We’re in the kitchen with chef Claire Robinson as she shows us how to prepare a pâté tartine lunch using Schaller & Weber pâté with onions. This super easy …
I'm Claire Robinson I'm a professional
chef, but I'm cooking from my home today.
(actually a friend of mine's home)
because I wanted to teach a couple of tricks about how to use pâté
I think a lot of people always
want to know "what do I do with pâté
when I get at home besides put it on a
cracker?" Well, I started with some
crostini you can check that video out
but now I'm going to take it to the next
level. I'm going to show you how you can
actually chef it up just a touch and turn
it into lunch instead of into a hors d'oeuvres
so I'm going to use the calves liver pate
from Schaller and Weber. You poke a hole. Get it in there.
Now I've toasted some dark rye bread you can use any kind of bread you want we're basically making a
giant crostini. I like calves liver for this because it
actually is little bit sweeter than the
others and I think it goes really well
with salad and for me I'm like, okay I've
got to get a salad in my body at some point
so how do I do that and still enjoy it
now I'm making what's called like a
tartine, an open-faced sandwich that's my
goal here and I'm just using actually
leftover salad from dinner last night
and this has arugula some tomatoes and a
little bit of almonds. You just kind of
pile it up really high on top like in the middle like that
So I've got some leftover little fried onions here a
couple of those on here. I've got
radishes leftover because I actually
love to take radish and just dip it into
pate as a little snack. So I'm gonna grab my
radish and I'm just going to slice a couple
and stick that in. Now I'm just doing this
for crunch for color there's no rhyme or
reason there's no rules. I actually have
leftover Brussels sprout salad and I'm
going to add a couple of these because
why not I've got it. Maybe a little bit
of balsamic vinegar, as I said really
simple. If I got that served to me at
lunch with friends I would be pretty
impressed. I don't have a fork or a knife
is it bad if I just pick that up and eat it?
I'm going to.
All right I told you it was a fork and knife thing but you can just get over it right?

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