How do we set ourselves up to make good food choices? Let’s get some strategies and mindset in place before we embark on our gentle winter detox cleanse!
hello good morning its Brea here from
Brighter Focus Coaching and I just
wanted to hop on and talk in our cleanse
group about healthy diet mindset and
some ways that we can set ourselves up
to make food choices that feel really
good to our bodies so what goes into
so as we're embarking on this cleanse
we're wanting to detox we're wanting to
help our bodies feel better and you
probably have a sense of what foods and
drinks help you to do that what helps
you to feel better and what maybe makes
you feel not so good so for some of us
um you might be thinking about cutting
out things like dairy or limiting maybe
not cutting out completely but maybe
just getting more conscious about our
choices around dairy grains alcohol
sugar those are some that are pretty
notorious for causing us to not feel so
great we might also be thinking about
upping our vegetable intake or water
intake obviously we're going to be
upping our supplement intake and just
getting really consistent with those
so I want to talk about a principle and
a practice that might help us to do some
of these things a little bit more easily
so that it doesn't feel so much like
work so that it actually can feel more
nourishing and more joyful and more
intentional for us and the practice that
I want to propose for us is mindfulness
so I was doing my meditate every morning
and I usually use the calm app and if
you haven't used that yet it's a really
fantastic one to create a meditation
habit around and the the episode or the
the meditation this morning was on
mindful eating and I thought how perfect
because I was already planning on
talking about this today and so I got
some a piece of that but I want to share
with you that came directly from that
so just framing this in the way that
mindfulness itself is a tool that helps
us put more time between a stimulus and
a response I had never heard of
mindfulness broken down in that way but
it's such a I think it's a really great
equation to say mindfulness is what
helps us create space between the
stimulus and the response and what we
choose to do and in that space we open
up lots more choices for ourselves so if
we react out of habit out of just our
knee-jerk response often it's there's
one there's one option there's one way
that we usually react habitually but if
we can slow down if we can take a breath
if we can get present to what's going on
inside then we can start to just make a
little more space there and in that
space we can see so many more options
with how to deal with anything that
comes up and as we make that space and
we get more choices then we're able to
act from a place of wisdom and kindness
we can choose a response that really
harnesses our prefrontal cortex that
really allows us to use that wisdom that
we have available to us and to act from
place of kindness especially to
ourselves when we're when we're talking
about the cleanse that we're doing and
that's compared to if we're not taking
that time and having more choices then
often were were choosing out of habit or
out of reactivity so how do we apply
this to our eating okay really the
question is then how can I put more
intention and more choice into my diet
into what I'm putting into my mouth so
we want to think about harnessing the
power of time as we're doing this and I
have a few ways for you to consider
incorporating in order to harness the
power of time in your
in your food choices so the first is
meal planning so it's hard to make good
decisions about what to eat when we're
starving when we're really hungry have
you ever gone to the grocery store when
your stomach is growling if I always end
up buying things that I really don't
want to eat but at my stomach thinks I
do because I'm hungry so as we can
create more space between deciding what
we're gonna eat and actually consuming
it in there is room for lots of choices
so you might consider picking a day and
time of the week to do your meal
planning to decide what am I gonna eat
this week what is gonna make my body
feel good what time do I have available
each day you know maybe one day I want
to put something in the crock-pot in the
morning because I'm gonna be coming home
late and I'm gonna be hungry maybe
another day I have time to do some prep
or to do a fancier meal that takes more
preparation if you really like to cook
you might do that so it can help you
create time create space in order to
then have those meals prepared and
planned out and when you're doing that
so as you're sitting down and you're
deciding what kind of meals you want to
make for the week then you can make your
list you can make a list of ingredients
that you need for those recipes you can
check your fridge check your pantry to
see what you already have this is
actually gonna cut down on your grocery
bill too because you can use food that
you already have you've already bought
and then you can go to the grocery store
with a list and know these are the
things that are gonna feed me and/or my
family for the week and you have that
all prepared there's a lot of different
apps and services that you can sign up
for that might help you with this one
that I use is called a meals and I like
it because it has meal plans for lots of
different dietary preferences and
restrictions but there are lots out
there and then doTERRA has some great
products to help us with this too with
our food choices especially on the go if
time is a concern for you they have a
shake that's really great I think they
have a few different options of the
shake I like the chocolate and so that's
a great way to get good nourishment and
do it quickly and then there's the Tara
greens that give us a good serving I
think maybe more than a serving of
vegetables and other really dense
superfoods nutrient-rich stuff that can
just help to supplement our diet and
make sure we're getting good stuff in
there okay so that's meal planning meal
prep so then you have all this food yay
hi Tanya yeah meal planning so important
getting my favorite whole 30 recipes out
