In this video I talk about how my routine has changed for the better or worse due to covid19, I chat about how my disability has changed and how I have been …
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and welcome and today i'm going to be
discussing how coving 19
has changed up my life has it made my
disabilities worse or better and just be
discussing some of the changes that have
been made
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so the coronavirus has taken a hold of
our world
and i feel like every country pretty
much at this point is feeling effects of
and of course there are much much much
much much much much bigger issues than
the way that i've been impacted and
in other countries and i just want to
make that very very clear i'm just
talking about it from a disabled point
of view who lives in the uk
i'm obviously privileged i have the nhs
who is able to offer me
free health care i have food and there's
lots of other things that i have access
to that other people in other countries
would not
so i'm in a very very lucky and safe
however that doesn't mean that things
haven't changed for me
and made things easier and more
difficult so i thought it was just
interesting to discuss
from my point of view what those changes
were but
to note that i am aware that other
countries have been struggling i have
been donating
um and raising awareness for other
countries that are struggling more
um and other people that are struggling
more in this situation and so i just
wanted to put that out there first
so if you are new here i am eliza i am
i have multiple disabilities including
bladder and bowel issues which means
that i need to go to the toilet
more i have issues with my joints i've
got issues with my balance and i'm
as well um and um i have mental health
conditions as well like ocd and anxiety
um obviously all of these are impacted
by things like
situation changes and routine changes
which coverd obviously
naturally did so i've created a list
of all the positives and all the
negatives that have happened from covid
so if you're sat home
and you want to look at both sides of
things or you're also disabled or have
mental health conditions
and are interested in maybe how it's
impacted you i've just been doing a bit
of self-reflection
about how i've been impacted and
yeah i think it's good to look at the
positives and the negatives within this
let's start i think we should start with
the positives i'm
not gonna move around today um i'm
having an operation
actually today the day that this video
comes out i'm probably in the operating
i'm not feeling particularly well i'm
having a colonoscopy done i'm due to
having a flare within my stomach issues
i'm not feeling great haven't been
feeling great for quite a while now so
normally if you've watched previous
videos of mine i like move around
the room um i'm not feeling great and
i'm not going to do that today but
please stick around to the end or like
till halfway through this video because
it helps my watch time so uh thanks
sorry i'm not moving….
i'll try and entertain you with my voice
and personality rather than my camera
changes. so let's go let's start with
the positive so covid 19 has impacted me
in a positive and
negative way the first positive i'm at
more which means i'm less tired i have
found this such a positive
it has shown me how much my disability
is impacted by
what i spend my time doing obviously i
haven't had the choice of being able to
go out and i think
even when you're disabled it is
important to try and go out if you're
able to
because it's good to socialize and meet
new people etc etc but i
have noticed that i have felt
considerably better
including my stomach and joint issues
when i'm at home more
obviously on average i'm at home more
than the standard person anyway i pretty
much spend my weekends
recovering when i'm working full-time
but i have noticed that
me not going into work not having to
like walk down to the station and
at my desk and walking to the toilet
which is quite far from
um my desks in my work etc has made such
a difference
and overall i feel much much better i'm
also reading from my laptop as per usual
you know the drill if you watch my
videos so
yes… number two it is easier to go to
that is because most of them are virtual
and so i have a lot of hospital
appointments um a lot
pretty much one a week it feels like at
this point because they're virtual i've
actually found that much more accessible
and much easier for me to be able to
access them
this is not the case for all disabled
people i'm only talking for myself
this will not be the same for all
disabled people if you are Deaf for
communication may be more difficult or
just any kind of language barrier
if you're somebody that finds it
difficult to pick up on body language
for example doing that through a screen
can be quite difficult it's not the same
for all disabled people but for me
personally i have found
that going to appointments is more
accessible because i'm from home and so
bringing up the gp i'm able to get an
appointment much more easily
than before where it would be like
months and months and months and months
and months and months and months of
waiting lists
so that is another thing that i have
found is a positive number three
is i have more energy as i said at the
i'm at home more so i naturally have
more energy because
i'm not doing lots of things like
walking to the shops for example walking
to the station all of these things that
take up my energy i
am able to conceal that energy more and
have more energy
on the whole which is nice because i'm
able to stay up later and do things like
watch tv which i enjoy doing or watching
or skyping my friends which moves very
nicely onto number four which is the
fact that i'm not missing out on events
um as a disabled person i would miss out
on events all the time if my ocd was bad
if i felt sick if my stomach was bad
all of these different things i would
miss out on events but because a lot of
events have gone
virtual it's meant that i'm able to
conserve my energy and use that energy
to go to virtual events
which is so nice because i've been able
to go to events i wouldn't have been
able to go to before
due to various different health reasons
and i'm able to go and not use up
loads and loads of energy and be able to
do something the next day
which is like such a relief for somebody
that has um difficulties with energy
so that is number four and number five
surprisingly i'm actually less anxious i
think that's because i've had less
pressure from work less pressure from
not in terms of pressure from them but
in terms of pressure to go and see them
not feeling well less pressure from just
going out on my body for example like
walking etc so overall i've actually
much calmer even though there is a
global pandemic going on and there's
stress involved with that and stress
involved with
whether or not i'm gonna be able to do
