magnetic one,
and the wooden spoon drumstick thing.
All right it's nice and cold
but with it being fairly
warm in the kitchen,
that will change quite soon.
So what I'm gonna do is use the drumstick.
♪ Doot doot doo ♪
First of all, to do the holes.
(upbeat music)
Okay, do you see that?
If that was still warm,
it wouldn't hold that
shape for very long at all.
So I'm doing this upside down
but I'm just gonna lightly
score on the words.
All right, see that?
Right, now is these indentations
that are gonna be critical
in whether this will work on not.
So I'm gonna do a little
rough guide first of all.
There we go.
You see that?
That was pretty darn good.
So all I'm doing now
is repeating those steps
with the wooden spoon
just 'cause it's got a bit of a wider end.
I'm really gonna press down with this.
It's gonna take a very long time
so I will jump to once
I've done all my letters.
All right.
Here we go then.
You can see it's starting
to get a bit warmer
for how it's been out for so long
but by going over it
again and again and again
with a bottle opener,
and just slowly pressing
it down like that,
you really do get some
really good indentation.
So this is going in the
fridge to firm this up,
gonna preheat my oven.
I wanna go and do it again, brilliant.
Okay, so we're just preheating the oven.
Sort of medium heat, 160 C
fan, 180 C, or gas mark four.
I've done my other one
and they're both sat in here chilling.
But obviously one of them was
gonna be done a lot sooner.
This was the first one I did.
The other one's up there.
This one was done a lot quicker
so it's had a much better chill.
So we'll bake this one first,
to give that enough
time to be just as cool.
I hope, I really really hope
that it stays like this.
All right, moment of truth.
The oven is warmed, let's get
the first one in the oven.
Okay, in you go.
Help me, mate.
I don't know what to do!
Is it gonna work?
I don't know.
I think the best tactic
is to not look at it for
the next 10 minutes or so
and just hope.
We're gonna bake this for 25 minutes.
We're 20 minutes in and
it's held its shape.
You see that?
I'm so excited.
We still gotta do the
other one, which is fine.
I don't need to worry about that.
Once we take this out,
we'll see what it looks like
and it'll firm up as it cools.
So it's important that I let
it cool fully in the tray.
Safety first.
Oh, it's worked.
Random fact for you as well,
I found out the holes are apparently done
when they're baking to stop
it cracking or splitting.
I didn't have that problem.
I've never thought of that before.
Never really done it.
Anyhow, that's gonna cool down.
My oven's ready.
I'm gonna stick my other one in.
And we'll see ya in a jiffy.
I better go on the phone, don't I?
– Hello, Mr. Barry.
How're you doing, mate?
– Not too bad, you all right?
– Yeah, not so bad.
– Okay.
Can you see the bourbons?
Oh no, turn the camera around.
Hang on, have a look.
Okay, see that?
– Good God.
– [Barry] Yeah.
Have you managed to get
in touch with Mentski?
– I have indeed.
So got in touch and said,
"Mate, are you gonna
be in in the afternoon
"between three and five
"because I've got a delivery for you."
– Okay, nice.
– Not given any more details at all.
– Is there any idea what that might be,
do you think?
– None.
He'll probably assume
it's like some video game
or SEGA stuff or something.
So he'll probably be
quite surprised by you
with a massive bourbon.
– Okay.
I'm gonna make his dreams
come true, hopefully.
All right, mate.
Thank you, mate.
– Cheers.
– See ya.
– Good luck.
– Bye! Bye!
– Bye.
– Holy wow.
I think this is actually happening.
Look, the other one is out.
This one is almost,
almost room temperature
but I want it to be so
cold, it's nice and firm.
That one is still absolutely red hot.
But we need to make our filling.
Let's do that
Yes, to make the buttercream filling.
It's very very simple.
500 grammes of room temperature butter.
One kilo of confectioners
sugar aka icing sugar,
and this will come out gradually
and create a massive snow storm like that.
Excuse me.
One, two, three, four,
five, six good shimmies
of the cocoa powder.
And then basically,
we do this on a very low speed,
because otherwise it will go in your face.
(upbeat music)
There we go.
Okey kokey, we are at the stage
where one of them is almost
completely cooled down
the other half is still warmish.
And of course the filling is ready.
And I'm starting to think about,
we need to get this in the van and moving.
So I'm probably gonna
sit one of the halves
on a chopping board
and then we'll wrap it in
foil or something like that.
Yeah, that's nice and cool
and we've got the non-slip mat.