yes so maybe go through a cookbook or a
website that you really like and that
resonates with you in terms of you know
what the parameters are and and just
have fun planning out your meals it
could be a lot of fun so then you want a
meal prep meal prep helps to make it
easier to consume your intensional food
choices because you're getting them
ready while you're feeling good not
while you're in the throes of hunger so
make a date with yourself put it on the
calendar make it something fun so I like
to do it on Sunday afternoons when I
have the day to really I set that side a
date that day aside for family and just
getting ourselves ready for the week so
you can turn on some music or a favorite
podcast that you like to listen to grab
your best knife and your cutting board
and then just wash all the vegetables
that you bought at the store chop them
up get them all ready for easy snacks or
two to specifically go into some of the
meals that you are preparing to make
that you already planned so maybe you
need three onions chopped for the week
or you know whatever it is you can get
that already you can also while you're
doing this I like to make a big pot of
soup or some kind of easy meal that's
that's comforting and hearty and can be
ready all week so then I have a big
container of something in the fridge
during the week so if anybody is hungry
between meals if
I find myself in need of a lunch option
while I'm out I can grab a container of
that and take it with me makes it for
just what we're doing is we are giving a
gift to our future self think about it
that way that you're really um you know
it's so nice if you think about a friend
bringing you a meal or a partner or a
spouse doing the cooking we love to be
cared for in that way so really focus on
caring for yourself making this a gift
to yourself in another way that you are
developing self-care so the next piece I
want to talk about in terms of mindful
eating is when we're faced with a food
craving or a habit something that we
that we often will consume at a Batool
time what we can do in those moments is
take a breath and get curious just
before you go ahead and indulge and you
might decide to still have that class of
wine or eat that handful of popcorn
nothing is good or bad but what what is
really helpful and what actually helps
us to build this self-care muscle is
going inside and checking out what's
going on in here like what's behind this
desire so as you are reaching for
something that's habitual or that is a
craving pause it's all we need to do we
don't have to tell ourselves that we're
wrong or a bad or we can't have that we
just want to say I'm reaching for that
thing that I always go to at this time
of the night or when I'm feeling like
this okay I'm gonna pause
take a breath maybe walk away maybe say
I'm gonna leave the kitchen for one
minute and I'm gonna just have a little
talk with a little time with myself so
in that time and that space that you've
created you're creating space some
questions that you can ask yourself what
am I feeling right now what emotions are
going on in my body feeling sad I
feeling lonely am i feeling bored good
to notice that those that's the stimulus
that I'm reacting to when I'm wanting to
put something in my mouth all for
noticing then you can ask yourself what
am I needing what do I really need in
this moment is this glass of wine or is
this handful of popcorn or chocolate is
this gonna satisfy what's actually going
on in here or is it just going to
appease me for a little while and then
end up making me feel worse just really
getting thoughtful with no judgement at
all so in that moment you may actually
need some self-care like a bath would
actually really nourish me in this
moment or some rest or maybe some
stimulation gosh I really I want to just
get outside and like be in the fresh air
and see some people and um you know see
nature like maybe that's really what I
need or maybe you actually do need some
food in that moment and so then thinking
about what's really gonna fulfill this
hunger and help my body to feel good you
know maybe you'll choose a different
snack in that moment if you identify
that hunger really is the driving force
behind what you're reaching for those
are some ways to deal with cravings as
they come up and then the last piece
that I just want to leave us with
because I think it's the most important
of all is avoid judging yourself as you
are embarking on this process of taking
better care of yourself really sidestep
the judgment so you'll find that you're
happy with some of the choices that you
make you feel good when you drink the
amount of water that you wanted to drink
in the day or you avoided the foods that
you know make you feel not so good you
feel really good about yourself and
there are other choices that you're
gonna make that might not be in line
with what you had intended and that's
okay we don't want to get stuck beating
ourselves up about this we want this to
be a grand experiment we want to just in
every moment how can I move a little
more toward caring for myself how can I
move a little more toward loving myself
more deeply and more fully and in that
moment when it doesn't happen when I
make a choice that actually feels kind
of crummy to my body and it leaves me
drained of energy or grumpy with my kids
I can go oh yeah that's right
that's human that's okay in the next
moment I'm gonna make a little bit of a
different choice we don't have to look
back we don't have to dwell on those
slips or those choices that really
highlight our humanity we can just
celebrate the wins and I invite you to
really celebrate those moments that you
do make the choices that feel good
really feel that in your body and maybe
even do something silly like jump and
shout and hooray
separation can really help to anchor in
these new habits so let's celebrate the
wins learn from the losses and move on
together I'm really excited to be doing
this with you all in the support of this
group so that we can have each other as
we move through this all right
have a great day bye

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