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Hello, I'm Dr Jimmy Douglas
Today we will look in to the steps you should be taking to Prevent Piles.
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Being constipated and incomplete evacuation of faeces are the earliest symptoms, the patients notice
care has to be taken from that time to follow habits which help in preventing piles
so our primary aim would be to make the faeces soft
so that it can be easily evacuated.
we have already seen the causes which leads to piles and to avoid these you have to take the following steps;
you would be straining because you may be constipated and most commonly it's due to your irregular bowel habits
when you have the urge to defecate and you post pone it, the stools remain inside for longer duration of time
and the water is absorbed, making the stools harder
To make the stools softer , you have to increase your intake of dietary fibre along with water
and the chances are
you are not consuming your daily requirement of dietary fibre
while the daily requirement for Men is
30 to 38 g while for Women is 21 to 25g
What the dietary fibre does is, it helps in
increasing the formation of bulk and soft faeces,
which eases defecation.
and remember to drink enough water as you increase your dietary fibre intake
Dietary fibre also helps in reducing cholesterol and incidence of gall stones
it has anti oxidants and help in diabetic patients also
you will be getting over the counter
dietary fibre suplements But intake of dietary supplement should always
be accompained by increase in water intake, because if you dont do that
it could make your condition worse.
Make a list of fruits and vegetables
which you like, which contains high dietary fibre and have them regularly .
Remember to have one vegetable everyday and alternation with beans would be very helpful
we have given the details in the description
while avoiding red meat is important, you could consume
chicken and fish
and also after consuming , its very important to drink enough water.
You have known and heard people spending lot of time in the washroom
Whatever they might be doing in the washroom, they should not
be sitting on the toilet and straining
While 2.7 to 3.7 L per day is adequate daily requirement for adults.
You should be consuming water over the duration of the day
and should not be consumed in a short time
If you can't drink water , then fluids
in any form can be taken, such as butter milk, juices
BUT avoid carbonated drinks
Having fruits is always better than juices
because, when you prepare juices, lot of fibre is lost
You should be knowing which fruits have how much dietary fibre and consume accordingly
Not just fruits and vegetables , but
your overall health has be taken care of
by walking regularly for 30 to 45 minutes everyday
Sedentary lifestyles not only increases the risk for piles but also
for heart disease and diabetes
When you cough or sneeze, you can feel the pressure exerted
by the vascular structures surrounding the anus
It keeps the anus , water tight.
and the same thing happens when you are lifting
heavy objects, and if done frequently
the pressure exerted would be constant and overbearing,
that may give rise to piles.
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