How I lost 60 pounds / Have you thought to yourself that maybe things you love, aren’t as great as you think they are? Have you ever wondered what it is like to …
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– There's definitely
something wrong with that.
I just got back from escorting
my daughter to school
on my bike because my wife
said I need more exercise.
She says the grace period is over.
She made a video about it,
and I'd like to share it with you.
– An awesome day!
Where did that thing go?
You are driving me crazy!
(soft music)
I have been thinking
a lot about my health,
and I want to tell a story about it.
I have gone about my business for years
totally living on grace,
probably good genes,
probably a little bit
of a positive attitude,
probably a little bit of, you know,
here exercise, here a vegetable,
there a good night sleep.
Living on grace for a long
time, totally digging it.
I'm eating candy and
drinking soda for breakfast.
I'm perfectly happy but I'm getting up.
I'm going.
I'm working all day long.
People call me an energizer bunny
'cause I have so much energy.
I have more energy than most of the people
I ever come into contact with.
My body has been so fantastic for me.
The grace has been extreme.
The grace my body has given
me has been crazy fantastic
because I've been able to go scuba diving.
I'm a certified scuba diver.
I can go hiking.
I can go swimming.
I can go on one of those
tubes behind a boat
and just (imitates
motor) all over the lake.
When I go to the amusement
park with my kids
I get on the rides and
I ride all day long.
Every single ride they want to go on
I'm on it with them.
I've been super, super
fortunate with this body.
And I've been really happy with that,
and I've kind of ignored my situation.
So I'm healthy.
I'm not exercising much.
Feeling good.
I have this woman that I know
who seems like she's always sick.
She's at the doctor's.
She gets the flu.
She gets bronchitis.
She gets the stomach flu.
She gets food poisoning.
Like stuff's happening
to her all the time.
She's exercising all the time.
On the weekends, exercising.
She eats like celery and almond butter,
and she eats plain yogurt
with sugar free granola.
And she's sick, so I'm thinking
I notice the inconsistency.
Like I'm noticing the inconsistency.
And I say to her, you know,
okay so I see what's happening with you.
I see what's happening with me.
You may want to consider
adopting my lifestyle.
Lose the exercise, go with the
candy and soda for breakfast,
and see if you don't feel better.
I think it's possible that
made her brain explode.
I think in her mind that that was
way too much conflict for her.
Well anyway, that conversation ended,
and I went along just fine.
Then I go to the doctor's
and he presented me with some
numbers that would suggest
that I wasn't quite as healthy
as I had previously thought.
I'm kind of thinking at that point
the grace period was over.
Like it had run its course.
The whole no exercise, a
vegetable once in a while,
candy for breakfast and
soda had run its course.
So I decided to make a few changes.
I'm actually down 60 pounds so far,
and I'd like to lose
about another 60 pounds
in the course of things.
I'm walking everyday.
I walk probably about an
hour a day, most days.
I should say most days.
I'm drinking a ton of water.
I actually did lose the soda
which was a huge sadness for me
because I had like a 30 year
jag of drinking soda most days.
I see soda, like a fountain
drink, as a party in a cup.
It's like I look forward to it.
I can't wait to go there.
I can't wait to buy it.
The first drink, that first sip
is like heaven, sheer heaven.
Anyway, lost the soda completely.
Oh, and I just had a heart evaluation,
and my heart evaluation came out awesome.
They're like yeah, your
heart's doing great.
So super happy with that.
I know that's a direct
benefit of all the walking
and possibly the 60 pounds down.
Being down 60 pounds one
of the things I notice
is that I can cross my legs much better.
So I didn't know it before
but crossing my legs was a
little bit of a challenge.
I think a lot of the time I just sat
without crossing my legs
or crossing at the ankles,
but now here I am boom crossing my leg.
I had a recollection of my conversation
with the woman who eats the
celery with the almond butter,
and it occurred to me
there's some potential
that I may want to circle
back to her and apologize
'cause it appears that
she was right after all.
(soft music)
– Is your grace period over?
We'd like to hear about
it in the comment section.
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