Did you know that your digestive health can affect your daily life? P&G senior scientist Dr. Kyle Sloan shares tips on how to maintain a healthy digestive system.
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– This year, more than ever, we're focused
on our health and wellness.
(air whooshes)
One way to do that is to support
and maintain a healthy digestive system.
Our next guest is trying to
achieve that, and here's why.
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– My name is Dwylett,
I'm 48 years old and married,
and we have three sons.
I'm trying to be the
healthiest version of myself,
partly because I have a family history
of high blood sugar and high cholesterol.
I work for P&G, so I've
had the opportunity
to learn and educate
others about the importance
of including psyllium fiber in our diet.
However, I struggle with
remaining consistent!
So I committed to taking the Metamucil
Two-Week Challenge to improve my health.
– Dwylett joins us today via Zoom
to tell us all about that.
But first, let's talk about
how our digestive health
can affect our daily lives
with P&G senior scientist
Dr. Kyle Sloan.
So, Kyle, can you give us an example?
– Of course!
So our digestive health
influences how we feel every day.
And when your GI tract is out of sync,
you can feel sluggish and weighed down.
– You know, our body needs
nutrients from the food
and drink we take in to work
properly and to stay healthy.
The gastrointestinal system is the body's
primary site of absorbing nutrients,
and your digestive system
breaks down nutrients
to be used for energy,
growth, and cell repair.
This process also functions
as one of the body's
front lines in the fight against disease.
So irregularities in gut health can result
in lapses in immunity and
impact the quality of your life.
So, Dwylett, tell us what happened to you.
– Dr. Ordon, two weeks
turned into two years,
and now I drink Metamucil
every day, and I like it.
It's actually smooth, not gritty.
I feel great, less sluggish,
lighter, and more energetic.
And the best part is
that my doctor's noticed
I've been able to maintain
healthy blood sugar levels.
– Such great news, (chuckles) sounds
like you're pretty happy
with these results.
– I am! You know, I grew up
in a Metamucil household,
my grandparents used it for regularity,
and now I'm happy to
see that it can help me
with my own personal health goals.
– Dwylett, we have
another co-worker of yours
who's joining us today.
She says she, too, has noticed
a big difference in you.
Hi there, Regina, welcome to the show.
– Hi, Dr. Ordon!
– So tell us about your
relationship with Dwylett.
– I've worked with Dwylett for many years,
and she's also a very
good personal friend.
Dwylett always encourages
me to be my best self,
not just for me, but also for my family.
– How so?
– So I like to box and I
like to play basketball,
and since COVID-19, of course,
all the gyms have closed down.
But Dwylett, being the
best friend that she is,
she keeps pushing me, so
every Saturday morning
she joins me for a long five-mile walk.
To be honest, I was becoming
a little jealous of Dwylett,
I mean, of course, in a good way,
because she seems so much more energetic
and she's so active.
So she encouraged me to do the challenge,
and I didn't do it.
– Why not?
– Dr. Ordon, I'm from South
Carolina and I love my pork,
I love having all of my good meats
and all of the bad foods, of course.
But now that I'm at the age of 44,
and with a family history of
obesity and cholesterol issues
and just high blood sugar, it's now time
to be more proactive and to
make some necessary changes.
– It sure is. So, Dwylett,
what do you think about that?
– I'm thrilled that she's ready!
I think everyone should do it.
I challenge everyone to do it.
This is a sustainable lifestyle change
that we can easily make.
– It sure is. So Kyle,
tell us how this works.
Now, we know that fiber is good for you,
but not all fiber is the
same, isn't that right?
– That is right.
(air whooshes)
You see, Metamucil
contains psyllium fiber.
It's one of the most effective fibers
for maintaining regular digestive health.
In the body, you see, it forms a gel,
and that gel is what
traps and then removes
the waste that's weighing you down.
It also helps to help maintain
healthy blood sugar levels
by slowing down the sugar absorption.
And the gelling action
helps to lower cholesterol
(air whooshes)
to promote heart health.
So it really is a great addition
to healthy lifestyle changes.
– All such important issues.
So, Regina, are you ready
to take that challenge?
– Yes, I am!
– Well, I'm so glad to hear that.
In that case, we'll be back in
two weeks to check up on you.
How does that sound?
– I'm looking forward to
it, Dr. Ordon. Thank you.
– Well, Regina, good luck.
We're with you all the way.
(air whooshes)
Kyle, we're gonna see
you then as well.
And thank you all so much
for being a part of this.

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