How to make bone broth for dogs recipe, the ingredients, the steps and KEY tips to get the health benefits of bone broth for dogs. *FREE DOG HEALTH GUIDE [5 …
In this video i'll talk about how to make a 
homemade bone broth recipe your dog will love and  
later why feeding your dog a Healthier Kibble Diet 
is an awesome idea for better long-term health.  
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Bone broth is a delicious and inexpensive way to  
give your dog a nutritious boost to their diet. 
It provides welcome relief to a compromised  
digestive system and a sensitive tummy. Bone broth 
also aids in the detoxing of your dog's liver  
boosting their immune system, protecting joints 
and is packed with vitamins, minerals, gelatin,  
glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and glycine to aid 
digestion. In short bone broth is super easy  
to make and creates a powerhouse superfood dogs 
really benefit from consuming. As well as making  
bone broth to use as fresh you can freeze portions 
as highly nutritious meals ready made to mix into  
the diet and for healing gastrointestinal health 
issues. Bones are the base of the recipe and using  
organic bones are the healthiest option and if 
you use a butcher or other local meat supplier or  
meat counter at your local supermarket, ask them 
to save you the scraps, often a free option that  
makes the recipe super cheap, and you can make up 
a large batch and portion off meal sized amounts  
for freezing. The ingredients are as follows: 
the base of the recipe uses bones of beef marrow,  
chicken carcasses, chicken feet, necks and wings 
they're all good for the gelatin and you can  
also throw in the leftover bones from your own 
meals. You'll need a half cup or 160 milliliters  
of apple cider vinegar, three large cloves 
of garlic crushed and water to fill the pot.  
Here are the steps: fill a large crock pot or 
slow cooker with the bones and add the garlic to  
bring out the flavour and i'll leave a link in the 
description below to another video on the benefits  
of garlic in case you that concerns you. Fill 
the pot with water, covering the bones completely  
and by an extra couple of inches or 50 ml. Add the 
apple cider vinegar to the pot, place on high heat  
for one hour then turn the heat down to low and 
cook for 24 hours. Once finished, turn off the  
heat and strain the bones, fat and meat out and 
leave to cool. Right after you've strained off  
the bones, add any vegetables and herbs your dog 
loves or what you have available in the kitchen  
and they'll cook through by the time the pot 
cools down. Once cooled to room temperature,  
refrigerate to set for two to three hours. Remove 
from the refrigerator and scrape off the hard  
surface fat layer and discard to reveal the jelly 
underneath, full of gelatin great for our dogs.  
Store the broth in mason jars or tupperware in 
the fridge and it will last up to a week. To last  
longer, I recommend that for small dogs you can 
use an ice cube tray to make bone broth ice cubes  
to store in the freezer for months. For medium 
and larger dogs, store portions in freezer bags  
then you simply defrost and mix into meals over 
several days and while keeping refrigerated for  
no more than three or four days. Start at half 
the serving size and increase over several days.  
The serving size per meal is: small dogs give a 
quarter cup. For median dogs give a half cup and  
for large dogs give one cup and you can pour the 
broth over your dog's regular food before serving.  
Keeping a frozen supply is a good idea for healing 
a sick dog or as a nutritious addition to the diet  
that your dog will love. Along with feeding bone 
broth and if you feed your dog a kibble-only diet  
I highly recommend you feed your dog a Healthier 
kibble Diet. I created the Healthier Kibble Diet  
to help kibble feeding dog owners reclaim their 
dog's health from health issues that arise from  
long-term feeding of kibble. Those persistent 
health problems like obesity, arthritis,  
allergy related skin and coat problems, digestive 
complaint and yeast infections like ear infection.  
This changes things dramatically for your dog 
and simply by adding some essential extras your  
dog instinctively knows is good to eat and cutting 
out the excess starches, and once added your dog  
enjoys a whole new meal time experience, feeling 
fuller more sated and begins to feel better, look  
better and actually more mental clarity focus and 
happiness. The good news is to overcome your dog's  
chronic problems you won't need to change your 
dog's regular kibble diet but by adding certain  
extras to your dog's kibble meals you'll quickly 
begin to solve many dog health problems and you'll  
see a link to a video in the description below 
explaining more about the Healthier Kibble Diet.  
Modern packet food for dogs can be too starch 
rich, too additive laden and our dogs are not  
meant to eat food in that concentration, so 
by making simple changes such as including  
bone broth in your dog's diet and incorporating 
a Healthier Kibble Diet, nutrition will improve  
and your dog's day-to-day health issues will 
decrease. And if you found this video useful,  
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