I hit speed bumps at 80 miles per hour while filming in slow motion and I lock up the brakes while going over the speed bump at 80 miles per hour in slow motion …
welcome back to warped perception
this episode was requested by Lauri from the
hydraulic press channel
if you haven't heard or seen his channel before
I left a link in the description
below so you can check it out
super nice guy
he requested that I hit speed bumps just
like I did before in the previous
episode but this time at 80 miles per hour
so that is exactly what I'm going to do
I'm all ready to go and you are
the first one I'm gonna hit is going to
be the asphalt speed bump I need to come
around the corner doing about 30-35 miles
per hour and then I have a nice long
straightaway where I'm able to get the
car up to 80 miles per hour before
hitting this speed bump on my way
all right so that was interesting I went
over that thing
just about 80 per hour and it
kind of felt like I was just hitting
like a big crack in the road really
didn't feel like anything so let's go
take a look at that high-speed footage
and see if it revealed anything different
I don't know it seems like the faster
you go the less effect the speed bumps
have so the next thing we're gonna do is
I'm gonna go to a different location
with the car and the crew we're gonna
set it up in a completely deserted area
away from any people cars houses or
I decided to do one more
thing before moving on to the second
location something I've been thinking
about for a while
locking up the brakes
at 80 miles per hour while going over
the speed bump and filming with a
high-speed camera just to see what it
looks like or if anything breaks let's
do it
so after that locking up the brakes
for how many feet the reason you
don't ever want to do that is because if
you look at the tire now there's a big
flat spot right here if you look at the
tread here and the tread here it's
almost twice as deep as a tread here
there's literally a flat spot and now
when I Drive it and it sounds like like
it's flopping and if we take a coin to
check the depth check this out that's the
deep side
that's the deep side and that is the
flat spot right there look at that it's
about half of the depth and that is why
you never ever want to lock up your
tires because that's what happens you
get flat spots
I think that test went
really well and I think the car
performed flawlessly it's now time to
head over to the second location but
I've ran into a slight problem it seems
that after locking up the brakes the way
I did this brake warning message is
showing up on the dash and it will not
go away so I'm gonna have to check that
out first because well I'm gonna need
brakes I think I figured out the brake
malfunction problem it looks like might
just be low on brake fluid
even though I filled it up with brake fluid
it's still Beeping let me take a look see
what we see oh I see something leaking I
think it's brake fluid
well there it is right there I don't
think it's related to the speed bump
maybe it's just rust I don't know maybe
it was the vibration well it's a pretty
easy fix well yeah there it is right
there look at that
fix this and get back on the road
right looks pretty similar good enough
oh wow looks like all my warning messages
are gone that means we have brakes
apparently the brake malfunction
indicator meant something because yeah
the brake line broke I'm not really sure
if that was associated to hitting the
speed bump at 80 miles per hour
or not but the brakes are all done it's
fixed time to move on to the next
experiment for this one I got one of
those suspension killer speed bumps I
modified it to be about an inch higher
than what you would normally find on the
street made it portable so we can take
it to a safe location lay it down and
hit this thing at 80 miles per hour and
my idea behind raising it up is not only
to make it portable but also for maximum
effect if anything's gonna happen
it's gonna happen with a four and a half
inch speed bump my new portable speed
bump was a great idea but it was
weighing in at a whopping 110 pounds
which made me think the only thing I
want to do before hitting these speed
bumps at 80 miles per hour is mount a
couple of doors back on this car for
some more protection just in case at 80
miles per hour if the speed bump breaks
apart or something flies so I don't get
injured I feel like this is getting a
little bit dangerous and I already had a
really small injury in the previous run
something hit me in the wrist I was
bleeding I didn't even know it
and now that that's done let's go let's
hit these speed bumps at 80 miles per
hour I have just arrived at our second
location on being as safe as safe can be
this is like a 1 mile long stretch of
in the middle of basically nowhere yeah
I'm a little bit nervous about what's
gonna happen this is one of the first
times that I'm getting in this car that
I feel a little bit nervous about what
the outcome of this is going to be
first thing I'm going to do I'm going to set
up the speed bump right here in the road
I'm gonna get the car all the way down
at the end have everybody stop traffic
and then just run it 80 miles per hour
Center the car and just smash it
i'm at 80 now
that was that that was about 85 miles
per hour a little bit over and as you
can see it destroyed the speed bump
there's pieces all the way over there
down the road at one point before I hit
the speed bump I was approaching 90
miles an hour I had to slow down a
little bit and it just seems the faster
I go the less I feel It really didn't
feel anything it was just like boom boom
and then I look in my rearview mirror
and I see stuff flying everywhere that
was a complete success the high-speed
footage looked awesome I want to do it one
more time from a different angle so we
could get a better look yeah but I think
it was pretty successful I didn't feel
too much now before moving on to the
second speed bump I want to show
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coming now
so that just about wraps up this episode I
don't know what to say apparently the
only damage that we walked away from
with this car was a little bubble in the
side wall which I think was for the most
part already there and I think what I'm
gonna do is if anybody remembers a
comment that I posted a couple months
ago about a certain situation I saw at
the street races about eight years ago
where a guy in a Honda Civic got himself
into a certain situation with these real
small little rims that is what I'm gonna
be doing next with this car I hope
everybody guesses in the comments below
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check out my sponsor and that's about it
I'll see you in the next video
hopefully you like this one tell me what
you think in the comments below hasta
I can't help but relate this shot to a
rear-end collision on the freeway where
somebody sees a vehicle stop and they
slam the brakes as hard as they can but
since the car is traveling at such a
high speed the car just does not want to
stop this is one more clip I want to
comment on in relation to traveling at
high speed I didn't use this clip in the
episode but I found it really
interesting that I was traveling at such
a high speed the air pressure around the
car vaporized the raindrop before the
raindrops had a chance to hit the frame
of the car just something to think about
when you're driving around thanks for
watching tell me what you think about
this style see you soon

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