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good morning today we will talk about
two topics the first of which is a topic
that interests a lot of people how to
correctly diagnose a disease I will tell
you that I no longer use of diagnosis
and do not use the name of diseases and
when people come to me for consultation
I do not diagnose them I check only
their health and do not give any names
of diseases I think the worst thing is
that the ignores is itself the diagnosis
of the disease in a general way
correspondence to the causes and it does
not show any results for what is
happening in the body the ignacio's
arise on the basis of many years of
experience of doctors of doctors when
for many years that they have preserved
the causes of various diseases and what
they saw they give a name in fact there
is no single disease that will be
similar to any other disease and
consists of the same causes because of
the disease – not much anything during
the diagnosis in the diagnosis there is
no name of the disease and what can
cause it only can be written for example
20 reasons that can cause this disease
and what really caused it it will never
be given that's why a lot of people ask
me how and where to diagnose what
disease a person is suffering from
nowadays it can be said that almost all
medicines is based on the ignazio's
instead of treating diseases people
diagnosed what does not exist at all or
give a bad diagnosis and a mistake can
be tragic in consequences in modern
medicine first have to be Magda AG noses
because on the basis of the diagnosis
medicine are prescribed and no other
medicine can be prescribed for given
diagnosis because if there is an OD
the doctor cannot prescribe any medicine
the doctor does not understand what the
causes are but there are medications for
example for Parkinson's disease or
multiple sclerosis there is only this
one medicine and all that he can do he
does not realize what can cause it he
just look at the book what medicine
corresponds to the given diagnosis the
brain of the doctor is completely torn
off how can you diagnose it is easy I do
it this way first are looking the person
eyes then look at the tongue it gives me
a lot of information I look at the spine
and check it with my hands and where is
the pain without mistake you can know
what point is responsible for specific
organ in the body this diagnosis is very
simply to make with the help of hands
you can examine everything and people
take months or even years to do it and
for this their diagnosis does not
indicate the reasons and in my method
everything is know immediately which is
the reason and why it happens even I can
very easily diagnose who has the
parasites without testing because test
does not show presence of parasites in
the body therefore before someone is
diagnosed with an incurable disease it
can take up to several years and in fact
during this time all disease can be
on the website of my Academy I wrote an
article about the fact that is not a
cancer that kills but the acknowledges
and treatment and this is a true because
in this way the human soul is killed
when they are diagnosed and when such a
person read on internet information
about this disease which cannot be cured
at this point he's already in the
different world his soul is dying and
slowly ceases to exist and he dies with
the diagnosis he was told for me this
diagnosis is very difficult topic and
that's why I do not pay attention to the
diagnosis when people call it ask me if
I'm treat people with some specific
diagnosis but the diagnosis does not
give me any information such a diagnosis
does not exist for me at all and that's
how it should be people have treated
themselves for thousands of years in
this way and no one gives any name of
the disease there are problems with the
stomach liver intestines problems can be
with everything but no one call it
problems that cannot be cured everything
was curable at the moment in China it is
said that the cancer is curable and
people calmly treat cancer like other
disease such as pneumonia or
inflammation of any other part of the
and in Europe or in the United States
all have problems become concern because
everyone looks at the diagnosis and then
gives what is a signal to such a
diagnosis and it's best to cure all
diseases before a man gets any diagnosis
this is just my approach everyone will
do what he wants and what he can do now
I will answer the question of how to
treat the stomach a lot of questions
related to this problem are written to
me by people and I did not talk about it
and I never wrote anything anywhere in
any books or in the interviews but
because people asked me for it all the
time I decided to answer this question
but the true is that I have never
treated anybody from stomach problems
and I will never do it
because in my opinion stomach diseases
do not exist at all if there are any
problems with the stomach they can be
cured very quickly you just need to know
the rules the first rule is no.1 stomach
hurts when the liver is healthy so the
first thing you need to do is to cleanse
the liver people think that maybe there
is not enough gastric juice in the
stomach which is the problem that the
production of gastric juice depends
directly on the liver if the liver does
not give all the necessary elements that
are needed for its production
unfortunately but the stomach cannot do
anything and perform its functions
people think that gastric juice is in
the stomach all the time and is
constantly produced but it is really
produced depending on the food and it is
the amount it needs but it is not
produced all the time big mistake people
do when they are eating only milled food
or they use different diets because when
the stomach hurts you need to eat spicy
food I will give you an example when I
was in India and I asked the doctors
whatever they have a stomach pain
they said they do not and do not have to
do anything because they have Spacey
food in their diet and no one gets
stomach problem they eat spicy food and
what this causes Spacey seasoning cause
that mucus is regenerating one day
mucous membrane has such an amazing
ability that it can regenerate in one
day and if we have any problems or there
is an infection we can regenerate this
and can cause other problems
but when we eat spicy pepper then the
old mucus gets down with the pepper and
rebuilds in its place and in this way in
addition to stimulate the production of
gastric juice but also calls the revival
of new cells what else I can recommend
it to improve the work of stomach many
people use a mix of soda with citric
acid or lemon juice
and people think that such a mixture
improve digestion it works in such a way
that this mixture gives viruses bacteria
and fungi and when people use this
mixture it actually improves the
condition of the mucus inflammation of
the mucous membrane can cure in this way
but the problem is that the citric acid
and soda they do not know tries and I
would advise to use those two components
separately for example one day soda and
another day citric acid then mandatory
to give probiotics because such a strong
King credence as the acid is they kill
everything that is in the body and
bacteria are very much needed in the
body to process this food which men
provides that's why my
is I do not cure and I will never heal
anyone with stomach problems
I never advise anyone who come to me
what to do
because I never deal with mr. mark
separately many people come to me with
problems with stomach and treat them
without a problem but the health use
comprehensive method in the first place
on the other organs and liver but not on
the stomach because he himself was
repaired he recovers quickly in
comparison with other organs by telling
you how I approach this problem but it
is only my view and everyone will do ask
you once someone will listen a diagnosis
others will heal the stomach but I will
not do it
thank you very much for you listening to
me today and thinking that the next
episode will be interesting for you as
well if you want you can watch us on
Facebook and YouTube where our films are
published regularly three times a week
or more often if you have any questions
we will also answer them thank you very
much for your attention

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