How safe is my pregnancy at 8 weeks? You’re two thirds of the way through the most dangerous time. I thought labor was the most dangerous part. For the …
How safe is my pregnancy at 8 weeks?
You're two thirds of the way through the most
dangerous time.
I thought labor was the most dangerous part.
For the mother, sure, though that's pretty
much a thing of the past. For the baby, the
first trimester is the most dangerous, because
most miscarriages occur in the first trimester.
I've heard of stats that half of all pregnancies
end in miscarriage, but those stats are probably
The more realistic number is a quarter, but
that still means the most likely time for
it to fail is the first trimester.
Many of them simply end up being late periods
because the embryo implants and then doesn't
You're certainly past that point.
That doesn't mean I'm over the hurdle.
You should have a sonogram by this point,
to make sure there isn't an ectopic pregnancy.
That's when it implants in the Fallopian tube
or somewhere else other than the uterus.
If you start to have growing pains and minor
bleeding, you may have an ectopic pregnancy.
And the condition is very dangerous.
Sure, because it has no way out, unlike the
one in the uterus. But many symptoms of ectopic
pregnancies are similar to that of a miscarriage.
While both may cause pain and bleeding, miscarriages
have much more bleeding, which can be life
threatening, and ectopic pregnancy pain can
last much longer and get much worse.
That is a reason to have a sonogram.
But these risks are pretty rare. Get past
the three month mark, and you're almost guaranteed
to have a normal pregnancy.
Swollen feet, nausea and all.
If you have really bad nausea, you're at risk
of dehydration. Fortunately, most people realize
that and get help well before it lands you
in the hospital or triggers labor.
I've never heard that later one.
At least you aren't one of those women with
the really bad nausea that causes you to throw
up five to ten times a day.
I know that would cause dangerous dehydration,
and pretty much take over my life until it
was resolved. Glad all I have are swollen
feet and ankles.
If you have swollen feet, you definitely need
to drink more. However, unless one leg is
swollen and the other isn't, nothing's wrong.
Why would one leg be more swollen than the
If there's a blood clot – at which point,
see the doctor.
It sounds like the solution for everything
is see a doctor.
A lot of that is paranoia, wanting to make
sure everything goes okay, since women in
the west rarely ever die from pregnancy complications.
I think it is the paranoia that ensures almost
no one dies.
But since you live here, know that your pregnancy
is really safe, and you're almost past the
point where the danger of the pregnancy ending
too soon is almost over.
Pre-term labor is still a risk.
And controlling blood sugar if you're diabetic,
and blood pressure if you're prone, make that
risk much lower. And it makes you healthier
in any case.

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