Guinea Pig 3: Shudder! The Man Who Never Dies (ギニーピッグ3 戦慄! 死なない男 Ginī Piggu 3: Senritsu! Shinanai otoko) is a 1986 film directed by Masayuki …
Hello everybody, I am Rick Steinberger.
Today I would like to show you
a videofilm.
Recent development of science
is marvelous.
However these are many mysterious things
which we cannot explicate
even by the ultramodern technology.
E. g., why the dinosaurs became extinct?
Why migratory birds travel many thousands
of miles? Why UFOs do not show themselves
in their true colors to humans on Earth,
although they've been observed many times?
Why there are different human races?
No one can answer these questions.
Of course, not even scientists like us.
Today, I would like to introduce to you
a most mysterious matter
for which we have no explanation.
It was an unbelievable horrible
and cruel incident that happened to
one ordinary person who lived in Tokyo.
Well everybody, let's have a look
at the film together and experience
this dreadful story in all its reality
as captured on film.
Remember I repeat again
Reality as captured on film.
Oh, it hurts, it hurts, uh.
Excuse me.
What is this?
How many times do I have to tell you?
I am not angry. You do a lousy job and the
complaints of our clients are killing me.
Please leave me alone!
It's too much for me.
You want to kill me? This is a bad joke.
Do you have anything to say?
Say! Say something ! A bad joke! Say! Say!
Listen, I would like to go to the cinema
or for a drive. Which do you prefer?
Whichever, as you like.
-Shall we go to see ''Chorus Line''?
That's a good idea.
-Let's go to Ginza after.
I found a great place.
-Did you? -Well, please do it then.
Ah, Hideshi! Please redo all of them.
-All of them?
Yes, as soon as possible.
-Excuse me, all of this, too, thank you.
What are you doing here?
No matter what.
Hello, it's me again.
Even people who are graduate
from the same school
have different abilities.
Some people can accomplish anything,
others can succeed at nothing.
The main character of this story
is a cheerful but ordinary student.
He succeeded in passing the tough entrance
examination to the computer company
he had always dreamed of joining.
But the work was boring and uninspiring.
In addition, his mind was starting to be
disturbed by the very old and traditional
Japanese human relationship
between employee and the company.
It was now affecting him
physically and mentally.
He was absent from the company and locked
himself in his room for four days now.
He left his room only once.
What will happen with him?
We shall see in this film. Now everybody,
let's have a look at it together.
What're you doing?
Dance! Dance!
Dance! I hold your head !
Ah, how stupid !
Taratta, ratta atta, dance of the rabbit.
Grandpa, Hideshi is absent from
the company already for four days.
And absence without notice.
And is he has not been fired?
There is no telephone call
from the company.
Did his colleagues already forget him?
Oh, how sad.
Don't say sad ! Why is it sad?
Shall we kiss grandma?
We didn't kiss for such a long time.
Let's go! B-chu!
B-chu! B-chu! B-chu!
Ah, grandpa, its good !
I didn't feel so good in a long time!
Feels good !
I really forgot for such a long time.
It's me, I was forgotten!
I have cut my wrist!
Bleeding has stopped. I feel no pain!
I feel no pain. Not at all. But why?
I really have cut my wrist.
No pain at all? Why? Look! Why?
Then I can do it?
Nothing, nothing happens at all!
Why? My arms are cut like this!
But I feel no pain. No blood !
I cannot die even if I bleed.
Am I a man who cannot die?
No! It is not true! I… I should die!
I should die! I should die!
Die! Shit! Shit! Die! Yell!
Why? It fell! What did I do?
No… I may be a real man who cannot die.
Immortal man? Strange but interesting.
It's sad. Can't I die really?
I don't want a body like that!
I don't need such a body.
I! It's not an joke! I am no more
ordinary member of mankind.
What will my father say? Ah!
I want to die.
Oh it's tough. I'm hungry.
Oh no, I am dieing. But not you?
Fool! Everybody is tired of it.
You make me tired.
Manager Yamanaka !
What kind of fellow is he? You see?
What is this?
How many times do I have to tell you?
I am not angry. You do a lousy job and the
complaints of our clients are killing me.
Please leave me alone!
It's to much for me.
You want to kill me?
Go to hell my dear!
You know? How can I say this, it will not
be of interest to a person without talent.
I am, you know, rather, what can I say,
a person with great sensibility, no?
There are no attractive men
in this company.
No men good for anything. I'll never marry
a man who works for the company!
But I don't feel good in Japan, do you?
It's how should I say,
the complicated human relationships?
Fools! What are you really?
Why don't you die! Now! Now!
No! What am I, a Zombie? Is it a dream?
I feel no pain! No pain, is it a dream?
Yes or no? Not a dream?
What's happened?
1-1-0. No that's not it.
In this case, it's 1-1-9.
Emergency services. Fire or ambulance?
I am a man who cannot die.
-Cannot die?
May I have your name?
-My name doesn't matter.
What happened to you?
-I cut my wrist, but the blood…
my blood stops.
-Good ! Are you ok?
Just as I was. Excuse me.
Then, what can I do for you?
-I am sorry.
What shall I do? What can I do?
Well, I'll call somebody!
I'll call somebody. Whom shall I call?
He will be frightened. Yoshida?
Takiguchi may be good,
because he is a timorous man.
Well, Hayashi. He has a weak back.
His back will get worse.
