In this video, Dr. L. Umaa Venkatesh clearly explained about How to Get Rid of Gallstones/Gallbladder Naturally In Telugu with English CC …

Hi. Some people are asking about the tips to treat the stones in the gallbladder
shivanadi may not cure the stones in the gallbladder quickly
so I will tell you normal and ancient remedies
try them which suits you
in the olden days, how they can know that they have a problem with the gallbladder is that
down the right side ribs, the liver will be there and down the liver gallbladder is present
so at the end of the right side ribs
place the four fingers of the right on it and press it
while pressing if the gallbladder is swelled it touches our hand
otherwise, it will compact inside
so by this, the ancient people will come to know that something has happened
so they used to treat accordingly
mostly the size of the stone used to big and they treat according to that
but now we don't have that problem because we do scanning
the stone can be soft or in large size or in the size of black pepper and tamarind
sometimes the stone may be so hard, it can be in any way
why does it form? there are many reasons
but now I will tell you the solution
this stone forms so hard because of our eating habit and not chewing properly while eating
I was telling you this from the beginning
this is one of the reasons for stone formation
but the people who have more stress and who are always angry
who have a hormonal imbalance and the people who don't get sleep properly
and who has a low bitter taste in the body
the gallbladder of the person will get spoiled who has all of these
when the person has the stress, angry, and hormonal issues what happens is that
the gallbladder will get spoiled and become rotten
at this stage, we can't keep the gallbladder
the angry and all the mental disorders are related to liver
the liver organ is the gallbladder, liver, gallbladder, and eyes
if we are angry and have stress we can observe it in our eyes
all these three are the same and get reflected inside of each one
the bitter taste should not be low
in non-vegetarian restaurants also when you order tandoori foods
they provide lemons because those foods don't digest properly
in some alcohols also we see that sometimes they use lemon juice
we know this because lemon is very important
but tamarind juice is not good
if you want to use roast it and use and that will be good for your health
direct tamarind juice is not good you can take it rarely
you can take a probiotic drink which makes the liver to function properly
and it also prevents the formation of stones in the gallbladder
I will tell you in the next video about how to prepare the probiotic drink
when the stone is formed in the gallbladder and to remove it I will you some methodology
first is peel the skin of 2 apples and have it in the morning as breakfast by chewing properly
continue doing it for 2-3 months and it will be useful
and weekly 2 times loose motions I told you tips for loose motions
follow it for only 3 weeks and each week do it only 2 times and don't use later
so this is one tip follow it
the other tip is
take 2 brinjals and 2 tomatoes and add these to a boiling water
so after cooling take it and grind it in a mixer
and later take the juice
add the drumstick powder which is prepared by putting it out for some time and later grinding it
add that powder to juice or you can also use the powder if it is available in stores
add mixing that powder drink it every morning
you can follow this remedy or the before one
after drinking this juice take the 50gms of dry coconut powder
eat it three times daily by chewing it properly
this is the second tip
For the third one take one spoon of apple cider vinegar, one spoon of lemon juice, and one spoon of olive oil
mix all these and drink at night time
drink it for 3 days and stop it
again after one week drink for 3 days
the stone will be gone by drinking this
you should eat your food by chewing properly
I told the methodology that you should not watch tv and should not read the paper and should not use the phone
you should chew properly
when you start eating this way you can treat the stones in the gallbladder
and also I told you about emotions and you should come out of it completely
all these are interlinked
you get emotions if you have gallbladder problems and if you have emotions you get gallbladder problems
so both are interlinked
so by controlling our emotions like anger we can easily come out of the gallbladder problems
I told you 3 tips and follow anyone of these
the gallbladder stones will be gone and reach the normal state

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