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Hello, my name is Yurin Artem and today
you’ll learn how to do a handstand. It is a
very simple trick, which will give the basic
knowledge for other handstands. Also, it
will help you with other tricks like:
cartwheel, roundoff, frontroll and many
Pay attention to technique and back
workout. Spend more time on simple
lead-up exercises. Don’t skip any of them.
If you can film yourself, do it, in order to
see all the mistakes.
You can practice handstands everywhere.
At home, on the grass or in a gym. It’s all
the same.
Why is it necessary not to bend(sag,
stoop) your back
Many people, trying to do a handstand,
bend their back. They think it is normal
and that’s the only way to keep balance.
Wrong. Bending your back leads to huge
pressure on your spine, so it can spoil
your body. With straight back it is much
easier to keep balance and you can try to
do more complicated handstands.
First lead-up exercise
Many people skip that exercise, trying to
do a handstand at once. In this exercise
you will understand how your legs and
back work. So it will be easier to control
yourself. Before doing it, warm up and
stretch you neck .
Initially, try to do it near a wall.
You need to stand on your knees and set
your hands in front of you on a
shoulder-width (2 feet)
You set you head further than your
hands, so your hands and head form a
triangle which will help you to control
your body and lower pressure on the
Than, you lean on your head and strain
your neck. Don’t keep it relaxed, or you’ll
get an injury.
Pull your legs to your chest. Knees touch
each other.
Straighten your waist.
Stay in this position to feel the balance.
Slowly begin to straighten your legs
Straighten legs and your toes, try to avoid
stooping and relaxed body
Stay in this position for a while, then
slowly return to the previous position.(1)
Through the whole trick your hands are
on the ground and your body strained.
Main Mistakes
1. You are trying to raise your legs
unbent. So you can’t catch the balance
and ruin the whole move.
2. Relaxed Neck. You have to keep it
strained or you’ll seriously injure. Divide
pressure between hands and neck
3. Forehead stand)). Not right. You have
to stand on your crown(top of head).
4. Bent back. Your abs and bottom are
5. Hands replacing. If you replace hands
you will put to much pressure on your
head and lose control.
6. Relaxed legs. Keep it strained or you’ll
fall. You must straighten them fully.
When you’ll learn this move, you can try
some other variants of headstands
Raising legs unbent apart or together
Same movement. But, before raising legs,
make sure, that your back is straight.
Legs are moving along your body.
This exercise strengthen you
back-muscles and prepare you to
“Spichag”. You could try to do it near
wall, to pay attention to the muscles
Second lead-up exercise
Handstand, with legs on the obstacle
This exercise will help you to understand,
how to stand on your arms, and where
your head have to be.
Put your legs on the obstacle, hands are
set on the ground
You raise your bottom, bend knees a little
Whole pressure is on the Hands. Head are
between them, with 2- feet width. DON’T
To check your rigidity, you partner need
to press on your back, so you could feel
the pressure
Main Mistakes
1.Bent Elbow. You don’t have enough
strength to stand on bent elbow.
Straighten them!
2. Wrong Fold. You need to fold in two, so
this move will look like a handstand
Third lead-up exercise
Handstand with leg swing
In previous exercises we were trying to
understand how your back works and
how to move legs. Now, we will switch to
something more difficult. We will mix
handwork, leg swing and headwork.
Initially, does it near the wall, then without
1. Your hands are raised in the air, head
is between them
2. Right or left leg (optionally) advanced.
It starts to bend and at the same time you
bend the body
3. Right at the same time, you do a swing
with your straighten (second) leg. Head is
between hands.
4.Back, Abs, Bottom are strained in order
to keep straight Handstand
5. If you want to have perfect handstand,
“hide” you head between hands. It is very
Initially, we do a small swing, and join
legs. Through practicing we enlarge leg
swing and stand in a perfect vertical
Don’t hurry. At first, understand how to
If you think, that you a closely to fall
forward, press your chin to your chest,
round your back and do a simple roll
As a variant, you could advance your leg
in the same direction.
Main Mistakes
1.Bent Hands. You spend too much power
and lose rigidity.
2.Too wide handstand. In this position,
you again spend a lot of power and could
easily bend your back.
3. Your head are not between your hands.
This won’t let you to stand for a long
time. And also you make an unnecessary
angle between chest and hands
4. Relaxed Back. Pull your stomach in and
strain your bottom. Keep your body
5. Wrong swing. You swing with bent or
relaxed leg. So you can’t stand at one
place. Also it lowers amplitude.
6. Too strong Swing. You easily fall
forward. Swing has to be slow and
7. Relaxed body. Each part of your body
has to be strained to improve control.
Fouth Lead-yp exercise
Handstand with a tuck position
Now we a trying to do a handstand just
the same way as in second exercise.
Don’t forget about the wall.
You squat down, set your hands in front
of you
From this position you push your legs up
and raise bottom, leaving your legs bent.
You hide your head between hands,
standing with bent legs. To improve
balance, try to touch buttocks with your
You could do it not from squat but from
knees. Main aim is to raise bottom at first.
After learning how to stand with bent
legs, start straightening them.
How to Keep Balance
When you will understand how to get to
the handstand you have to stay in it. But
now you keep balance only for a while
and after that fall down.
Watch your toes, maybe they fall forward
or back.
If you get back on your feet, while trying
to stand, you need to improve your
bottom and chest moves, to catch the
balance. If you fall forward, try to lead
your chest forward and bend elbows a bit,
to stay in balance.
Also involve your fingers in keeping
You may ask your friend to hold you a bit.
So you will understand how to keep
Handstand walking
Walking in a handstand is much easier
than standing. In addition to that you’ll
understand how to control your body in a
better way
1. Our main aim is to straighten our body
as good as you can without bent in your
2. Then, you have to Incline a little your
legs and do a short steps with your hands
3. Try to do it evenly.
4. Whole body is strained, legs are pulled
together, and toes are pulled up.
With this technique you will be able to
walk long distances

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