Rachael makes sparkling lemonade with an orange & lime twist during our Season 4 premiere in 2009.
John and I have been making our lemonade
in a whole new way
and I wanted to share that with y'all here.
Agave is this sweetening agent.
You can buy it in the health food stores
and a lot of the grocery stores actually carry it now
in the organic food section
and it metabolizes in a different way than sugar.
So instead of making simple syrup
which is what I used to do for lemonade, I use agave now.
I use less of it and it's better for your body.
So check it out, you can order it online too.
Anyway, here's how we make our lemonade.
Thank you, L train for the support.
Can I ask, y'all?
I mean, who's from like this neighborhood?
Y'all get used to that, right?
All right, so you start with a cup of juice
and we're making a citrus-ade today instead of lemonade.
You can use all lemon juice
'cause my husband and I like it real tart
or you can mix lime juice, lemon juice and orange juice.
The orange juice is super sweet so I use less that.
You want about a quarter cup of fresh orange juice
combined with a quarter cup of fresh lime juice
and a half a cup of lemon juice.
Let the lemon take the lead.
To a cup of citrus juice, add about a half a cup of agave.
Mix that together
and you can just pour that into filtered water
or you can turn it into kind of a spritzer.
Pour it down over ice
and add some good old seltzer water to it.
Now that we have this nice refreshing pitcher
of citrus goodness, better make a couple of burgers.
So first of all,
you need to char up some beautiful poblano peppers.
You can do this under your broiler,
right over a gas stove top
or next to the L train on a grill.
Once you get the peppers blackened evenly all over,
pop them into a bowl or into a paper sack
and seal up the bowl tightly with a little plastic wrap
or if you're using a paper sack, just roll it up.
Let the flesh come away from the skins,
peel away the charred skins
and then you pop those poblanos into the food processor
and then you're going to add tomatillos
that I saute up with some garlic and red onion,
salt and pepper
and once the tomatillos start to break down
and the onions become a little translucent,
you transfer that whole mixture
to look like this over here like this guy.
Transfer that whole mixture
into the food processor with the poblanos
then you can use another drizzle of your agave
or you can use a little drizzle from your honey bear.
I just love Mr. Bear's belly.
Give it a little squish.
Brighten it up with some lime juice.
Little bit of cumin.
I spiced up the tomatillos with salt, pepper
and a little bit of cumin.
Not too much, a little goes a long way
and then you process that until it's just about smooth.
Now, the burgers, I call them bulked up bulgur burgers,
let me just turn that off, because you're stretching a buck
and you're also making the burgers themselves
a lot healthier to eat.
You're adding fiber, bulgur, wheat bulgur
and you put half a cup of it into a pot
with a cup of boiling water.
Let it puff up.
Takes a few minutes.
Let it get nice and tender and then cool it down.
You take the half a cup of cooked bulgur,
combine it with some super lean sirloin.
This is nice lean ground sirloin here
or you can use ground turkey as well
and then I put in a big handful of flat-leaf parsley,
about a quarter cup of Worcestershire sauce,
a little salt and pepper.
Over the shoulder for luck.
In goes the bulgur.
So if you're trying to get your family
to eat a little more fiber
but they don't really love whole grains
or really chewy bread, this is terrific.
It just tastes like a regular hamburger when you're done.
It's super flavorful.
Whisk that all together and with one pound of meat,
you're gonna get 12 slider size burgers out of that.
Now, you can throw these on the grill
but you have to be real delicate with them.
I actually prefer them cooked on the stove top.
I actually think these get a lot better color on them
if you cook them in a skillet in a little bit of olive oil.
So once they brown up on the first side, give them a flip
and then I put a little bit
of super sharp white cheddar cheese on top.
A little bit goes a long way
and then we're gonna top off
our better for you bulgur burgers
with our homemade green tomatillo ketchup
with the poblanos and the garlic and the cumin.

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