High-fat diets can be dangerous if you make this big mistake. Find out more. Timestamps 0:00 High-fat diets 0:15 Glycation 0:45 AGEs 1:13 What creates these …
so I know you've heard that high-fat
diets are bad for you they're very
dangerous but in reality high-fat diets
are only dangerous if you are combining
them with sugar okay there's a term I
want to introduce you to it's called
okay what is glycation what's happening
is you're bonding sugar to a fat or
protein so when you consume sugar with
protein or sugar with fat you create
this glycation as in deep-fried french
fries barbecue ribs doughnuts
so you're combining a carbohydrate with
sugar meat with sugar you know pure
carbohydrate with fat and you cook it
you create AGEs advanced glycation
end-products now what is that that is a
compound that gives you very sticky
proteins okay they stiffen things they
make the arteries stiffer they clog
things up they create inflammation they
age the body they're involved in many
degenerative diseases as in diabetes
liver disease Alzheimer's heart disease
kidney disease now the two things I can
create this effect are the combination
of sugar with either protein of fat when
it's cooked when you consume it or if
you're consuming these separately at the
same time the body heat will create that
situation so if you avoid sugar you have
nothing to worry about
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