While exercise is the best way to burn a large amount of calories, incorporating other small activities into your day quickly add up to burn even more calories.
Energy expenditure is the key to both
achieving and maintaining weight loss
goals. While exercise is the best way to
burn a large amount of calories, other
small activities can be incorporated
into your day that add up quickly to
burn even more calories. We'll discuss
some of these activities in today's
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it. Your body has different means of
using energy, which in this case, means
burning calories. First, your basal
metabolic rate, or BMR, is the amount of
energy your body uses to sustain normal
bodily functions. This energy is used
while you're completely at rest and
comprises the majority of total daily
energy you expend. Next, believe it or not,
eating food actually burns calories. The
thermic effect of food is the energy
your body uses to convert nutrients into
energy or store it for later use.
Non-exercise activity thermogenesis, or
NEAT, are the daily activities you
perform that expend energy but are not
related to exercise. Adding NEAT
activities in your day can easily assist
in burning extra calories without having
to increase the duration of your
workouts. Some small things you can do to
increase NEAT are standing at your desk
while working, taking the stairs instead
of the elevator, or changing your mode of
transportation to walking or biking from
one place to another instead of driving.
Daily chores around the house, such as
cleaning or doing yard work,
will also increase your total daily
energy expenditure. Sedentary lifestyles
can cause a plethora of health problems
including heart disease, high cholesterol
and type 2 diabetes. Adding small daily
activities such as standing more or
doing chores around the house, on top of
exercise, can help increase the amount of
calories you burn. Remember, small actions
add up and will help you reach your
goals faster in the long run.

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