Pelvic organ prolapse is the protrusion of organs from the pelvis. Learn more from Thomas A. Zarka, MD, from Parkland Medical Center in this video.

With pelvic organ
prolapse, what's happening is
a combination or the bladder
kind of falling down vaginally,
the rectum kind of
coming up vaginally,
or the other abdominal
contents– the uterus,
the cervix.
So it's just any other
organ within the pelvis
is actually kind of protruding
through that opening.
It's a fairly common occurrence.
I think pelvic organ prolapse
happens more frequently than
most women are admitting and
I think a lot of the older
population, the
older generation,
just thinks that this is a
normal function of aging and it
really isn't.
I mean, there really
isn't any reason
why a woman should have
issues with incontinence.
There's many different ways
or different management
for pelvic organ prolapse,
both conservatively
and surgically,
which I think allow
women to get back to a more
normal, satisfying life.

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