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Hello Friends!
My name is Vivek Mittal.
Welcome to Fit Tuber.
To keep a body fit, it’s most important
to have a healthy and balanced diet.
It doesn’t matter much if you workout or
otherwise but your fitness level depends upon
your kitchen.
Today, I have done a lot of grocery shopping.
So I thought why I shouldn’t share with
you what I eat.
Balanced diet means that one takes proteins,
carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, dietary
fiber in adequate amounts.
Firstly, let’s talk about proteins.
Proteins are the body building foods.
But this doesn’t suggest that if you don’t
work out you need not have proteins.
Friends, it’s very simple.
Minimum protein intake daily should be 1g/kg
body weight.
Let me now tell you the protein sources that
I consume.

I eat 1-2 whole eggs every day, rest egg whites.

I eat 150 grams of chicken breast almost every
Next is fish.

Weekly, I eat fish 1-2 times.
Now let’s talk about the vegetarian protein

It is a very rich source of protein.
Perhaps, eating soy mimics the activity of
hormone estrogen in males.
This is however a debatable issue.
I have read many articles about this.
Some studies suggest it, others are against
this notion.
I eat soy chunks once a week.
There are so many protein sources.
Why just depend on soy?

On the other hand vegetarian protein sources
are incomplete sources of protein (Quinoa
is an exception).
This is why it is recommended to keep varying
your vegetarian protein sources.
Now, let us talk about the primary energy
sources, Carbohydrates.
In general, there are two types of carbohydrates.
Simple carbs and complex carbs.
Simple carbs like the refined flour gets burned
pretty fast and then it gets stored as fat.
On the other hand complex carbs burn slowly
and provide energy for a longer period of
Undoubtedly, complex carbs should be preferred
over the simple carb sources.
Let me share with you the complex carb sources
which I use.
Firstly, the natural oats.
Whenever I prepare oats, I add a fruit to
it for the flavor.

This is whole wheat porridge.
I got this prepared myself at the flour mill.
It is really good.
I don’t prefer brown bread because if you
check its ingredients, refined flour is mixed
to it.
I prefer multi grain bread.
It was not available today so I couldn’t
get it.
Next is sweet potato.

Next we will talk about the Fats.
Now, fats is one area where we falter.
This is because junk food is readily available
and we depend too much upon the animal fat
It is disheartening that India ranks 3rd in
the Obesity level list.
Especially, In Punjab where dairy fat is excessively
Even I have eaten it a lot.
So, let me now tell you the fat sources that
I consume.
Foremost, the Nuts.
Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts.

Actually, good fat cuts bad fat.
Another very healthy source of fat is Peanut
This is a home-made peanut butter.
I made it myself.
If you want to check out the recipe, link
is in the description.
Next is olive oil.
This is extra virgin olive oil.
I do not use any oil for cooking.
This is for topping.
Also, I have avocados.
These are not easily available in India but
whenever they are, I get them.
It is an excellent source of healthy fats.
Next we will talk about the Vitamins and Minerals.
We get vitamins and minerals from fruits and
We do buy all the vegetables but we temper
them so much that in the process, vitamins
and minerals get extremely reduced.
I generally eat steamed or boiled vegetables.
I regularly eat Carrots.
Also, I have broccoli.
Broccoli and chicken make a very good combination.
French Beans, Spinach.
This is another green leafy vegetable.
I don’t know what its name is.
I just bought it.
You can add other vegetables also to your
Try to avoid tempering them too much.
Let us now talk about the fruits.
Certainly, eat all the seasonal fruits.
The fruits that I regularly eat are Bananas,
Watermelon, Pomegranate, Apples.
Also, I have Gooseberry.
Can you believe that one gooseberry has about
vitamin C equal to that of 20 oranges?
So if you eat a gooseberry a day, your immune
system will get robust.
If you eat all these fruits and vegetables
then you will get almost all the required
vitamins and minerals.
Now, let us talk about dietary fiber.
It is recommended to have 30-40 grams of fiber
every day.
If you are eating whole grains, fruits and
vegetables regularly then you need not worry
about the fiber.
Still, I would like to share some of the specific
fiber sources which I use.
Firstly, flax seeds.

You can add them in oats, shakes etc.
Also, I am having dates.
I suggest you to regularly eat 5-6 dates.
Not only it has fiber but it has many other
health benefits.
Also, I have Cucumber, Beetroots.
This is red cabbage.
You can add it in salads.
It is really good.
Try to eat salad at least once in a day.
Friends, try to keep yourself away from sugar,
salt and other spices.
Last but should be first, Water.
Drink minimum 3 liters of water every day.
If you are drinking less amount of water,
then try to increase it gradually.
I used to drink 3 liters of water.
I have slowly increased it to 5 liters.
Your health is very precious.
Take care of it.
So that is pretty much what I eat.
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This is Vivek signing off.
Thank you so much for watching.

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