Hello, I am Dr Aadil Chimthanawala (MBBS, BHMS, MD(DNB), FNAHI, PGNAHI). And I am going to share with you my 20+ year experience about Homeopathy …
Hi, friends!
we are going to talk about
Histamine is a compound in our body
which dilates the smallest
blood vessel called Capillaries.
it constricts the other arteries.
That increases the blood pressure.
And it also constricts airway tubes
in lungs called bronchi.
The acid which is
produced in our stomach
the juices which
the pancreas secrete
and the enzymes that
get secreted in the intestines
are all because of Histamine.
So, in 1950, someone thought
of making a Homeopathic medicine
out of Histamine
and see how it can be utilised.
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Friends, Histamine,
we are talking about..
Let me remind you.
The videos I make are
solely for educational purpose.
Do not take it directly
and start using them.
You can either take consult your
Homeopath or us privately
and use it on your cases.
We are talking about Histamine.
This is generally used
for all kinds of allergies.
Especially for
allergies related to eyes.
Conjunctivitis which generally appears
in June and July, which turns eyes red
they itch and you feel
foreign body sensation.
Even the lining of the
eyelids start swelling
which we call Blepharitis.
We have already suggested
Hippuric Acid for that.
Urticaria on skin which
causes itching, rashes
and heating sensation..
Water further dries up skin
and causes intense itching.
This is both in Apis and Rhus Tox.
Urtica Urens also has similar sensation.
Allergies cause even hairfall.
There's this disease
called Lichen Planus
which can appear in mouth,
tongue or even inside the body.
It causes intense itching.
Histamine is used for all this.
Histamine isn't available in Mother Tincture.
It has to be used in potency.
It's recommended to use it
in moderate potency
with low repetition.
This is what your Homeopath
would suggest you.
Allergies in nose..
Reoccurrence of nose block
due to polyps, time and again..
Especially in COVID-19, loss of smell
is a common symptom.
So we are giving it to a
lot of people in 30 potency.
Some of them are even
responding to it.
COVID also caused loss of taste
and Histamine has found
to be working for that.
Allergies related to stomach,
food allergies, are very common.
There are people who are allergic
to milk or any other kind of food.
Feeling of nausea
and irritation due to gas
after having a particular food
the person is allergic to.
Which also causes
acidity and burning pain..
There's this condition
called ulcerative colitis
and we have already
considered Colchicum for it.
Histamine can be very
useful in this condition too.
Friends, there is this condition
called allergic rheumatism.
There's this condition which causes
inflammation of blood vessels called Arteritis.
Inflammation of arteries is called Arteritis.
'-its' means inflammation.
It causes muscle pain.
There are diseases
like polymyositis..
They are deep-rooted allergies.
You can use Histamine
to control these conditions too
either before or after
the constitutional drug.
There's this sac around heart
called pericardium.
It can also be used for pericarditis,
the inflammation of those sacs
due to an allergy.
It causes continues dull pain
and you one can feel
it while breathing.
It feels like a piece of
ice-cube near heart..
It causes icy needle sensation.
It causes anxiety too.
If it's proved that it's
pericarditis allergy
you can use Histamine
is this condition.
Allergic asthma, allergic bronchitis
are very common.
There are places of pollution, mines
and areas where there's cement dust
and one is allergic to it
and many other things
it's causing anxiety
and difficulty in breathing..
You have prolonged asthma and
you are even on Homeopathy medicine
but it's not showing good response,
you can surely try Histamine.
Some patients,
even after recovering from COVID
tend to have difficulty in breathing
and cough continues for months..
There are patients who got
infected with COVID in April
and they still have symptoms
of it even in October.
Histamine can be tried
on such patients as well.
Inflammation in kidneys and bladder
which is called Cystitis..
It might be due to drug reaction,
nephrotic syndrome..
Nephrons in kidneys
have glomeruli
and its inflammation is called
acute glomerulonephritis.
That can hamper the
normal functioning of kidney
by causing inflammation.
Histamine can be considered
in such condition too
and it can turn out
to be very helpful.
Females who
suffer from infertility
and who are allergic to sperms..
The sperms die because of
sperm allergy in females..
Histamine has been used
for such a condition.
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They are not constitutional
but pathological.
The commonest three drug
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