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– It's lit.
(electronic music)
It's a joke about my outfit.
Okay, welcome, welcome!
We are back in the kitchen today.
We're gonna make
cauliflower fried rice, woo!
We love fried rice,
it's our favorite thing
to go and get at the
(chopping noises) Hibachi.
Hibachi, is that what it's called?
Obviously when we go there,
it's like a ton of butter
and a ton of, this is gonna
be extra special today
because this is vegan
and it's super healthy.
So the base of today's
meal is cauliflower,
as the actual rice, which
is super easy to make
cauliflower rice.
If you've never done it, I got you.
I will help you guys.
You're just gonna need a food processor
or a blender.
If you don't have a big
blender, if you have
just a Magic Bullet, you can still do it.
Use, do it in just
smaller batches instead.
We're gonna make cauliflower
rice with red onions,
carrots, cabbage, yellow
and green bell pepper,
mushrooms, they're so
good, snap peas, spinach,
zucchini, and then we're gonna season it
well enough that it's
gonna taste just like rice
without the carbs.
To start, I'm gonna use
a big knife like this
so that I'm gonna be able
to get all of the little
pieces of the cauliflower
into a small batch
so we can blend it and
it'll be like rice, right?
Right, right.
Let's just kinda begin to
basically take the stem part off.
Saw that baby off.
Kay, now I'm gonna peel the
leaves back a little bit more
just so I can get a better
view of the actual stem parts
and then I'm gonna do
it one piece at a time,
so I've got a piece here, and
then as you start to do this
you'll start to uncover
more parts of the stems,
that'll make it easier
for you to cut it apart.
Are you filming that?
Now, we're done
photographing, just kidding.
He just flipped me off, guys.
He just flipped me off.
We can talk about this later.
Just kidding.
So now we're gonna transport
it over to the food processor.
But first, this quick commercial break.
Mushrooms, mushrooms
are here to serve you.
They're a great source of
iron, they're a great source
of protein, and they're
a great meat replacement
without any of the
processed soy, wheat, corn,
that you find in lots of fake vegan meat.
Ay, mushrooms!
So now it's time to transfer
all of the cauliflower
into the food processor.
So like I said, if you don't
have a big food processor
like this nine-cupper, you
can use a small blender
and just do it a little at a time.
I'm even gonna do a little at
a time so I can show you guys
because I've made cauliflower rice before
and I blended it so much that it basically
was like cauliflower Alfredo
sauce and you don't want that,
unless you do want that,
and then go for it.
Okay, here we go.
So we're just gonna pulse it
until you'll start to see,
and then I'm gonna take these big chunks,
that big chunk out
because it's not pulsing
the way that the others
are, but see how it's really
cutting down into this
rice mixture business.
(food processor whirs)
Okay, and let's check it out.
Brilliant, brilliant-e, looks beautiful.
Okay, so let's get this
transferred over to a bowl.
So check it out guys, up close.
Looks real ricey, if I do say so myself.
While we let the cauliflower
rice sit for a little bit,
we make the cameraman do the dishes.
You're laughing, I'm serious.
You have to wash them
cause I did the work.
Okay, so now we're moving onto the station
where we're actually gonna make the rice
and put it in the wok.
We're gonna walk over to the wok.
I'm bad at jokes.
Basically at home, use the
biggest pan that you have
to make the cauliflower rice.
I'm gonna use this wok that I have had
from my mother from a long
time ago, but if you don't
have a wok that's as
big as that and profesh,
you can just use a big pan.
So what we're gonna use to
season the cauliflower rice
and top the cauliflower
rice is as follows.
Rice vinegar, soy sauce, salt,
ginger powder, (laughs)
sesame seeds (laughs).
I recycle!
And then these are the toppings
that we're gonna put on top.
We've got basil, we've got green onions,
and then we're gonna squeeze
lime on top when we're done.
I'm gonna start with garlic in the wok
because garlic makes
everything taste bomb,
especially this rice, am I right?
Honestly, everything
you do, put more garlic.
That's my quote of the day.
We're gonna cook with
water because we have
been trying to cut back on oil intake,
because oil has a lot
of cholesterol in it,
and the thing about olive oil is
it's really hard to
get authentic olive oil
because most of it is blends
and then they bottle it
in a bottle that says 100% pure olive oil,
but unfortunately the FDA
is not on our side, folks,
and if you don't know that
by now, I can recommend you
some books and documentaries to read about
how we know that the
FDA is not on our side.
That being said, oil's bad.
So we're gonna use water, here we go.
So I've got the water going,
I'm gonna pour garlic in there.
And then I'm gonna do the red onions.
I'm gonna add the carrots,
bell pepper.
So I put all of the
things that are gonna take
the longest to cook in there first.
Now that the stuff that cooks
the longest already cooked,
we are gonna put a little
more water in there
cause if you come on
over, you'll see that all
of those things when
cooking, they absorb a lot
of the water, so they're
kinda starting to stick.
So we're gonna add some more
water, and then we're gonna add
the rice, here we go!
It's time to do the snap
peas and the spinach,
zucchini, the mushrooms, the cabbage,
and now let's do the seasoning.
I'm gonna do a teaspoon of the ginger,
the ground ginger.
Oh, no.
Okay, there we go, a teaspoon.
A tablespoon of rice vinegar.
I don't actually know why
we're putting that in there,
it just makes it better.
And then two tablespoons of soy sauce.
Two, wow, look at all those seasonings
and all that stuff in there.
Looks so good.
So let's go ahead and
give it a good mix around.
Oh, wow.
Looks like we're in for a treat tonight.
So now that I've mixed it, I'm gonna add
another tablespoon of soy sauce.
So in total, that was three
tablespoons of soy sauce, okay?
Okay, so we're gonna let
that chill for a little bit.
It needs some space.
(electronic music)
No more.
It's done, the rice is done.
It only took like three minutes,
but like I said, this wok
is really amazing to have.
If you don't have a wok
like that, it could take
about 10 minutes, but I'm serious guys,
get a wok because you can use
it for literally anything.
So click the link up here
if you wanna order one
from Amazon, and get a good deal.
This is what it's looking like right now.
It's still very bubbly,
but I mean look at that.
It looks like fried rice
without the carbohydrates
from actual rice.
If you seriously could
eat three servings of this
and tell me that you're
not full, then there might
be something actually
wrong with your tummy
because this is so, like this type of food
is so filling and yet, you're
really just eating vegetables.
How can it be better than that?
Here's what we're gonna
do now that we're done.
I'm gonna go ahead and sprinkle
some of these green onions
on top, I'm gonna put some basil on top.
I got my sesame seeds finally.
It's time for those,
gonna toss those on top,
and put a little lime in
there, and check it out guys.
Cauliflower fried rice!
It looks really good.
Should we try it?
Okay, let's try it.
And then if you like
spicy stuff, add sriracha,
add chili paste, whatever you wanna do
to make your night, you know?
This is your life.
It's hot.
How do we do this every week?
It's so good!
Just kidding!
Thanks for stopping
by, thanks for enjoying
this amazing experience.
I hope you try it at home.
If you try it, please, please, please,
we're always taking feedback.
Let us know what worked, what didn't.
Talk to us!
Let's chat, let's have a toast
to cauliflower fried rice.
We'll see you guys next
week on AvocadaMama.
I'm lit.
Dude, Nathaniel, it's so good.
(electronic music)

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