Around 80 people are infected by the Hepatitis B in Aripanthan village of Budgam, located at a distance of around 25 Km from District headquarters. The people …
In our home 2-4 people have this disease.
My 3 children and I have this disease.
Here so many people had been ill
Then doctor advised all to go for test.
They did our test and we came to know about this disease
Till now no one from health department visited this village.
Nor Chief Medical Officer and Block Medical Officer had any concern for them
Only an NGO who are here from outside state vaccine them
In Aripanthan our efforts have been that everyone gets immunized
so that the virus do not spread.
And protect the patient
What had been the support of health department?
Dr. Rehana recommended this and off-course it was due to their support
But that was for Aripanthan area only
But I do not say Dr. Rehana did not support
She stills cooperates with us
Her motive is that this virus should not spread.
and we should do proper vaccination
in every district and village.
according to our schedule
But few people are in health department
that if they wishes to cooperate
we can cover whole district.
Through consultation we came to know 80 people are affected here.
Here I will add something
too many people here have not gone for test.
We can not say anything about them
whether they are positive or negative
In this area more people have Hepatitis b
Main reason is that most of the people have done test here
but most of the people from other 3 areas have not gone for test
I request all my viewers to call on the given number
so that other people do not suffer by this
Your phone call can help to solve this problem

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