Learn how to use digestive enzymes to treat food allergies in this free health video. Expert: Dr. Tammy Ruefli Bio: Dr. Tammy Ruefli received her Doctor of …
Hi, I'm Dr. Tammy Ruefli on behalf of Expert
Village, I'm here to talk to you about food
allergies and how to deal with them. Once
you have determined what foods are causing
you these food allergies or food sensitivities
it is vital that you stay away from them.
At least for a couple of weeks, you can try
the substitutes that we mentioned earlier
but it is also vital that you take digestive
enzymes. Digestive enzymes are already naturally
occurring in the body, they are the catalyst
of many chemical reactions, including digestion.
Enzymes become depleted when we eat too many
refine processed foods. They also get depleted
when you are under a lot of stress so taking
these enzymes replenishes and aides the body.
Enzymes especially digestive enzymes are easily
obtained and capsule form, you can find them
at your local health food store. There are
so many different types, if enzymes are not
the only kind and I would recommend that you
research the different types of enzymes that
you can use for inflammation and such as hives
or muscle soreness.

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