all these different things next year for
but overall i've actually felt less
anxious because i'm able to control my
day much easier because
it's much more contained within one area
obviously i need to be careful to
not allow that to become the only areas
that i focus on and
still continue to push my anxiety and
broaden myself for example
but overall at the moment i've been
feeling less
anxious so those are the positives but
what about
the negatives well the first negative i
can think of number one
is the lack of toilets oh my god
if you have bladder or bowel issues and
all the public toilets are shut
that is literally virtually impossible
there were so many times where i was
literally unable to walk my dog or go
and get food when i was unable to get
food delivered to me
at the start of the pandemic i would
panic because there were no toilets
and they were all shut i didn't really
know what to do um because obviously i
have bladder and bowel issues so
i need to go pretty urgently often with
no warning i was ending up wearing
nappies taking more medication etc and
just feeling so uncomfortable whenever i
was outside
because there was no access to toilets
and that was really scary for people who
have blood and brow issues
pretty much for every human ever every
human ever was
at some point be desperate for the
toilet and to have that facility taken
made the world so much less accessible
for me and it was pretty horrible during
those months and a lot of stress and
quite a few tears
when i was unable to find access to a
toilet and particularly when you're
like a young person i'm 23 and it can be
embarrassing to say to somebody like
yeah if i don't have access to the
toilet i will wipe myself and then i
know your woe and you're like
no i will i have a medical condition
please give me access to the toilet
and that caused a lot of stress and
anxiety number two
it was more difficult to
speak directly to the gp that i wanted
to speak to
so it's easier to get an appointment but
it was much more difficult to be able to
speak to
a particular gp often i just be given
one which obviously during a pandemic
you can't be fussy with
um but when you're somebody who has
issues with like lots and lots and lots
of notes
talking to the same person if you get on
with them and you find that they're good
or they do
is so much easier it makes appointments
so much more accessible and quicker
and means that you get to the referral
that you need quicker as well because
you don't have to explain every single
health condition that you have often
doctors won't have time
to read your notes it's not necessarily
their fault it's because
the nhs is majorly understaffed and
underfunded but if you have the same
doctor who remembers you
it's much easier and during before the
pandemic i was able to speak to the same
much more easily and i was able to book
my own appointments online
that is one thing that i have noticed
the world is much much less accessible
for Deaf people for example
because before you used to be able to
book your appointments using the app now
you have to phone up
obviously if you're Deaf and you don't
have somebody at home who is able to do
a phone call for you or
you don't have one of the telephones
where it like talks back to you i can't
remember what they're called if you're
Deaf let me know down below
um but that made that would make the
world much much less accessible from
many many many people number three
getting a blood test was virtually
i have been trying for months and i
phone up and it just says user busy and
that's all i get
don't know what that is i guess lots of
people are getting blood tests um
it's been pretty odd to be honest um and
definitely been more difficult to get a
blood test and i need quite regularly
that's been kind of frustrating um
five people keep on thinking that my nhs
my nhs oh my god that my mask
is for the nhs which it's not
it's a pride mask i will show it to you
now on screen
it's a really cute rainbow mask with the
pride flag on
um and obviously i'm lgbtq if you
don't know you're new here
um and i've had like i think multiple
people ask me whether or not it's a
it's an nhs mask and i always sit there
no no it's not it's not
it's not um that's not the nhs's fault
that is the government's fault i know
many many people have done videos on
this before i'm not going to go too much
in detail
um but yes as we've seen the nhs flag
has nhs pride flag has been used now to
represent the pandemic whereas before it
was used for pride from the nhs which
was great that was fine but now it's
taken over by people who are obviously
homophobic and are now trying to make it
the pandemic flag
we try to avoid that from happening but
there we go
and the final one is that wheelchair
spaces and accessible
spaces are being taken up by seating um
for me
i often will need to use like ramps if
my joints are hurting and i can't use
the stairs for example i have friends
who are in wheelchairs and wheelchair
i have mobility aids myself and when you
take away accessible spaces and
accessible walking areas due to seating
because obviously more people need to
sit outside
and then don't create a separate area
where you can have accessible parking
and accessible walking accessible travel
for example
it makes the world much much less
accessible for disabled people there is
a petition about this i'll link it down
below it's about creating car park
for disabled people if the disabled
players are being used up i'll leave
that link down below
so those are some of my positives and
negatives about things that have
happened to me during the pandemic
it's definitely made me think much more
about how i want to live my life in the
what's important to me for example and
as i say these are very very very very
minor issues in them
grand scheme of things but i think it's
definitely important to talk about it
from a disabled point of view
how i have been impacted um i've had
lots of appointments pushed back in
terms of hospital appointments and
things like that
which i haven't really spoken about but
now they've all like been clumped into
section so like i've got like four this
month and
during the lockdown i didn't have any
because they were often cancelled things
like that
um so yeah i think it's interesting to
have a look at how it impacts your
everyday life as well
but let me know down below how the
pandemic has impacted you has it been
positive or negative or is it a mix of
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hopefully i'm now out of my operation
and not too drowsy but i am vlogging it
for you it's a colonoscopy
and um hopefully it'll be up next week
if not the week after depending on how
i'm feeling
um hopefully i should be okay i was last
time so we will see
um hopefully not too many like funny
things being said but yes
thank you so much for watching look
after all of you and i will see you
in the next one bye!!!!!!!

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