Pork loin is a great twist to a classic favorite – chili! Warm up on cold days with a lean and hearty chili. Buy a pork loin and cut it up into cubes yourself to save …
I love making chili
not only is it always fool proof
beginner cooks can cook it
advanced cooks love to cook it too
you can incorporate whatever flavors you love
use what you've got in the pantry
but today – we're going to cook a smokey pork bacon white bean chili
pork loin is great for this recipe
because we're going to use about half of this and cube it
the other half we can use for things like fajitas
the peachy pork picante

or salads or stews – whatever we want throughout the week
cut your pork loin in about half inch slices first
and when your looking for pork
and you want a lean product
loin equals lean
so when your shopping – look for the word loin
this is how much I'm going to cube and use for my chili
the other half I'm going to store in a plastic bag
put it my fridge and use it for other recipes throughout the week
I'm going to cut these into three quarter inch cubes
it doesn't have to be perfect
however it is nice to have a consistent size
so that everything easily cooks
I've already cooked the bacon in the skillet
so I've left my bacon grease
I'm going to add half of a white onion I already diced
the onions have been sautéing for about two minutes
I'm going to add my pork
I'm going to stir this so it's evenly distributed on the pan
I'm going to let it cook for about 6 to 8 minutes
my pork looks done – it's been about 8 minutes
so now I'm ready to add the remaining ingredients
add 2 tablespoons of chili powder
add 2 cans of tomatoes
these are diced tomatoes
add water
stir this around
bring it up to a boil – reduce it to a simmer
let it simmer for 35 to 45 minutes
so all those ingredients get incorporated
it's been about 35 minutes
now I'm ready to add my remaining ingredients
the pork is tender
and tender pork makes any dish delicious
add 2 cans of white beans
add 2/3 of cooked bacon
I want to save the last third for my garnish
I'm going to stir that and cook it for a little bit more
and we're almost done
you're going to season your chili with salt and pepper
I always start with a couple pinches
when you're all done – you can decide if you want to add more
now that this is cooked through
I'm going to serve it with a little bit of sour cream
some green onions and our remaining bacon
I love chili!
and I am so excited to enjoy this!
and chili always taste great with a little bit of extra garnish
and this time I'm going to use a little sour cream
and again – our left over bacon
our green onions
and now it's time to enjoy!
properly cooked pork is tender and juicy
it makes every dish delicious!!

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