Are you new to a plant-based diet? Are you struggling with digesting beans? In this video, I’m going to share top 5 tips to reduce the gas from beans.
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video we are going to tackle an
embarrassing problem so we're talking
about beans so what's the embarrassing
problem gas so many people do not eat
beans because of the gas and to be
honest I used to be one of those people
to my digestion could not handle them I
was paleo for a number of years
because of that but you know what my
digestion is stronger now and now I know
how to properly cook beans I don't have
that problem anymore the gas its there but
very little but it's like 95% gone
vanished so in this video I'm going to
share five tips that you can use to help
reduce that gas dramatically so let's
begin so first off don't start with the
beans beans are difficult to digest
because they have thicker skins on the
outside and they take longer to cook and
not everyone knows how to cook them
properly so if you're a newbie start
with the lentils I suggest starting with
something like red lentils and it's very
easy to cook they take about 10 to 15
minutes to cook and you know what
they're really nutritious so if you're
struggling always start with the easiest
thing the easiest thing is split lentils
soak those beans so there is a lot of
debate online whether or not you should
soak your beans some cooks say that
soaking reduces the flavor and it's not
a good choice you can just cook them dry
other people say you have to soak well
in terms of flavor I do agree with the
people who say you shouldn't soak
because the flavor changes however I
talked about health here most of the time
so from a health perspective not from a
flavor perspective soaking is the way to
go I am Pro soaking because it makes
digestion a lot easier when you soak
the lentils or chickpeas or beans what
happens is those gas causing offenders
end up in that soaking water which you
can then discard and cook those beans
and lentils in fresh water and there's
actually studies on this soaking reduces
gas causing particles I will link that
study in the description box below so
let me share a quick primer on soaking
so the first step is to put the beans in
a large bowl or pot you need something
large because the beans will expand when
you soak them the second step is to add
filtered water to the pot and this water
should be at least a few inches above
the beans then let the beans soak for a
minimum of eight hours during the
soaking process it's ideal to rinse and
refresh that water a few times for best
results the final step before cooking is
to drain and rinse the beans properly
and make sure you throw that soaking
water because that soaking water still
contains some of the gas causing
particles rinse well and then cook the
beans now you might be thinking well I'm
soaking those beans does that affect
nutrition well there have been a few
studies on this and it seems to be the
case that there is not that much of a
change than nutritive value
cook the beans well when the beans are
slightly undercooked they're going to be
harder and that makes it harder for your
digestive system to break them down it's
always better to err on the side of or
cooked because that way at least your
digestive system can handle it and a
good way to cook beans is in a pressure
cooker if you have the budget I really
do recommend getting an instant pot
because it is made making beans a lot
easier when you're simmering them over a
stove it kind of takes forever more than
an hour in some cases and I just find
that it's not convenient because I do
eat beans and lentils regularly I do
think a pressure cooker a safe pressure
cooker like an instant pot it's a great
choice number 4 – well okay so we all
know we're supposed to chew our parents
have been telling us you need to chew
your food but how many of us actually –
I forget to chew properly all the time
if you eat fast and chew improperly your
digestive system does not work well
first of all your stomach acid isn't
produced properly then your digestive
enzymes can't do their job because the
food particles are too big and because
of all of this you don't get to fold
nutrition so you don't really get the
full nutritional bang for your buck when
you're eating food gradually increase
the beans so a lot of people when
they're starting out with your
plant-based diet they go head-on into it
and they eat a lot of beans and then
they struggle with beans the trick is to
get your gut bacteria slowly accustomed
to them so I suggest start off with
about two tablespoons a day and then
work your way up to half a cup and then
eventually to one couple however much
you want to eat but if you start fast
your gut bacteria is gonna revolt it's
gonna I can't deal with this and then
you're gonna have that gas eNOS but once
your gut bacteria is accustomed to it
you're not gonna have as much of the gas
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