Relying on your gut is already obsolete. Following tradition blindly is also already obsolete. Watch our 4th episode and learn what The Art of War really means …
Previously on the ritzy clique: you may
avoid raising war。 so what are you left
to do then? Miscalculations always happen
matter how much smart you are no matter
how successful。 so maybe when you have
that kind of difficulty。 it's better to
establish new strategies。 alright。 so do
not give up。。。 join me as we discover what
the art of war a means about getting
exceptional results in any battle by
appealing to spies and other sources of
Ms. Zhang, Chinese Art of War, what is
it you? [The Art of War has helped me a lot
for example, my business is about HotPot and the Art of War has helped me a lot.] Right. But, as I believe,
there has already been so many hot pot restaurants in the city what made you decide to open one, knowing
that there's a huge number of
competitors out there? [Although the competition
is quite fierce, The Art of War said, "Know yourself and know your enemy, so you can win any battle." I believe anyone who has a dream
will succeed. So it's about knowing
yourself better to perform better on the
market. but as a businesswoman do you
think it's important for you to
understand the tradition in the culture
behind this the delicacy to be better in
this business?
[The "知“ (zhi) in “知己知彼,百战百胜” has a deep cultural meaning so is hotpot.]
can you show us this tradition or
culture? [For example, the tea] Oh this tea? [Yeah, this is tea]
[This is called "Laoyin" tea. We pour this into the pot.]
[it's natural and organic to avoid excessive internal heat]
Wow! That actually looks very delicious!
[This is a goose intestine, cattle stomach, and fish these are
are traditional hotpot food. I recommend you try them]. Right, but
very interested about this why is it
that Chongqing people love to eat this
very numbing spicy kind of food? [Hotpot is an original Chongqing food]
[In the olden times, people living along the river banks of Chongqing used numbing spice]
[to combat the humid weather of Chongqing].
but what makes your hotpot unique? [This hotpot
[we only use the fine selection of ingredients, such as fresh spices.] Right so
you're able to come up with this kind of
unique flavor for your hotpot exactly
because as you said earlier that you
understand the culture behind it and you
combine your passion your own taste and
style to it so it becomes much better
than most of the other hotpot around
in town. Right! Thank you so much. [You'e welcome.]
[Let's eat!] Hao (All right!) Very good. I'm excited.
oh let's cheers Cheers!
Two things from the entry that I had
with Ms. Zhang. First, following your gut is
obsolete claiming that you may have
gained some political points following
your gut may have worked in the past but
it's foolish at the time when there's so
much data at our disposal able to help
us to make better informed business
choices. So instead of just following
your gut, why don't you use Google
Analytics, calculate on your investment
or return of investments, use split-test
comparison to make sure that your
marketing strategy does better than an
alternative. Second blindly honoring
tradition is also obstinate. But you know
what makes me really so fascinated about
a Chinese economic progress and how it
becomes number two in the world right now
is their ability to preserve and respect
or honor their tradition and culture
while being able to play so well at a
market or on a market that's patterned
before a Western, a more modern kind of
platform and I think that's what miss
Zhang did in her business. She wasn't so
scared about the huge number of
competitors on the market for she
studied about the culture of hotpot the
culture of transient people and added
something to it so that it becomes a
more unique kind of product. So just like
you maybe you can have or create a more
innovative kind of business environment.
Find some underperforming areas and
change but I want you to be as inclusive
as possible when presenting your ideas
and lastly you're gonna have to learn
more about your industry from your
industry conferences and publications.
That's your fort lesson on how to get
rich the Chinese way

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