Well, well, Takashima would be good, too.
Shall I call the Minato Ward office?
The Tax office? Whom shall I call?
You are fairly…
What did you say?
Don't stop in the middle. That's teasing.
I'm not a tease, you know?
Then don't tease me. Tell ma all.
I m fairly what?
You are fairly bold.
What does that mean?
-Because you surprise me.
What surprised you?
-Don't pretend not to know.
What? Tell me.
-No! You!
Am I so fantastic?
-No! Stupid ! Not that!
Tell me, tell me. What's then? How?
You surprised me, you were shouting
''oh, oh, oh'' so loudly.
Stupid !
Hallo this is Nakamura speaking.
Who is it? Hideshi-san?
What's the matter with you?
You've been absent for days.
It's been a lot of trouble.
How are we? We're dead.
We have had to do all your work.
Yes, it's been tough. Yes.
Anyway, what have you been doing?
Where are you now?
I was dead in my house.
-It is us who were dead.
Really, you are irresonsible!
Manager Yamanka was really angry.
He said he was going to kill you.
Did he call you?
No one called me at all.
Some one had to have called you.
What? You want me to come
to your house now?
No! Anyway not now!
Please, come.
Ah, you have a girl in your room !
No, nobody in my room. I am not as popular
among the girls as you. Believe me.
And what? Yes I have done the gardening.
Yes, I have the gardening scissors.
What are you going to do with them?
Do you want them now?
A hatchet? Just wait, Hideshi.
What is going on now?
Why should I bring such things to you?
Oh no! Really no!
I have to get up early tomorrow morning.
Please! This is the last thing I will
ever ask of you. Please! Please! Please!
It's cold, how come it's still snowing
this time of year?
I already put my coat away in my closet.
But you really are a good hearted fellow.
I wouldn't got to him
at midnight in such weather.
-But I owe him
for the time being.
-You didn't tell me that you were working
on the side as his gardener.
-Oh yes. I am a good gardener.
Hideshi will be surprised when he sees us.
Hideshi! Good evening !
Strange! Hideshi! Hideshi!
Oh my! What a surprise! Woa !
Welcome to my cursed house,
Mr. Elvis Nakamura !
What happened with you, Hideshi?
Cu-cukk, cu-cukk, cu-cukk my pale face!
I am not the Hideshi of before.
No longer the old Hideshi
who is always apologizing…
No, I am sorry. Not really but…
Meet the new Hideshi who will not die.
I will show you many painful things.
It's not true.
Look! Look at this horrible thing.
It is the piece of carotid.
No! Hideshi! What are you doing?
Please stop now!
Stop now! Murder!
Murder? I kill nobody!
Ah! No! Don't do it!
Nakamura. Oh it's painful, Nakamura.
It's painful.
So I have to cut here.
Stop it please!
You do it well, Nakamura.
What's that?
It's a large intestine. I cut it out.
But I do not die. Look!
Say don't cry Nakamura. It feels good
to cut out my stomach and inestine.
And next?
It's my bladder. Dirty man!
Stop it now! I telll you I am with Kyoko!
Please forgive me. I m sorry!
Oh, oh! Prize man Nakamura?
Look, look! Let's get on with it!
What comes next?
I used company money for my own account.
I am sorry!
It's the first I heard of it.
Please pardon me!
Oh, you apologize?
Hideshi! Please stop it now!
One more! Nothing more!
And today's show and entrails are over!
Did you lose consciousness?
It has such a strong impact.
The horror, it petrifies them.
I would be petrefied too,
if I had to look at it.
So, well, what shall I do for an encore?
It's late. What is Nakamura doing?
Hideshi might be sick.
Where is Hideshi? Maybe something terible
has happened. What happened?
Hey! I told you hatchet.
But this is an axe.
Elvis is late.
Hideshi? Was it a family name?
Good evening !
Come in! I am the man who cannot die.
Dirty! What did you do? Wow!
No! You made such a mess.
I can't help it. Nakamura !
Get up! Get up! What are you doing here?
Oh, I am so sorry.
-I was waiting for you outside.
Oh, horrible. You made me dirty. Oh!
Say Hideshi! What are you doing?
You've made such a mess.
What will the owner of the room say?
-Kyoko. It's awful, isn't it?
Don't act stupid ! There is nobody
who wouldn't feel awful now.
It is… rather dirty.
Really, it's dirty.
Why? You don't feel awful?
No, no! It's not awful.
I need a cleaner.
Cleaner! Clean the room !
-It became awfully usual.
Heavy. What is it? What? What is this?
Kyouko. No, I have to check by myself.
Aha ! It my hand. Is that so?
-You cut it off by yourself, didn't you?
Just leave it.
Really you are silly.
A mere neck
cannot clean the house, can it?
-Even if only my neck is left,
I'll go to my office. Yes, I can stand up
now! Something is different!
I feel a different Hideshi from yesterday.
Ok, I feel I am living.
I will go to my company.
-Hideshi, where shall I put this video?
Which video?
-This dirty one.
Hide it.
I don't want Kyoko to see the video.
How did you find this film?
It is an unbelievable story.
It is only a story
which happened in Tokyo.
But it is not only a story
for some unknown audience,
it may be for you, watching this video.
You may be a second or third immortal man.
Or maybe you are already an immortal man.
Let's have a think,
what are life and death for mankind.
The secret is found within yourself.
Anyway, please take care.

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