I've run a knife along that side.
Here we go.
Boston just stood there staring at me.
Don't mate.
This is pressure, all right?
Give me some space.
All right, take a seat.
I was kinda hoping to hear a bit of a thud
from where it would release
from the bottom bit.
Not yet.
Oh yes!
That is nice!
I can get my cream on this
and we will top it with the other half.
How am I gonna get that?
Yeah, I think I'll worry about
getting the other half
on in just a minute,
but for now just get a nice
even layer of this on there.
(dramatic music)
Wow, that took me a while
but I was kind of enjoying it.
All right, we'll worry
about this in a minute,
and the other half, we're gonna get out
and use this half to help us.
Yeah, it should be all right.
So far, so good.
Another board.
All right.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
I was so scared that was gonna break.
♪ Ya ♪
Yeah, baby!
Let's go for a drive.
A scale, look.
That is your standard-sized bourbon.
I am so happy with this.
Right, so I'm just on my way.
It's about an hour and 20
minutes to Mentski's house
and of course, got it there.
I was gonna put it under the net
but I think it'll be all right.
It's kinda heavy.
I've actually been to
Mentski's house before.
I was at Comic Con, helping
Stuart sometime ago,
about 18 months ago and
Mentski was there too.
And it got to the end of the day
and he was, "Oh, I'm about to leave now."
and I said, "Don't worry.
"I'll drive you to the
nearest train station.
"So you haven't got to
catch two or three trains,
"just get one."
Long story short, we got
stuck in loads of traffic
he missed his train.
I ended up doing a triangle
up to England a little bit
and back down.
And it took me ages.
And he was actually also
dressed like a Ghostbuster.
But he's got a part undressed.
We went to the services.
He's quite a big bloke.
And it actually looked like
I was sort of escorting a
convict around the services.
(music drowns out speaker)
The point of the story was
I've been there before.
I should have just said that.
♪ Had to have high, high
hopes for a living ♪
– All right, I think I'm here.
Let's go give him a bourbon.
Try and knock at the door.
– Hello.
– How are you?
– All right, yeah.
– [Barry] Remember that tweet you sent me?
Well actually it wasn't to me.
It's just a general tweet.
– No, it was just a general tweet, yeah.
– [Barry] I've got a
present for you down there.
– Oh my god.
– You fancy holding it?
– Yes. Okay.
– Sorry.
– Whoa!
– Yeah.
– Wow, this is–
– [Barry] Special delivery.
(foil rustling)
– Wow, look at that.
– [Barry] That part for scale.
If you want a normal one, anyway.
– You know what, Barry?
Just put that down there,
'cause I don't think it's
gonna fit in the tin.
– [Barry] Hey, that's
almost the same as mine.
Probably about his baby
brother or something.
Well, there you go.
It's like the family of bourbons.
– Not sure how to do this.
– [Barry] Well it's
technically one biscuit
so you can have the whole thing.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Take one bite out of it.
There we go.
– Oh, nice.
– There we go.
– Swell portion.
The cream might still be
a little bit soft but–
– I'm not even sure I
can get this in my mouth.
– [Barry] You wanted
it a size of your head.
I've gone a bit bigger, so.
– That's some good eating.
– Yeah?
I've got quite a lot for you, mate.
I'll leave it with ya.
– Well, thank you very much.
– Nice one.
Okay, so I'm about to leave now.
I've gotta get home.
End of the video but Mentski
does have a YouTube channel.
Did you enjoy that biscuit?
Did it pass the quality assurance test?
There we go.
– Yes!
– What will you do with the rest of it?
It stores for seven days in a Tupperware.
– I'm not sure
if I'm gonna be able to
eat it all in seven days.
But we will see.
– Yeah.
We will see.
– So what's your YouTube channel?
– YouTube.com/Mentski
– Yeah, you do the One
Credit Champ videos.
– One Credit Champ.
I put one credit into
an old arcade machine
to see how far I get.
– All right.
So go and check that channel out now.
And I'm gonna go.
And you've got a big biscuit to eat.
– Yes, I do!
– Bye!
♪ Check your level player ♪
♪ No matter what your style ♪
♪ The kitchen's for me ♪
♪ Sideburns, moustache, goatee ♪
♪ Maybe all three ♪
– Where's the chocolate bourbon?
– It's not here, it's gone.
– Giant chocolate bourbon,
I should say.
– Why, did you want–
– God, did you eat it all?
– [Barry] No.
– Really wanted to try it.
– [Barry] He ate it.

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